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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 6


We sat down and my aunt said she would leave us alone so we could get acquainted. I crossed my nylon covered legs. Andrea did the same and rested her two metal hooks in her lap. With her short skirt I could see she had on stockings instead of pantyhose. I could see the top of a stocking and a garter holding it up. I figured she had on a garter belt or some other underwear with garter straps. She must have realized that her skirt had ridden up and she pulled it down with her hook. I wondered how she opened the hook. Why didn’t Andrea wear pantyhose like most women?

“Í guess you know that I am really a boy. I am undergoing complete transformation into a girl,” I explained.

“Oh yes, your aunt told me. If I hadn’t been told I would never suspect. You are such a lovely and feminine girl. Do you want to be transformed?” Andrea asked.

“Not at first, but now I want it more than anything,” I replied.

“You have a lovely figure. Your breasts look like they are natural.”

“The hormones made my breasts grow to a B cup when I was living as a boy. I didn’t know about the hormones and having breasts bothered me a lot. Of course now that I live full time as a girl, and will be a girl soon, I love my breasts. I recently had implants and I am now a D cup.”

“Well I am a C cup so you have me beat. Do you like the fact that you have to wear a bra?” Andrea asked.

“I didn’t like wearing a bra at first, but now I love the feel of the support it gives me. I am still wearing a bra 24 hours a day because of the implants. At night I wear a surgical bra to bed. It’s a little uncomfortable,” I explained. “I love my regular bras.”

“Well I guess you must be wondering about my hooks,” Andrea said.

“I suppose so,” I replied timidly.

“When I was your age I worked part time in a warehouse. There was this freak accident and my arms were crushed. They couldn’t save them and they had to amputate both of my arms above the elbow. After I recovered I got my first pair of hooks. I have had hooks ever since.”

“Gosh I am so sorry,” I said not knowing what else to say.

“I am used to being like this after so many years. Of course I can’t do everything I would like, but I can use my hooks for most things. Would you like to see my prosthesis?”

“Okay,” I replied. I was really curious.

“You will have to help me unbutton my blouse.”

I nervously unbuttoned Andrea’s blouse and helped her remove it. I was a little shocked to see her prosthesis. Of course Andrea had on her bra, but nothing else on top. Each arm was a kind of plastic material that ran all the way up to her armpit. There were these straps that held the arms up. I could see that there were these special joints where her elbows would have been. I could also see some kind of cables, one of which ended at the elbow and the other ran down to her hook. It was the same on each side.

Andreas then did something I didn’t expect. She kind of shrugged out of her arms and held them with her arm stumps. She put the artificial arms down on the couch. She had on some kind of flesh colored socks over each stump.

“You can pull off my stump socks Paula,” Andrea instructed.

 I did this and revealed Andrea’s two stumps. I could see that each ended about midway between her shoulder and where her elbows would be. The stumps were round and I saw some scarring from where the ends were closed. She moved her stumps around so I could get a better look.

“Well this is the real me. Thank God I have stumps. I probably couldn’t do much if I didn’t have them. They do make prosthesis for someone without any stumps, but they are minimally functional. Of course I would be a lot better off if I had elbows. A below the elbow amputee has a lot more capability to do things. If you slip my stumps socks on I can get my hooks back on,” Andrea said.

I helped her into her stumps socks and she somehow slipped her stumps into the arms and shrugged the straps over her shoulders. Andrea explained that the top if the arm was called the socket. She also explained how the control cables met at a ring in back below her neck. I she moved her shoulder to tighten the cable it opened her hook. The second cable on each side worked differently. They were attached to a special strap and she had to kind of move her arm out to lock and unlock the elbow. She said she couldn’t open her hook unless the elbow was locked. She also showed me how she could push a little button and tilt her hook. I was fascinated by all this. Finally I helped Andrea get back into her blouse.

“It must be really hard if you need two hooks,” I said.

“Oh yes. If I had one normal arm I might not even use a prostheses. It is hard for people to understand just how difficult it is to do things with hooks. I am used to them, of course, and have accepted that I will be like this for the rest of my life.” For some reason I was anxious to see how Andrea did things with her hooks. I knew I would find out eventually.

“Do you have any other students besides me?” I asked.

“Currently I have only one. Her name is Angela and she is your age. She was in a car accident that has left her partially paralyzed. She uses a wheelchair or long leg braces and crutches. Would you like to meet her?”

“Sure. Would you tell her about me not being a complete girl yet?”

“I will tell her only if you want me to. I was planning on taking Angela shopping for school supplies at the mall tomorrow. Would you like to join us?”

“Yes. That sounds like fun. Please tell her about my transformation,” I replied. I wasn’t sure if I was more interested in meeting Angela or seeing Andrea use her hooks. I wondered if Angela would go to the mall using her wheelchair or braces and crutches. I had never seen a girl with braces other than in pictures. Usually these were of children who had Polio years ago. Of course I have seen people using crutches and maybe they had braces I couldn’t see under pants covering them up.

We spoke for a while longer about the course of study Andrea had planned for me. She then had to leave and told me that she would pick me up at ten in the morning. She grabbed her purse with her hook and I opened the door for her.


The next morning I got dressed in a nice skirt and top. I made sure my makeup was perfect and I put on two pairs of my favorite earrings. I spritzed a little spray perfume in a scent I liked. I ran my hands down my pantyhose covered legs and felt so feminine. The doorbell rang and it was Andrea. The first thing I noticed is that she didn’t have on a long sleeve blouse or top. She had on a sleeveless top that revealed all of her prosthetic arms and two hooks. She also had on jeans and high heel pumps instead of a skirt. I followed her to her car and got in beside her. I was amazed that she could drive with her hooks. She had some sort of special rings on the steering wheel. We arrived at Angela’s house a few minutes later. She lived quite close to me. I guess she never attended my school or I think I would have known seeing a handicapped girl.

We parked in the driveway and walked to the door. I rang the bell. A minute or so later the door opened. Angela was sitting in her wheelchair with nothing on but a bra and panties.

“Oh gosh I am really sorry. I am running late. I was just about to put my braces on and the bell rang. My mom is out shopping for groceries. You must be Paula,” Angela said holding out her hand.

“Yes. I am really happy to meet you,” I said as I shook her hand.

“I hope you don’t mind that I am only in my underwear, but you are both women and so I didn’t think it would be an issue.” I was surprised Angela said this if she knew I was still a boy down below. “Let me get into my braces and some clothing. Paula, do you want to come and see my room?”

“Uh, sure,” I replied. I followed Angela as she wheeled into her bedroom. Andrea sat down on the couch. When we got into the bedroom Angela quickly transferred from her wheelchair to her bed. She had nice breasts that I guessed were a C cup and long blond hair.

“I know you are not yet a girl down below, but you have had breast implants and have been feminized by hormones. Andrea filled me in. I think it is really cool you want to be a girl like me. Since you have boobs and wear a bra I figured you wouldn’t get turned on seeing me in my bra and panties.”

“Girls don’t do that for me anymore,” I replied.

“How about boys?” Angela asked as she put on a pair of pantyhose. It was a slight struggle doing that not standing up and because I could see her legs didn’t move normally.

“Well boys are starting to interest me. I like to watch them as they get turned on by my legs and boobs. How come you wear pantyhose?”

“I like to wear them under my braces to prevent chaffing. I guess you wear them because they make your legs look sexy.”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“Are you having your period? It looks like you have a pad on,” I asked noticing the outline of a pad under Angela’s panties.

“No. I have to always wear a female incontinence pad. They are heavier than feminine pads. Because of my paralysis I sometimes leak. When I was recovering I dodn;t have bladder control and had to have a Foley catheter and a leg bag. That was so gross,” Angela explained. “You are lucky you don’t have to use pads or tampons.”

“My aunt makes me wear a pad 24 hours a day. It feminizes me as well as helps me keep things in place down there.”

“I am not totally paralyzed,” Angela started to explain. “I can move my legs. I can even stand up if I hold onto something. Unfortunately I collapse at the knees pretty quickly. Because of the partial paralysis I can’t keep my legs straight. With my braces locking my knees I can walk quite well with a pair of forearm crutches. I use my chair at home since it is easier as I don’t have to go through the motions of sitting down and standing up.”

“Will you be able to walk without braces eventually?”

“The doctors say my current level of paralysis is permanent. I will probably always need a wheelchair or braces. Who knows though? I can hope, but it’s not all that horrible to be disabled. At least I can get around.”

For the next few minutes Angels got into her braces. Each brace was attached to a lace up shoe that wasn’t that bad looking, but of course nothing like the heels I had on. Each brace had two metal bars, one on the outside of her leg and one on the inside. There were leather cuffs at her calf and two above her knee. The top of the metal bars ran all the way to the top of her thigh. The top cuff was very wide. After she tightened the buckles on the cuffs she positioned a special knee pad over her knee. The pad had four buckles that wrapped around the metal upright bars.

“These are my knee locks,” Angela explained. “They slip up and down the bars. When they are down my knee is locked. If I hold them up and bend my knee a little they won’t slip back down. My leg has to be straight for the knee locks to slip down into the locked position.”

“That’s really neat,” I said. “Are they comfortable? The braces I man.”

“Are you kidding? These things are the pits. I can’t cross my legs when I sit and not being able to bend my knees when I walk is no fun. They are heavy and make me feel like a robot,” Angela said laughing. “At least when I use my wheelchair I feel more feminine since I can cross my legs and even think that I have decent legs. I still like to keep my legs shaved and I can still feel my pantyhose.”

I was surprised when Angela put on a short skirt. I thought she would try to cover her braces. She also put on a sleeveless top. Angela slid her legs over the side of the bed and extended them. She locked her knees and managed to stand up using her forearm crutches. She then easily crutched her way to the living room. She had a funny way of walking. She kind of swung her legs in front of her. Sometimes she swung both and sometimes she kind of walked putting one leg in front of the other. Her legs never bent, of course. With her short skirt I could see her lower thigh bands and cuffs. Her upper bands and cuffs were just barely covered by her skirt. I guess Angela had no intention of hiding her handicap just like Andrea didn’t attempt to hide her prosthetic arms.


Angela got her shoulder bag and placed it over her head with the strap on one side and the bag on the other. The three of us headed for Andrea’s car. As we went out the front door I watched Angela negotiate the small step. I could see it wasn’t easy for her to step over even a small step. I didn’t think she could walk up a flight of stairs in her braces. I opened the passenger door of Andrea’s car for Angela. She managed to hold on to the door and drop into the seat. She then unlocked her braces and pulled her legs in. I got in the rear seat and took Angela’s crutches with me. Andrea got in the driver’s seat and used her hooks to insert the key and start the car. We pulled out and headed for the mall.

After we parked I got out and opened the door for Angela and gave her her crutches. She slid her legs out and locked her braces and used her crutches and the door to stand up. As we walked into the mall I looked at Angela’s braced legs. I was kind of embarrassed that I was wearing high heels and could walk so easily while Angela walked with a great deal of effort. I could see her legs straining against the cuffs of her braces. I didn’t think boys would find her legs attractive as they did mine.

We followed Andrea into the stores to buy supplies. Andrea had money to buy us the supplies that my aunt and Angela’s mother had given her. I was amazed as Andrea paid for our supplies using her hooks. It certainly could not be easy to use hooks to manage her money. I offered to carry the nags since Andrea had hooks and Angela needed her hands to use her crutches. I started to feel a little guilty that I was not disabled and the two of them were.

We entered the main part of the mall and decided to rest.It took Angela quite a bit of effort to sit down. Since she had on a short skirt she had to be extra careful to keep her legs together, but she managed. Once she was sitting and her braces unlocked Andrea and I sat down.

“I hate sitting down and getting up in my braces,” Angela said. “Once I am standing and my braces are locked I like to stay standing as long as I can.”

I looked down at my crossed legs and high heels and knew that guys always enjoyed looking at my legs. I looked at Angela’s braced legs, which were not crossed of course, and imagined she must regret not being able to show off lovely pantyhose covered legs like I could. After we rested we completed our shopping and decided to get a soft drink. At the food court I carried a tray with the drinks to a table. Angela again had to go through the routine of managing her braces to sit. I offered to help Andrea with her straw, but she said she had no trouble. I watched as she used her hooks to tear the top of the wrapper and remove the straw and insert it into the lid of her drink. She couldn’t pick the cup up, but she could use her hooks to move it into position in front of her.

We chatted for a while and then headed back to the car. I was aware that we got numerous discreet stares. I knew Angela’s braces and Andrea’s hooks were the center of attention and not me. I wondered what it would feel like to be using braces or to have two hooks instead of hands. After we got back to Angela’s I went to her room with her so she could take off her braces and get into her wheelchair.

“I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to use braces or use a wheelchair,” I said. “I am really sorry you are paralyzed.”

“I am used to it now. I don’t even mind the stares. How would you like to find out what it’s like getting arouns in braces?”

“You mean you want me to try your braces?”

“Not these. I would need them. I have an older pair from when I was first paralyzed. They are like these, but have hip locks and a pelvic band.”

“What’s a pelvic band?” I asked.

“Let me show you,” Angela said as she wheeled to her closet.

She got out a pair of braces that were attached to one another by a band. Angela explained that the braces went all the way up to the pelvic band and you wore the band above your hips tightly fastened by a wide leather belt.

“When you stand up your hips are locked as well as your knees. You can’t put one leg in front of the other. You have to walk with a swing through gait. They are hard to walk in than my current braces, but I needed the support until I got more strength at my hips. I bet these would fit you. Do you want to try them on?”

“Sure,” I replied. For some reason I was a little excited by the idea.

I took off my heels and skirt and sat on the bed with my legs on top. Angela told me how to put the braces on. I fit into the shoes quite well and since we were the same height the braces were the right length. After All the straps were tightened Angela had me slide my legs over the side of the bed and stand up. I heard all the locks drop and I was no braced up to my waist. Angela handed me her crutches and told me to try to walk. I managed to swing my legs in front and walk across the room using the crutches.

“Wow, you do that pretty well. It took me a few weeks to walk at all. I guess not being paralyzed makes a big difference. “

I tried to walk without using the crutches, but I couldn’t get either leg in front of the other. With the hip locks I was even more disabled than Angela was.

“How would you like to go to the mall with me sometime and wear those braces?”  Angela asked. “It would be so cool to be with another girl who wore braces like me.”

“I need to think about that,” I replied.

A moment later we heard Andrea call to tell me we needed to leave. I got out of the braces as fast as I could and put my skirt and heels back on. I said goodbye tp Angela and told her I would call. After I got home I couldn’t get the idea of being out in public walking in braces. That couldn’t be any more of a challenge than when I first went out dressed as a girl. Of course that wasn’t any challenge at all now. No one would ever suspect that I wasn’t completely female. I would be soon anyway. I also wondered what it would be like to have hooks.

Paula does experience what it is like to wear braces, but first she explores her new sexuality and starts a relationship with a boy she knows. How will her first date turn out and how will she prepare to be as sexy a girl as she can? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 7



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