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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 5

My Breast Implants

My aunt took me to see a doctor who specialized in breast implants. The doctor had me remove my top and then my bra.

“The hormones are working quite well. She has a lot of breast tissue. You could wait and within a year she will probably have natural C cup breasts,” he said.

“Yes, I know,” my aunt replied. “However, I doubt they will ever become D cups and that is what I want for Paula. She wants them too.”

“Very well, I can give her D cup implants if you wish. When would you like to schedule the procedure?” he asked.

“As soon as possible,” my aunt replied.

For the next half hour he took measurements and explained the procedure. I would be getting 425 cc saline implants. I would be a full D cup. We finally left and I felt really excited. With large breasts I could never hide them and I could never go back to being a boy. Even if I cut my hair, removed my earrings and trimmed my nails I just couldn’t hide my breasts. Even without a bra they would be very obvious.

Next we visited another doctor in the same building. This doctor performed laser hair removal. My aunt made arrangements for me to have any facial hair removed as well as permanent electrolysis on my eyebrows to have permanently thin brows. I liked that since I didn’t really enjoy plucking. I would have to make regular visits to make sure I never had any facial hair. That was something I wanted too.

One thing I was worried about was that school was starting soon. I knew I could not go back to being a boy after my implants even if my aunt allowed it and I wanted to. I didn’t think I could be comfortable as a girl in school until I was completely female. Someone would figure out I was still a male down below. My aunt had anticipated this when she knew I wanted the surgeries. She arranged with my school to have me home schooled by a tutor. I could continue to live as a girl and undergo transformation at my own pace without worry.

A few days later I went in for the breast implants. The surgery took less than an hour. Of course I wasn’t awake during the surgery. After I woke up in recovery the doctor came to check on me. I got my first look at my new breasts. They were very large, hard and high up. I was starting to feel some pain.

“Don’t worry about the way your breasts look now. Over the next two weeks they will soften and the swelling will go down. They will be smaller and drop down to the proper level. The nurse is going to set you up with a special bra to wear for the first 24 hours.”

He offered to answer any questions I had and then left. There was only a gauze dressing over the sutures.

“This is going to hurt a little dear,” the nurse said. “Your breasts look really good and the boys will love them.”

I didn’t know if she knew I was still a boy down below. I was pretty sure she did. How could she not know? She would have been told. I was so happy she regarded me as a girl. She then wrapped an elastic bandage around my breasts from high up under my armpits to below my new breasts. She then got me into a special bra. It wasn’t like an ordinary bra. It was like a corset and had Velcro straps so it could be adjusted to compress my breasts. It was very tight.

“Tomorrow when you come in you will get a couple of surgical bras to wear 24 hours a day. They are a bit uncomfortable since they have a lot of compression, but a lot better than what you have on now,” The nurse explained.

After I got home all I could do was sit up in bed with large pillows. I was in a lot of pain in spite of the pain killers. I had to sleep like this. I couldn’t let anything put pressure on my new breasts. I slept in just my panties and the special bra.

The next morning I got up and really felt even more pain. The constricting bra was torture. I looked in the mirror at my two large mounds. I really hoped this ordeal would end soon. I could not take a bath and moving my arms up at all caused a lot of pain. My aunt had to dress me. I would have to go without shaving my legs. I did fix up my panties and pad myself. I didn’t want my aunt to do that. She mostly helped with my skirt and top and did my makeup.

At the doctor the nurse removed the bra and elastic bandage. The doctor examined my breasts.

“They look perfect. After your dressing is changed the nurse will get you into a surgical bra. You will need to wear this bra 24 hours a day for the next week. After that you can get some regular bras to wear during the day. Wear the surgical bra at night. You need to have a bra on continuously for the next two months. After that you can sleep without a bra. You will need to avoid a shower until the sutures are removed. You can bathe in the tub as long as your breasts don’t get wet. Use a wash cloth anywhere else. You are doing great Paula.”

I had a lot of pain for several days after the surgery. I was pretty miserable. Sleeping was difficult as I couldn’t lay on them. They were always in the way. After the pain was gone and the sutures were removed I loved to look at my new and very large breasts in the mirror. They bounced around if I didn’t have a bra on. I was always aware of the weight. I knew that I had to wear a bra out of necessity now. Going without a bra would not be comfortable. Shopping for new D cup bras was so much fun.

One thing I did find very sexy was that I had significant cleavage that showed clearly when I wore a low cut top. When I went out in public I noticed that boys really took them in. I started to enjoy being admired. I wondered what it would be like to wear a bikini bathing suit. Of course I probably couldn’t pull it off down below. I could conceal things under a skirt or dress, but a bikini bottom was something else. I would never again be able to go to the beach topless as boys did. I went in for the electrolysis and laser treatments on a regular basis. My face was now perfectly smooth and I needed very little foundation or even none at all to look like a girl. My eyebrows were permanently just very thin lines. The hair would never grow back. I would have feminine eyebrows forever.

I thought less and less about not being a boy and hardly ever thought about dressing as a boy again. My short skirts and dresses, my pantyhose and high heels were now quite natural to wear. My nails had grown out and the original artificial tips were long gone. I loved having long polished nails.

I noticed something else was happening to me. When I saw other girls my age I stopped getting turned on by them. Even girls with short skirts and reveling tops didn’t trigger any response in me. All I had to do was look in a mirror to see that I had breasts as good as or better than most girls. My legs were great too. I now looked at other girls as competition. I always kept an eye on the guys to see how they reacted to me. I made a deliberate attempt to flaunt my sexuality. I always made the best effort to make sure my makeup was perfect.

I Visit the Salon

My aunt made an appointment for me at the salon to have my hair and nails done. This time I was quite comfortable since I knew I appeared totally feminine and it was normal for girls to periodically get their hair and nails done.

Joan greeted us and had her staff get to work. My nails were now all mine and I liked having them trimmed and shaped and a nice shade of polish applied. Long nails made it sometimes difficult to pick up tiny things and I was always aware of them, but I didn’t mind. My hair was washed and my now feminine style improved upon. It made me feel so feminine to be fussed over.

“I understand Paula has had her breast implants,” Joan said.

“Yes, she has lovely D cup breasts now,” my aunt replied.

“Oh we would love to see. Could we? Joan asked.

“Of course,” my aunt replied. “Paula, please take off your top and then your bra so the women can see how lovely your new breasts are,” my aunt instructed.

I did as she said and was totally embarrassed. I now knew how girls felt if they had to expose their breasts. As I boy I never had a problem removing my shirt. Now I was acutely aware of my breasts and did not want anyone to see them without at least having a bra on.

“Oh they are gorgeous!” Joan exclaimed as I removed my bra. I stood there as the women came over and touched them.

“How do you like the fact that you now really need to wear a bra?” one of the women asked.

“Well I do feel more comfortable with my bra on. I know I need the support. I love wearing a bra,” I said. The women laughed.

“Men just don’t appreciate what we put up with,” Joan said. “I know just what you mean. Bras are a necessary evil.” Not to me they weren’t I thought to myself.

“I bet she can’t wait to get fixed up below. I can’t imagine what it must be like having something hanging down between your legs,” one of the women said. I was looking  forward to what was ahead for me. I was relieved to put my bra and top back on.

I Meet My Tutor

It was time to start my home schooling. My aunt had arranged for the tutor to come to the house to meet me. My aunt said that she had explained to the tutor that I was undergoing sex reassignment and was under hormone therapy and had had breast implants, but I was still male below. My aunt said that Andrea, that was the tutor’s name, was not at all bothered by this. In fact she said she would be delighted to help me adjust to femininity as well as doing school work.

The doorbell rang and my aunt went to let Andrea in. She was a very attractive woman in her late twenties. She had on a short black skirt, very high heel platform pumps, and a long sleeve white blouse. She had medium length auburn hair. She came over to me to introduce herself.

“Hello Paula, my name is Andrea,” she said holding out the metal hook that extended below the right sleeve of her blouse where her hand should have been. There was another metal hook where her left hand should have been. I tentatively grasped her hook and introduced myself. Andrea had no hands and I had no idea if she had arms or not or how long they might be. I wondered what it was like having hooks instead of hands. How did she do things?

Paula finds out in the next chapter.

Chapter 6



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