The College Girls
Part 2

By Vicki 


            Kellie was taking her car to the school which was about a day’s drive. The day for us to leave came quickly. We packed all our stuff and said goodbye to our parents. Of course I had my hooks with me and would need to get into them before we arrived at the schools. I could never be seen without them. Shortly after we left we found a private place to park and I got my hooks out of their box. I quickly removed my top and put on my stump socks and hooks. Kellie helped me pull on my top.

            “I feel so much better now. Like normal,” I said.

            “Well here we are, two girls with hooks,” Kellie said as she kissed me. “Just think Sandy, You can wear your hooks all the time now. You won’t have a choice.”

            “It’s a little scary though,” I replied.

            We stopped for lunch and it was then that I realized I would never be out in public again without my hooks. Not even for a moment. The only time my hooks would come off was in the privacy of our room with the door locked. Everyone I met would think I was as armless as Kellie really was.

            We arrived at the school late in the afternoon. I was quite nervous since I knew everyone I met would take me for a real arm amputee. It was different for store clerks and waitresses at restaurants. The people I met here would be friends who would be with me every day. Kellie and I parked outside the dorm and nervously walked in. We went to the front desk. A girl was helping the new students and the returning students. We waited our turn. We got a lot of stares of course. Two girls with four hooks was not something you see every day. Of course in a few weeks everyone would know us and eventually get used to our hooks.  Our turn finally came and Kellie introduced herself. The girl at the desk held out her hand. She suddenly realized that Kellie only had a hook where her hand would be.

            “Ooops, I’m sorry,” she managed to get out.

            “Don’t be, it happens a lot. I’m Kellie O’Neal and this is my roommate Sandy.”

            The girl looked over her records and found the information for our room.

            “I see you have a handicap equipped room with a private bath. I guess that helps. Our records don’t indicate that Sandy is handicapped and she obviously is. We normally want our disabled students to have an able bodied roommate to help them.”

            “Well I guess a mistake was made. Sandy and I are both bilateral arm amputees. However, we are very functional and we can help each other for everything we need. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

            “I guess it’s okay. I am sure you guys will be fine,” the girl replied.

            We both breathed a sigh of relief. It would have been a disaster if we weren’t together.

            “Can we get help with our stuff? We’re not real good carrying things with these,” Kellie said holding up her hooks.

            “Sure, let me round up a couple of guys,” the girl offered. “By the way, my name is Kim and I am the senior resident assistant. If there is anything you need just let me know.”

            A couple of minutes later two guys came to the desk. They quickly took in our hooks and pretended to ignore them. We knew they couldn’t.

            “Hi, I’m Bill and this is Wally. Where’s your car?”

            “Just outside,” I said. “We can’t carry the heavy stuff too easily. We really appreciate your help. I’m Sandy and this is Kellie.”

            “Cool. We would be glad to help,” Bill said.

            A little while later Kellie and I were in our room with all our stuff. The two guys were a big help.

            “Wow, I’m thirsty. You guys want to grab a Coke with us? We can show you where the machines are,” Wally offered.

            “Sure,” Kellie said before I could stop her. I was really nervous by now and just wanted to be alone for a little while. Kellie really needed her hooks and never needed to worry about fooling anyone. She did things without really thinking about the fact that she had hooks now.

            We followed the guys to a room with tables and a bunch of vending machines. The drinks were in plastic 16 oz. bottles. Kelly took out her change purse and fished around for the coins she needed and one by one fed them into the coin slot. She then pushed the button. When the Coke came out she grabbed it with her right hook and set it on the table and repeated the operation to get my Coke.

            “Wow, you do that so easily. I was about to ask you if I could help, but you beat me to it,” Bill said.

            “Lots of practice,” Kellie replied as she gave the guys a broad smile. “You can open them for us. We can’t do that except with our teeth and that hurts.”

            “How come?” Bill asked.

            “Well we don’t have enough prehension,” Kellie said.

            “What’s that?” Wally asked.

            “Well that’s the force of our hooks to hold on to things. See these rubber bands,” Kellie said pointing to the rubber bands on one of her hooks. “They cause our hooks to close. The force is called prehension. Those caps are really tight and our hooks just slip.”

            “I see,” Bill said. “So if the force isn’t enough then things just slip. I get it.”

            “We have a rubber like lining on the inside of our hooks that helps, but there are just some things we can’t do.”

            “Well I can’t even imagine what it must be like without hands,” Wally said. “But you guys make it look easy.”

            The four of us sat down. After Wally opened our drinks they watched as the two of us grasped our bottles by the neck and took a sip. I knew the guys were very interested in our handicaps and how we used our hooks.

            “Can you guys open cans?”

            “Sure, that’s not too hard. I just open my hook a little and slip it under the tab and pry it up,” Kellie said. “Much easier than bottles.”

            “I hope you don’t mind us asking, but were you born without hands?” Bill asked.

            “Well actually I had my arms amputated about three years ago after an accident. They end just below my elbows. Sandy is more recent. She lost her arms just last spring,” Kellie explained.

            “Gee, that’s pretty tough, but you guys seem to get by pretty well. And if you don’t mind my saying, you two are really hot,” Wally chimed in.

            “Well guys are usually turned of when they see what we have for hands. Thanks though. We really appreciate it,” Kellie said.

            “Yeah, well you guys are really neat, and personally I think your hooks are pretty cool,” Wally offered.

            The guys were in their junior year and they kept blabbering on about the school and the dorm. We finally got the chance to get back to our room. We thanked the two guys for their help and promised to get together again.

            “I think we turned them on, hooks and all,” Kellie said.

            “Yeah, maybe they have a thing for disabled girls.”

            “So are you still turned on by guys at all?” Kellie asked.

            “Not as much as by you, but yeah, I am,” I replied as I gave Kellie a kiss and wrapped my arms around her. Of course it wasn’t the same wearing a prosthesis. I couldn’t hug quite the same as I would normally.

            “We better start to unpack so we can get some dinner before the cafeteria closes,” I said.

            For the next hour we used our hooks to unpack our clothing and personal items. We staked out the closet space we needed and set up how we would keep our various feminine stuff in the bathroom. We each had our own bureau as well as separate beds and desks. All and all it was a very comfortable room.

            “God Kellie, I can’t believe that I am doing this. I am really going to live full time wearing my hooks.”

            “Well I don’t have a choice and now I guess you don’t either,” Kellie stated with a little snicker. I know she was enjoying this. “Just remember, when you can’t do something you just can’t do it. There will be those times. It might be a little frustrating.”

            “I know, but it is a little scary that I will be absolutely forced to use my hooks.”

            “Well you will know exactly how I have felt for the last few years. Hey, we better get going. The cafeteria will be closed,” Kellie warned.

            The two of us headed for the cafeteria. Kellie had taught me how to carry a tray and so I didn’t anticipate any problems. After we got in line we slid our trays down the line and picked out whatever we wanted. Both of us elected for Pizza.

            “Can you handle this dear?” an older woman server said as she handed Kellie the plate.

            “I think so,” Kellie replied as she carefully opened both her hooks and grasped the plate with equal spacing so it was as balanced as possible and then she carefully lowered it to her tray.

            Both of us always found it interesting when we had to pay. We handled money pretty well. This particular cafeteria had cash registers that automatically dumped change into a little cup. It’s such a pain to pick up coins. I tried a few times and kept dropping the them. I was so embarrassed. Fortunately a girl in line saw my dilemma and offered to help. She scooped up the change and slipped it into my change purse for me.

            “Thanks so much,” I said.

            “Glad to help. I imagine it’s not easy with those things,” she said referring to my hooks.

            “They’re not that bad after you get used to them,” I replied as the girl got back in line.

            We each took out or special eating utensils from our purses and carefully cut up our pizza so we could eat it with a fork. I was getting better unwrapping straws and inserted one into my drink.        I know we got lots of stares, but otherwise our meal was uneventful. I enjoyed holding my fork with my hook and eating my pizza. I was pretty good at eating now. I was much less self conscious. After finishing we took our trays to the disposal area and headed back to our room. After we got back I slumped down on the bed.

`           “This is starting out to be some adventure,” I said.

            “Well it’s just the start my love,” Kellie replied. “You will need to deal with classes. Taking notes with only hooks is going to be a bit of a challenge.” I had practiced, but I was still pretty slow, and handling books with hooks was a pain.

            We were starting to unwind when there was a knock on the door. Kellie went to answer it. A girl was standing there. She was using two forearm crutches and was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. She was drop dead gorgeous, but clearly handicapped in some way.

            “Hi, I’m Melanie. I am across the hall. I thougt I would come and introduce myself.”

            We invited her in and introduced ourselves. I noticed that Melanie’s legs didn’t bend as she walked and I suspected she was wearing some kind of braces. She crutched over to a chair and then awkwardly slumped into it with her legs out straight. She then reached down and did something at her knees and kind of picked up her legs and pulled them under her. It was then that I saw the heavy metal bars that were attached to her shoes.

            “I’m one of the handicapped girls on the floor. I saw you guys earlier and since we are all handicapped I wanted to introduce myself. I’m partially paralyzed from the waist down. Guess you can tell I have braces on.”

            “We could tell,” Kellie said. “Guess you know we are both bilateral arm amputees.”

            “I have never seen anyone with two of those hooks before,” Melanie said. “I saw a guy once with one. But gee, two must be really tough.”

            “Well I suppose walking in braces isn’t easy either,” I said.

            “I guess, but not having hands, that’s got to much harder.”

            “Not really. We can do things pretty easily and we don’t have to worry about getting around,” Kellie said.

            “Really? It looks like it would be hard.”

            “Some things are, but our hooks are very functional. Do your braces go all the way up your legs?” I asked.

            “Oh yeah. At one time I even had a band around my pelvis and hip locks. I regained enough functionality that I don’t need it now. Here, let me show you.”

            Melanie unzipped her jeans and wiggled them down her legs revealing her braces. They went all the way up to her crotch and had heavy bands at the tops of her legs and at her calves. Two knee pads were strapped around her knees.

            “Do you wear them all the time?” I asked.

            “Pretty much, except at night when I like to use my wheelchair.”

            “You like using crutches better than a wheelchair?” Kellie asked.

            “Oh yes. It’s harder, but I feel more normal since I am standing up. Do you guys use your hook things all the time?”

            “We usually get into them after we get up and take them off just before bed. We can’t do much with our stumps,” Kellie explained. “Here, let me show you.”

            Kellie then took off her sweater with my help and quickly slipped out of her prosthesis and pulled her stump socks down with her teeth. She now stood there with her two short arm stumps showing.

            “I have never seen stumps before,” Melanie said.  “Yours are so smooth and rounded.”

            Kellie’s stumps were very short, ending just a couple of inches below her elbows and they were almost perfectly equal in length and indeed very smooth. I really wanted stumps just like hers instead of useless hands.

            I helped Kellie back into her stump socks and prosthesis. She left her top off and opted to hang around in just her bra with her prosthesis showing. She demonstrated to Melanie how she opened and closed her hooks by pulling on her control cables. God but she was turning me on!

            “That’s pretty neat the way they work,” Melanie commented.

            “So what other handicapped girls are there?” I asked.

            “Well there is Beth who is blind, and Jennifer who is a para like me, except she needs her wheelchair. Poor thing is incontinent. Has an indwelling catheter. Thank God I have bladder control. I can’t imagine needing a tube in me all the time and peeing into a bag. Do you guys have trouble with going to the bathroom?”

            Peeing is no problem, but wiping our asses is a big pain with our hooks,” Kellie explained.

            “That’s hard for me too,” Melanie said. “Unless I have my braces on and can stand up.” We all laughed at our common problems being handicapped.

            We chatted with Melanie for a while longer and then she pushed her legs out and locked her knees. She maneuvered herself upright and crutched back to her room.

            “See you guys tomorrow. Do you want to get together for breakfast?”

            “Sure. Just knock when you are ready,” Kellie replied.

            It was getting near bed time and we were pretty exhausted. Kellie helped me out of my top and skirt. We then fondled each other on the bed using our hooks and just lay there kissing. We finally went into the bathroom and got ready for bed. We got out of our hooks and climbed into bed and fell asleep very quickly. The next day would be a busy one and we knew we needed the sleep.


Part 3