Deal of a Lifetime




Chapter Three

All at Once


            I was all set to get my new breast implants when Mike popped something on me.

            “Kate, would you consider getting all three surgeries done at the same time?” mike asked.

            “You mean getting my breast implants, having sex reassignment surgery AND my amputations all at once?”

            “Yes, you would only have one recovery period instead of three.”

            “But I thought the hormones needed to kick in first before the sex change?” I questioned.

            “Well I spoke to Dr. Lee and he said that it could be done. In fact the effect of the hormones would be sped up if you no longer were a male.”

            Wow, this was really too much to contemplate. We discussed it further and Mike convinced me that I should do it.

            “Dr. Lee said that he needed a week to prepare. I know you planned on your breasts being done tomorrow, but could you wait?”

            “Sure. I will need some time to prepare myself anyway. This is a big step as you can well imagine.”

            “Yes, but consider that you would be a female with full breasts AND an above the elbow amputee in a week. You would have the body you have dreamed of for the rest of your life,” Mike said enthusiastically.

            The week went by and I continued to use my hooks as usual. Mike was very excited. The day came for me to enter the hospital for my triple surgeries. I would be in the hospital for a week. It would take another two weeks for my breasts to heal enough so there wouldn’t be much pain. I was also told that my new vagina would be only slightly painful by that point as well. Of course my stumps would take longer to heal. I would be pretty much helpless until I finally got my new permanent hooks.

            After we arrived at the hospital I went through a whirlwind of preparations. I was finally given a shot to relax me and prepared for surgery. I knew that this would be the last time I could feel my arms and hands. I was not wearing my prosthesis and no one seemed to object that I was using my hands for the last time. I used them to feel my body. I knew I would never be able to do that again. Was this the right decision? I knew that it was. Finally I was wheeled into the operating room and put under general anesthesia.

            When I woke up I was in my room. The covers were pulled up to my armpits. My new stumps were over the covers. I could see the rise of my full breasts under the covers. I didn’t feel much pain since I was on an IV drip with strong pain killers. The first thing I noticed was that my two stumps were much shorter than I assumed they would be. I estimated that they were only about two inches below my armpits. I wondered if I had enough stump length to use my prosthetics effectively. Of course my stumps were tightly bandaged. I lifted one up a little and I felt immediate pain. Nevertheless I was ecstatic. I was a real arm amputee and would be that way for the rest of my life. No more pretending. I couldn’t feel much below, but I knew that I was a woman now. A nurse came in. Apparantly they knew I was awake.

            “How are you feeling honey?” she asked.

            “Really groggy.”

            “How about pain?”

            “A little, but it’s not too bad,” I replied.

            She gave me something to drink in a glass with a bent straw. My mouth was very dry. Just then Mike came in. He kissed me and was all smiles.

            “Everything went well Dr. Lee told me. No complications. How do you feel?”

            “Not too bad. I can see my stumps and I know I have breasts now. I can’t wait to see below,” I said.

            “Well get some rest and I will see you in the morning,” Mike said. He kissed me again and left. I fell asleep right after that.

            The next morning I woke up not remembering where I was. I then looked down at my stumps I immediately remembered what happened. Here I was, and armless woman at last. The nurse came in and gave me some juice. It would be later that I was fed something.

            “The doctor will be in shortly to check on your sutures,” she said.

            Dr. Lee arrived a half hour later and so did Mike. Once again he kissed me fervently. At Dr. Lee’s request the nurse pulled down the covers. I was wearing a hospital gown which she opened to reveal my body. She raised the bed so I could see better. My breasts were beautiful and full. I could see the sutures underneath, but they were definitely C cups. I glanced down between my legs. All that was there was a very large hospital sanitary napkin held in place by an old fashioned sanitary belt like they used before there were feminine pads with adhesive strips. I could see that there was no bulge. It fit smoothly over me. The nurse unfastened the pad from the belt and pulled it away. I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I had a vagina where my penis was. It was red a raw looking, but there was no mistaking that it was female all the way. She then removed the other end of the pad. It was slightly bloody and soaked with other secretions. She gently cleaned me up. There was a tube coming out of me that was attached to an elastic band around my leg. Attached below that was a collection bag.

            “That’s your Foley catheter Kate. It’s too soon for you to be able to urinate normally. I will remove the catheter in a few days,” Dr. Lee explained.

            I realized that the catheter entered me where my new urethral opening was. Of course I would pee just like a woman for the rest of my life. Now I knew I would have to sit on the toilet to pee not by choice, but by necessity. I couldn’t wait to do that for the first time. I was really a woman now, and an armless one as well. It was just so wonderful knowing I would be like this permanently. Of course only the breast implants could be reversed. I would never have arms again and certainly I would never have a penis. Of course I didn’t want one or arms either. I just couldn’t wait for my full recovery when I would be able to go out wearing my new hooks with my new feminine body. My dream was coming true.

            Dr. Lee then got a long clear plastic shaft with a slight curve. He was wearing latex gloves and smeared some type of lubricant on the penis like shaft.

            “I need to dilate you Kate. This needs to be done several times a day and you will need to do it for the rest of your life to preserve your vaginal opening.”

            He inserted it slowly. I had a lot of pain. I couldn’t believe that the whole length went inside me just like a male penis would. He left it in there for fifteen minutes and then slowly removed it. The nurse then fastened a clean sanitary napkin to the belt to cover me up. Before she closed my hospital gown Dr. Lee checked my breasts.

            “They look perfect Kate. Soon you will be feeling the natural weight and bounce of having your own breasts. In another day or two you need to start wearing a bra. By then it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. I recommend wearing a good bra 24 hours a day. This helps in preventing the implants from moving,”

            I was so excited at the thought. Finally Dr. Lee looked over my two very short stumps. He removed the bandages. They were very swollen and I could see the sutures at the end. They were so short.

            “Will I be able to use my prosthesis with such short stumps?” I asked.

            “Yes Kate. I made them as short as I could and still give you enough length to adequately use your shoulder joints. Don’t worry, you will have full function when you get you permanent hooks,” he assured me. Permanent hooks. That sounded so good to me. I would, of course, need hooks on a permanent basis.

            A couple of days went by and the pain slowly subsided. It was then that I was allowed to get out of bed. The nurse helped me to stand and then get into a wheelchair. Mike was even allowed to take me for a stroll in my wheelchair. The nurse helped me into a nice robe. It had long sleeves and covered my stumps. Mike wheeled me down to the cafeteria and ordered some food. It felt so strange with the empty sleeves of the robe hanging down. I wondered if people would be able to tell I had no arms. Mike fed me of course.

            That morning the nurse helped me into my bra. I was so excited wearing a bra without any breast forms. Now my full breasts filled the cups and I had a very significant cleavage. I just loved the look and feel. I wiggled a little and felt the weight of my breasts as they were supported by my bra. The feeling was so much better than when I had the breast forms. I knew I would want to buy some tops that were very low cut to show off my cleavage. I could never do that with the forms.

            After a week I was allowed to return home. Mary had brought some street clothing which consisted of a short sleeve top and one of my skirts. The catheter was long gone but I now really needed to wear a feminine pad under my panties since I still had some seepage and, of course, my pantyhose. After I was wheeled out to the lobby I finally was allowed to get up and walk out of the hospital. It was so wonderful to feel my breasts bouncing and knowing I was a female under my skirt. Of course I was acutely aware of my two short bandaged stumps which barely showed below my short sleeves. Mary did my makeup that morning and I knew I looked great. I loved my new body and didn’t miss anything that was surgically removed.

            Being completely helpless Mary had to do everything for me. After I got up she would help me on the toilet, shave my legs and bathe me. She would then put on my bra, panties and, of course my feminine pad. After she got me into my pantyhose she helped me on with the remainder of my clothing. I liked to wear sleeveless tops so my bandaged stumps were exposed so I could admire them in the mirror. Naturally I always wore my short skirts and high heels. Mary did a wonderful job on my makeup and with my hair. She always helped select some nice earrings for my pierced ears. While I liked being so helpless I was anxious to eventually get my hooks so I would have some independence. I knew I would still need an enormous amount of help with the acts of daily living, but I loved my hooks and I couldn’t wait to see how I looked in them. I knew I would look incredible.

            I recovered at home for another week and little by little the pain almost completely disappeared. I knew Mike was anxious for us to go out. He insisted that I wear a lovely sleeveless dress with a very short hemline. Mary had to come with us since there was no chance I could go to the ladies room by myself. My bandaged stumps were clearly visible and I knew I would attract lots of attention. I was just about on cloud nine during dinner as I sat there, armless, and being fed by my new love. I knew people would stare and that turned me on even more. I didn’t even mind going to the ladies room and having Mary help me. She was a dear and touched up my makeup and hair. A couple of women sharing the large mirror must have wondered what happened to me. I am sure they felt sorry for me being armless and needing help to just fix my makeup and comb my hair. They couldn’t miss my two bandaged stumps.

            When we got home that night I was really turned on. I knew it was too soon for Mike and I to make love, but I needed some relief.

            “Mike, dilate me.”

            “Are you sure? Mary usually does that since it’s such a feminine thing.”

            “Please, please. I really want some relief,” I pleaded.

            Mike got my massager and then removed my skirt and pantyhose. He turned it on and put it between my legs over my pad. I felt an instant sexual thrill. He did that for a few minutes as he kissed me. He then removed my top and my bra and kissed my breasts. The sutures had recently been removed and I now had almost perfect looking breasts. I was amazed at how sensitive and arousing my breasts now were.

            “Mike, please dilate me now. I can’t stand it,” I pleaded.

            Mike then removed my panties and the pad adhering to the crotch. He then inserted my dilator very slowly and moved it in and out. I had the most amazing orgasm. What added to my excitement was that I could move my little stumps around to remind me that I was now armless. The eventual love making I would have with Mike would be incredible. I couldn’t wait and I was sure Mike couldn’t either. I was amazed he didn’t go crazy. I knew I was turning him on but there was nothing I could do. If I had my hooks I might have been able to help. Then it hit me. I could use my mouth on Mike’s manhood. I had never engaged in oral sex but it really wasn’t unpleasant at all. I knew Mike loved it and he also had an incredible orgasm. We were both satisfied. I knew then that being an armless and voluptuous woman was better than I ever imagined.

            My recovery continued over the next two months. I went out shopping with Mary quite frequently and of course I went out with Mike. I was getting used to being helpless and not being able to touch anything including my own body. Others could touch me but I could never touch myself. Not ever again. I knew I would be able to touch myself with my hooks, but I wouldn’t be able to feel anything. I was nearing the day I would go for my initial visit to the prosthetist to be casted for the sockets of my new hooks. After I got my new hooks I would finally be the girl I had always dreamed of being.

To be continued.