Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 26

I had been used to being quite helpless when I was a quadriplegic so the need to be bathed and dressed before my hooks were on was something I could accept. I rather liked the feeling of not being able to do anything with my stumps, or should I say my restrained arms. All I could do was move my elbows around. I wanted real stumps. After a couple of weeks I got used to the added handicap the above elbow prosthesis imposed on me. Locking and unlocking my elbows became second nature. I learned how to position my hooks to do things. With no ability to rotate my forearm I had to rotate my hooks themselves.

The first few months went by fairly quickly. I was out a lot with Kevin and my aunt. I loved to shop and go out to eat. I knew that I would go through with my amputations and the remaining months of my test period were just a pain. I knew I wanted to be like this for the rest of my life. I had no doubts. I loved the way I looked with two lovely hooks where my hands would be.

Finally the six months were up. After the doctor was thoroughly convinced that I truly wanted a permanent body modification that would give me a very significant handicap that I would have for the rest of my life he agreed to proceed with the surgery.

The Point of no Return

After I entered the hospital I insisted that my arms continue to be restrained. I had not used my hands for the past six months and had accepted that I never would again. I did not want to be tempted. On the day of the surgery both of my arms were marked at the level of my pending amputations. I wanted them as high up as possible leving only as much stump as I would need for my prosthesis. I wanted my two stumps to be as useless as possible without wearing my hooks.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this Paula?” my doctor said.

“Yes, more than anything,” I replied.

After the surgery I woke up in kind of a haze. I was covered with a sheet up to my armpits, but my two heavily bandaged stumps were on top of the sheet. I was really a double arm amputee. My arms were gone forever. I would never be able to feel things with my hands. For a moment I thought how much I loved to feel my breasts and the female parts between my legs. Then I thought that a cold hook always did the trick and I would have two of them. It wasn’t until later that I started to feel the pain. I was given strong pain killers. I could move my stumps just a little before the pain got worse. I couldn’t wait to see what they looked like without the bandages.

I was released a couple of days later. My stumps were still bandaged of course. I stayed in bed as I still had significant pain. My aunt had to feed me and give me sponge baths. Kevin was thrilled when he saw my two stumps.

“They’re really gone!” he said seeing my stumps for the first time.

“Of course they’re gone,” I replied. “Do you like me this way?”

“God yes. I can’t wait until I see you in your new hooks knowing that you only have little stumps and you need hooks for real.”

I too couldn’t wait. I wanted so badly to go out in public wearing a sleeveless top and showing off my prosthetics. There would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that I had no arms. They would see that my forearms were not sockets containing below the elbow stumps. I knew that most people would feel sorry for me because I was so handicapped. If they only knew.

After several visits to the doctor, and all stitches removed, I could finally see what my stumps looked like. I loved them. They were still swollen and would have to be reduced by elastic bandages before I could be molded for my prosthesis, but I loved them. The pain was gone for the most part and I could move my stumps around as I wanted. They were useless for pretty much everything. They were too short to meet in front of my so I couldn’t hold anything. I could poke things with them, but that served no purpose. If I could get something under my stump I could hold it, but that too was  not any help with daily needs.

My first outing in public was with my aunt. My stumps were bandaged with elastic bandages. I insisted on wearing a sleeveless top. Oh boy did I get looks and comments. I heard numerous exclamations.

“That poor girl, I think her arms were recently amputated. How horrible to have to spend the rest of your life without arms. I guess she will be able to use those metal hooks.”

I loved the attention. I especially liked going to a restaurant where my aunt had to feed me. One thing I did not like was needing help in the ladies room. I had no way to get my panties down, not to mention a skirt of pants. My aunt combed my hair and touched up my makeup. Of course I hadn’t applied it. All I could do was walk around. I wanted my hooks so badly.

It was a month later that my stumps were shrunk enough to be molded. I was so proud to walk into the prosthetist’s office with real stumps hanging down from my shoulders. In a week my hooks were ready. You can’t imagine how excited I was to slip my stumps into the sockets and open and close my hooks for the first time with only stumps. My hooks felt so much better without any arms and hands curled up inside. I was on cloud nine.

I was offered the opportunity to go for rehab training. I knew I did not need it. The only reason I went a few times was to see if I would meet any other arm amputees my age. I did meet a girl who had lost only one arm below the elbow. Her name was Sarah. She was devastated. Once she met me and saw that I was far worse off than she was she started to accept her situation. I fe;t good that I could give her some encouragement. The day she left she came over to me.

“Oh Paula, I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met you. You have two hooks and I have only one. I am so lucky. I know that I can get by from now on. I guess we are hooked together in a funny sort of way.”

“Well we belong to a small group. We are hook girls,” I said laughing.

I now loved shopping with Darlene. I was now the more handicapped since she was a double below the elbow arm amputee and I was a double above the elbow amputee, No more pretending. I was truly and permanently disabled. I would need my hooks for the rest of my life. I had no problem with that, of course.

The Future

I came back to the present. My makeup was fully applied. It certainly was quite a year. After a quick breakfast my aunt dropped me at the mall at our prearranged time. I felt so proud walking in. I loved the way people looked at me. It was even more enjoyable knowing that I was not a pretender. I spotted Darlene a couple of minutes later. She was easy to spot with her two hooks. She had on a long sleeve top.

“A tank top? I guess you don’t want to hide your prosthesis.”

“No way. Maybe I will even turn on a few guys,” I replied laughing.

“Well that skirt and your boobs will probably distract them from your hooks.”

“Yeah, but you know that a lot of guys get turned on by our hooks. Kevin certainly does.”

“You really like being a real amputee now, don’t you?”

“God yes. I know you find it hard to understand, but I love being like this.”

For the next couple of hours we shopped and tried things on. Darlene had to help me more than I had to help her. Neither of us could do everything without help. I liked the fact that I had to use my control cables to raise and lower my arms, unlike Darlene. Of course I had to lock my elbows to open and close my hooks. I was getting better at getting money out of my wallet and managing my shoulder bag. We stopped at the ladies room. It was still a little hard for me to get my panties down to pee. At least things were easier with a skirt. We checked our makeup and headed for the food court.

Now that I had a real and permanent handicap I was happier than ever. I was a beautiful female with a perfect body except for what was missing. I knew I had made the right choice of handicap. I knew I looked incredibly sexy with my hooks to a certain segment of the male population. I enjoyed me need for help with certain things. Being bathed by someone was one of them. The occasional feeling of being unable to do something that others could do easily was always welcome. I liked the attention I got shopping when sales associates helped me with things like trying on a bra. The way they looked when I slipped out of my prosthesis so my bra could be removed and a new one fitted always turned me on. Of course one of the most fun things was when a devotee spotted me and followed me around the mall. I always put on a little show.

My relationship with Kevin was stronger than ever. He loved my stumps, hooks, and everything else about me. We had great sex. He still wants to marry me when the time comes. But first, we are headed off to college next year. We plan to get an apartment and he will take care of me. He loves to shave my legs, bathe me, and do anything for me that I can’t do myself.

I can’t imagine that I could be any happier. I was once an able bodied boy. A boy! That was horrible. I didn’t have lovely full breasts, a wonderful vagina, and I didn’t need prosthetic hooks. I couldn’t dress in sexy female lingerie and clothing. No panties, no bras, no stockings and garter belts, no high heels, no short skirts, and no tank tops to show off my hooks. Could anything be worse?




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