Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 13

My First Sex

One day after Kevin and I returned to my house after seeing a movie we went into my bedroom. Up to this point we usually only had sexual foreplay. I did let Kevin run his hands over me anywhere he wanted. I had even let him remove my bra and feel my breasts. He liked to touch me between my legs but I never let him put his hand inside my panties. This time things got more intense. Before we knew it he started to undress me. He removed my top and skirt. I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pantyhose. I didn’t want him to run them. I was just in my bra and panties.

“You can undress me,” Kevin said.

I did just that down to his underpants. We kissed each other. I could see he was really turned on down there. I was too although I was happy being a girl knowing that unlike boys no one could tell. As a boy I hated the fact that if I got aroused I would have to worry about a bulge in my pants. Girls have a big advantage in that area. Kevin removed my bra and kissed my breasts. Finally he reached down and pulled my panties down.

“Oh God Paula, you really do have a lovely vagina now. It looks so neat.”

I pulled his underpants down and his penis was out straight. I knew neither of us could resist.

“What is that string?” he asked spotting the string attached to my tampon.

“That’s my tampon. Do you want to remove it?” I asked.

“Could I?”

“Sure. Just gently pull the tampon out and then flush it down the toilet.”

I watched as Kevin pulled my tampon out. It was soaked but of course there was no menstrual blood. Kevin returned.

“Do you want me to wear a condom?” Kevin asked.

“Well I can’t get pregnant but maybe you should,” I replied.

Kevin had a condom he always had just in case something like this ever happened. I unwrapped it and slipped it over his erection. I got into position and guided his penis into my vagina. I had the most marvelous sex I could imagine. I knew Kevin did as well. We both came at the same time. I never imagined that having sex as a girl was so incredible. The two of use lay there for a while savoring our experience.

“God you are an incredible girl,” Kevin said. “I love you so much. It doesn’t matter to me that you were once a boy. You are all girl now.”

Eventually we both cleaned up and sat there naked.

“Can I dress you?” Kevin asked.

“Everything except my pantyhose. I better put them on. But first I need to insert a fresh tampon. You can insert it if you want,” I offered.

I unwrapped a fresh tampon and explained how to insert the applicator deep inside me and then push the tampon out. Kevin did it as I instructed and pulled the applicator out.

“That is so neat. Do you feel it inside you?” he asked.

“Only for a few minutes and then you are not aware of it,” I explained.

“Do you always wear one?” Kevin asked.

“No. At night I wear a pad and sometimes I wear a pad during the day. I like the feeling of a pad between my legs once in a while,” I explained.

Kevin put my panties and bra on me. I did put my pantyhose back on and then he finished with my skirt and top. I slipped back into my shoes. He put his clothes back on as well. While we were talking I went to the vanity and combed my hair and touched up my makeup.

We finally said goodnight after we agreed that the evening had been the sexiest experience either of us had ever had. After he left I knew that I had completed the final step in becoming a female. I could have sex with a male and enjoy it. I never thought about being a boy again. That was the furthest thing from my mind. Being a girl was what I should have been from birth. Now I was.

I Get My Own Braces

Over the next few weeks I not only got together with Darlene to wear my hooks, but I also got together with Angela. Whenever I did I would wear her HKAFOs. I liked going out in braces as much as I liked using my hooks. I decided that I would see if my aunt would be willing to buy me my very own braces. I figured she would require me to wear them one day a week just like she did for my hooks. I was right and she was surprisingly willing to buy them for me. My prosthetist was also an orthotist and told my aunt he would be more than willing to make me a pair of braces. In a couple of days I had an appointment.

“I understand you want HKAFOs,” he said.

“Yes. I want knee locks, a pelvic band, and hip locks,” I replied.

“That will be no problem. You need to take off your shoes, skirt and top so I can measure,” he instructed. I was a bit embarrassed to be just in my bra, panties and pantyhose.

“Should I take off my pantyhose?” I asked.

“No. You can leave them on,” he said.

For the next half hour I sat on the examining table while he took all sorts of measurements. These included the circumferences of my legs at various points, my hips and around my waist where the pelvic band would be. He then did tracings of the outline of my legs and hips. When he was finished he told me I could get dressed except for my shoes. I was then showed a selection of shoes to which the braces would be attached. All were heavy orthopedic styles like Angela had. I selected what I thought was a feminine pair and tried them on. They fit perfectly. I was really excited about the day I would get my new braces. After my aunt made payment arrangements we headed home.

About a week later my aunt got a call saying my braces were ready and I could come in that same day. I was wearing my hooks

“You should take off your hooks dear. You will want to try your braces with crutches and your hooks would make that difficult,” my aunt said.

At the arranged time we arrived at the shop. Once again I was told to remove my clothing. I just couldn’t believe that the braces he brought over would be mine to wear as often as I wanted. They were very similar to the ones Angela let me wear, but these were made to my exact meaurements and I knew they would fit better.

It was a fantastic feeling as I slipped my feet into the shoes as the orthotist helped me buckle the straps. There was one cuff at my calf and two above my knee. The top one was the widest. I loved the look of the wide pelvic band as he raised it up around my waist and had me buckle it.

“Okay Paula now slide your legs over the table and let them hang down.”

He then brought over a brand new pair of forearm crutches and told me to slide forward and use the crutches to stand. As I straightened up I heard all the locks fall into place. I was rigid all the way up to my pelvic band. My braces felt so good.

“I know you have used braces before so you should be able to walk without my instruction,” he commented.

I was still only in my bra and panties. I knew he wanted to check on the fit as I crutched around, but I was still embarrassed as he could see my D cup breasts tightly held by my bra.

“Do they feel okay?” he asked.

“Oh yes. They are wonderful,” I said.

“Do you want to wear them home?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

He then helped me get back into my skirt and top. My aunt made sure to take my heels with us and I crutched out and to the car. I placed my crutches in back. I was so happy. I unlocked my hips and lowered myself into the seat. The final step was to unlock the four drop locks at my knees and pull my legs in with my arms.

 When we got back home I wanted to ask Kevin to come over to see my new braces. After I told him I was getting braces he was just as excited as he was over my hooks. I knew I would keep my braces on until I went to bed and I would absolutely wear them the next day. When Kevin got there he gawked at my heavily braced legs.

“Oh wow Paula your braces are awesome. Let me see you walk with them.” I crutched all around the house for him.

“I really like it when you stand up and lock your braces. You look so handicapped Paula. I love how you struggle with each step. I can’t wait to go out with you when you are wearing your braces,” Kevin said. I couldn’t wait either.

We went to my room and I took off my skirt so Kevin could see my hip locks and the heavy pelvic band above my hips. I knew he was getting aroused.

“Could we make love with you in your braces?” he asked.

“Let’s try,” I replied eagerly. In a flash my top was off as well as my bra.

“Oops. How can I get my panties off?” I said realizing they were under my braces. Even if I unbuckled my pelvic band the panties were still inside the outer uprights. I could be the leg openings over the inner uprights that ended at my crotch, but the panties were still trapped. I had no choice but to remove my braces and put them back on. Kevin got even more excited when I did this. With my braces back on there was nothing in the way of full access to my lovely vagina.

Kevin got undressed and positioned himself over me. I unlocked my knee locks but not my hips. I bent my legs up, but I could not spread my legs very far because of the outer uprights. Kevin managed to get his penis deep inside me and we had incredible dual orgasms. We were both spent. It took a long time before I was able to get up and go into the bathroom to clean up. I finally removed my braces, put my panties back on with a fresh panty liner and got back into my braces and clothing. Before Kevin left he asked if I wanted to go to the mall that weekend wearing my braces. Of course I said yes.

The next day I wore my braces and enjoyed the feeling they gave me. Ijust loved the fact that these braces were mine and were made just for me. I could wear them any time I wanted. I loved the way I looked and I was not surprised that my aunt did too.

“Oh Paula, you are so beautiful in your braces. I hope you always wear a short skirt with them so you can show them off,” my said at one point.

One thing I realized was that I couldn’t really pretend that I couldn’t walk unless I always had my braces on. That made it difficult in the morning since I would have to put my braces on to go to the bathroom and bathe. It would be a pain to take them off in the bathroom, slide into the tub, and put them on just to return to my room. I knew Angela had a wheelchair that she used around the house to mae it easier until she got into her braces for the day. I knew I needed one too. I thought it would also be fun to have a wheelchair to use all day and out in public as well. I loved walking in braces, but the thought of using a wheelchair was also very exciting.

That weekend I went to the mall with Kevin. We had so much fun. He just couldn’t get enough of watching me crutch along and his eyes never left my braced legs shown off by my short length skirt. I also liked the stares I got from strangers. I was used to them when I wore my hooks and when I wore Angela’s braces. That weekend I decided to speak to my aunt about getting a wheelchair.

“I knew you would ask for one Paula. Of course you can have one,” my aunt said.

“That’s wonderful. Do you mind if I ask why you are so eager to allow me to get anything I want to pretend to have a disability?”

“Well that would require a long story that I will tell you at the right point in time. For now, let me say that I very much enjoy seeing a lovely young girl who is disabled. I will get you anything you want for any disability as long as you agree to pretend with that disability on a regular schedule. If you want a wheelchair I suggest that we get you the very best chair appropriate for a paraplegic girl your age. I know you will enjoy using a wheelchair just like a girl who is really paralyzed.”

“Can we go shopping for a wheelchair soon? I asked.

“Tomorrow,” my aunt replied. 

Paula gets her very own state of the art wheelchair in the next chapter. What adventures into disability are in store for her?

Chapter 14



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