Fantasy Come True
by Vicki

I will never forget the day I met Lynn. I was having lunch in the company cafeteria. I work at a large computer software company. She entered the room and my jaw dropped. She was beautiful. She had long auburn hair that fell to well below her shoulders. I could see the outline of her bra under her white blouse. I guessed she was at least a C cup and most likely a D. She had on a fashionable gray skirt that was an inch or so above the knee. At this point you might expect me to tell you that she had on three inch high heeled pumps. That was very far from the case. You see, Lynn was wearing a long leg brace on each leg. She wore the typical heavy shoes required to attach the brace stirrups to the heels. Since her skirt was a bit high, I could see almost all of her knee pads. Her braces were locked by drop locks on both of the uprights and she was walking with a swing through gait using forearm crutches. I was mesmerized.

I knew a tremendous amount about orthopedic braces and wheelchairs since I was very turned on by attractive women with handicaps requiring either braces or the use of a wheelchair. I always dreamed of meeting a beautiful girl with such a disability. I occasionally saw such women, but was never really in a position to introduce myself. Perhaps this time would be different since she appeared to work for my company and there was the probability I would see her again, perhaps on a regular basis.

I watched as she went through the line. I was amazed at how she was able to manage her crutches and slide the tray along. After she paid for her food the cashier asked a worker to carry her tray to a table. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she struggled somewhat to unlock her braces and get into a sitting position. She placed her crutches down beside her, I had to get back to work and so I was forced to leave the cafeteria.

The next day I scheduled my lunch to hopefully see her again. I did indeed see her walk in. With a little effort I timed it so that I was able to follow her to the line and get in line right behind her. Lynn was just as beautiful today as she was the day before. She had on a pale green sweater and darker green skirt. Her breasts were the most beautiful I think I have ever seen. After she paid for her food I brazenly asked if I could help carry her tray. She seemed rather startled that I would volunteer. She spotted a table and asked if I could put her tray there. I waited for her to get to the table and then asked if I could join her.

"Of course you can," she replied. "My name is Lynn and I am new here. This is my first week."

"Hi Lynn, my name is John and I am delighted to meet you, I replied." "Welcome to the company."

We started to eat our lunches and entered into a conversation. I found out that Lynn was single and in her late twenties. The topic of her handicap had not yet come up. I was afraid to even hint at it.

"John, I guess I better cut the ice here," Lynn said. "I am sure that you, like everyone else, wants to know about my handicap."

"Well, I guess so," I replied.

"I contracted Polio when I was seven years old. We were living in South America at the time, and my immunizations were not up to date. It was a horrible experience. Within three days of contracting Polio I was unable to breathe on my own and couldn't move my arms and legs. I will never forget the day I was told I would be placed in an iron lung. The experience was horrible. I remember vividly when they gave me my tracheotomy. That's when they cut a hole in your trachea and connect you to an oxygen system. I could hardly speak at all. Being in the lung was awful. Your head goes through this collar and it forms a tight seal so the iron lung can breathe for you. I remember just lying there with my head sticking out looking up at this mirror. I couldn't move anything. The first few weeks I thought I would rather be dead. You can't imagine what it's like to be like that 24 hours a day. I spent six months in the iron lung full time. After that I started to regain a little bit of my muscle control and could breathe a little. Gradually I started spending a few minutes a day outside the lung. Eventually I spent all day in bed or a wheelchair and returned to my lung at night to sleep. After a year I was able to go 24 hours outside the iron lung. I was so happy even though I couldn't move my legs and only had a little movement in my arms. That iron lung was hell."

"Little by little over the next year I got the use of my arms back. I had physical therapy every day for hours. Of course I was confined to a wheelchair during that time. Eventually it was suggested that I might be able to walk with long leg braces. I was so excited. I was finally fitted with them and learned to use them. Walking was so hard, but I worked at it constantly. I wanted to walk so much I cried. By the time we returned to the United States I was in braces and knew I would be using them for the rest of my life. I’ve been in various configurations of braces ever since."

"I am so sorry Lynn," I managed to get out. "I don’t know what to say."

"Oh, its OK. I am used to it by now. I no longer care what people think. I got that out of my system when I was in school. You can’t believe how cruel kids can be. Of course it has ruined my life as far as marriage is concerned. Men don’t ever want to date me."

"I sure would," I said. "I think you are really beautiful, and your handicap doesn’t bother me at all. So, how about dinner and a movie tonight?"

"Well, I guess so," Lynn stammered. "I haven’t been on a real date in a long time. I guess I could handle it. There are a few obstacles we will have to deal with, such as the problems I have in getting into a seat at the movies or a restaurant. Can you handle that?"

"No problem," I said. "It would be my pleasure to help you in any way I can."

"John, I can’t believe you are so kind. There are a few other inconveniences that I am embarrassed to tell you about right now."

Lynn had no idea that I was a lifelong leg brace devotee and wannabe. The other deep secret would have to wait as well. I wasn’t the man Lynn thought I was. When she found out, that would be the end of that, I thought. How wrong I was. It was to be the start of my fantasy come true.

Lynn gave me her address and I picked her up at seven. She met me at the door and I knew I was falling love. She looked so incredibly beautiful in her braces. We went out to a small local restaurant. I just loved helping Lynn getting in and out of her seat. At one point she asked me to help unlock one of her braces. I was about to faint as I actually touched the metal of her wonderful brace. Her legs were still quite lovely, although I could see there was no muscle tone. They were inanimate objects as far as she was concerned. She had on off black pantyhose. To me those legs were the most beautiful in the world even though they were somewhat thin and atrophied.

Lynn was right about the movies. It was difficult for her to get into a seat. There was not enough leg room. We had to use an aisle seat. In any case, it worked out OK. After the show ended Lynn needed to use the ladies room. I watched as she crutched to the door. Someone held it for her. It was a wonderful site to see the backs of her nylon clad legs framed by her braces. I really was starting to fall in love with Lynn. I knew that it would never come to anything once she discovered the real me. I could hide my fascination with her braces, but not the other secret. I drove Lynn home to her apartment and escorted her to the door.

"John, please come in for a drink," Lynn requested.

"Well, I guess so. It’s not too late," I said. Of course I wanted to have that drink more than anything.

We went into Lynn’s apartment and she started to fix some drinks. I had a light beer. Lynn had a glass of wine. We then sat down on the couch and began to talk. At first it was just small talk. Then we got a bit more intimate.

"John, can I kiss you?" Lynn asked. I could sense she was nervous. We kissed passionately for several minutes.

"God Lynn, I really love this, but I can’t continue this type of relationship with you without you knowing more about me," I managed to get out.

"What do you mean?" Lynn replied.

"Lynn, I don’t know where to begin with this," I struggled to say. "There is something you must know before we go much further. I am not the man of your dreams, Very far from it. Have you noticed that there are some things about me that aren’t quite as masculine as they should be?"

"If you mean the fact that both your ears are pierced even though you aren’t wearing earrings, I now expect anything of the modern man," Lynn said.

"That’s just the start of it," I replied. "Have you noticed that I don’t have much of a beard? You probably haven’t noticed that I have always worn sort of baggy shirts or sweaters as well. I don’t know how to tell you this Lynn, but I am a transsexual. My electrolysis is virtually complete and so I have practically no beard left. I have been on female hormones for three years now. I have considerable breast development."

Lynn appeared fascinated, but not turned off. This was a mystery. In the couple of times I tried to explain this to other women they couldn’t wait to get out.

"Would you show me your breasts?" Lynn asked.

I had no idea what was going on here. I nodded. Lynn started to unbutton my shirt. I slipped it off and then my tee shirt.

"I need to bind my breasts so they don’t show," I said. I then unwrapped the bandages that held my breasts tight. "I am just about a B cup now. I am still growing and will probably be C in a year. Other than at work I always wear a bra. It’s much more comfortable. Of course I can’t go out as a man when I am wearing a bra, but most of my time out of work is spent wearing female clothing and so it isn’t a problem. I look very passable as a women."

Lynn surprised me further by proceeding to kiss my breasts. She sucked and kissed them for several minutes. I was getting very aroused, but I was no longer able to get erections because of the female hormones. My sexual response was becoming much more feminine, like my body contours.

"John, I am bisexual," Lynn flat out stated. "You are the biggest turn on to me ever. I want to see you as a total woman as soon as possible. I want to make love to you as a woman. I know enough about hormones to know that someone on them for three years can’t function as a man anyway."

"I don't know what to say. I can't believe you are saying these things to me. I thought you would be gone by now."

This was like a dream. This turn of events was unreal. Could this actually be taking place? Here I was with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and, she was wearing long leg braces as well.

"There’s something you haven’t told me John, isn’t there?" Lynn asked.

Could she actually know my one remaining secret, the fact that I was a leg brace devotee and wannabe? I hesitated.

"Don’t worry John, you will be able to tell me tomorrow when I come over to your apartment for dinner. I want you to be completely female for me. Wear your most feminine things. I don’t want a trace of anything masculine. I want the most feminine boy/girl lover in the world."

My preparations started the next day as soon as I got home from work. I took a scented bath and shaved my legs and underarms very close. After drying I spread a conditioner over my legs to avoid drying. I no longer needed to shave my face, but I checked for any possible hairs. I didn’t find any. My electrologist had done a good job.

My underwear consisted of a pair of lace panties with firm control built in. This helped conceal my male organs. Next came my black strapless bra. My now budding B cup breasts filled it out nicely. I carefully pulled on a pair of black mist pantyhose. I slipped on a beautiful sleeveless red cocktail dress. Black three inch pumps completed the look. The dress was low cut and my cleavage was flaunted.

I spent the next half hour putting on my makeup, jewelry, and finally my hairpiece. The latter item had been custom crafted for me and could never be detected as a wig. I selected my diamond stud earrings for this occasion. I dabbed some perfume in all the right places and took a look in the mirror. I was a very attractive woman to say the least. I knew that because I have had many advances by men who never suspected my true sex. That would change in the coming months anyway. As I looked at my legs I wondered what it would feel like to be wearing long leg braces on my nylon covered legs. I got instantly aroused. I thought of Lynn coming shortly.

I was making a last minute check if the dinner in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I ran to answer it. Lynn was awestruck as she took in my very different appearance.

"Wow! I can’t believe it. You are fabulous. Never in a million years would I suspect you weren’t a woman," Lynn went on. "Good thing I am bi. You sure wouldn’t turn on a straight woman. Nothing masculine about you." Lynn gave me a kiss and a little hug. She couldn’t let go of her crutches completely. "What do I call you? Certainly not John."

"It’s Janine, Lynn. It has the same initial and I like it." She nodded in understanding.

We headed for the couch and Lynn went through the procedure of sitting down, unlocking her knee locks and pulling her legs up with her arms. I got our drinks and then sat next to her. We kissed and touched for several minutes. My hand wandered down to her legs and she let me go wherever I wanted. I explored the area above her knees between the upper and lower thigh bands of her braces. I even ventured up to her very private area. She seemed to love it. I was floating. I never dreamed I would be doing this to a lovely woman wearing braces. Certainly never as an equally attractive woman. Lynn explored under my dress as well. She ran her hands along my nylon covered legs and up to my sexual center. She felt my panties and what was still there that wouldn't be there eventually. She knew it would never harden because of the hormones. That didn’t seem to bother her. She would find other ways to enjoy my body.

I served dinner and we had a wonderful relaxed meal. Lynn seemed to be very happy. I knew I was turning her on just as she was me. She went on and on about us doing girl things together. She said she liked John, but not anywhere near as much as Janine. She wanted me to spend all my time with her as Janine.

"Janine, don’t you think it’s time you really explored my body?" Lynn asked. "You can explore my braces too." I wasn’t sure what she meant. Normally I would have thought that Lynn would be embarrassed about her braces when it came time for sex. We headed for the bedroom.

"Help me up onto the bed," Lynn requested. "Stretch my legs out and hop up here too. I want you to first remove your dress and shoes. I want to see that gorgeous body. You can then help me off with my dress."

Her dress was similar to mine although it was green. I could slip it over her head. It was then that I could see her braces in their entirety. Up until that point I didn’t realize that Lynn’s braces did not stop at the top of her legs, under her crotch. Instead, the outer uprights continued on up to a pelvic band that fastened around her waist. She had drop locks on both hips. I hadn't seen her unlock them, but she must have done it somehow. I felt I would come apart as I ran my eyes from her shoes up her legs, viewing the calf bands, knee pads, and finally the two thigh bands. She watched as I did this.

"They turn you on, don’t they," she stated rather than asked? " I knew it after our first date. The way you looked at my braces was not the way most men do. I am not certain, but I am willing to bet that you secretly would love to have the opportunity to try on long leg braces as well."

I was speechless. This woman had read my innermost thoughts, exposed my deepest secrets.

"God Lynn, I don’t know what to say. You found me out. You are the most exciting thing to have ever happened to me."

"Janine, I find you the most intriguing person I have ever met too," Lynn went on. "You also turn me on in ways that I never imagined. The fact that you like, in fact love me, for my braces, and not in spite of them drives me wild. You won’t believe this, but I would give anything to see you in braces as well. I would love to spend time with you as another handicapped woman. To imagine us out together, struggling in the same ways, is wild. I would let you try on my braces right now except for the fact that my shoe size is much too small for you and I am quite a bit shorter. My braces wouldn’t fit."

I couldn’t take this all in. I felt that I would overload. I tried to verbalize. "Lynn, this has been my fantasy for years. I have dreamed of being fitted with long leg braces, living as a woman, and having a female lover who was also in braces. If I could share my life in this way I would be the happiest person alive."

"There’s no problem Janine, you can do it all," Lynn stated.

"But how? I don’t have any braces and I don’t see a way to get them," I said.

"Oh but there is Janine. In fact it is easy. How would you like your braces within a week? My orthotist just happens to be a devotee himself. We dated a few times until he revealed that he was actually gay. We are good friends. I am sure he would be more than willing to make some money on the side and make you your very own braces. Whatever you want."

I truly did not know what to say. Was this really happening to me? Lynn went on to explain that she would make arrangements with Dick the next day and schedule an appointment. She wanted me to go as Janine of course. I would be fitted with feminine shoes on my braces. I could tell that Lynn was wildly excited about this.

For the remainder of the evening we made love. I removed Lynn’s braces and we removed all our clothes except for my panties. Lynn did not want to spoil the illusion of my femininity. As I removed her panties I couldn’t help but notice the large size Kotex pad between her legs. I smelled a slight urine odor.

"I am embarrassed Janine. I am not having my period. Due to the paralysis I have lost a tiny bit of bladder control. Sometimes when I am excited I leak a little. The Kotex overnight pad does the trick. I always wear one. At least I can get away without the big pads made especially for these problems, or a catheter. The Kotex overnight is the biggest pad they make. I hope you don’t mind."

"Of course not," I replied.

"I had to use an indwelling catheter for a period when I was recovering. I couldn't stand it and I got a lot of urinary track infections. Of course I always had one when I was in my iron lung."

The evening ended after another hour of sexual pleasure. After Lynn left I couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for me.

The next day at lunch Lynn told me she had set up an appointment with Dick for after hours when only he would be around. That way no one would get suspicious when I walked in rather than being wheeled in. Lynn said she had a wheelchair, but it would be too much trouble to use it. She told me to pick her up at seven that night for my fitting.

"Wear something sexy," she demanded.

I did just that. I wore a short skirt and sleeveless tank top. My breasts were really prominent under the thin material. Suntan colored pantyhose and casual shoes completed my outfit. I picked up Lynn promptly. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. It was quite a contrast. I regretted not being able to see Lynn’s braces. All I could see were her shoes and the stirrups attached to the heels.

We arrived at the orthotics shop several minutes later. I helped Lynn out of the car and we entered. Dick was there to greet us.

"Are you sure she’s not gay Lynn," Dick asked? "I could go for her. She looks great in drag. I would never have known if you hadn’t told me."

"Come on Dick, let’s get Janine fitted," Lynn scolded.

The next hour was filled with activity. I stripped down to my bra and panties. Dick took measurements of the circumferences of my legs and made tracings and numerous other measurements all over.

"Does she get a pelvic band Lynn," Dick asked?

"Janine, do you want a pelvic band like mine? It will make walking harder for you. Of course I need it or I tend to slump over. It might be a good idea if you had one since you won’t be able to fake as easily. With your hips locked I think you will really be as handicapped as I am."

I nodded agreement and Dick measured my pelvic region and completed the traces up my hips. Our final item of business was to select my shoes. We selected a style similar to Lynn’s. Dick said he would have the braces done in a few days.

Lynn and I spent a lot of time together. I was always Janine outside of work. Lynn started to train me in some of the things I would need to know when I got my braces. At Lynn’s apartment she explained how she used her wheelchair after she removed her braces. She suggested I get one to add realism to my role playing. Lynn had me captivated. I would do anything for her and loved every minute. Lynn explained that once I had my braces I would be required to wear them full time if we were together. Lynn wanted me to be just as handicapped as her. Only our love making would take place without our braces.

The day of my fitting came quickly. Once again I stripped down to my bra and panties. I kept my pantyhose on. Dick brought the braces over. I gasped. I had braces at last. In a few minutes I would know for the first time what it was like to be fully braced from toes to waist. Dick helped me into the braces, slipping my feet into the shoes and the pelvic band around my lower waist. The feeling was fabulous. I helped fasten the buckles on the straps as Dick suggested the proper tightness. He marked the buckle holes with a felt tipped pen so I would know the proper setting. I was practically shaking when Dick helped me stand between the parallel bars and the knee and hip locks dropped into place. I was still in my bra and panties. Lynn looked on and just smiled and smiled.

After about an hour of practice on the bars, Dick brought me my very own forearm crutches. I practiced another hour with them until I could walk with a swing through gait just as Lynn did. I was finally able to put my clothes back on.

"What about the braces," I asked?

"You can’t walk without them Janine. How can you take them off?"

"I guess I can’t, can I?"

I had quite a bit of trouble driving home. Lynn told me that I would have to have hand controls added to my car as soon as possible. I couldn’t use my legs. That was not right. I was paralyzed. The next day was Saturday and Lynn told me she had a full day planned. She said she would come to my apartment at nine AM. She said I should be dressed and in my braces. As I was letting her out of the car she reached into her handbag and pulled out a small soft package. She handed it to me and told me to be sure and wear it. It was a Kotex pad. She winked and I understood that I now had a slight bladder control problem as a result of my paralysis.

I woke up at seven and went into the bathroom. I was walking normally and was starting to feel guilty. I remembered my Kotex pad and fastened the adhesive strips to the inside of my panty before slipping it on. This gave me a thrill as I thought of Lynn doing the same thing. I completed my daily ritual and just before I put on my skirt I put on my braces. My excitement mounted. Lynn insisted that I wear a skirt so as not to hide my braces. She told me she wanted me to feel the stares as she always did. This thrilled me as well. I didn’t yet know what to expect. I ran my hands over the metal uprights and adjusted the knee pads. I played with the drop locks and felt the tension around my pelvic band. Wow, this was great. Just then the doorbell rang and I knew it was Lynn. I opened the door and she came in.

"All set Janine," Lynn asked? As I nodded she went on. "Until we have sex tonight, you will wear your braces. That will be for a good 12 hours. You will probably find it will be tough the first day. Your legs will probably cramp from being kept rigid. Let me know when you start to cramp and we can rest. Sitting down and unlocking your legs usually helps, but those braces aren't coming off regardless."

"How do you know all this Lynn," I asked? "Your legs are really paralyzed and you don’t have much feeling."

"Dick is a pretender. He does it with some gay friends. He told me that after spending a weekend in braces he couldn’t walk the next day. His legs had cramped and the muscles were not used to being restricted. You will probably have some trouble after our weekend. You might even need to call in sick on Monday. We have lots of things to do. You will experience your handicap in a big way. Braces from now until Monday. You will be staying at my place tonight to make sure you don’t walk an inch without braces or using your wheelchair. Pack a bag."

"I don’t have a wheelchair."

"You do now," Lynn replied. "It’s in my car. It’s my gift to you. You will love it. It’s just like mine. If it wasn’t for your job I would insist that you never walk unaided." It was very clear who had the dominant role in our relationship.

We went to Lynn’s car and she drove. She had her hand controls. Later she would give me instruction. I got my own hand controls the next week. We parked in a handicapped space at the mall. Lynn had a sticker of course. She said she could get me one under her name for my car. I was really nervous as we left the car and headed for the mall entrance. I glanced down at my braced legs. My skirt was above my knee and my braces were just as visible as Lynn’s were. I looked at her legs and she smiled back.

"You look just like me Janine. When you want to know what you look like in your braces, just look at my legs. I know you like to anyway. You can stare at me and no one will get suspicious. After all, we are together and you are wearing braces too. We are almost twins now. Two disabled girls out for fun."

We got looks, but most people tried not to show it. We could occasionally see people staring when we looked into a mirror. They didn’t realize we could see them. Lynn and I shopped for clothes. After a couple of hours I started to get used to my braces and even forgot I was wearing them. Of course it was very hard work crutching along. I did cramp up in the afternoon. I almost couldn’t stand the pain. We found seats and I was able to sit down and unlock my knee locks and bend my legs. We sat for about ten minutes. The period between my cramps was getting shorter. I was not able to walk for more than a half hour by the end of the afternoon.

We only had a quick snack for lunch and were starting to get hungry. I could barely walk by his time. I suspected that I probably couldn’t walk without the braces. My legs were too cramped. Lynn suggested that we go out to dinner and then a movie. That would give my legs a chance to rest. Lynn said that under other circumstances she would let me use my wheelchair, but she wanted me to realize the true magnitude of my disability. We had a wonderful dinner and returned from the movie about 10 PM. I was in braces for 13 hours.

We slumped on the bed after bringing in our shopping and my new wheelchair. Lynn slowly started to remove my skirt and top. She then very carefully removed my braces. I was in my bra, panties and pantyhose. Lynn had taken off her outer clothing and braces as well. She slid over to her wheelchair which was next to the bed. She told me to do the same. She instructed me how to use my arms to lift and lower my legs. She cautioned that I could never use a single leg or hip muscle. We spent the rest of the evening drinking wine and relaxing in front of the TV set. Two girls in bras and panties. Lynn would show me how she crossed her legs by lifting one on top of the other. She said it was the only time she could cross her legs since it was impossible in braces. I started to get used to life in my wheelchair. We finally wheeled ourselves to bed about midnight. We had wonderful sex until one.

The next morning Lynn shook me awake. "Time to get up Janine. You have a lot to learn today. Remember, no walking at all. My handicap equipped bathroom is at your disposal."

Lynn instructed me on using my chair to get into the bathroom and to slide into the bathtub. She helped my bathe and shave my legs without lifting them with my leg muscles. She had tricks for that. After my bath we got the clean underwear out of my overnight bag. Lynn handed me my Kotex pad and a pair of my panties.

"I know you don’t have a bladder control problem Janine, but see if you can let a little urine run into the pad when you feel the urge to pee. I always bring a supply of clean pads and I will be checking that you are leaking just like me. I better find a slightly wet pad or we will have to cath you. Also, use some of my feminine deodorant spray on the pad. It helps control any odor."

"I will leak for you Lynn. Please, no catheter," I pleaded. She started to laugh.

"Well you wanted to experience everything I do don't you?"

Getting clothes on while sitting in a wheelchair is not easy, especially since you can only lift yourself with your arms. I was anxious to get my braces on so I could stand. My legs were hurting from the abuse they took the day before. Normal legs are not used to being braced full time. After dressing I got into my braces and stood up. I somehow felt like it was normal to be in braces now.

Today we were going to visit a historical site nearby. We would walk around the monuments, have lunch and shop in the local stores. Lynn felt it would expose me to more people and a variety of new situations. While malls are usually well equipped for the handicapped, some places are not. We would run into some obstacles no doubt.

My second day was equally as fascinating as my first. By now I was becoming very good at crutch walking. Lynn was right. The pelvic band made it just about impossible to do anything without crutches. With my hips locked I was totally incapacitated without my crutches.

On the way back Lynn suggested we stop off at a lingerie discount outlet we passed. We checked it out and spent about an hour trying on bras. We would each try on a new bra and check each other out. It was so much fun to be able to do this with another woman. We couldn’t try on panties in the usual way since we had on nylons that were worn over our panties and in turn under our braces. Taking off our braces required too much time. With some effort we could slip the panties on over our braces and over our pantyhose. At least we could see how they looked on us. Imagine the two of us standing in the fitting room with just panties, nylons, and our bras on, showing off lingerie while all the time wearing long leg braces attached to our pelvic bands. The fitting room was one big room and several women came in and were startled to see the two of us standing there with our braces fully exposed supporting ourselves with our forearm crutches. They couldn’t avoid an occasional stare. I wasn’t worried that I was still a male. My ample breasts were proof enough that I was a woman, even with my slightly masculine voice. Lynn and I smiled at each other. This was just about the most thrilling thing I had ever done. It was one thing to be out in public where people could see a little of your braces. Here they saw absolutely everything.

Two teenage girls came in with a handful of bras and panties. They spotted us and came over. They weren’t embarrassed like the older women were. One of them started to talk to us.

"We have never seen anyone wearing braces up close like this. Can we look? What’s it like to need them? What do your boyfriends say?"

They had a whole bunch of questions. We tried to answer them as best as we could. We let them feel our braces and showed them how we were able to sit down after releasing the drop locks. They were fascinated. We chatted until we were dressed and had to leave. The girls said we were really nice to talk to them and they thought we were really together.

As we left I heard one of the teens whispering to the other.

"Can you imagine needing to wear those things all the time just to walk? Did you notice that they went all the way up to that heavy waist belt. How do they do it? I think I would die if I had to be like that." Lynn and I smiled to each other.

Several months went by and my relationship with Lynn became stronger. It wouldn’t be too many months until I had my sex reassignment surgery and would become a complete woman. Lynn was looking forward to that as well. I spent all my time outside of work as Janine and always wearing my braces or using my wheelchair.

One step that is required prior to sex reassignment surgery is to live full time as a woman for one year. I was at that point. I made arrangements with my employer to switch departments and return to work as a woman. I would have a different name and it was doubtful that anyone would recognize me. I explained this to Lynn.

"Janine, why don’t you move in with me and start your new life that way? It would be wonderful to say the least."

"I would like nothing better Lynn. Your apartment is handicap equipped and I could spend more time in braces and my wheelchair," I replied.

"There would be one condition Janine," Lynn said.

"What could that be?" I asked.

"You can move in with me under the condition that you never walk again without your braces."

"But I have to go to work," I stammered.

"You said you were starting over as Janine, and no one will know you. If you wore braces from day one, they would assume you always have. Think about it. You would experience life exactly as I do, as a handicapped woman. We would be closer than ever."

"Wow! That really turns me on Lynn," I replied. "I wouldn’t be pretending in a sense. My life would just be different. No more making the transition back and forth."

"One thing you need to consider before doing this Janine," Lynn went on. "If you stop using your leg and hip muscles by never walking, they will atrophy quite quickly. Being locked in braces constantly will prevent you from getting the exercise they would need. Within a year you probably will sustain permanent damage. You may not be able to walk naturally again without extensive physical therapy. Within a couple of months you probably would not be able to stand without your braces. You know that it is even hard for a short period of time after you spend all weekend in braces or using your wheelchair. Could you handle this?"

"Yes Lynn," I said. "It would add to my pleasure. If I really couldn’t walk it would be even more exciting. I would know that I really needed my braces. Let’s do it."

I moved in with Lynn and made the decision that as of the moment I completed the move I would never ever cheat. I would follow Lynn’s pattern of daily life. It was thrilling to start my new position wearing my braces. As it turns out I was placed in Lynn's department and we worked together. Everyone knew we were roommates. Lynn explained that we had met at a handicap group and had become close friends. I fit in quite well with the other women in the department. Lynn and I would often get together with other women for shopping sprees and going out to dinner. Everyone enjoyed helping us if we needed it.

By the time my surgery was scheduled I had not walked in close to a year. I knew that my leg and hip muscles were almost completely atrophied. I did try to walk without my braces and couldn’t even stand up. Lynn helped me try. I even tried with crutches. I couldn’t walk. We both smiled.

"Janine, you are no longer a pretender. You really can’t walk unaided," Lynn exclaimed.

"I know Lynn. I feel so happy. I now feel like my life is complete. I am no longer living a lie."

I did have my surgery. I now had a fully functioning vagina. This opened up new ways for Lynn and I to have sex. Lynn loved to explore my new sex spot. My new clit was very sensitive. Sex was fantastic. We were probably the two happiest handicapped women alive. Both of us spent a lot of time working on our appearances. We loved to buy clothes, do our hair, and optimize our makeup. In fact, we were both very attractive women and did get some male attention. Although I wasn’t really bisexual, we did double date once in awhile. As time went on I started to feel more and more attraction to men, but Lynn would always be my lover.

My life is about as perfect as it can get. All my dreams have come true. I am a beautiful woman and I am really and truly handicapped. I love my braces and the feelings I get knowing that everyone regards me as a handicapped woman. I really don’t miss out on the ability to be as feminine as I want. Once in awhile Lynn and I want to be really sexy looking and display our legs without braces. We can always do this by wearing a short skirt, sheer pantyhose and using our wheelchairs to get around. Women with beautiful nylon covered legs always look good sitting down with their legs crossed. All we have to do is lift one leg with our arms and place it over the other. Lynn has always had to do it this way because of her paralysis. Since I no longer have even enough muscle strength in my hips I too need to lift my legs with my arms. It get a thrill whenever I am forced to do this. To really be unable to move my legs is the greatest feeling. Sometimes I meet people who think I have a temporary injury. When they ask how long I will need to use a wheelchair, I smile to myself as I say "For the rest of my life."