The College Girls
Part 1

By Vicki


            I arrived at my girlfriend Kellie’s house in anticipation of our shopping spree. Kellie answered the door and invited me in. Kellie was dressed in a short pleated white skirt and a long sleeve powder blue top. She was a beautiful girl with short blonde hair just like mine. I immediately let my eyes glance down at the two metal prosthetic hooks that showed below her sleeves. Kellie had lost her arms three years ago. She now had only very short stumps that extended only a few inches below her elbows. She had become completely adept at using her prosthetic hooks. I knew it was sometimes difficult for her without hands, but she lived an otherwise normal life.

            “Hi Sandy, so are we set to go?” Kellie asked.

            “You bet,” I replied.

            The two of us headed out to my car after Kellie grabbed her shoulder bag. I always marveled at how she casually placed her bag over her shoulder using her hooks. She was able to do most things pretty well with her hooks. It was only rarely that she needed any help at all.

            We arrived at the mall about 20 minutes later and headed in. Kellie always got some stares as it was hard not to notice her handicap. Before we started we stopped at the food court for a cup of coffee. I had to prepare the coffee as Kellie had some trouble with the sugar packets and opening the little creamers. She easily drank her coffee by grasping the rim of the cup with her right hook.

            We chatted about what stores we would go to and what we were set to buy. I liked shopping with Kellie as she had similar tastes in clothing as I did. After we finished we headed to our favorite department store and went to the junior department. We were both a size three. Kellie rummaged through the racks using her hooks to hold up the skirts and tops that caught her interest. I always offered to help her try on things since she had trouble getting things over her head and trying on skirts and such. She usually had the buttons replaced with snaps after she bought them so she could put them on more easily. We collected a few items to try on and headed for the fitting rooms.

            Kellie wanted to try on a nice long sleeve sweater. She almost always chose long sleeves to hide her prosthesis. I helped her off with her top revealing her full breasts tightly encased in a black bra. I knew she was a 32 C just like I was. She raised her arms and I slipped the sweater over her prosthesis and then over her head. I pulled it down into position so she could look at herself in the mirror. The sweater was a little on the tight side and accentuated her full breasts.

            For some time I knew that I was intensely attracted to Kellie. I hadn’t considered that I might be a lesbian, but somehow Kellie aroused me sexually. Spontaneously I kissed her full on the lips. She stared back at me.

            “I’m sorry Kellie,” I said quite embarrassed. “I don’t know what came over me.”

            Instead of the reaction I expected, Kellie kissed me back passionately.

            “Uh gee, that’s not what I expected,” I said.

            “Well I guess this has been coming for some time now,” Kellie replied.

            “I don’t know what to say Kellie,” I said. I can’t help it, you turn me on.

            “Me too. Guys don’t have any interest in me because of these,” Kellie said holding up her hooks. “I guess I like girls a little too much now.”

            We finished trying things on, but I knew we were both thinking about what had just happened. We went out to pay for what we wanted to keep. Kellie always managed her own money. I knew the others in line were staring as Kellie got her wallet out and took her money out using her hooks. She did this so easily, almost like she had hands. We carried our purchases and headed for lingerie. We wanted to buy some new bras.

            Once again I had to help Kellie try her bras on. I had to help her remove her prosthesis and her bra. Her full breasts were exposed. I kissed them gently and slipped the bra over her stumps. She still had on her two stump socks but I knew what her stumps looked like. I had seen them many times when I visited her and she wasn’t wearing her hooks.

            “God I love lingerie,” I said. “Nothing like a sexy bra.”

            “Do you like my breasts?” Kellie asked.

            “I love everything about you,” I replied meaning it more than she knew.

            “Even these?” Kellie said referring to her two hooks. “I can’t believe you can even stand me when I have my hooks on.”

            “Your hooks are one of the things I like about you Kel, if you can believe that.”

            “I Can’t, but if you say so,” Kellie replied. “No one likes them. They are so ugly.”

            “Well not to me,” I said kissing her again.

            At this point we both knew that something pivotal had occurred between us. We had broken through some feelings that had been lurking for a long time. We didn’t realize that our attraction was mutual.

            When we got back to Kellie’s house we headed for her bedroom. We undressed each other down to our panties and bras and then just lay on the bed kissing each other. Kellie touched me between my legs with her hooks and I thought I would go out of my mind. I reached down and massaged her where I knew she would react. Being a girl I knew exactly what to do. We all relieved ourselves from time to time. A couple of hours went by before we decided to end our encounter for the day. We put our clothes back on and went down to the kitchen for a snack. Just before I left we kissed discretely and knew that our relationship was starting.

            After I got home I started to think about Kellie and her handicap. There was something about her hooks that I just couldn’t shake. My mind wandered to considering what it would be like to be an arm amputee like Kellie and spend the rest of my life wearing two prosthetic hooks. The more I thought about it the more turned on I got. I realized that I wanted to be just like Kellie. I wanted my own pair of hooks so I could be just like her. I knew I was crazy and this wasn’t something normal, but I couldn’t shake it. I knew I loved Kellie and especially because I envied her need for her prosthetics.

            Over the next month our relationship became more intense. I found myself becoming more and more aroused by Kellie’s hooks. I loved watching her use them and kept imagining myself just like her. We started to have more intense sex and found that we could satisfy each other in ways we never expected. To her surprise I always wanted her to keep her hooks on and use them to touch me.

            It was then that I started my research. I got online and ordered a number of books on upper extremity amputation and prosthetics. One book described all the types of prosthesis and to what kind of amputations they applied. Kellie was classified as a short below elbow amputee. Long BE amputees could be fitted with sockets that were attached to a triceps cuff by straps. This allowed the amputee to rotate her lower arm. Kellie couldn’t do that. Because of her short stumps she had to have a rigid and hinged elbow. She couldn’t rotate at all. I also found out that bilateral arm amputees always have special wrist units that allowed the terminal device to articulate into several tilted positions to reach parts of the body more easily. Kellie also had the ability to rotate her hooks at the wrists. I learned how the hook was opened by moving the shoulder forward to put tension on the control cable. I had watched Kellie do this and pretty much knew this already. I learned about the various styles of hooks that were available. I knew Kellie had 5X hooks. These were standard size with a rubber lining to grasp things more easily.

            The more I read the more I started to fantasize about getting my own hooks. I even got the idea that If a prosthetist made a special socket I could put my hand in the socket all curled up and except for a slightly longer length I would actually look like a real amputee. This desire became more and more intense as our relationship became stronger. One day I decided to reveal my desire to Kellie.

            “You will probably think I am out of my mid, but I would really like to be armless like you,” I said.

            “Why on earth would you want this horrible handicap,” Kellie said with some alarm.

            “I can’t explain it, but I just want to have hooks too.”

            “You can’t be serious Sandy.”

            “I am. I really want to be just like you. I want this real bad. I have done a lot of research.”

            “But you can’t have your arms amputated. No one would do that.”

            “That’s true, but I could have hooks like yours that fit over my hands all curled up.”

            “You really are out of your mind,” Kellie protested.

            “I know, but I am serious. Do you think your prosthetist would make me a pair of hooks?” I asked.

            “I honestly don’t know. They cost a lot you know.”

            “Well as you know I just turned 18 and I got a very large inheritance from my grandmother. I have a lot of money that I can use for anything I want. Will you help me. I want to be just like you. I want my own hooks.”

            Kellie had a hard time dealing with my desire, especially since she didn’t really like needing hooks and would have given anything to get her arms back, but she loved my enough to try to understand. She arranged a visit to her prosthetist. I had made up the story that I wanted to go into rehabilitation medicine and that I wanted to experience what it would be like to require prosthetic hooks and that I was willing to pay. I don’t know if he bought this line, but money talks and he agreed to make my prosthesis.

            I explained that I wanted to simulate a short BE bilateral amputee and would require a rigid elbow with hinges so I would have no ability to rotate. My sockets would extend up to my elbows and join with the triceps cuff by the hinges. I wanted articulating wrists and the same 5X hooks as Kellie had. We agreed on the price and he said it would take about two weeks for the fabrication.

            For the next hour he took molds of my arms with my hands curled up. I would have a prosthesis that was identical to Kellie’s. I was thrilled knowing that in two weeks I would be able to experience the same feelings Kellie had wearing and using her hooks. I would be just as handicapped as she was.

            Two weeks later Kellie and I returned for my fitting. I removed my top and the prosthetist slipped a stump sock on each of my arms. I curled up my hands as tightly as I could and slipped my right arm into the socket. The prosthetist positioned the harness over my shoulders and then I slipped my left arm into the left socket. He adjusted the straps and made sure the control cable was set to the proper length so my shoulder movement would open and close my hooks. I was immediately intensely turned on. I really had hooks now. I would be just like Kellie. I noticed that I had absolutely no ability to rotate my forearms. I tried pushing the little button to drop my hook into one of the two articulated positions. I was so excited. He gave me some instructions about making fine adjustments to the harness and provided me with a bag of rubber bands and a tool to put them on my hooks.

            “I would start with three rubber bands on each and maybe work up to four or five as you need them,” he instructed me. “Kellie knows everything and she can help you with anything that comes up,” he said smiling. “She really is an expert.”

            I finally was helped out of my hooks. I couldn’t very well wear them out of the office since I walked in with normal arms and it would look very strange to walk out wearing two hooks. I paid the prosthetist and we left with my new hooks in a box.

            After we got back to my house we went to my bedroom and locked the door. I couldn’t wait to get back into my hooks. Kellie helped my put them on and slip a long sleeve sweater over them. I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. I was just like Kellie now.

            “You got your wish. Welcome to my world,” Kellie said. “Here we are, two armless girls with our hooks. How does it feel not to have the use of your hands?”

            “I love it. I think these hooks are really neat,” I said.

            “You are strange, but maybe it’s neat that you are like me now.”

            For the next couple of hours Kellie helped me learn to do things. I learned quickly since Kellie was an expert. I felt incredible and kissed Kellie. I knew I would love every moment I would wear my hooks. The major problem was how I would do this without getting caught. I would have to hide my hooks from my parents. I knew we couldn’t go out to any place local for fear of meeting someone we knew. We would have to go out of town.

            Fortunately we had graduated from high school only a few weeks earlier and had the whole summer ahead of us before we started college. Kellie and I were going to the same college. It was not local and we would be living away from home. We had arranged to be roommates of course. I started to wonder how going to college would affect my desire to wear my new hooks.

            Before Kellie left we arranged for an outing the next day. We planned on going to a shopping mall a couple of towns away where we would not meet anyone we knew. Kellie could drive. She had a special driving ring attached to the steering wheel of her car. She could drive with no difficulty. I knew my parents would be at work the next day and I could get into my hooks at home without detection. If I pulled my sleeves down we could make it to the car with no one the wiser. I had a sleepless night in anticipation of my first day out in public wearing my hooks.

            Kellie arrived at nine thirty in the morning. I was already dressed in a nice short little skirt and the long sleeved top I planned to wear.

            “Well are you all set to find out what it’s like for me?” Kellie asked.

            “You bet,” I replied.

            “Remember, once you get into your hooks you can’t take them off for the entire day unless you do it in the car,” Kellie cautioned me.

            “That will make it more fun knowing I will need my hooks just like you.”

            “Yeah, but you still have hands and I don’t.”

            I felt suddenly guilty about my pretending, but Kellie laughed and kissed me. I felt better then.

            I pulled my top off and Kellie helped me into my stump socks and hooks. We got my top back on and I tested my hooks, opening and closing each one.

            “You look cool,” Kellie said. “We certainly are a pair. I bet we get stared to death today. You will have to get used to that. You can expect to overhear some comments as well. People don’t see a girl with two hooks that often.”

            We managed to get into Kellie’s car without a hitch and drove to our destination. I was very nervous when we left the car. I was at the point of no return. People would see me with my hooks and assume I needed them. I wanted this real bad. We entered the busy mall and started to walk around.

            “I bet you feel totally self conscious,” Kellie said.

            “Oh God yes. I feel like every eye in the place is on us.”

            “They are,” Kellie said laughing. “Get used to it.”

            We went into a familiar department store and headed for lingerie, our favorite department. I was so turned on as Kellie and I looked over the vast selection of bras. I tentatively picked up a couple of bras with my hooks to look at more closely.

            “You look pretty natural Sandy. Try not to think about the fact that you have hooks. Just use them as you would your hands.”

            “Okay. I like picking things up and opening and closing my hooks. They are so neat,” I said.

            “Your shoulder muscles are going to get tired the more you open and close your hooks. You will eventually build up more muscle strength like I did. I bet tomorrow your shoulders will ache a little,” Kellie explained. I knew she was right.

            After a little while I felt more at ease and started to enjoy our shopping. Kellie had taught me how to handle money, but I was still not very good at it. I decided to test my skills and buy a new bra without trying it on. It was a favorite style and I knew it would fit as I already had several in that style. We went to the cashier. She immediately took in the fact that both of us had no hands and only hooks. I fumbled to get my wallet out of my purse. The sales clerk watched intently. Kellie decided that it would be good if she coached me.

            “She’s a new amputee and I am training her,” Kellie said. She then guided me and corrected me when I made some mistakes.

            “You did that very well,” the sales lady said. “You obviously have a good trainer.”

            I felt ecstatic knowing I was able to handle my first obstacle. We roamed the store for another hour and decided to get something to eat. I knew this would be a challenge since both of us had only our hooks and no one to help us. Kellie was the expert and she carried the tray with our burgers and fries. Kellie had made sure that I had my own knife and fork with me just like she did. She loaned me a set of her special eating utensils with a rubber coating on the handles. I took mine out of my bag. She then explained that we had to cut everything up into small pieces with the knife before we used our forks. There was no way to hold a burger with our hooks.

            I had the most difficulty getting the wrapper off the straw. Kellie started to laugh as I fought with the damn thing. I used my mouth as well as my hooks to peel it back. Eventually I got the wrapper off and inserted it into my drink.

            “God you need practice,” Kellie said laughing.  “Not so easy is it?”

            I laughed too. This was certainly a new experience. I was really starting to feel much more natural and far less self conscious. Of course we did get the stares and overheard one person, a woman, comment on us.

            “Those poor girls. They have no hands, only those hook things. It must be horrible to live like that.”

            “And to be so young. They have the rest of their lives ahead being so handicapped, They will need those hooks the rest of their lives.” her companion said.

            Their comments actually pleased me. I knew I was accepted as I appeared, an armless girl with bilateral hook prosthetics. By now I had been in my hooks for over four hours. I had no desire to take them off and I actually was not looking forward to doing so. I wanted the day to last forever.

            One challenge that presented itself was going to the ladies room. Fortunately Kellie and I used the handicap stall where she helped me with my skirt and panties. I knew I would get better at this, but getting my panties down and then up under my skirt was not that easy. I was even able to touch up my lipstick and comb my hair a little at the large mirror in the ladies room. It felt so good knowing I was really able to get by with my hooks. Of course Kellie did all these things with no difficulty at all. She had several years of experience.

            We spent the rest of the day buying a few more things. I got better and better paying for stuff. Naturally we helped each other try things on. Even with both of us in hooks, we could help each other quite well.

            We decided to go to an early movie at the theatre at the mall. It was nice to be able to just sit and relax with my hooks in my lap. It was also a lot of fun eating popcorn using my hooks. After the show we were once again hungry and wound up at an Italian restaurant on our way back home. There we were, two girls with only hooks for hands. The waitress was very nice and helped us with some little things, like getting the top off the ketchup bottle. Even Kellie couldn’t do that.

            By then I was in my hooks for ten hours and I felt like I really didn’t have any hands. My hooks were starting to feel so natural. I loved the feeling. By now I think Kellie realized what a turn on this was for me. I don’t think she resented the fact that I had hands. She might have even felt it a compliment that I wanted to be like her. At least she never gave a hint that it bothered her.

            I knew that my day of initiation was coming to an end and the hooks would have to come off. The big problem was getting into the house without my parents finding out. I did this by draping some of the shopping bags over my hands as we came in. No one even glanced our way as we made it up to my room. Kellie and I undressed each other down to our bras and panties. We kept our hooks on and we both used them to satisfy our by then raging sexual desire. We stayed up until after eleven. I had been in my hooks for fourteen hours and I didn’t want to take them off, but I knew I would have to.

            Kellie helped me out of my hooks and kissed me goodbye. I hid my hooks in the box and got ready for bed. I fell sound asleep and dreamed of my new life as an armless girl.

            For the rest of the summer I spent as much time as I could wearing my hooks. Kellie and I did just about everything we could think of together. I became more and more experienced in using my hooks. With the two of us we could help each other even though both of us had no hands. Once we even shaved each other’s legs, something we each had difficulty doing by ourselves. Combing each other’s hair was a snap. We still couldn’t put on certain jewelry with tiny clasps. Going out to eat was one of our favorite activities. I eventually felt that I was almost as expert as Kellie. We had spent hours during which Kellie taught me how to dress myself and apply my makeup. It was so much fun to do that with my hooks.

            The end of the summer was rapidly approaching and we knew we would be going to college soon. I was enjoying using my hooks and by then Kellie expected me to use them. She had accepted me as armless just like her. What would I do at school. Pretending would be much more difficult there. It was Kellie who suggested a solution.

            “Sandy, what if you could use your hooks all the time? Would you do that?”

            “I would love to. I know I could. I am completely confident and comfortable without hands. I am not afraid to be out that way, even without you.” I knew I could function very well by myself.

            “So what if you showed up at school in your hooks? No one we know is going there and if you always wore your hooks no one would suspect. We will be roommates and I already know. I know we could get by without help. You could be armless 100% of the time.”

            “God, I don’t know. That would be a major step. If I did that I could never stop pretending,” I replied.

            “But think about it. It would be as real for you as it could get. You love being armless and I love you that way too. We are now so totally alike. You could do it. I know you could,” Kellie persisted.

            It only took a few days to think about it before I decided to do it. Kellie and I would both attend college as armless women.


Part 2