Chapter Eight – The Date


My boyfriend Mike was scheduled to take me out to dinner and a movie that night. I hadn’t told him about my hooks. I figured I would just surprise him. The doorbell rang and I let him in.

“Hi Tam,” Mike said. He immediately noticed my hooks. “Uh, your hands, what happened to your hands? Are those things real?”

            “Their real Mike,” I said as I opened and closed one. “The real thing. I need them now.”

            “But your hands?” Mike said not knowing what to say.

            “I still have them, but I can’t use them now.”

            “I don’t understand. What do you mean? Were you hurt or something?”

            I explained everything to Mike. He was amazed that I would actually do this. He just kept staring at my hooks as I spoke as I just waved my hooks as I would wave my hands when carrying on an animated conversation.

            “So you are going to wear the hooks all the time for six months?”

            “Yes. I will never use my hands. I need to do everything with my hooks.”

            “But we were planning on dinner and a show.”

            “So? Do you mean just because I am handicapped we can’t go out?”

            “No, no, I didn’t mean that. It’s just so crazy. People will see them. Can you eat with those things?’

            “People have already seen them. I am getting used to that. I can eat fairly well, but with a little help from you I will manage very well. You can cut up my food in little pieces for me so I can eat just with a fork. I have trouble cutting with a knife, but I am learning.”

            “Sure, I can do that. Anything you want, of course. I just can’t picture this. So you really eat that way? Wow. This is really strange.”

            I had no idea how Mike would deal with my hooks, but we headed out for dinner.        He did the driving so I couldn’t demonstrate my new driving ability. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated after a short wait. I knew Mike felt a little uncomfortable with the constant stares. He kept looking at my hooks. He watched as I tried to manage the menu.

            “Here Tam, let me help you,” he said as he opened the menu and positioned it so I could grasp it with my hooks. “I can’t believe you are using those things. Isn’t it frustrating?”

            “It’s getting a little better. The worst part is not being able to feel anything. Everything I do has to be by sight. I have trouble reaching certain parts of my body too. I have these special wrists that tilt to make it easier,” I said as I demonstrated my articulating wrists.

            “Neat, but I still can’t believe you are going to use them for six months.”

            “I guess by then I will be used to them, but right now I have a lot of practicing to do. I suppose you find them really repulsive. They probably spoil your image of me as the gorgeous actress.”

            “Hey, you will always be gorgeous to me. Actually I find those hooks sort of exotic. I think I can get used to them.”

            The waiter came and we ordered drinks. I requested a straw for my drink. I knew I couldn’t hold the glass my drink would come in. I could hold a wine glass with a stem, but not a regular glass. The drinks arrived a few minutes later and Mike put the straw in my drink for me. We ordered our meals. I was very hungry and I was getting so used to my hooks that I even forgot I was wearing them.

            Dinner arrived and Mike did indeed help in cutting up my food for me to make it easier. I got through dinner uneventfully due to his help. I even used the ladies room. What a job getting my panties down and up. I knew I would get better with time, but it was still a chore. I even combed my hair and touched up my lipstick. I was starting to feel kind of proud about how I was doing things. I noticed a couple of woman glanced at me, but they didn’t seem to pay that much attention. I was starting to feel a lot less anxious since I was much more functional now than I had been the first couple of days.

            We finished up our meals and ordered coffee. Mike helped me smoke by putting a cigarette in my holder and lighting it for me. I could manage my coffee mug without difficulty now.

            “Tam, you really do this quite well, like you have been doing it for longer than a few days. You look really natural holding that cigarette,” Mike complimented.

            “Well I hope that I won’t even think about having hooks after a few weeks. I want it to be natural for me. It’s essential for the role.”

            “But don’t they drive you nuts?” Mike asked.

            “Not really. I am fairly used to them now,” I explained.

            Mike paid and we left to make the movie in time. I didn’t need to use my hooks for anything as Mike purchased the tickets. We also got a big bucket of popcorn. We found our seats and a few minutes later the movie started. I actually had fun eating the popcorn with my hook.

            The movie was relaxing and I didn’t think about my hooks. Poor Mike, he wanted to hold my hand. He did actually hold my hook. I had no idea what was running through his mind. Of course I also put his arm around me as he usually did. After the show he more openly held my hook. I felt quite sexy walking through the lobby with Mike holding my hook. We headed back to my place.

            “Hey Mike, if you had hooks too we could hold hooks!” I said laughing as we drove.

            “That’s okay. I am getting used to the feel of the metal. Kind of cool,” Mike replied laughing.

            “So Mike, are you dealing with this OK?”

            “Sure. Actually I find this a little exciting. It’s our secret that you really have hands. Everyone else thinks you lost your arms.”

            When we got home I knew Mike wanted to get intimate and I wondered how he would deal with the fact that my hooks were not coming off. Eventually he couldn’t resist and started to fondle me in the usual places. Next he started to undress me. When he got my sweater off he saw my prosthesis for the first time.

            “Wow, that’s a complicated rig. Bet you can’t wait to get those things off.”

            “I do Mike, but I can’t. They have to stay on. Whatever we do it has to be with my hooks on.  My bra has to stay on too since it is under my harness and I can’t take my hooks off until I go to sleep. See the chain around my neck? My hooks are locked on until Nancy, my trainer comes later and unlocks me. Concentrate on what’s below and forget about my hooks.”

            He did and my panties were off in a minute. He then started to remove his clothes. I helped him undress with my hooks.

            “No one ever undressed me with hooks before. This is a new experience.”

            “Do you like it?”

            “Well it is different, kind of sexy too. Yeah, I like it. Maybe a lot,” Mike said.

            I hugged Mike and we kissed. We then started to get more intimate. This was the first time I realized that I couldn’t use my hands to fondle Mike. All I had were my hooks. I couldn’t feel him, but I knew he could feel the cold metal of my hooks. I was gentle as I knew the wrong move would hurt him. He became incredible aroused.

            “Wow, those hooks really do the trick. I love the cold metal.”

            I thought back on a recent moment when I was really turned on and needed to masturbate myself for some relief. I remembered the feeling of my hooks touching my wet vagina and clit. It was more frustrating than using my hands, but I got some relief. My vibrator did the rest. I managed to hold it with my hooks. Tonight I sure didn’t need a vibrator. I had the real thing. Eventually we both climaxed and collapsed in exhaustion.

            A little later I slipped on my very sexy and short nightie. I still had my hooks on of course.

            “God you are beautiful Tami, my lovely hook goddess. You know, I think I like those hooks. The next six months might be more fun than I thought. There is something about those hooks that kind of turns me on.”

            “Me too,” I said. “I can’t put my finger on it, but they are kind of sexy.”

            “Do you feel that way wearing them in public?” Mike asked.

            “Not at first, but little by little I am getting more turned on when I am out. I actually like it when people look at me. It makes me feel very special. After all, not too many girls have a hook for a hand, and I have two of them.”

            “It must be harder with two,” Mike commented.

            “God yes. It would be so easy if I hand one real hand. Needing two hooks is so much more difficult. But I like that for some reason.”

            “Yeah, that makes it more exciting doesn’t it?”

            “You bet. Needing two hooks makes me feel ever so much more handicapped. Knowing I am forced to do absolutely everything with my hooks is definitely a turn on.”

            “Bet you never figured that when you got into this.”

            “No way, it was a real surprise,” I explained.

            Eventually Mike had to leave and finally my hooks came off when Nancy arrived a few minutes later. I was then back wearing my stumps for the night. I knew that I would be anxious to get my hooks back on in the morning and spend another day using them. This was not going to be difficult at all. In fact, I was looking forward to needing my hooks for another day. I fell asleep quickly wearing my stumps.


Chapter Nine