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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 1

The Beginning

After my parents died in a tragic car accident over a year ago I went to live with my aunt. She was nice to me, but had some rather strange ways. She had decorated my bedroom in a way that was more appropriate for a girl. The colors were sort of feminine and she had placed a large vanity with a big mirror on one wall. It was the kind with a chair where a girl could sit and put on her makeup. Of course I had no use for it except to store things in.

Soon after I went to live with her she took me to a doctor for some sort of checkup. He examined me quite thoroughly and then spoke to my aunt in private. After they came back I was told that I would have to take some pills every day to help me grow properly. I had no idea what he was talking about.

For the next year my life was pretty normal for a 16 year old boy. My aunt had some strange restrictions she placed on me. She would not let me get a haircut. My hair was pretty long to begin with, but it grew longer and longer. I could even tie it in a ponytail. I didn’t mind all that much, but I always wondered why my aunt wanted me to have such long hair. Boys with long hair were actually considered a bit sexy by some girls.

I also noticed that a lot of guys my age were starting to grow a lot of facial hair. I wasn’t. I had a little bit of fuzz, but not much. I only had to shave once every few days. My facial hair was really light and I did the shaving thing more because I thought I should be than out of a real need.

Over the past few months I had noticed that I was growing breasts. My breasts were getting bigger and my nipples were extremely sensitive. There were other things about my body that were strange as well. I seemed to have bigger hips and a larger butt than the other guys. I didn’t have much body fat around my waist. When I looked in the mirror naked, my body was sort of like a girl’s. I tried to conceal my growing boobs by wearing loose shirts or sweaters. I was always aware that I had these mounds instead of a flat chest. I decided to speak to my aunt about it. Up to this point I was reluctant to tell her about my breasts for obvious reasons.

The Revelation

I finally got up the courage to speak to my aunt about my body changes. I expressed my concern over my growing breasts.

 “That is wonderful she said. I was hoping for that.”

“What do you mean? Guys don’t have breasts. I don’t want girl’s breasts,” I stammered.

“Oh but you will. Take off your clothes except for your underpants, I want to measure you,” my aunt demanded. I didn’t dare disobey her.  After I took off my clothing she measured below, over, and above my budding breasts.

“How lovely, you are a full B cup. With a nice push up bra you would have an acceptable figure.

“I don’t want breasts and I don’t want to wear a bra,” I protested once again. What was she suggesting?

She then measured my waist and hips as well as taking some other measurements.

“The ratio of your hips to waist is just about perfect for a girl of your age,” she said.

“Why are you so happy I am starting to have the body of a girl? I am not a girl,” I insisted.

I have always wanted a daughter and you will become mine. The pills you have been taking for the past year are high dose female hormones. I am sure they have changed you in some other ways as well. You have very little facial hair and I have noticed that your body fat seems to be going to your hips and buttocks. The hormones have caused you to develop as a girl. I think it is about time for you to start living as one,” she explained to my amazement.

“I don’t want to be a girl,” I protested. “I don’t want to live as one.”

“Well let’s see if that is really true. Starting tomorrow you will start to live as a girl full time. Now that I have your measurements I will go out today and buy you some nice new clothes.”

I was totally mortified. Would my aunt really do this? I would find out soon enough. I was in a daze for the rest of the day. School had let out for the summer and at least I didn’t have to worry about being dressed as a girl and going to school. If I wore a dress and even had on a bra everyone would laugh. As I undressed for bed that night I looked at my body in the mirror. My breasts seemed so large and I had the curves a girl had. Did the hormones really do all this? I barely slept that night.

The First Day

The next morning I got up and was about to pick out my clothes. I found that all my clothes had been removed from my room. In their place were girl’s clothes. In my bureau were a couple of bras, panties, unopened packages of pantyhose and other girl stuff. I ran to my closet and found two skirts and a dress  hanging there. There were a couple of pairs of shoes with very high heels. I ran back to the bureau and opened the other drawers. There were girl’s tops and even a handbag.

“Where are my clothes?” I asked defiantly when my aunt came in. I was still wearing my pajamas.

“All discarded Paula. I bought you enough girls’ clothing until we shop for a more complete wardrobe.”

“My name is Paul,” I said.

“Not anymore,” my aunt replied. “Now listen carefully. I want you to go into the bathroom. You will find a can of feminine shaving cream and a women’s razor. I want you to use them to shave your legs completely as well as your underarms. I also want you to shave all the hair around your privates. You will have to do it again if I find any trace of hair. You will also find a bottle of scented bath oil. Add some to your bath water, wash your hair with the nice shampoo you will find and put on this robe,” she instructed as she handed me a pink girl’s robe.

I didn’t dare defy her so I went into the bathroom and did as she requested. It was very strange to shave my legs and I had a little trouble. I hated shaving the hair around my privates. I now had smooth legs just like a girl. I also shaved all the hair from my underarms. I used the bath oil and shampooed and bathed as I was told. When I came out into the bedroom I was wearing the pink robe. I was stunned when my aunt opened the robe and made sure I had shaved my privates. She also felt my legs to be sure they were smooth and had me show her that my underarms were smoothly shaved as well.

“Paula, you really are starting to develop a beautiful feminine body. It will be so nice when you have a lovely vagina instead of that horrible thing between your legs,” she said looking at my privates. A vagina? What in the world was she suggesting?

“I have laid out your bra and panties on the bed. I bought you B cup bras since that is the size you are now. We will have to buy all new bras after you get your implants. I suggest you put your bra around you with the hooks in front and hook it. Rotate it around and slip your arms through the straps. Adjust the straps to hold your breasts up. Your bra should be snug.”

“You will also find a package of feminine pads and a can of feminine deodorant spray. Spray your privates and the pad after you remove it from the wrapper. Place the pad in the crotch of your panties and pull them on. Now listen carefully. I want you to reach down inside your panties and push you testicles up into your body at the same time as you pull your penis between your legs. The pad should cover and hold things in place when you pull up your panties. After I help you with your control top pantyhose everything should be held in place and you will have a feminine contour between your legs. Of course none of this will be necessary after your transformation is complete. Call for me when you are finished.” I was shocked at all this.

I uncapped the can of FDS spray and sprayed my privates. It had a baby powder scent. I found the package of Kotex pads. They were long super maxis. I didn’t quite know what that meant. I unwrapped the Kotex pad and sprayed it with the deodorant. I removed the adhesive strip and placed it in the crotch of the panties. They were light blue and had no fly as my briefs did. It took me a while to figure out how to tuck my testicles into my body and pull my penis back. I pulled up the panties and smoothed out the pad between my legs. I did look like a girl down there. With the pad in place there was only a slight bulge.

Next I fumbled with the bra but managed to get it around me and hook it. I slipped the straps over my shoulders. My breasts were now inside the two cups. I adjusted the straps. I knew that girls had to wear their bras to support their breasts. How did they stand wearing bras all day? My breasts were now supported by my bra and I was totally aware of them and the feeling of the bra band and straps around me. I looked in the mirror and saw that the bra had really enhanced my figure. It was now obvious I had modest breasts that might be typical for a girl my age. I didn’t see how I could conceal them if I had a bra on. If I had a tee shirt on I was sure everyone would see the outline of my bra.

This was so humiliating. The thought that my aunt would make me wear girl’s underwear all the time was horrible. I couldn’t imagine things getting worse but they did. I was wearing a bra and panties with a feminine pad in the crotch just like a girl when she had her period. I called out for her.

She came back in and took the pantyhose out of the package. They were light beige in color. She coached me in how to put them on, smoothing them up my legs and getting the control top panty over my hips. I felt the pressure of the restricting panty around me. I knew women used to wear panty girdles and I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. One thing dawned on me. If I needed to pee I would have to pull down the pantyhose and panties. There was no fly. Of course I knew girls had to sit to pee. Would I be forced to do that too?

“You do look quite nice in your bra, panties and pantyhose,” she commented.

Next she got me a light blue skirt that was very short. The hem was mid-thigh or even above. She then had me slip on a white low cut sleeveless top. The final item of clothing was a pair of very high heel pumps. I had no idea if I could walk in them.

“From now on you will wear skirts and dresses that are never longer than mid-thigh. You can wear pants or jeans when I feel you have been sufficiently feminized. All your dresses and tops will be sleeveless. You will always wear high heel pumps or sandals with at least four inch heels. Of course you will usually wear pantyhose,” she stated.

“You mean I always have to dress like a girl?”

“Of course, after you get your breast implants it will be impossible to pass as a boy anyway. Maybe you can conceal your B cup breasts now, but D cup breasts are much larger. Actually that won’t matter since you will be feminized in other ways that will be impossible to hide.”

“Breast implants?”

“You are to have larger breasts and later you will have surgery to remove your male genitals and have a vagina created. You will be anatomically a complete female in a matter of months. You will never go back to being a boy,” she said. “You will be totally feminine. You will have no choice but to live the rest of your life as a female.”

I was horrified. After I was dressed my aunt had me put on a necklace, girl’s watch, and a girl’s ring.

“Earrings will have to wait until your ears are pierced. I have an appointment to get your nails done, hair styled, and your makeup done professionally. Your hair is long enough for a girl, but needs a more feminine cut. I can put some lipstick and blush on you to at least make you pass well enough to get you to the salon. When you leave there you will never be doubted as a girl. We will get your ears pierced at the mall. We need to get going.”

“I don’t want to get my ears pierced,” I protested.

“Come sit down so I can apply some makeup. When you sit you must always keep your legs tightly together. You can cross your legs after you are sitting. Men always want a peek up girl’s skirt to see if they can see her panties. Your skirts are short and you need to be really careful.”

As I sat down I felt the nylon of my pantyhose as my legs touched. When I crossed my legs it felt strange as my thighs rubbed together. I had to admit that it wasn’t a bad feeling at all. My aunt applied some foundation, light red lipstick, blush and some eye liner and eyebrow pencil. I looked even more like a girl when she was finished. As I stood there in my high heels I was acutely aware of the feel of my pantyhose, the pad between my legs holding my privates in place, and the bra supporting my breasts. My aunt then selected a handbag for me to carry. Inside were a wallet, hairbrush, a can of FDS spray, and two feminine pads.

“You will be adding stuff to you bag as all girls do. Without pockets girls need to carry everything in their purses. Let’s get going.”

I got up and followed my aunt to the car. I was barely able to walk in the four inch heels. I got in and looked down at my nylon covered legs and short skirt. I could see my boobs sticking out in front. I was terrified of what would happen to me at the beauty salon and later at the mall. My aunt mentioned getting my ears pierced. How could I walk around the mall? Everyone would laugh at seeing a boy dressed up as a girl.

I was wrong. It wouldn’t work out that way at all.

Chapter 2 



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