The Vacation

by Vicki


Part One - The Beginning


            My wife Lori and I have always enjoyed various bondage games to enhance our sex life. I am almost always the submissive. The latest of our bondage games began just as I was to start a six week vacation. I had accumulated two extra weeks in addition to my one month vacation. Little did I know that this was to be a most incredible experience for me. It was Sunday morning and right after breakfast Lori told me that she had a new bondage game for us.

            “Well Robert, I have something exciting for you for your vacation,” Lori said.


            “Oh yes,” Lori said quite excited. “We are going to take a little drive where you will find out what is in store for you,” she said.

            I was somewhat excited as Lori always had some interesting games for us to play. We headed out and a few minutes later we arrived at Lori’s friend Lynn’s beauty shop. It was closed on Sunday. We were greeted by Lynn and another of Lori’s friends, Sue. Usually our bondage games were private and I was surprised that two of her friends would be involved.

            “Robert, I hope you don’t mind, but my friends are anxious to help me with my idea. You probably don’t know, but they enjoy bondage games too.”

            “Well okay, I guess I have to go along since I am your sub,” I replied.

            Lori then surprised me by showing me several pictures of women amputees. All were of women who were double arm amputees who used prosthetic hooks.

            “I discovered your little secret while roaming around our computer. You seem to have a thing for women who use prosthetic hooks,” Lori said.

            I was embarrassed that she found out my secret interest. I did indeed really get turned on by arm amputees who used hooks. I didn’t know what to say.

            “Well Robert, I thought it would be interesting for you to find out first hand what it would be like to be a woman, and especially one who was forced to use a pair of prosthetic hooks instead of hands. Maybe then you wouldn’t be quite so turned on. It is not easy being a woman in some respects, and being one who had to do everything with hooks has got to be a challenge,” Lori said.

            “But I am a guy and I am certainly not an amputee,” I protested.

            “Well we shall see. As my submissive you need to comply with everything we require you to do. Are you ready for your transformation?”

            “I guess so,” I replied reluctantly. I had no idea how Lori could accomplish what she had just told me.

            “The first thing you need to do is to go into the bathroom. You will find a ladies razor and feminine shaving cream. You are to shave all body hair including your privates and underarms. Be sure to shave your face a couple of times as close as possible,” Lori instructed. “You will find a robe hanging behind the door. Come out when you are finished.”

            The shop had a complete bathroom with shower at the rear. I went in and found the razor and shaving cream. I applied it to my legs after I got undressed and shaved both. The shaving cream had a feminine scent. I continued by shaving my genital area completely. Next came my arms and armpits. I had little hair on my chest, but I got that as well. I shaved my face twice as closely as I could. After showering I put on the robe and went back out into the shop. Fortunately the shades on the windows were pulled down. I was embarrassed thinking that Lori might have her friends see me naked. Of course that did come next.

            “Are you ready girls?” Lori asked her friends. They both nodded.

            Lori told me to take off my robe. I reluctantly did that and all three girls then saw me completely hairless and naked.

            “Good job shaving,” Sue said. The girls all nodded.

            Lori then got a strange looking item. It was a tube shaped piece of latex likematerial with a length of elastic attached to one end. It looked a little like a condom but much heavier.

            “This is a special gaff. We need to make you appear to have a smooth and feminine contour between your legs. It is designed such that when the strap is pulled the tube gets tighter. The harder one pulls the tighter it gets. It can’t be pulled off by the strap. Now slip it all the way on your penis,” Lori said. “See the small holes at the tip? They are to allow you to urinate while wearing the gaff. Of course you will have to sit down like any woman does.”

            I was so embarrassed that fortunately I did not have an erection. Lori then fastened a very thin belt made of a plastic material around my waist. It buckled in back and was flesh colored. Lori pulled up the elastic strap on the gaff between my legs and then attached it to a buckle on the waist band. She tightened it such that my penis was pulled way up between my legs. Lori then had me step into a pair of lovely light blue women’s panties. Just before she pulled them up she placed a Kotex maxi pad in the crotch. She reached down in the front and pushed my testicles up inside my body. She then smoothed the panties and Kotex pad. I had a very flat and feminine crotch.

            “Why the pad?” I asked

            “It will be more comfortable and help keep things in place as well as make you look more feminine,” Lynn explained.

            At least I was no longer exposed. I knew I probably could not have an erection held in this way. Next Lori got a white bra. It was an underwire bra with lightly foam padded cups. She had me slip my arms through the straps and fastened the band in back. Next she placed two large silicone breast forms in the cups.

            “You have D cup breasts now Roberta,” Lori said. I knew I was rapidly becoming Roberta and no longer Robert.

            Next Lori had me sit while she slipped a pair of beige control top pantyhose over my smoothly shaved legs. She had me stand and pulled the control panty up over my hips. I could see my smooth crotch area now appeared completely feminine. There wasn’t the slightest hint of my male anatomy. I could feel the weight of my new breasts and they actually bounced a little when I moved. Lori then had me step into a very short light blue miniskirt that hung well above my knees. I was surprised when she took out a pair of matching three inch high heeled pumps. They fit perfectly. I wondered how much trouble I would have walking in them.

            The next step in my transformation was what I had been wondering about. Lori said that I would be like the double arm amputee with her hooks. Lori opened a large box and took out a pair of prosthetic hooks. They were the real thing. She also removed two long white items that I knew were stump socks.

            “These hooks have been designed so that you can insert your arms with your hands curled up. They are fully functional as you will soon find out. I got them through an internet source,” Lori explained.

            After I was helped into the two stump socks that went up to my armpits Lori had me slip my arms and curled up fingers into the sockets as she slipped the harness over my shoulders. For the next several minutes she adjusted the straps.

            “I want you to move your shoulder to open your right hook so I can adjust the control cable. It needs to be tightened such that you only need to move your shoulder a little to open your hook.”

            I did as I was told and after the adjustments I found that only a little forward movement of my shoulders would open my hooks. Lori also explained that I had articulating wrists. There was a small button on the side of the wrist unit that allowed my hooks to drop into one of two tilted positions. She said I would need this feature to eat and do certain things. I was still amazed that the hooks worked just like they would for a real amputee. With my hands curled up inside I was just as handicapped as a real double arm amputee.

            “I guess you know by now that for the next six weeks you will be a woman full time and use your hooks full time except when you sleep or bathe. You won’t use your hands again for the full period,” Lori said. I suspected as much.

            I was then helped into a matching light blue sweater that covered my prosthesis except for my two hooks which hung below the sleeves.

            “I don’t think you can possibly get out of that sweater by yourself and so you can’t remove your hooks when I am not around. You will have to learn to live with only your hooks,” Lori teased.

            I could see myself in the wall mirrors and I did appear to have a nice figure with my full breasts and short skirt displaying my pantyhose covered legs. Of course I still had a male head, but I knew that was to change. I was seated in one of the salon’s chairs and the three girls set about the final part of my transformation.

            The first step was the painful process of plucking my eyebrows into very thin and feminine lines. Lynn did the honors. I didn’t expect what came next. Sue got an ear piercing gun and double pierced both of my ears. Soon I had two gold studs in each ear. The first pierce was the worst since I didn’t know what to expect. She had marked the four spots where I would be pierced with a special marker pen. I winced as she got the gun in position. She pulled the trigger and the pointed gold stud was driven through my ear. I had a small flash of pain. She then placed the clip on the stud in back of my ear. This was repeated for my next three pierces.

            “That wasn’t so bad was it?” Sue asked.” Your studs look great.”

            “What will I do when I go back to work?” I asked.

            “By then your pierces will be healed enough so you can go without studs during the day. Of course you will have to wear earrings or studs at night and on weekends so the pierces don’t close up,” Sue said.

            For the next half hour Lynn applied full face makeup. She started with foundation, powder, and blush. A lovely shade of deep pink lipstick was then applied. My eyes took the longest. Eyebrow pencil defined my now very feminine eyebrows. The usual eyeliner, two shades of eye shadow and mascara completed my makeup. All that remained was a feminine hair style. That was realized with a lovely long blonde hairpiece. Lori told me it was human hair and very expensive. It was so natural that I doubted anyone could tell it wasn’t my own hair. All the while this was going on I held my hooks in my lap. By the time the girls were finished I looked completely feminine.

            “God she looks sexy,” Sue said.

            “She passes completely,” Lori replied. “No one will tell. I love her hooks. So how does it feel to be an arm amputee woman with two fabulous prosthetic hooks?”

            “Well I guess it’s pretty nice,” I said actually starting to feel quite turned on. I did look like the girls in the pictures. I was starting to realize what it was like to be a female and an arm amputee. I stood up and walked around. I opened and closed my hooks as I looked in the mirror. I was totally convincing.

            I had no idea what would come next. I knew I was to be kept like this for the next six weeks. I knew I would have to learn to use my hooks. For the next half hour the three girls had me walk around in my heels to get used to them. They coached me into how to sit down and always keep my legs together. I was told to cross my legs when I sat down. They had me pick things up with my hooks and practice tilting them by using the articulating wrists. I was starting to feel like I was a real amputee. I knew my hands were still there but curled up inside the sockets they were useless.

            “Let’s go out and get something to eat,” Lori said.

            “But I can’t go out like this,” I protested.

            “Well Roberta you can’t just sit around for six weeks. You need to get out an experience what it’s like to be a female amputee,” Lori said.

            I was dreading what I knew was the unavoidable.

            “She looks so good,” Lynn said. “I think I am a little turned on. The hooks are really neat. How does it feel with them?”

            “I never knew how arm amputees felt. I guess I am starting to learn. I can open and close my hooks but I don’t really know what it’s like using them yet,” I replied.

            “You will soon enough darling,” Lori said.

            Before we left Lori got a nice black leather shoulder bag. She placed all my makeup, hairbrush, and a couple of Kotex pads in it. She also had a wallet with some money in it. She helped me slip the purse over my head and slip my right arm through the strap so it wouldn’t fall off my shoulder. I would have trouble unless the handbag was over my opposite shoulder. I was all set to go out as an arm amputee woman with her two hooks.

            As we walked out to the car I was acutely aware of my feminized body. My D cup breasts bounced as I walked. I could feel the gaff pulling on my penis and the unique feeling of what was between my legs. I could feel the maxi pad there. My ears hurt a little from the four new pierces. Of course I was well aware of my two new hooks.

            We arrived at the Italian restaurant a few minutes later. As I got out of the car I knew this was going to be quite an experience. As we walked in I felt that all eyes were on me. Not because I was a male dressed as a woman, but because of my two hooks. I knew I passed as a woman. That was not the issue. The hooks were. We were shown to a table I I knew the waitress couldn’t take her eyes off my two hooks. I couldn’t wait to hide them in my lap. There I was, a woman, and a double arm amputee with two prosthetic hooks.

            “Can I get you girls a drink?” the waitress said.

            “Yes please. How about four glasses of Chianti?” Lori asked.

            “Coming right up,” she replied.

            The waitress brought the wine a few minutes later.

            “Roberta, just open your right hook and carefully grasp the glass by the stem,” Lori said.

            I did that and slowly lifted the glass. It nestled in my hook and I very slowly took a sip.

            “Not bad Roberta, Sue said. “You look like a pro.”

            The waitress came back and we ordered. I asked for Ravioli. I still had no idea how I would eat.

“How does it feel out in public?” Lori asked after the waitress left.

            “I am very nervous,” I replied.

            “You will get over it. In a couple of weeks you will feel totally at ease. By then you will know what its like using hooks and most of all being a woman. You’re doing a good job so far. Just remember to keep your legs crossed. With your legs the guys probably won’t even notice your hooks,” Lori said laughing.

            Our meals came and Lori cut my food up into little pieces. I knew there was no way I could use a knife yet. Lori had me tilt my right hook and then she held a fork so I could grasp it. I was amazed that she knew a trick of placing the handle of the fork up and over the little lever of my hooks so it would be held tightly. I found I could actually spear the food with the fork and eat quite easily. The waitress came back to see how we were doing.

            “I hope you don’t mind my saying, but I have never seen anyone without hands before. I just can’t get over how you can eat so well,” the waitress said.

            “Roberta’s just amazing using her hooks,” Lynn said. “We hardly ever even think about the fact that she has hooks instead of hands.”

            I knew she was saying this to make me more at ease. I did feel sort of proud that I was doing so well.

            I finished up and ordered desert and coffee. Lori explained how I should grasp the handle of the mug a special way so it wouldn’t slip. She told me she had done some reading about techniques of using hooks.

            “I think I am enjoying you struggle with your hooks a little too much,” Lori said.

            Just before we left I had to pee. I didn’t know what to do. I whispered to Lori. She told me to follow her to the ladies room. I had never been in a ladies room before. I knew that since I appeared every bit a woman that it wouldn’t be a problem. She led me into the handicapped stall. Next she slipped down my skirt, pulled my pantyhose and panties down. I sat on the toilet and urinated. This was possible because nof the holes in the tip of the gaff. I was peeing just like a girl now. Lori wiped me off. Next she got a fresh Kotex pad from my purse and replaced the one in my panties.

            “Yours is a little damp. This should freshen you up,” Lori said as she pulled my panties and pantyhose up and finally my skirt. She disposed of the pad in the special receptacle designed for pads and other feminine products. I knew woman having their periods had to change their pads or tampons every few hours during their heaviest flow. Somehow this act made me feel more feminine. We went out to the sinks and she washed her hands. She then touched up my hair and makeup. She applied a fresh coat of lipstick. I was a little embarrassed as there was another woman at the sinks who was taking in the two of us and especially my two hooks.

            “She can do things herself with her hooks,” Lori said. “It’s just quicker if I help her.”

            “It can’t be easy,” the woman said understanding.

            We headed out to the car and drove back to the beauty salon where Lori dropped off her two friends. We headed home.

            “So how do you feel being an amputee woman?”

            “My bra is killing me,” I said.

            Lori laughed. “Mine does too sometimes. It’s all part of being a woman. I assume you are constantly aware of the weight of your breasts being supported by your bra,” Lori said.

            “Yes. I think my breasts are getting very sensitive. I am constantly aware of them. Is it like that for women?”

            “If we have full breasts. The bigger a girl’s breasts the more aware she is and the more uncomfortable her bra becomes. It’s all part of being a female. You get used to it,” Lori explained.

            As I sat there with my hooks in my lap I was aware of my smooth pantyhose covered legs. I was getting aroused. I had a nice feeling between my legs as I felt the presence of my pad. I wanted to feel my nylon covered legs, but of course I couldn’t with my hooks. All I could do was rub them together to enhance the feeling.

            When we got home I was tired from the day’s events. My feet hurt from the three inch heels. Lori let me kick my shoes off and walk around in my stocking feet. Of course my hooks would stay on. I knew I would be spending close to sixteen hours a day wearing them. Lori poured a couple of glasses of wine and we sat down.

            “Tomorrow will be a big day. The four of us are going shopping,” Lori said. “You will find out what it’s like shopping as a women. You will have a great opportunity to experience your femininity and show off your hooks. I suspect you will find out how difficult it is to be handicapped.”

            After we finished our wine Lori turned on the TV and we watched a couple of shows. I couldn’t help staring down at my two hooks. This was going to be an interesting vacation to say the least. We killed the evening chatting about what kinds of things we would do as to girls. Lori said she was anxious to see me do more things with my hooks.

            “I want you to be totally convincing as an arm amputee. I can’t wait for you to be fully functional with your hooks,” Lori said. I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.

            Later that evening I knew we were both getting really aroused. My new feminine life was actually something I was starting to like. Even having hooks was exciting. Eventually Lori and I went into the bedroom. Lori removed my sweater, skirt, and pantyhose. I was just in my bra and panties and hooks.

            “You really do look so sexy in your bra and panties, not to mention your hooks. I love your hooks,” Lori said. “Maybe you should be like this permanently.”

            “Oh, so you want me to have a sex change and actually get my arms amputated so I really would need my hooks?” I said joking. Lori just kind of looked at me and smiled.

            “Help me undress using your hooks,” Lori commanded.

            I did my best and got her down to her bra and panties. She turned around and I used my hooks to unhook her bra and remove it. I pulled down her panties and took in her lovely feminine vagina. At this point I wanted to revert to a male and have the opportunity to have normal sex. Lori had something else in mind. She got a large dildo and harness out of her bureau. She then strapped the harness around me and inserted the dildo into the leather piece that now covered my crotch area. My penis was still held tightly between my legs.

            I used my hooks to touch Lori’s clit and get her fully aroused. She grasped my silicone breasts and moved them around. To my surprise the pressure on my tiny breasts underneath sent waves of pleasure through me. Eventually Lori insisted that I insert my dildo into her. To my amazement I could feel an orgasm coming even though I was in my feminine confinement. The pressure of the dildo harness pressing in on the Kotex pad between my legs and on my penis provided a kind of female orgasm. I didn’t think this was possible but it was.

            We lay there for some minutes as we were both exhausted. Eventually Lori cleaned herself up and then removed my dildo and panties. My pad had absorbed everything. Lori got a new pad and pair of clean panties. She let me pee before she put my panties back on. I was still in my bra and prosthesis. I wondered when I would be able to remove it. Finally Lori let me slip out of my hooks. It was painful to uncurl my hands. Lori did not let me use them. She then removed my bra and forms and got a sleep bra. I had to wear the sleep bra for the night with my forms again placed inside.

            “This is so you know what it’s like always having breasts my dear,” Lori said. She then got a baby doll nightie and slipped it on me. What came next didn’t surprised me. Lori placed two thigh cuffs around my legs, two wrist cuffs around my wrists and locked my wrists to my thigh cuffs. My hands were useless as they were held at my thighs and I couldn’t get them into any useful position. I knew I would be sleeping this way. Lori really was serious that I would not use my hands for anything for the entire six weeks. Lori removed my hairpiece and makeup and I could finally try to get some sleep. It was difficult with my hands cuffed to my thighs and my large breasts. I was really the most comfortable sleeping on my back. I was getting turned on again but I couldn’t feel between my legs. I knew I would never be able to have an erection as my gaff ensured that. I would have a feminine contour between my legs. I surmised that my gaff would never come off. I could feel my new pierced ears as the studs rubbed on the pillow.

Part 2