The Vacation

by Vicki


Part Two – The Shopping Trip

            I woke up the next morning and Lori was already up. She let me pee through my gaff. She removed my nightie, bra, thigh and wrist cuffs and then led me into the bathroom where she proceeded to shave my legs, arms, and armpits. We took a shower together and she bathed me not letting me use my hands. After the bath she dried me and then shaved my face very close. I had a very light beard and could go all day in my makeup without any beard showing. I was happy about that. She had removed my gaff before the shower and washed it. She then slipped the waist band around me, slipped my penis into the gaff and attached it in back. She made sure my privates were tucked in tightly. She then got a clean pair of panties, placed a new Kotex pad in the crotch and pulled them up. Next came a clean bra and my forms. I was a woman again. Of course the next step was to get me into my hooks for the day. I actually felt relieved to have them on again. At least I could grasp things. I knew this would be a long day and I wondered how I would feel after upwards of sixteen hours wearing my hooks.

            Lori decided that I would wear a jean skirt, no pantyhose, a long sleeve top and sandals. After I was dressed she applied red polish to my toes. When the polish was dry I slipped into the sandals and admired my ten red toes showing at the tips of the sandals. Lori did my makeup, placed a nice gold chain around my neck and finally my wig. I was totally a girl again and it felt very nice to be that way. Of course I still had my four gold studs in my pierces. It was too soon to remove them. I knew eventually I could wear regular pierced earrings. I was actually looking forward to that. I wanted to try large gold hoops in my lower pierces.

            Lori made a light breakfast of toast and eggs. I ate it pretty well with my hooks and was able to hold my coffee cup. Lori then helped me slip my handbag over my shoulders and we headed out. We were to meet Lynn and Sue at the mall.

            I was nervous walking into the mall. I knew I was sexy in my very short skirt but it was my hooks I was concerned about. I got the stares right away. Everyone couldn’t help but look. A girl with two prosthetic hooks was not something you saw every day. We found the other two girls and decided to go lingerie shopping. I was always a little uncomfortable with Lori in the lingerie department. Today was no exception, but it was different. I was a woman and would fit in. I could look over the bras and panties just like any woman would and no one would be suspicious. I was looking forward to this experience now that I was a woman. I was still very much aware of my hooks. The three girls wanted to help me buy some new bras.

            “You are a 38 D Roberta. You need underwire bras. They work better with larger breasts. They hold you up better and especially since you have forms,” Lori said.

            “When is she getting her implants?” Sue asked. The girls giggled. I had no idea what prompted that comment. I did wonder what it would feel like to have real breasts.

            I started to enjoy using my hooks to handle the bras. It wasn’t long and I really got into it. I would hold up a bra and get the other girl’s comments.

            “That’s really cute,” Lynn said. “I don’t think it has full enough coverage though,” Lori said as I held up a nice white Maidenform bra. “With forms you nedd fuller coverage.”

            I finally selected six bras. I knew I would need them as Lori had only bought me my two initial bras. There really was something distinctly feminine about shopping for bras. This was something men could not appreciate. I would need to wear a bra every day as a woman. We shopped for panties as well. I got  six panties to complement my bras. The other girls shopped as well. I was a little excited when they asked my opinion about their bras. Although I didn’t try on my bras the girls did ask me to accompany them into the fitting room and I got to see them checking out potential bras. They seemed to regard me as a female and did not hesitate to let me see them in just their bras and panties. For some reason this didn’t turn me on in the usual way. I felt just like any other woman out shopping with her friends. After all, I had on a bra and panties too.

            “Do you think this is sexy? Will guys get turned on by it?” Sue asked me knowing that I might have some idea. I now realized that women didn’t get turned on all that much by their own underwear. However, I knew that women always liked to wear nice lingerie. It was part of being feminine.

            Lori helped me pay for my bras and panties by getting my wallet out. The sales clerk couldn’t help but stare at my hooks. I tried to help by handing the bills to the clerk with my right hook. Lori had to put the change in my wallet. I did manage to put my wallet back into my bag.

            “She has only had her hooks for a short time now and until she gets a little better she needs some help,” Lori said to the clerk.

            “I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your arms,” the clerk replied. “I really want to wish you luck.”

            “Thanks,” I said to her. “I am trying but it’s hard getting used to having hooks instead of my hands. I need to accept that I will always need them now.”

            Using my hooks wasn’t all that easy, but I knew I would get better with practice. I volunteered to carry my bras and panties and held the bag in my hook.

            For the next couple of hours we shopped for more clothes. It was fun when the four of us went into the fitting rooms to try on skirts and jeans. Lori helped me try on a couple of minis and a pair of jeans. I could never do this myself with my hooks. I really liked the short skirts I had tried on. The jeans would be nice for casual wear, but wearing a skirt made me feel so much more feminine. One of the things I really liked was to see myself in full length mirrors. I thought I looked quite sexy and I liked the way my hooks showed below my sleeves.

            We made a stop at the ladies room and Lori insisted that I try to pull down my skirt and lower my panties. Most women pulled up their skirts when they peed. It was much too hard to manage everything if I did that. I could pee through the holes in the end of the gaff. Of course I had to sit on the toilet like any other woman. I used a piece of toilet paper to dry myself. Lori even had me change my pad by myself. I managed to get it positioned in the crotch of my panties pretty well. Pulling up my panties was a bit of a struggle. The next time we went to the ladies room I did everything myself. At least now I didn’t need help to go to the bathroom.

            We stopped at the food court for lunch. Once again I was able to eat with my hooks. The three girls helped me when I needed it. I was really starting to get more comfortable with my hooks and I felt less self conscious regarding the continuous stares. We talked girl talk and discussed our purchases. I was starting to become more and more feminine. Even my movements felt more natural. I remembered to keep my legs together or crossed. I knew I had on a very short skirt and I was constantly fearful that I might slip and let my legs spread. I understood what it was like for women to wear a skirt, especially a short one. I enjoyed the feeling of my shaved legs rubbing together. While I enjoyed the feeling of pantyhose I also liked having bare legs that were totally smooth. I felt so sexy with a short skirt while crossing my legs. Acting totally feminine was something I would work on as the days passed. I felt so incredibly feminine being with the other girls and acting just like any other female. I was even becoming less aware of my hooks. They were starting to become a more natural part of me. They were my hands now.

            Instead of going home Lori suggested that we go out to dinner, just the two of us. I was feeling more comfortable now and the idea of eating another meal with my hooks was quite exciting. I was able to use a knife to cut my food for the first time. I was clumsy, but I managed by myself. I was quite proud of my accomplishments. I even went to the ladies room by myself. I decided to see if I could touch up my lipstick. I did it slowly and removed the cap with my hooks and carefully unscrewed the tube. I tilted my hook and got the lipstick just right to apply to my lips. I was really quite turned on as I applied my lipstick as another woman did the same next to me. I screwed the lipstick back in and replaced the cap. I know she could see me using my hooks and I found that quite exciting.

            “What took you so long?” Lori asked.

            “I decided to touch up my lipstick.”

            “By yourself? Good girl. I bet that was fun,” Lori said.

            “I think I like the idea of being a woman a little too much,” I replied.

            “What about your hooks?”

            “I think I like them a little too much too.”

            “My lovely hook girl,” Lori said laughing. “I like you this way a little too much as well.”

            “How about a movie?” Lori asked.

            “Okay. I think I can handle that,” I said.

            We headed for a local theatre. Lori bought the tickets so I didn’t have to deal with them. Lori bought some popcorn and I had fun eating my share using my hooks. I was totally at ease now not only as a woman but also with my hooks. Even though it had been many hours now I was not uncomfortable wearing them. It was actually getting easier. I was hardly reminded that I still had hands curled up inside my sockets.

            I know the couple sitting next to us were aware of my hooks, but the dark theatre made it more difficult to stare, but the woman next to me had a really close look. We finally headed home. It had been a wonderful day and I wasn’t the least bit anxious to get out of my hooks or to remove my clothes. I liked being an armless woman.

            By the time we decided to have some sex I was in my hooks for about fourteen hours. I hardly was aware that I had hands. My arms felt like they were real stumps. Lori loved me to use my hooks on her. Sex seemed better than ever. She appeared to like me as a woman even more than as a male.

            As I lay in bed, my hands cuffed to my thighs, I felt the gentle pressure of my sleep bra and forms. I really loved this and I was happy I had almost six weeks ahead of me to experience this new life. I wondered how it would be to go back to being a male and having hands again. I was afraid I might become too feminine and have to unlearn my feminine mannerisms. Only time would tell.

Part 3