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The Transformation
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"The Transformation" is a story about a teenage boy's complete transformation into a beautiful young girl by his domineering aunt. Follow him as he eventually accepts his new female body and loves being a girl in every way.

Paula then discovers that she likes pretending to be disabled. Aided by her strangely supportive aunt she explores numerous disabilities.
The Milwaukee Brace
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
A story about a woman who has an orthotist boyfriend. He fits her with a Milwaukee brace so she can experience what a girlfriend of hers in high school experienced when she wore one for three years 23 hours a day. 4/17/2011
Milwaukee Brace Weekend A story about my own experience wearing my Milwaukee brace for an entire weekend 23 hours a day. 4/14/2011
Our hook Adventure
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Two roommates see a documentary about a girl who loses both arms and is fitted with hooks. The girls decide to see what it would be like to use two prosthetic hooks. So starts their adventure. See what happens after they get their non-amputee hooks. 10/11/2009
The Conference Emily meets a man with two hooks at a conference. What is Emily's reaction? It may surprise you. 10/4/2009
The Prosthetist
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Amy, a hook pretender meets Sam, a pretender friendly prosthetist with a secret. 4/22/2009
Back in Braces
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
This is a sequel to My Year in Braces. Karen is now in college and now needs HKAFOs. 6/5/2008
Hooked Together Jen meets Laura, a DBE who uses hooks. As their relationship develops Jen reveals an amazing secret. 5/26/2008
Adventures of Roberta and Lori
The Fetish Club
Lori and Roberta visit a fetish club wearing their chastity belts and thigh bands. Of course they wore their hooks since they needed them. 1/11/2008
The Sentence The court gives Jill a unique sentence for a crime she didn't commit. It changes her life quite dramatically. 12/29/2007
Adventures of Roberta and Lori
The Bikinis
Roberta and Lori shop for new bikinis and go to the pool showing off their new swim suits and their hooks. 12/23/2007
The Vacation
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Robert's vacation is the beginning of his new life as Roberta, a double arm amputee who now must use two hooks. 11/4/2007
Kim is sitting at the bar having a drink wearing a short skirt and displaying her long nylon covered legs. A handsome man sits next to her. How will he react when he sees her two prosthetic hooks?  
Karen spends a year wearing two long leg braces and using a wheelchair. She thought she would only be wearing a knee brace but it didn't turn out that way. 1-9-2007
Kate is offered a deal that she can't refuse. She is certainly hooked. 12-14-2006

The Surprise

Katie goes on her first date since getting her two hooks. She has a big surprise in store. 3-25-2006

Not by Choice

Laura's husband Dick submits her to a most unique form of full time bondage. Find out how Laura submits to living her life using two hooks. 6-10-2005

The College Girls
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Kellie is a bilateral arm amputee who uses hooks. Sandy is her friend and something more. Follow their adventure as they go to college where Sandy decides to share something in common with Kellie. 8-13-2007

The Role
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Tami auditions for the leading role in a movie about a woman who loses both of her arms below the elbow. She is required to live full time wearing prosthetic hooks to gain enough experience to act the role convincingly. The experience changes her life forever.


The Dream

Bill wakes up as Cheryl, a quadruple amputee who uses hooks. Is it a dream? Read this great story and find out the truth.


The Job

This is based on the plot in "Braced for Life", except that Beth gets fitted with bilateral hooks to get her dream job. Read how she adapts to life as an arm amputee.


Four Hooks

Amy's arms were amputated above the elbow a year ago. Her mother is a DBE amputee. They both wear bilateral hooks. Follow Amy as she meets a boy at Disney World who is very interested in her as well as her hooks.


The Pretenders

Meg is a bilateral long leg brace pretender. She wears her HKAFO's full time. She meets Lori, a young woman her age, who wears her bilateral hooks full time as well. Follow their adventures as they meet, discover they are both pretenders, and then decide to live and work together.



Brenda is a 17 year old who has both arms amputated above the elbow due to disease. She explains the difficulty in adjusting to her devastating handicap and acceptance of her two hooks. She falls in love with a boy who finds her hooks her most attractive asset.


Diane Gets Hooked Part Three

Diane adjusts to life as a real arm amputee and describes how she does things with her stumps as well as hooks. She then meets a teenage girl who recently lost her arms below the elbow. Kathy does not want to use her new hooks and won't face the fact that her hands are gone forever. Diane convinces her that hooks are really quite neat and will let her lead a normal life again. Finally, Diane helps a friend become a hook pretender just as Diane started out.


Diane Gets Hooked
Part Two

Follow Diane as she decides to pretend full time in her hooks. She gets a job and makes new friends. Soon after she elects to have her arms amputated and needs her hooks for real. 


Diane Gets Hooked

Diane discovers that her boyfriend Dan is a devotee and especially likes women who require bilateral hooks. Follow Diane's adventure as she becomes a DBE hook pretender to please Dan.


Fantasy Come True

Devotee John meets the beautiful Lynn, a Polio victim who wears braces. With Lynn's help John realizes his fantasy and becomes an attractive woman who must wear her own long leg braces. Lynn and Janine, now a woman in every way, have a wonderful sexual relationship and share their experiences in braces.


Braced for Life

Beth is convinced by her friend Sue to pretend to be handicapped to secure a job which is only open to a handicapped woman. With the help of Ron, Sue's orthotist boyfriend, Beth is fitted with bilateral HKAFOs. Enjoy her experiences as she learns to be a handicapped woman and eventually decides to stay that way permanently.


Hooked for Life

Follow the adventures of Ann, a voluntary DAE arm amputee, and her boyfriend Richard as Ann undergoes her amputations and learns to use her hooks.




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