Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 2

The Salon

We parked outside the beauty salon and I nervously headed in. I had a lot of trouble walking in the high heels but managed. I was a little glad that I had not been allowed to cut my hair in over a year. I hoped it was long enough that I might not be taken for a boy in girl’s clothes. As I walked I felt my thighs rub together. The pantyhose gave a pleasant sensation as my thighs met. I was very aware of the pad between my legs and the unusual position of my privates. In a way I was glad of this since I felt a little turned on and the last thing I needed was an erection.

“Keep your legs together dear,” my aunt cautioned me. “Try to walk like a girl. You will get better in the heels with a little practice. Take small steps and keep your head up. We have lots of work yet to totally feminize you.” I was totally unsettled by the state I was in. The thought of being a girl was really hard to take at this point. I wanted to get out of these clothes and be a boy again, but I knew my aunt would not let me. I hoped she would change her mind.

I still had boy’s hair and only a little makeup so I was sure people would know I was a boy. However, no one gave a second look. Apparently my shaved legs, short skirt, modest breasts and the other feminine things about my appearance caused people to immediately accept me as a girl. I knew that if my hair wasn’t so long that I probably couldn’t get by this way in spite of my girl’s clothing. We went in and were greeted by an older woman named Joan.

“Oh she is a dear. I can’t wait to get started,” Joan said. “Is she wearing a padded bra or are those her real breasts

“She is a full B cup and Paula is wearing a regular bra, aren’t you dear?”

“I guess so,” I replied.

“Do you like wearing a bra?” Joan asked.

“Well I uh guess so,” I stammered.

“Let’s get started. When she leaves here she will be absolutely gorgeous. A lot of girls will wish they looked as good.”

The first step was to style my hair. I was led over to a stylist’s chair. I sat down and remembered to keep my legs together. A cape was draped over me. One of the women trimmed my hair in places to a short but feminine style. I now had bangs in front which dramatically changed the way I looked. My hair now framed my face in a very feminine manner. I knew lots of girls had shorter hair and no one thought they looked like boys. I knew why. It was not the length, but the style. The bangs made my face look very feminine. Even if I had boy’s clothing on I might be taken for a girl now. What little makeup I had on made it more obvious that I was a girl.

“Time for your makeup,” Joan said.

 My temporary makeup was removed with some kind of scented wipes. Some kind of wax stuff was applied to my face and when dry yanked off. It removed the small amount of facial hair I had. My face was now perfectly smooth.

“Paula will start electrolysis soon to remove all facial hair permanently,” my aunt said. That was another step that would prevent me from ever being a male again.

Next my eyebrows were plucked to very thin lines. I now had almost no eyebrows left. I hated having this done. It was so painful. My aunt said that my eyebrows would be plucked frequently and that I would learn to do it myself. Just the thought made me cringe. I couldn’t believe how thin my eyebrows were now. They looked like only an eighth of an inch thick.

For the next half hour Joan applied makeup starting with foundation, blush and powder. Red lip liner and lipstick were also applied. My eyes were made up with liner, shadow and lots of mascara. An eyebrow pencil enhanced my ultra-thin eyebrows. As I looked in the mirror in front of me I saw a girl staring back at me.

Next they had me remove my pantyhose. The women didn’t even let me do this in private. I removed my heels and hiked up my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and removed them.

“Oh she really does have a nice feminine contour. You can’t tell she is a boy. Is she having her period?” the women laughed as they detected that I had a feminine pad between my legs.

“Paula wears a pad all the time to hold her genitals in place. I also want her to feel feminine just as we do when we wear pads during our periods. Of course she will eventually have a lovely vagina,” my aunt said.

“I remember when I was a girl and we had to wear those sanitary belts and attach our sanitary napkins to the belt with the tabs. Girls now are lucky with the adhesive kind or wearing tampons,” an older woman said.

I then had a pedicure and red polish was applied to my toenails. After it dried I put my pantyhose an shoes back on.

I was led to a table and acrylic nail tips were applied to lengthen my fingernails to a very feminine length. The smell was awful. The acrylic nails were permanent, not like the glue on nails I knew some girls used. I was told that I would have them until my natural nails grew out to the same length. The artificial nails would be slowly trimmed to retain the same length. This was another detail that marked me as a girl. Again red polish was applied.

“Stand up and look in the mirror Paula,” Joan said.

I looked into the full length mirror and a girl reflected back at me. I realized that I really looked like very feminine. I didn’t look like a boy dressed up as a girl at all. I actually felt a little better knowing that maybe people wouldn’t think I was a boy. If I was to be forced to live as a girl it would be better if I looked like one. I had to confess that I not only looked like a girl, but I was actually quite cute. I even felt that I was the kind of girl I would get turned on to if it wasn’t actually me. Even if I tried to dress like a boy I couldn’t hide my nails, makeup and my plucked eyebrows as well as my new feminine hair style. My high heels and short skirt didn’t help either. I felt my breasts being supported by my bra.

I don’t really k now why, but as I saw the girl in front of me reflecting back in the mirror I got a bit turned on. After we said goodbye to Joan and I walked out I thought for a moment that maybe being a girl wasn’t so bad after all. Would I be able to turn guys on? I knew if I saw a girl that looked like I did that as a boy I would be very aroused. I wondered if girls would still turn me on if I was living as one. I now knew what it felt like to have shaved legs, wear a bra, panties, and pantyhose as well as a skirt and girl’s top.

“Let’s go Paula. Our first stop at the mall will be to get your ears pierced. You can’t go without earrings,” my aunt said.

I knew that with pierced ears, my plucked eyebrows, and feminine hairstyle that I would look like a girl in spite of what I wore and even without makeup.


Chapter 3




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