Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 15

I Find a New Disability

The next day my aunt dropped me off at the mall to meet Darlene. I was wearing my hooks. I was now totally competent with my hooks and I routinely shopped with them on. I could try some clothes on, but not everything of course. For some things I needed help. I had no trouble paying for my purchases and I frequently had something to eat in the food court. With Darlene we could help each other. It was more fun to be with another girl who had two hooks like I did. I spotted Darlene in the place we always met. She was easy to spot with her prosthesis showing. She had on a short sleeve top that hid little. I wore a long sleeve top that hid all but my two hooks dangling from the sleeves. As a walked up to greet her I noticed two women staring at her.

“She has no hands,” one woman said to the other. “I can’t imagine having to live my life without hands.”

“I guess those hook things are what she uses,” the other woman said.

They did not see me coming up and pause to overhear them. After I passed them and approached Darlene I heard one of them comment.

“Oh my goodness, that girl has two metal hooks too. They must be friends. They are such beautiful girls, what a shame they are so disabled.”

I smiled to myself thinking that they had no idea I liked having hooks. I did agree with them that I was a beautiful girl. I came up to Darlene and gave her a little hug. We then started our shopping.

As it happened we were shopping in the lingerie department where I loved to look over bras and panties and other initmates. I noticed two girls around my age looking over some bras. Well actually only one of them was actually looking. The other girl was holding a white cane in one hand. She had on these completely black opaque glasses. I knew immediately that she was totally blind. The sighted girl was selecting bras and the blind girl was feeling them.

“Do you see that blind girl? She is about our age,” I asked Darlene.

“Yes. God that has to be a horrible disability. As much as I hate not having hands I think I am so much better off,” Darlene replied.

Both of us watched the blind girl and her friend. The sighted girl led the blind girl into the fitting room. We continued to look around until they came back out. They went to the register and bought several bras. The sighted girl helped the blind girl pay. I wondered if she had only become blind recently. She seemed to be less than totally confident.

For some reason I got very turned on by the girl who was blind. She was very pretty. I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be blind. I knew about my other handicaps but not this one.

“You seem preoccupied with the blind girl,” Darlene said.

“Yes. I am getting turned on by her.”

“You mean because she is blind? I know girls don’t turn you on any more now that you are one,” Darlene said. “Oh no, don’t tell me you want to pretend to be blind.”

“Maybe, can we follow them?”

We discretely followed them through the mall. They headed for the food court where they bought some burgers and soft drinks. The one girl led the blind girl to a table and they sat down. She folded up her white cane and placed it on the table. We quickly went to a concession and bought a Diet Cokes. I carried the tray to a table where we could watch them and I used my hooks to place a stray in my drink. We watched the blind girl eat. She had to feel her food. The two girls were chatting and periodically laughing. I just couldn’t help wondering how she felt not being able to see anything or anyone around her. Eventually they left and Darlene and I continued to shop for a while before my aunt came to pick me up. I said goodbye to Darlene and followed my aunt out.

My Aunt’s Surprise

“I bet a few boys got very excited when they saw your hooks. You look so sexy with hooks. Did you have fun?” my aunt asked on the way home?

“Oh yes. I do love wearing my hooks in public. And yes, I did notice some guys staring at me. I know now that a lot of guys get turned on by pretty disabled girls. I had an interesting encounter. I saw a blind girl. I got very turned on by her. I wanted to know what it felt like being blind.”

“If you want to find out Paula, why don’t you pretend to be blind?” my aunt asked.

I knew my aunt liked any and all disability pretending.

“I wouldn’t know where to start. I guess I would need a white cane,” I replied.

“Well I have just the solution. I have a friend who is a blind pretender. As a matter of fact she spends most of her time blind. Unlike you, she has only one disability interest. I am sure she would help you. Do you want to stop off and meet her if she is home?”

“Oh yes, could we” I replied. My aunt pulled over and called the woman on her cell phone.

“Beth is home and she would love to meet you,” my aunt said after a brief conversation.

After we arrived we rang the bell. A moment later a very attractive women opened the door. She had on dark glasses and held her white cane in one hand.

“Hello Paula, my name is Beth,” she said holding out her hand.

I didn’t quite know what to do so I just touched her hand with my right hook. Beth felt it and then grasped it.

“What have we got here?” Beth asked.

“Paula is pretending to be a double arm amputee and is wearing her two prosthetic hooks,” my aunt explained.

“Oh how wonderful. Do you like having to use hooks instead of hands?” Beth asked.

“Oh yes. I feel very comfortable as an arm amputee,” I replied.

“So you have two hooks instead of hands. That must make doing things very difficult.”

“Oh yes. If I had one normal hand it would not be nearly as challenging. I love having my two hooks since I have no choice but to use them for everything. Of course there are some things I just can’t do with my hooks, but I am used to using them for normal things like eating,” I explained. “I wear them from the time I get up until I go to bed.”

“So you want to try pretending to be blind?”

“Yes, very much,” I said.

“I spend most of my time this way, but I do go sighted since I live alone and I have to do some things outside that I can’t do as a blind person without help. I can train you both when I am blind and when I am sighted. I would need to be able to see if I went out with you for training. When do you want to start?”

“As soon as possible,” I said.

“Then I would suggest tomorrow. I have a spare folding cane I can loan you and a supply of the special eye patches I use under my glasses. I have a spare pair of them as well. One requirement I have is that you must stay totally blind for at least one full week. That is the least amount of time it will take for you to adjust. Being sightless must become natural for you and that only happens after waking up in the morning every day without sight.”

“I understand,” I replied.

For the next few minutes Beth explained that she would be training me in orientation and mobility. Most of that training would be out in public in real situations. Of course things like putting on makeup and caring for myself would be done at home. I was very excited about experiencing being blind, but the thought of a full week was a bit daunting.

“Before Paula goes to bed tonight help her put on the eye patches. They are completely opaque and will not be visible under the opaque glasses. She will wake up blind and remain that way for the full week unless she wants to extend her training period. If she goes a month she will start to forget what it is like to have vision. I will come by at 8 AM tomorrow. She will have to bathe blind and you will need to help her get dressed as she won’t know where everything is until I teach her to organize things.”

“Paula has an arrangement with me that she needs to spend one day a week with each of her disabilities. However, I will not require he to do so as long as she remains blind. If she wants to go beyond a week it is up to her,” my aunt said.

My aunt thanked Beth and we headed home. When we got there I unfolded my cane with my hooks. It was hard to hold with my hook, but I wouldn’t be wearing hooks when I was pretending to be blind. After I removed my hooks and got ready for bed my aunt helped me put on the eye patches. They blocked all light. I even looked into a bright lamp and I could not see even the slightest hint of light. I really was now totally blind and would remain that way for the next week at least. I had a little trouble falling asleep, but I finally did.

My First Day as a Blind Girl

The next morning when I woke up I immediately noticed that the room was totally dark. Then it sunk in. Maybe the room wasn’t dark at all. I was blind. I had the patches on. I didn’t know what time it was. I got out of bed and felt my way around the room until I found the door. I went out and called for my aunt. She was already up and came over to me.

“Do you want your cane dear?” my aunt asked.

“Yes. Maybe it will help,” I replied.

My aunt got my cane and handed it to me. I slid off the elastic strap holding it together and extended all the sections. I held it out in front and started to walk around. I didn’t really know where I was but at least I didn’t bump into things.

“Turn around and head back. Your room will be straight ahead,” my aunt said.

I found the doorway with my cane and headed back in until I found my bed. I sat down.

“I need to dilate,” I said.

“I will get your dilator, lubricant and towels and place them on your bed,” my aunt offered.

After she did that and left the room I removed my nightie and panties. I felt around for my dilator and lay down. After lubricating I inserted it in my vagina to the proper depth. I lay there for what I thought might be the required 15 minutes. I liked to dilate as it made me realize how wonderful it was to have a vagina. When I was finished I cleaned myself up. My aunt had left a robe on the bed. I removed my sleep bra and put the robe on. I then used my cane as best as I could to go out into the living room.

“I think it would be best not to shave your legs today. You probably would have a lot of trouble. Just take a shower. I will have your clothes laid out for you. Your deodorant is on the vanity.”

I used my cane to find the bathroom. I removed my robe and hung it up. I felt around until I found the faucets and ran the water. I washed my hair with the shampoo I found by feel. I was careful not the get water on my eye patches even though they were waterproof. I loved the feel of washing between my legs. It was so nice to feel my vagina and not a horrible penis. I also loved the feel of washing my breasts. I was certainly all girl now. I wondered how blind girls dealt with not ever being able to see their own bodies. Of course I couldn’t now.

After bathing I dried off and dried my hair as best as I could. My aunt would have to help me brush it into shape. I brushed my teeth by feel and applied my deodorant. After putting my robe back on I used my cane to return to my room. I felt all around the bed. I fount\d my panties, a fresh panty liner and my FDS spray. I sprayed my vaginal area, put the panty liner in my panties and pulled them on. Next I put my bra on. I found pantyhose and got them on as well. Not being able to see made me do everything by feel. I finished things off with my skirt, sleeveless top and the pair of heels I found on the bed. I had no idea what colors I was wearing. Even though I couldn’t see myself I felt as feminine as I always did. The sensation of my pantyhose covered legs rubbing together seemed more enhanced now that I couldn’t see my legs.

I used my cane to find the kitchen. I was careful not to get disoriented. My aunt had made me some breakfast. Eating was a bit difficult as I had to feel my food. I had no makeup on and I figured my hair was a mess. I still had my four studs in my ears. I wanted to put makeup on and some earrings. My aunt said that Beth would help me with those tasks when she arrived. I used my cane to find the living room couch and sat down to wait for Beth. It was a strange world of absolute darkness even though I knew it was daylight out. Beth arrived a few minutes later.

“Are you all set for your first day as a blind girl?” she asked.

“I guess so. I am sure I look horrible without makeup,” I said.

“Well let’s take care of that. Can you find your vanity?”

“I think so,” I replied.

I used my cane to get to my bedroom and find the chair in front of my vanity. Of course the large mirror was useless for me. For the next half hour Beth coached me in putting on my makeup. I had trouble finding my foundation, but eventually I identified the makeup I would use. Beth told me to apply my foundation by feel. That wasn’t too bad. Next I applied some powder and blush. My lipstick was harder. I had to be sure I didn’t go beyond my lips.

“That looks very good Paula. You won’t need eye makeup since your dark glasses will cover your eyes and the patches completely. You should always remember to put your glasses on.”

I then put my black opaque  glasses on. They were on my vanity. I asked for help brushing my hair. It was easier than I thought. Of course I couldn’t see how it looked, but I could feel it.

“Can you help me find my earrings? I want large hoops for my lower pierces and the smaller ones for my upper,” I asked.

After Beth found the ones I wanted I removed my four night studs and put my hoops on. That was pretty easy. I didn’t need a mirror to find the tiny holes in my ears. I normally did that by feel anyway.

“I want you to practice cane work. You need to learn the double tap,” Beth instructed. “Let’s take a walk outside.”

I was very nervous about this since I knew there was a good chance someone would see me. Of course I would appear as a blind girl. No one would suspect I wasn’t. Beth cautioned me about the step at the front door. I felt that with my cane. Beth gave me pointers as we walked down the sidewalk. It was so strange to be in total darkness outside during the day. I could feel the sun, but didn’t have even the slightest perception of light. A few minutes later we arrived at the small park several blocks away from my house.

“Go straight on the walkway and there is a bench about 50 feet ahead on the left. See if you can find it,” Beth said.

I tapped my cane to stay on the walkway and went to the far left and my cane eventually found the bench. We sat down.

“It is just so strange being here in the dark,” I said.

“After four or five days you will start to adapt to the darkness and your other senses will start to replace your sight. I am willing to bet you will feel pretty comfortable at the end of the week,” Beth said encouragingly,

I had only been blind for a few waking hours and I had no idea if I could make it the full week. I knew I had no choice since I was bound by the agreement I had made with Beth and my aunt. The trip back to the house was easier. I was starting to appreciate the nuances of cane travel. I could sense even the slightest change in the ground under me. When we got back my aunt offered us some lunch. Beth told me of some tricks to make eating easier since I couldn’t see my food.

“I will let you spend the rest of the day getting used to the darkness,” Beth said. “Tomorrow we will go to the mall and spend several hours with you out in public in real situations.”

It was difficult getting thorough the rest of the day since I couldn’t read magazines or anything. Beth told me she would teach me to read Braille and loan me some books. I did try watching TV. I guess I should say listening. I played with the remote control. I remembered where some of the buttons were and by trial and error I had all the buttons memorized. Even without seeing the screen I could follow a lot of what was going on. A little later I went into my room and took a nap. When I woke up my world was still black. They phone rang and I somehow managed to find it. It was Kevin.

“Hi babe, what’s up? Are you pretending?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, but not how you think. I have been blind since I went to bed last night.”


“Yeah, I have these eye patches on and black opaque glasses. I am in total darkness. I have a blind cane and a friend of my aunt’s is training me to live as a totally blind girl. I have to stay blind for at least a week.”

“Oh wow. I was hoping we could go to my pool club on Saturday. I want to check you out in your bikini.”

“I will still be blind then.”

“So? You can still go, can’t you?”

“I suppose so,” I said with some hesitation.

“Can I come over?”

“Sure,” I said actually happy to have something to do.

Kevin came over and saw me as a blind girl for the first time. We went into my room and chatted for a while. I then suggested that we go to the park. I wanted to demonstrate how I got around with my cane.

“Don’t tell me the way unless I really go wrong,” I instructed.

We headed out and I used my cane as I did with Beth. I made it all the way to the park and we sat on the same bench. Kevin put his arm around me and gave me a kiss.

“I like you blind,” he said. “If we are out you will be dependent on me. That’s neat,” he said.

I really liked the feeling I was having. Kevin was with me and I was in my dark world and out in public. I heard people walk by, but of course I couldn’t see them. Eventually we headed back and Kevin had to leave. I got through the rest of the day and evening. I was actually looking forward to the next day. At least doing something at the mall would break up the boredom of not being able to do things as I normally did.

Before I went to bed I had to change my eye patches. My aunt had closed the blinds and drapes on the bathroom window. She also turned off all the lights in the adjacent rooms. With the light off in the bathroom I peeled the eye patches off. No light, no vision. For a moment I thought I was really blind. I washed my face after removing my makeup with a makeup remover wipe. I brushed my teeth and then put on two ne eye patches totally by feel. I found the light switch and turned the light on. There was nothing but darkness. I had put the eye pads on correctly. I found my cane and used it to go to my room where I got undressed. I put on my sleep bra and the panties that went with my nightie which I also put on. I made sure I had a fresh panty liner. Even though it had been weeks since my surgery I did get a bit of spotting now and then. I crawled into bed. I had made it through the first 24 hours. I had six more full days to go before I would get even the slightest sensation of light. What would it be like the next day?

What will Paula's week as a totally blind girl be like? Will she want to stay blind longer? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 16



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