Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 21

Paralyzed From the Neck Down

The next day we arrived at Dr. Marks’ office at 10 AM. He and his nurse lifted me on to an examination table. She then removed all my clothing except for my panties and bra. She rolled me over and positioned my leg bag between my legs. She then got a special device that would hold my head facing down. It was padded and supported my upper body.

“This will keep your neck absolutely straight dear,” she explained.

“This will hurt a little,” Dr. Marks said as he swabbed my neck and upper back with alcohol. “This is a local anesthetic. I plan on injecting you at the C4 level. It will paralyze you from the neck down. You will be able to breathe on your own though. You will not need a vent. You will not be able to feel anything below your neck but retain head and neck movement. You will be incontinent. I know you already have a catheter so catheterizing you will be unnecessary. Keep absolutely still.”

The injection did not hurt that badly. I was then rolled back onto my back. At first I didn’t feel any different. I could still feel my body.

“Start to wiggle your toes and fingers,” Dr. Marks told me.

I did that. Then slowly I started to lose feeling. After about five minutes I could no longer wiggle my toes or fingers. It took about 15 minutes for me to lose all feeling.  It felt like I had no body. Dr. Marks used a needle to poke all over my body. After Dr. Marks was certain I had no feeling and there were no complications the nurse dressed me and I was placed back in my wheelchair and strapped down. It was both strange and wonderful when I realized I was totally paralyzed and utterly helpless. I was a true quadriplegic. I was not pretending. I could not get around without help. I could not feed or care for myself. I couldn’t feel it, but I knew my catheter was essential now. I needed it for real unless I wore a diaper and peed continuously into it. It was finally time to leave. I expected to go right home. However, my aunt had other ideas.

“You should try out being a real quadriplegic in public dear,” she suggested. I was both nervous and excited at the same time.

We decided to go to the mall and have lunch there. It was very exciting to be wheeled around as an actual quad. My aunt had to drain my leg bag in the ladies room. She managed to get my pants down, empty the bag into the toilet and get me dressed again. I didn’t feel anything at all. Not even a hint of feeling was present. She touched up my makeup since there was no way I could do that. I enjoyed lunch and feeling helpless as I was fed. Of course I noticed the stares I got while I was wheeled around. My aunt made a point of shopping for me. She even insisted I get some new bras and panties. She made sure to accept some help from a young sales girl. She showed me some styles in my D cup size I might like.

“Do you want to try them on?” the girl asked.

“That would be wonderful. Only the bras though. Can you help us?” I asked. She agreed and we went into the handicapped fitting stall.

“Please hold Paula from falling forward as I unstrap her safety belt. She has no feeling whatsoever from the neck down,” my aunt explained.

“Oh, I am so sorry Paula,” the girl said.

“At least I don’t have to worry about my bra annoying me sometimes like it did before the accident,” I said laughing to break the tension. “All bras are comfortable for me.”

My aunt and the girl removed my top and bra and they tried the new bras on me. I felt nothing. I looked in the mirror at my lovely breasts encased in the new bra that I could not feel. I liked the way I looked even though paralyzed and in a wheelchair. We paid for the bras and panties and thanked the girl for her help. After shopping a little more we left for home in the van. With the van I could remain in my wheelchair. After we got back home I asked my aunt to see if Kevin could come over. He did.

“Are you really paralyzed? He asked.

“Yup, from the neck down. I am totally helpless now for real.”

“I guess sex is out of the question?” he asked.

“Oh wow I never thought of that. I have no feeling down there, but I feel very turned on mentally,” I replied.

“Do you want to try? I am so hot for you Paula,” Kevin pleaded.

“This is going to be an effort if you want to try. I can’t move a thing. You will have to get me on the bed and undress me.”

“And that won’t turn me on?” he asked joking.

The next thing I knew Kevin was unstrapping me and lifting me onto my bed. We made sure the door was closed and told my aunt not to disturb us. I am sure she knew what we were up to. Kevin rested me on my back with a pillow. He then took my top and pants off.

“Is my collection bag full?” I asked.

“Pretty much. What do I do?”

“In the bag behind my wheelchair there is a smaller bag with some items. You should find some pads, a small clip, and a catheter plug.”

Kevin found the items and I explained how he should remove my panties, dispose of the big incontinent pad, clip my cath line and insert the safety plug after detaching the bag. He did that and went into the bathroom to empty the bag.

“Leave the plug in, but remove the clip. It might be easier without the bag, I will be fine for a couple of hours before my bladder is too full. Take my bra off if you want,” I explained.

Of course he did. There I was naked with my catheter tube dangling between my legs. I hoped it wouldn’t interfere with access to my vagina. Kevin pulled off his clothes and jumped in bed with me. He kissed me and worked his way down to my breasts. I felt nothing as he got to my breasts. I knew he was having fun though. Somehow he managed to position my paralyzed legs and enter me. I knew he had a satisfying orgasm. Mentally I sort of felt one too.

“Oh God that was great he said after cleaning me up. That tube is kind of neat coming out of you. Before you were paralyzed could you feel it inside you?”

“No. I could pull on it a little and feel that it wouldn’t come out by itself, but you can’t feel anything inside. Of course now I don’t feel anything, period.”

We relaxed on the bed for a while and kissed some more. I really did love Kevin and I knew he loved me in spite of knowing I was once a boy like him and I had these weird handicap desires. Finally he got dressed, reattached my leg bag, and dressed me making sure to place a clean pad in my panties. Finally he got my lifeless body back in my wheelchair.

“God that was great, I am sorry you can’t feel anything,“  he said.

“Yeah, but it was an incredible mental experience,” I assured him. “At least for a while I want to continue being a quad. So which of my handicaps do you like best if any of hem?” I asked Kevin.

“I go nuts over you when you are wearing your hooks. I like you that way since you can show off the rest of your body. You have great legs and boobs. You look so cool using those hooks.”

“So if I became a real arm amputee would you still love me?”

“Are you kidding? If you did that I would spend the rest of my life with you,”

I knew Kevin was serious. Andrea took that step and she was very happy. Could I be too? I had more things to experience before I decided if I wanted a real and permanent disability and if so what it would be. At bedtime I was placed back in my iron lung for the first time while actually paralyzed. I felt so secure as the lung helped me breathe.

“Tomorrow you should try the power wheelchair. You will have to practice with the sip and puff control,” my aunt said. I was anxious to do that.

Spending the night in my iron lung was quite a bit different than usual. I couldn’t move any part of my body except my head. I felt nothing of my body inside the tank. I fell asleep and dreamed of what my future would hold.


More adventures await Paula while she remains totally paralyzed and helpless in the next chapter.

Chapter 22



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