Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 17

My Week Goes on

The next day I repeated my routine waking up blind, bathing and getting dressed. I used my new ladies electric shaver to shave my legs, underarms, and pubic hair. I felt my legs and they were nice and smooth. The one thing I didn’t like were the patches. I wished there was some way that I could be blind without wearing the patches or glasses. I decided to ask Beth.

Beth arrived by cab. She was in her blind mode. I knew she liked being that way rather than being able to see.

“I have some braille training books if you want to start learning,” she told me.

“Oh yes,” I replied eagerly.

For the next three hours I learned the braille alphabet and started to read some simple text. I really enjoyed this. I was eager to start reading on my own. I got completely lost in my dark world as my finger scanned the braille. My aunt brought us refreshments.

“How are you coming along Paula?” my aunt asked.

“Wonderful. I love doing this. It makes me feel so much more like a blind girl.”

We got back to work again and eventually Beth said she felt it was enough for now.

“I am leaving you a couple of books to start reading. I know it will be slow going at first, but it will get easier.” She explained.

“Before you go I want to ask you a question.”

“What is it Paula?”

“Is there a way I could be blind without eye patches and glasses?”

“Well there are a couple of ways. One is to wear special contact lenses that obscure your vision. The down side is that some light leaks in. You don’t have functional vision of any kind, but it is not as satisfactory as total darkness with patches. The other is a medical induced blindness. It results in total blindness, but the down side with this is that it takes time to recover,” Beth said.

“For how long?” I asked.

Well after the shots you are totally blind for a month to a month and a half. It then takes another month for you vision to return to normal. During that period you will still need your cane to get around at the start. Slowly you will regain functionality. It is something you can’t undo once started. Unlike the patches you are really blind.”

“Do you have someone to do this?”

“Yes. I have a doctor friend who is sympathetic to our desires.”

“How long after the shots does it take to go blind?” I asked eagerly.

“It happens very fast. Within a half hour you are totally blind.”

I couldn’t believe this. I could actually experience a handicap without pretending. The idea was really turning me on. Could I go over a month totally blind? I quickly made up my mind. I wanted to.

“How soon could I do this?” I asked.

“Probably tomorrow if your aunt gives you permission.”

After Beth explained the procedure to my aunt she immediately agreed. Beth made a call to Dr. Marks and he agreed to treat me in the morning. Beth made arrangements with my aunt for the three of us to meet Dr. Marks in the morning. I would remain in my patches until then. I had my last moments with vision two days earlier.

I spent the rest of the day practicing reading braille. I could barely sleep that night. The thought of actually being blind was so exciting. Unlike my hooks, braces or wheelchair pretending I could not remove eye patches or see no matter what I did. I would have to remain blind for a significant length of time.

The Injections

The next morning my aunt picked up Beth, who was blind for the day, and we drove to Dr. Marks. We were greeted by his nurse. He was ready for us.

“Paula, do you understand that if I give you these injections you will be totally blind for a month to a month and a half and then for another month to fully recover? There is no way to reverse the process except with time.”

“I understand and I really want to experience really being blind,” I replied.

“Okay. You can leave your eye patches on or take them off. If you leave them on you will be able to remain blind. If you take them off you will be able to see for a few minutes and then slowly things will get darker and darker until you are totally without sight. We can remove the patches in a half hour. You should be total by then.”

“I have been blind for three days now and I really want to stay this way. I think it would be unpleasant to see light for even a few minutes knowing I would be blind again. I want to leave the patches on,” I told Dr. Marks.

“Good girl. As I make the injections you should keep the eye closed as I will need to lift just the bottom of your patch a little. You shouldn’t see any light at all,” he said.

I was happy about this as I did not want to have even a moment of light perception. The two injections were just under my eye and above the orbital bone. They hurt a little, but weren’t that uncomfortable. After the shots I was led to the waiting room to wait. I checked the time with my talking watch several times. The time seemed to drag. About 45 minutes later the nurse led us back into the examining room.

“Are you ready Paula?” Dr. Marks asked.

“Oh yes.” I was hoping that the injections worked and when the patches were removed I would not see any light.

Dr. Marks carefully removed my right eye patch. Nothing. Not even the slightest perception of light. It was the same with my left eye.

“I am shining a powerful flashlight in your right eye. Do you see anything?”

“Nothing. I am really blind,” I exclaimed. The same result was obtained for my other eye.

“Call me as soon as you start to see a little light after a month has gone by. Call me if you do not see any light after a month and a half.”

We thanked to doctor and left the office. I wanted to go without my glasses. I knew my cane would be enough for people to know I was blind. I wanted to know what it was like being blind without dark glasses or patches. I now needed my cane and no matter how desperate I would become to see I could not just rip off eye patches and glasses. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt not to have anything covering my eyes and not to be able to see anything at all. I was immersed in a black world. My other senses were starting to become more and more acute. I heard every sound in a different way. I felt so proud walking along with my cane.

A Real Blind Girl

We dropped Beth off at home and my aunt and I went out to lunch. I loved being out without patches or dark glasses. I could see nothing out of my uncovered eyes. I had no trouble getting around with my cane and my aunt guiding me. I liked it when she had to read the menu to me and tell me where the food was positioned on my plate.

“You are such a beautiful blind girl Paula. Are you enjoying being genuinely blind and not a pretender?”

“Oh yes. I feel so excited.”

“In what way?”

“Well it’s kind of sexual,” I was embarrassed to say.

“I am not surprised,” my aunt replied. She seemed to know just how I felt. I had no idea why, but she certainly seemed to enjoy my disability pretending.

Shortly after we got back home, the phone rang. It was Kevin.

“Hi babe. I have some great news. I passed my driver’s test today. I have my temporary license. Want to go for a ride?”

“Kevin, I am blind. I won’t be able to see anything.”

“Yeah, I know. You have those patches and dark glasses.”

“No no. I mean I am really blind. I don’t need patches or dark glasses. I went to a doctor who gave me special injections. I will be genuinely blind for at least a month.”

“Oh wow,” Kevin exclaimed. “So you can’t see no matter how much you want to. You can’t just take off the patches?”

“That’s right. This is for real. Actually I do want to go for a ride and enjoy the freedom of not needing the uncomfortable patches.”

“Okay, I will pick you up in a half hour,” Kevin said eagerly.

When Kevin arrived he gave me a big hug and a kiss.

“God you are so beautiful Paula. I still can’t believe that you were once a boy.”

“Well I really don’t want to remember that life. I want to enjoy being a blind girl.”

I grabbed my purse and cane and Kevin led me to his car. We drove around for a while and I enjoyed the sounds and smells. We had the windows rolled down. Kevin described things for me.

“Want to get a Coke?” he asked.

“Yes. I will probably need to pee as well,” I replied.

We stopped at a fast food place and Kevin led me in. I knew lots of people were staring at me because of my white cane. Kevin found a seat. I folded up my cane. I knew that if no one spotted the folded up cane that they would have no idea I was blind. I would look completely normal. Kevin brought the drinks back. As is sipped my drink and talked with Kevin I looked out with my sightless eyes and the world was pleasantly black. A little while later I needed to pee. Kevin led me to the ladies room. I quickly realized that I did not know the layout.

“I don’t know the layout. I am not sure what to do,” I said nervously. Kevin reacted quickly.

“Excuse me. My girlfriend is blind and doesn’t know the layout in there. Would you mind helping her?”

“Sure,” a teen girl’s voice replied.

“Let me hold on to your arm and tell me where the stalls and sinks are,” I said.

The girl led me in and described the layout and even led me to an empty stall.

“Thank you so much,” I said.

“No problem. It must be so tough to be blind.”

“I am used to it,” I replied.

I went into the stall and felt around for the toilet. After I relieved myself and went back out and found the sinks. I washed up and hunted around for the paper towels. I found them as well as the trash receptacle. I finally used my cane to find the door and went back out where Kevin was waiting.

“How did that go?” he asked.

“Piece of cake,” I said laughing.

We finally got back to my home and went into my bedroom. I knew what was to come. Kevin undressed me and I did the same to him. Every sensation was enhanced now that I was sightless. We had great sex.

My aunt invited Kevin for dinner and he called home to tell his mom he was staying. After dinner we watched some TV. Kevin described the picture when there was no dialog to reveal to me what was going on. After Kevin left I was tired and got ready for bed. It was nice not to have to worry about changing eye patches in the dark. It was always dark for me now. It didn’t matter if lights were on or off. I slipped under the covers and knew that I would wake up in the dark and every day for at least a month. The idea of going a month or more as a blind girl was ever so exciting. I remembered that I promised Kevin to go to the pool this weekend. Now that would be fun.

The next morning I woke up. It was dark. I reached up to check my patches, but they weren’t there. I suddenly realized that I was really blind. No matter what I did I would not be able to see. There were no patches to remove. I remembered that I would remain blind for four to six weeks and then partially blind for another month. I remembered that Dr. Marks had said that even though I would slowly get my sight back I would still be functionally blind for several weeks more and need my cane. Eventually I would be able to get around without a guide or my cane, but I would still have trouble doing things.

I made my way to the bathroom and went through my daily routine of shaving my legs and other areas to keep me as feminine as possible. I went back to my bedroom wearing a robe. My aunt came in and asked if I needed her to pick out clothes for me. She got me a clean bra and panties. I requested one of my short skirts, a tank top, and sandals. I didn’t want to wear pantyhose. She left the room and I got dressed. I was now used to doing everything by feel. I put on some makeup and jewelry. I felt around for some earrings, removed my four studs and inserted my day earrings. Even though I couldn’t see myself I knew I was a beautiful teenage girl and totally blind.

After breakfast I sat down on the couch and read one of my braille books. I was getting faster and faster. Later that day I went grocery shopping with my aunt. I just tagged along as she guided me. I loved the sounds of the other shoppers. I was amazed at how comfortable I was becoming without any sight at all. I knew people might stare, but since I couldn’t see them it didn’t matter. After shopping we went out to lunch. I was getting better at eating without being able to see my food.

At the Pool

I spent the next couple of days just enjoying my life as a blind girl. I was excited about going to the pool with Kevin that weekend. The day finally arrived.

I decided to wear my bikini instead of panties and a bra. That way I would not have to change at the pool. I put on shorts and a tank top. I asked my aunt to do my eye makeup. I was not very good at that. Since I knew I might be taking off my dark glasses I wanted to look good. Since I didn’t have patches people could see my eyes and appropriate eye makeup.

Kevin picked me up at 10 AM and we drove to the pool. He led me in. Of course I was using my cane so it was obvious I was blind. I could feel the sun. Kevin led me to a recliner and I slipped out of my shorts and top.

“Oh wow, you look so sexy in your bikini,” Kevin said.

I folded up my cane. Kevin then helped me put on sun screen. I kept my glasses on as I did not want to accidentally look into the sun. The sun felt so good as we sat there and talked. With my cane folded up I knew no one would know I was blind unless they saw me walk in. I took in the sounds of everyone playing around in the pool. A little while later we got really hot.

“Do you want to cool off in the pool?” Kevin asked.

“Sure,” I said eagerly.

I decided to leave my glasses and cane on the recliner and Kevin led me to the shallow end. He helped me dangle my feet over the edge and we both slipped into the water. It felt strange to be in the water without being able to see anything. We waded into the deep end until it was almost over my head. I ducked down under the water. I was a good swimmer and knew I could keep my head up even though I couldn’t see. Kevin held on to me as I wiggled under the water.

“Can you swim with me?” he asked.


“I will be right alongside,” Kevin said.

I started to swim and found that I had no problem. I had no idea if I would swim into anyone, but Kevin assured me the area was clear. A little while later Kevin helped me locate the ladder and climb out. When we got back to the recliners we dried off. I managed to brush my hair out as it dried. Of course I had to do it by feel. I couldn’t look into a mirror.

“That was som much fun,” I said.

“Do you mind not being able to see what’s around you?” Kevin asked.

“No. I really like the way I am. Every other sensation is enhanced without sight,” I explained.

After we dried off completely we went to the snack bar. I had forgotten to put my dark glasses back on and I remembered that I had eye makeup on. I was under the water and had no idea if it was still acceptable.

“Is my eye makeup all messy?” I asked.

“Not really. It looks pretty good to me.

We sat down and I folded up my cane. Kevin went and got burgers and fries along with Cokes. I wondered how I looked in my bikini. It was weeks ago that I bought it and I barely remembered what I looked like in it. I felt around the top to make sure it was holding my breasts properly. I got a thrill as I remembered what my lovely breasts looked like. It was so incredible to be a girl.

Later that afternoon Kevin even had me jump off the diving board. It was really scary jumping into blackness and hitting the water. After I did it a couple of times I really liked it. Finally, after we dried off, I put my shorts and tank top back on and slipped my feet into my sandals. I unfolded my cane as Kevin led me back to the car.

“Oh Kevin, I had such a great day.”

“We can do it again any time you want.”

That night after I got into bed I thought about the fact that I had over a month to go being blind. I knew I could do it. Well I had no choice anyway. I also thought about the other disability pretending I enjoyed. I started to wonder if it would be possible to experience one of those as I was being blind. I couldn’t be an actual arm amputee, but I fantasized if there was some way I could be paralyzed from the waist down. To be actually paralyzed just as I was blind. Was there some way I could be temporarily paralyzed for a month or so? I fell asleep dreaming about the possibility. 

In the chapters to come Paula continues her long stint as a truly blind girl. An astonishing secret about her aunt is revealed which opens the door to even more adventures for Paula.

Chapter 18



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