Chapter Twelve Ė Tamiís New Life


††††††††††† Tami quickly realized that not having arms except for her two short stumps made her very handicapped. Things were now very difficult for her and she knew she would never have arms again. She would never again be completely independent even with her hooks. One of the first tasks she attempted was to get into and out of her prosthesis. The first step was getting her stump socks on. This was close to impossible even using her mouth. Pulling them up was extremely difficult not to mention just getting her stump into the sock. Her prosthetist suggested a technique used by many arm amputees. She had two sections of four inch PVC tubing cut a little longer than her stumps. She could then place her stump socks inside out over the cylinders using her hooks. When she wanted to get into her stump socks she could push her stumps into the cylinders forcing the socks up over her stumps. She could then place first her right arm into the socket and then swing her prosthesis over her shoulders and insert her left stump into the left socket.† At least she could get in and out of her hooks now.

††††††††††† One thing that Tami wished she could do was to touch herself. She would never be able to do that again except with her hooks and to a limited extent with her feet. Her hooks had no feeling and so it was not very satisfying, especially when she got a bit turned on and wanted to masturbate herself. Fortunately her vibrator gave her some relief. Of course the best relief she had was sex with Mike which she craved constantly.

††††††††††† Caring for herself was nearly impossible even with her hooks. She could no longer take a bath herself, not being able to touch her body. She couldnít wash her hair, shave her legs, and do other necessary tasks. She had to depend on Nancy for a lot of daily tasks. Many things she used to be able to do with her hooks were no longer possible because of the limitations of not having elbows. She didnít especially mind being this handicapped. It added to her enjoyment of being armless, but occasionally it was a pain.

††††††††††† Tamiís day usually began with Nancy helping her out of her nightie and bathing her. She liked having smooth legs and insisted that Nancy shave her legs every other day.† After her bath Nancy dried her and then got her into her panties and bra. Tami hated it when she got her period. She could insert a tampon using her hooks, but it was easier for Nancy to do this right after her bath. Nancy usually put Tamiís stump socks on for her and helped her into her prosthesis. Tami could then brush her teeth with some difficulty. Nancy combed her hair. Tami could touch up her hair, but not being able to reach the back of her head with a comb or brush made doing the whole job impossible. Tami could not put on a top that went over her head. Nancy had to help her do that. She could, with a lot of effort manage to slip on a jacket. Sometime it took her ten minutes to do it and she was exhausted after the effort. Having someone help her was much easier.

††††††††††† Little by little Tami learned to put on her makeup. It was much harder now with the elbow joints. She had to constantly lock and unlock her elbows to get her arms into the right position. Putting on jewelry was also impossible. Nancy always had to put a chain around her neck and insert earrings into her pierced ears. Tami could insert earrings with wires, but even that was now much harder than before. Once into her hooks, Tami always felt much better. At least she could hold things. But even with her hooks she was limited as to how much she could do.

††††††††††† Tami got better eating, but she was no where near as graceful as she was with her below elbow prosthesis. She used to be able to wave her arms around when she had her own elbows. Now her arm movements were much less natural and it was pretty obvious she did not have her own elbows. Tami adapted to her new more handicapped state and was convinced she made the right decision to have her amputations done above the elbow. She was always acutely aware of having prosthetic arms. She tried to use them as normally as she could while out in public, but it was always obvious to anyone that she was very handicapped. Things she used to be able to do by herself she now needed help with. When she attempted to pay for things she purchased she now always asked for someone to handle the money for her. She was very slow doing this now and she knew people watching were held up in line as they watched her struggle to just get her money out of her purse. She could only shop by herself for simple things. Grasping large objects and getting them into a shopping cart was either impossible or extremely difficult.

††††††††††† In spite of how much harder things were, Tami loved her new look and very much loved her hooks. She especially liked to wear short sleeves or a sleeveless top so people could see her elbow joints and the fact that her little arm stumps were inserted into her sockets. She knew people wondered what it was like to have just elplessshort arm stumps for both arms. She knew first hand and had started to really like her stumps. She always enjoyed looking at them when she was naked or was not wearing her hooks. She rarely went out without her hooks on, but every once in a while she did. When she did she always wore a sleeveless top and never wore stump socks. Everyone could see her smooth and rounded little stumps. Of course she always needed someone with her since she was so helpless that way.

††††††††††† Mike loved the new Tami. He liked her being more helpless and loved to watch her struggle with her hooks. Of course sex was great. One of the things Tami loved to do was to dress up in sexy lingerie to please Mike. When she knew he was coming over she had Nancy dress her up. Tami liked to have Nancy give her a scented bath, shave her legs very smooth, and shave her pussy. She knew Mike loved the look of her hairless privates. Nancy then slipped a pair of black satin lace panties on Tami. A black lace garter belt with four garters followed. The garter belt held up a pair of black stockings. The look was finished off with a black satin lace demi cup bra and four inch black high heels. Of course Tami wore her hooks.

††††††††††† After making sure Tami was all set, Nancy left. Tami poured herself a glass of wine and stood in front of her full length mirror. An incredibly sexy woman reflected back at her. She pushed the button on her right hook and let it drop into the fully articulated position. She did the same with the other and then reached down and rubbed her two hooks between her legs massaging her now wet vagina and clitoris. The hard cold metal of her hooks was doing its job. She was quite turned on. Knowing she was now really armless and needed her hooks added to her excitement. She looked at her full breasts almost bursting out of her bra. Her sexy garter belt held up the nylon stockings that encased her two long and shapely legs. What most appealed to her were the two prosthetic arms held up by the straps over her shoulders. She scanned the control cables, the elbow joints, and of course her two incredible hooks touching her in just the right spot. She felt she was now perfect in every way.

††††††††††† Mike obviously appreciated Tamiís sexy escapades, but he also loved being out with her. Just watching her use the hooks that she needed so badly to function was always exciting to him. He could never get enough of this beautiful armless goddess. He knew he would marry her. She was his dream. He wanted to be the one to bathe her and help her dress and do all the things she could never do again by herself.

††††††††††† A few months later Tami and Mike got married. Everyone from the studio came. After a short honeymoon Tami returned to the set to complete the picture. One minor problem presented itself. Tami no longer had hands and could not do the scenes that took place when she would have had her arms. This was solved in two ways. Tami had cosmetic hands that could be used in place of her hooks for some scenes. A double would fill in for hand close-ups. This worked quite well.

††††††††††† The movie was quite successful at the box office and Tami appeared on a number of TV interview shows. She loved to show off her hooks. There was even talk of a TV series. It would be a comedy-drama in which a young woman deals with trying to raise a family and overcome her handicap at the same time. Little did Tami know that the role she was to portray in the movie would become her role in life.


The End