Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 7


Up to this point my aunt would not allow me to see any of my friends from when I was a boy. However, she now felt that I was sufficiently feminized that I could introduce them to Paula. I was a little scared of this, but decided to give my friend Kevin a call. I told him I was living with my cousin for the summer and that’s why I hadn’t called. I also said that I looked a little different than I did when he last saw me and he might be a little surprised.

“So you got your hair cut?” he asked.

“Well sort of,” I replied evasively.

“Okay, I will come over this afternoon,” Kevin said.

I wanted to look as feminine as I could so I took extra time getting ready. I decided to wear a jean skirt and a light blue tank top that was cut very low to reveal my cleavage. The skirt was one of my shortest. Wearing it I had to be extra careful sitting down. I put on a pair of platform sandals with five in heels. I wore pantyhose with sheer toes so that my polished toenails could be easily seen. I took extra time with my makeup and wore two pairs of earrings in my pierces. The upper earrings were my medium hoops and the lower pair were my large hoops. I thought I looked pretty sexy.

 When Kevin arrived his jaw dropped.

“Why are you dressed like a girl? I can’t tell it’s you,” he exclaimed.

“My name is Paula now,” I corrected him.

“Oh sorry,” he said laughing.

I invited him to my room where we could talk. We sat on the bed.

“Okay, so are you going to tell me why you are in drag?”

“It’s the way I am living now. I am being transformed into a girl,” I tried to explain.

“So how long do you have to live as a girl? He asked.

Permanently, I will always be a girl,” I said.

“Are you still a boy?”

“Partially, but I have been extensively feminized with hormones and I will have surgery in a couple of months and get a vagina just like all girls have,” I explained.

“You mean they are going to cut your dick off?”

“Well that’s a crude way of putting it, but I will have female genitals afterwards.”

“That’s horrible!” Kevin said.

“No it’s not. I can’t wait. I want a vagina so badly. I love being a girl. I would never want to be a boy again.”

“You have boobs,” he said more as a question, “Are they fake?”

“Do they look fake?”


“They’re real. I had breast implants. I now have D cup breasts.”

“Do you wear a bra like girls do?” Kevin asked as he stared at my breasts.

“Of course I do. I can’t go without a bra. It is too uncomfortable,” I said laughing.

“Can I see?” he asked.

“Well I am not about to take my bra off. I am a girl now and girls don’t just take off their bras in front of guys,” I explained. “I will show you a little so you know my breasts are real.”

I removed my top so Kevin could see my bra. I pulled down my bra cup until just before my nipple would be revealed. Kevin took it all in.

“What does it feel like having breasts?” he asked.

“It was kind of strange at first. After the implants I had a lot of pain for a week or so. After that I became aware of how heavy they are. D cup breasts are pretty big. As I said it is uncomfortable to go without a bra. I need the support. When you have breasts like mine you always are aware of them. When I walk they bounce. I love the feel now. They are so sexy you won’t believe. Do you think I have nice cleavage?”

What’s that?”

“You know, when you see part of a girl’s breasts and the deep divide between them with a low cut top on,” I explained.

“Oh yeah, you sure have that. Seeing you in your bra is really sexy. You are the first girl I have ever seen in her bra. I think you are turning me on. Can you wear guy’s clothes if you want?”

“I wouldn’t want to. I could never pass as a boy. I can’t hide my breasts and my hair and face is a girl’s now so even with pants I will look like a girl. As you can see I have two pierces in each ear and my eyebrows are plucked to a thin line. I don’t think my hair looks like a boy’s either.”

“You have makeup on, especially your eyes,” Kevin observed.

I wear makeup all the time, just like all girls do. I would never go out without makeup on.”

“You have long red fingernails,”

“That too. My aunt won’t let me wear pants, even girl’s pants. When I am totally female she said I can wear jeans. Now I have to wear skirts or dresses that are no longer than mid-thigh. My tops and dresses have to be sleeveless too. She says it is more feminine. I also have to wear pantyhose most of the time and shoes with heels at least four inches high.”

“Do you have to shave your legs?” Kevin asked as he looked at my legs all the way up to my hemline.

“Does it look like I have hairy legs?”

“Well no.”

“I shave my legs and underarms every day. I also have to shave any hair down between my legs. My aunt likes it that way.”

“Can I feel your legs?” Kevin asked.

I nodded and Kevin felt my pantyhose covered legs. His hand ran all the way up my thigh. I started to get a little turned on.

“I think you are turning me on,” Kevin said confirming what I thought.

“But I am still a boy.”

“Yeah, I know, but God you are really hot.”

Kevin couldn’t get enough of looking at my bra and what the D cups contained. I knew the feel of my nylon covered legs was probably adding to his pleasure.

“How do you hide your thing?” he asked.

“Well I tuck my testicles up into my body and fold my penis back between my legs. I wear a feminine pad in my panties and that along with the control top pantyhose holds things in place. I look like a girl down there.” I pulled up my skirt just a little so Kevin could see that I had a feminine contour between my legs.

“You look like a girl. I think I can see your pad. Girls wear them when they have their periods don’t they?”

“Yes. My aunt makes me change my pad several times a day just like as if I had a period. Of course a lot of girls use tampons. I can’t wait to get my vagina so I can see what it’s like to insert a tampon inside me.”

“That sounds kind of gross. You really are a girl now, aren’t you?”

“Yes and I really love it. The hormones have made me feel so much more feminine. I don’t get hard anymore. I just feel like a girl would when I get turned on,” I explained.

“Do girls still turn you on?” Kevin asked.

“Well not in the way they used to. If I see a really hot girl I get turned on knowing that I look like her. All I have to do is look down at my smooth legs, short skirt and my breasts and I know I am just like her. Guys turn me on when I know they are looking at my tits or my legs. I kind of like to show off my new assets in front of guys.”

We chatted for a while longer. I told Kevin all about putting on makeup and what it was like to go out shopping for clothes. I had to assure him that it was no big thrill to be in the women’s fitting room with other females. I explained that it was nice to shop as a girl in the women’s department without feeling conspicuous as I would as a male.

“I love to shop for bras and panties. Since everyone knows I have my own breasts it is normal for a girl to be buying bras. I couldn’t imagine buying a bra if I was still a boy. Trying on dresses and skirts is so much fun. I love buying jewelry. I know some guys have one or two pierced ears, but I have double pierces and I can wear obviously feminine earrings.”

“That’s really cool,” Kevin said.

“Being able to do all the things girls do as a girl is really nice. At first I was self-conscious, but now I know that no one in their wildest dreams can suspect I am not completely female.”

“Well I can’t tell and my body sure can’t tell. It is reacting to you big time.”

“You mean you got a hard on?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. I think I want to make out with you.”

“Maybe some other time,” I replied laughing.

“So would you go out with me on a date?” Kevin asked.

“A date? You would do that?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. You are just about the sexiest girl I know right now even if you aren’t quite all girl. Can I kiss you?”

“I have never been kissed by a boy. I guess I better find out what it’s like since I am going to be a girl for the rest of my life,” I replied.

Kevin gently kissed me and then we got more passionate. He reached down and ran his hand up my thigh. He fondled one of my breasts with his other hand and eventually his hand found my crotch. I was well protected with my Kotex maxi pad, but I got more aroused as he did this. I was totally turned on. I reached between his legs and found his erect penis. I unzipped his pants and used my hand to fondle him. As I expected he rapidly ejaculated into my hand.

“Oooh. I need to go to the bathroom and clean up,” I said as he released me.

I washed my hands and needed to pee. When I pulled down my pantyhose and panties I found that my pad was soaked and some gooey stuff was on the pad. I knew what that was. I got a fresh pad and placed it in my panties and fixed myself up. I felt fresh again with the new dry pad and returned to the bedroom. Kevin was lying there in obvious satisfaction.

“When you get your vagina maybe I can be the first to try it out,” Kevin said.

“Maybe,” I replied thinking what that would be like.

Before he left I asked my aunt if I could go on a date with Kevin. It would be the first time I was out without my aunt. She said yes much to my relief. I really wanted to go out as a girl with a boy. It would make me feel to incredibly feminine. Boys tended to avoid looking at me when I was with my aunt, but I knew that out alone all eyes would be on my boobs and my legs since I would be wearing a short skirt or dress and showing my smooth pantyhose covered legs enhanced by wearing high heels. I couldn’t wait.

I go shopping

I decided that I really wanted to buy a new outfit for my first date. I asked my aunt if I could go shopping by myself. I had never done that.

“That’s fine Paula. I know you now have the confidence you need to be on your own,” she said.

She gave me a credit card in my name and told me that I could spend as much as I wanted and get something sexy for my date. She arranged to drop me off at the mall. I would call her when I was ready to come home.

As I entered the mall I felt so wonderful I knew that I passed perfectly and could do anything a girl would do without drawing attention. I could never shop for girl’s clothing as a boy without feeling uncomfortable. Now it was natural. I headed for the junior department in the main department store at the mall. I decided to check out the dresses. It felt so nice to be able to look through the racks along with the other girls. No one gave me a second glance except for boys. I knew they were checking me out as a girl. It felt so good to have my own full breasts. I wondered if other girls were as acutely aware of their breasts as I was? I guessed they were. The feel of real breasts was now really enjoyable to me. The gentle tug of my bra straps and the weight of my breasts was now something I liked. I assumed that having breasts was something that made girls feel like girls. It certainly was for me.

After about a half hour I found a dress in my size that I fell in love with. It was a very short black dress with spaghetti straps. I took it into the fitting room and removed my top and skirt. I slipped the dress on. I managed to zip up the zipper at the back. The hem was shamelessly high, above mid-thigh. I loved it immediately. It fit perfectly. There was only one problem; my bra straps were visible and the spaghetti straps were so small I couldn’t hide them. The dress was so low cut that even the top of my white bra was visible. I slipped the straps of the dress off and removed my bra. My breasts hung down. D cup breasts will do that. I pulled the straps back up and admired the look. However, I didn’t feel I could go without some support for my breasts. I knew that girls wore strapless bras in these cases and I knew that I had to buy one. I put my skirt and top back on and paid for the dress.

“That is so cute,” the sales lady said. “Going on a date?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, have fun and I know he will love it,” she said.

My next stop was the intimates department. As I was trying to find where the strapless bras were located a sale lady came up to me.

“Can I help you dear?”

“Yes, I am looking for a black strapless bra,” I replied.

“Come this way. What size are you?” she asked.

“I am a 32 D.”

She helped me look through a number of styles. I selected the two I liked the most to try on. Both were push up styles with demi-cups so I knew that my bra would not show with the low cut dress.

“I will be here after you try them on,” she said.

I took the two bras into the fitting room and removed my top and bra. Both fit very well and lifted and supported my breasts. I liked one a little better than the other. I returned to the sales area and the sales lady spotted me.

“Find one you like?”

“Yes, this one,” I replied holding the bra out.

“Would you like the matching panty?”

“Oh yes, that would be great I said eagerly.

“Are you all set with pantyhose?” she asked.

I considered this and decided that maybe I should get a couple of pairs of off black pantyhose to match the black dress. She helped me find two pairs of control top pantyhose in my size. I paid with my credit card.

“Thank you for shopping here. Don’t hesitate to ask me for any help you need in the future,” she said as she handed me he bag.

I felt so feminine as I walked through the racks of bras and panties leaving the department. As I boy I always felt uncomfortable in the lingerie department if I had to walk through. Today it was just totally normal, something all girls had to do. Buying bras and panties was part of being female. I spotted a young girl with her mother. I overheard the women tell a sales lady that she was buying her daughter her first bra. I wondered how the girl would feel when she started to wear bras full time.

As I was walking though the store I came to the shoe department. I just had to buy a new pair of shoes for my outfit. Of course I wanted very high heels. I spent a lot of time checking out every suitable style. I spotted a pair of black platform pumps with six inch stiletto heels. Of course the actual heel height was less with the platform. I just had to try them on. I found a salesman and asked for a pair in size nine. Since I was born a male I had somewhat larger feet than I would as a genetic female, but well within the normal range. He brought them out and helped me try them on. I was careful to keep my legs tightly together since my skirt was so short and I certainly didn’t want to give him anything to look at. I had no trouble walking in high heels since I was required to wear them every day. I fell in love with them the instant I put them on. After paying for them I considered calling my aunt to go home, but decided to shop some more.

I decided to go to the jewelry department and buy some new earrings. I bought two pairs, one for each pair of pierces. The upper pair were lovely large gold studs and the lower pair were long dangly gold with ear wires. I also bought a gold pendant necklace, matching bracelet, and a nice ring. The credit card bill was running up.

 I made one last stop on the way out. I stopped at the perfume counter and found fantastic very feminine spray perfume. After I paid for it I sprayed a little on. I felt so incredible feminine as I walked out into the mall. I couldn’t imagine any girl could feel more feminine than I did at that moment.

I found a bench and sat down and crossed my legs. I was very careful to keep my legs tightly together. Even the slightest mistake and a guy might get a glimpse of my panties. A girl needed to be extra careful wearing a really short skirt as I was. I caught a glimpse of a couple of guys checking me out from an opposite bench. It was so incredible to be a girl. I knew I could never be happy as anything else. I glanced down at my crossed legs and knew that my legs and breasts were just what those boys were taking in. I like to flaunt my new sexuality. I was so happy I had real breasts. I called my aunt on my cell phone. While I was waiting for her I went to the ladies room to pee. My pad was really wet, not doubt from being turned on for so long. I had a fresh pad and replaced the one in my panties. I felt fresh again. On the way out I touched up my makeup at the mirror along with some other women. I could smell my perfume and once again savored being so truly feminine.

When I got home I showed her all the things I had bought and she was very excited.

“I know now that you are a girl in every way except one and that will be fixed soon,” she said.

I knew exactly what she meant and I couldn’t wait to fix that one remaining vestige of my previous life. I wanted a vagina so badly.

My First Date

Kevin and I agreed to go out the following weekend. His mother offered to pick me up and drive us to a local restaurant. After eating Kevin wanted to take me to a movie. He would call his mother to pick us up. When the day came I decided to shave my legs and take a scented bath before getting dressed. I was so excited putting on my new panties and strapless bra. Of course I put a pad in the crotch of my panties. I pulled on my new pantyhose and slipped into the platform pumps. I spent a long time on my makeup, especially my eye makeup. I then put on my new dress. I topped things off with my new jewelry and sprayed on plenty of my perfume. I looked in the mirror and realized that I was not just pretty, I was incredibly beautiful. A short time later the doorbell rang.bKevin was dressed in a nice pair of pants, a white shirt and pullover sweater.

“Oh wow you look fantastic Paula,” Kevin said as his jaw dropped.

His mother drove us to the restaurant and dropped us off.

“Have a good time,” she said.

I was so excited as I walked into the restaurant. I knew that a lot of eyes were on my legs as people watched me walk expertly in my six in heels. Of course my low cut dress and full breasts showing lots of cleavage were also attracting attention. After we were shown to a table I carefully sat down and crossed my legs. I can’t explain how wonderful it felt to be out with a boy in public and feeling more like a girl than ever before. Of course I went to ladies room to pee and touch up my makeup. It felt so natural to do this. I wanted to make sure my eye makeup and lipstick were perfect. I also applied some fresh powder. Electrolysis treatments had left me with a perfectly smooth face.

After Kevin paid the check we walked the three blocks to the movie theater. I loved walking in my heels and hodling on to Kevin’s arm. We paused a couple of time so Kevin could kiss me.

“Oh Paula, you are every guy’s dream. I think I love you,” he said as we both laughed.

During the movie Kevin couldn’t help but rest his hand on my thigh. I know he enjoyed the feel of my smooth leg and pantyhose. We shared a large bucket of popcorn. After the show ended I stopped quickly in the ladies room. My pad was soaked and I felt better after changing it. I was turned on during the entire movie. Kevin called his mom and after she picked us up we drove to my house.

Kevin and I went into my bedroom while his mother and my aunt spoke. We sat on my bed and he kissed me and fondled me. We didn’t have time to really make out, but both of us were very turned on. Finally Kevin had to leave. I couldn’t wait for another date. I dreamed of Kevin and what sex would be like after I got my vagina.

In the next chapter Paula meets Darlene a recent double below the elbow amputee who is having difficulty adapting to her life using her hooks. Paula, Darlene and Angela go to the mall and Paula tries Angela's previous pair of leg braces. Will Paula want to try using hooks now that she sees how Darlene uses her hooks?

Chapter 8



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