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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 9

I confide in Andrea

At our next session I told Andrea about my day with Angela wearing her braces and that I liked pretending to be handicapped.

“I wish there was some way I could try using hooks like Darlene’s,” I said.

“Maybe there is,” Andrea replied. “Let me ask my Prosthetist.”

The next time we met Andrea had some interesting information.

“I asked my prosthetist and he said he could make a pair of below the elbow hooks with slightly longer sockets that you could insert your arms with your hands curled up. They would work the same way as if you were a real amputee. He said he would make them for cost plus his labor since you would not be paying by insurance. They would be expensive though.”

“I have no money and I don’t think my aunt would pay for them,” I said disappointedly.

“Let me speak to her,” Andrea said. She spoke to my aunt in private and came back a few minutes later with my aunt.

“Andrea has told me you want to learn what it is like to be handicapped and to use prosthetic hooks. It would be a learning experience. I am willing to pay for your hooks under one condition.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“I don’t want this to be something you try once and then give up. If I buy them you have to agree to wear them from the time you get up until you go to bed at least one day a week for the next year.”

I was really anxious to try the hooks, but I wasn’t sure I could commit to using them so often.

“Of course I would expect that you wore them sometimes when we went out together,” my aunt added.

“Okay,” I replied after thinking about this for a couple of minutes. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I wanted to be like Darlene very badly.

Andrea called her prosthetist before she left.

“You will need to come in tomorrow to be molded,” she said. “Is that okay?”

“I guess so,” I replied.

The Prosthetist

The next day Andrea came and picked me up. We drove to the prosthetist’s office. I was pretty nervous when I saw other patients and I was not a real amputee. Of course I was with Andrea and so no one knew I was the patient. After my turn came I met Mr. Walker, the prosthetist. For the next half hour he went through the molding of my arms with my hands curled up. I had to put on these cloth tubes over my arms and then he wrapped some sort of plaster bandages over my arms. It was sort of like getting a cast for a broken arm. When the plaster dried he removed the cast with a special saw. I then cleaned up my arms.

“I will have them ready by next Friday. Can you bring Paula in for the fitting?” he asked.

“Of course,” Andrea replied.

I was very excited for Friday to come. When we got back to the prosthetist’s office and my turn came he brought over my new hooks. They looked just like Darlene’s. I had worn a sleeveless top and he had me take it off. I was just in my bra and I noticed that he took in my large breasts.

He then helped me slip into long stump socks that ran all the way up to my armpits and were closed at the bottom where my curled up hand was. It was exciting when I slipped my arm into one socket and then with the harness over my shoulders I slipped into the other socket. The hooks felt very heavy. He made a preliminary adjustment of the straps and control cables. He showed me how the control cable on each arm was used to open and close each hook.

“Try to open your right hook by bending your shoulder forward,” he instructed me.

I did as he told me and I was amazed that my hook opened. I repeated the operation for my left hook. I noticed that I had the same sort of articulating wrists that Darlene had. He showed me how to push the little button and tilt my hook. I pushed it again after rotating my arm and the hook fell back into the straight position.

“Normally I would give some instruction and of course you would undergo extensive training by a rehabilitation professional, but Andrea has told me she will do it to save money.”

I was ready to have the hooks removed, but instead he helped me put my top back on.

“You want me to keep the hooks on?” I asked both of them.

“There is no better time to start to experience what it is like to have hooks instead of hands,” Andrea said.

I really wished I had on long sleeves. Everyone could see my prosthetic arms and hooks. We left the fitting room and I walked out wearing my hooks. The receptionist smiled. She was the only one who had seen me come in with normal arms.

“They look very nice. I am sure you will enjoy your new hooks,” she said.

“Paula, I know you almost always wear pantyhose. They are impossible to manage with hooks. You need to be able to go to the bathroom. Your aunt gave me some money to buy you several garter belts and stockings to wear with them. That is what I do. You wear your panties over the garter belt.  Of course you can’t put the stockings on and attach the garter belt yourself with hooks on. My husband does it for me. You could do it before you put your hooks on in the morning. Getting your skirt off is another matter. You probably hike your skirt up when you pee. That’s nearly impossible with hooks as well. You can wear skirts with elastic waistbands or if they just have a zipper you can have small rings attached to the zipper so you can grab it with your hook.”

We stopped off at a lingerie shop that had all sorts of underwear including panty girdles and open bottom girdles that older women still wore even though they were out of style.

“Hello Andrea, and who do we have here,” an older sales lady said who obviously knew her.

“This is Paula and she is a recent amputee who has just started using hooks. She likes to wear pantyhose and that’s not possible with hooks as you know. I want to get her some garter belts and stockings.”

“The style you wear is probably the best,” she said.

After I told her my waist and hip sizes she got a white one from the rack.

“This has a nice wide band and is a pull on style. It has six garters and the clasps are metal and very secure. We don’t want one to come undone. I am sure you realize you can’t possibly reattach it with your hooks. I can get you some nice stockings and you can try them on,” she said.

A moment later the woman took me into a fitting room. I was very nervous. I couldn’t very well remove my panties and I wondered how I could get away with her not detecting that I was a boy. Fortunately she had a way to do this without the need for me to remove my panties. She proceeded to help me remove my skirt and slipped down my pantyhose after I kicked off my shoes. She noticed my pad.

“Having your period dear?”

“Yes,” I replied. I looked down and saw that with the pad between my legs and my male parts tucked that I still had a feminine contour.

“You won’t need to take off your panties dear,” she said much to my relief.

I then stepped into the garter belt and she pulled it up over my panties. She then very discretely slipped the six garters inside my panties and down through the leg openings. She then worked my panties over the garter belt and got everything into position. I sat down on the bench in the fitting room and she carefully pulled on the pair of stockings. After smoothing them up she attached the six garters and adjusted the straps to the proper length.

“The stockings come up high and I don’t think that anyone will see that you are wearing a garter belt even under your short skirts.”

She then helped me into my skirt and shoes.

“I am so sorry about your arms. I know Andrea does very well with her hooks and I am sure you will adapt. You can come here any time for anything you need. I have some lovely bras that you can pull on. They have no hooks in back and just a continuous elastic band. You can probably put the bra on with your stumps. They are made for handicapped women who can’t manage the hook closures.”

Wearing a garter belt and stockings felt quite different than pantyhose and I even thought quite sexy. I knew guys loved to see women in garter belts and stockings.

After Andrea paid we went back to the car and headed for my home. When we got back to my house my aunt saw my new hooks.

“How do they feel Paula?”

“I am not used to them yet.”

“I am sure she will get used to them,” Andrea said. “After she spends several full days in hooks I am know she will get proficient and her hooks will become more normal to her,” Andrea said. “She has her new garter belts and stockings as you wanted.

“Can I take my hooks off now?” I asked.

“Andrea and I think it would be better for you to keep them on until you go to bed tonight,” my aunt said.

“How will I be able to eat dinner?” I asked.

“I will show you how to hold a fork in your hook. I am sure your aunt will cut up your food into small pieces and you can drink with a straw.”

Andrea then had my aunt get a fork and she showed me how to place it such that my hook grasped it and the end was positioned behind the thumb of my hook. Andrea said that is what they call the lever where the cable connects.

You will probably have to help her get the fork into position and remind her to tilt her hook,” Andrea said to my aunt.

“I will be back tomorrow morning for Paula’s hook training so she should get into her hooks for the entire day right after she has bathed and dressed. Let her put on her makeup with her hands until I teach her how to do it with her hooks. She should be prepared to keep her hooks on until she goes to bed.”

After Andrea left I had to pee. My skirt has a zipper and so I asked my aunt to remove it for me. I went into the bathroom and really struggled to get my panties down with my hooks. That was easier than getting them up after I relieved myself. I didn’t change my pad. I wasn’t ready for that yet. After I had my aunt put my skirt back on I went into my bedroom and sat on my bed. I looked over my hooks. I examined every aspect of them and practiced tilting my hooks with the articulating wrist feature I had on both hooks. It was only four in the afternoon and I knew I would have the hooks on for another six hours. I finally went out to the living room and wanted to watch some TV. It took me a few minutes to learn to use my hooks to operate the remote control.

When dinner was ready my aunt called me. She had cut up my food for me and my drink had a straw. I tried to get the fork positioned in my hook and finally gave up and asked for help. Eating wasn’t too bad. I just had to spear the chunks of food and get it to my mouth.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it?” my aunt asked.

“I guess not,” I replied wondering how I would ever use a knife and fork at the same time. Needing hooks was not easy. I started to appreciate how Darlene must feel each and every day.

I spent the rest of the day watching TV. Finally it was bed time and I got to take my hooks off. It was such a relief to be able to move my hands. Could I go for 14 hours the next day? I had agreed to wear my hooks for one day a week every week for an entire year. That would be even after I was totally female. What had I gotten myself into? 

Will Paula like living without hands and needing hooks? Will Paula go out with Darlene as two amputee girls with hooks? Find out in the next xchapter.

Chapter 10



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