The Pretenders

by Vicki


            Meg’s alarm went off at 7 AM. She shut it off and climbed out of bed and went into her bathroom. She slipped out of her nightgown and ran a bath. She spent the next 30 minutes shaving her legs and underarms and enjoying a lightly scented bath. She finished up, brushed her teeth and went back into her bedroom. She got a matching set of panties and bra and put them on. Her body was perfect. She had full breasts, a flat tummy and nice legs. She was a perfect 25-year-old female. She pulled on a pair of beige pantyhose and sat at her makeup mirror, combed her hair and applied her makeup.

            She heard the beep of her coffee maker and went into her kitchen where she had a cup off coffee and a couple of pieces of toast. She watched her weight and big breakfasts were not on her agenda. Still in just her bra, panties and pantyhose she went back into her bedroom and lifted her heavy leg braces onto her bed.

            It always took her a few minutes to get into her braces. She guided her legs into the heavy orthopedic shoes attached to the stirrups of her braces and slipped her legs into the calf and thigh cuffs. She buckled all the straps including the two knee pads. Her final step was to raise the heavy pelvic band around her waist and fasten the belt. She used her arms to help her legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. She heard the familiar clicks of her knee and hip locks as they dropped into place. Now she was rigid from her ankles to hips. Of course she couldn’t walk very well without her forearm crutches which were beside her bed.

            Meg had been wearing her braces full time in public for over a year now. Of course she appeared to everyone as a severely handicapped young woman. Just what she liked. Walking was quite difficult with her hips locked. She was forced to use her upper body to propel her legs using a swing through gait.

            She crutched to her closet and selected a skirt that was very much on the short side. She loved the world to see her braces and she never wanted to cover them up. She slipped a sleeveless blue sweater over her head that went well with her slightly darker blue skirt. She slipped her handbag over her head so she could crutch without it slipping off her shoulder. She made her way to her car. Fortunately her apartment had an elevator and only two steps to street level. It was always tough getting down those two steps.

            Meg’s car was equipped with hand controls even though she could drive without them, but with a little difficulty. She drove to the mall where she worked and parked her car. After getting out and locking it, she made the slow walk to the store where she worked. She worked in the lingerie department of a large mall chain.

            Spending most of her day on her feet wearing long leg braces was not easy, but she still loved the way she looked in her braces. The other girls she worked with were used to her handicap and pretty much treated her as they would an able bodied person. They sometimes teased her about her short skirts, always wondering why she didn’t want to cover her braces. She always told them there was no reason to dress any differently than any woman her age.

            Meg had been a pretender since she was a little girl. It all started when she was in elementary school and there was a girl her age who wore two long leg braces and used crutches. Meg was fascinated by this girl’s heavy braces and how she struggled just to walk. She became friends with the girl and found out that she contracted polio from the vaccine she was given. This was very rare, but there were other cases as well. One day Meg asked Lynn innocently about her handicap.

            “How long will you have to use those things on your legs?”

            “You mean my braces?” Lynn asked.

            “Oh, that’s what they are called,” meg replied.

            “I will always need them. I have had them since I was really little. My legs don’t work like yours. They never will. I can’t walk without my braces. I was in a wheelchair for a couple of years until I learned to walk with my braces,” Lynn explained.

            “Gee, I am sorry about that,” Meg said.

            “I am used to them now. They’re not so bad. I just can’t go as fast the other kids and I can’t do lots of things they can.”

            From that day on Meg dreamed about being like Lynn, having her legs encased in the metal bars and cuffs around her calves and thighs. She dreamed of having to walk with crutches. She envied Lynn for some strange reason. She wanted to be just like her, handicapped for the rest of her life. She liked to watch Lynn walk and to see as far up her dress as she could. She knew Lynn’s braces went way up her legs. She could see the leather cuffs around her thighs and she always wondered about the locks at her knees and why she had those funny pads buckled across the front of her knees. Meg just knew that someday she would find a way to get her own braces. Years later she would do just that over the Internet.

The decision to go full time was a major decision in Meg’s life. She specifically moved to this town for that purpose. No one knew she didn’t really need her braces. Her social life wasn’t all that great, as most guys were turned off by her braces. She did date a few guys who she suspected were devotees. One even admitted it. However, she never really developed a long term relationship with any of them. She remained a private person who liked her handicapped life style.

            A most amazing thing happened later that day. A girl about her age walked into her department. She was handicapped in a way that Meg had only fantasized about. She was wearing a short skirt and a long sleeve sweater. Protruding below the sleeves of her sweater were two prosthetic hooks. Meg suddenly got turned on the instant she saw the other young woman. Meg had dreamed of being an arm amputee and requiring two hooks. She was able to get her braces over the Internet, but had no idea how she could get hooks. Of course, she immediately offered to help the girl.

            “Hi, I am Meg. Can I help you find something?” she said.

            “I’m Lori. Yes, actually I am looking for the new Warners bra that I saw advertised recently. Do you have any?” she asked.

            “Oh yes, we have a ton of them even though they are selling like hotcakes. The two for one sale is very popular.”

            Meg showed the girl the bras and went over the styles with her. She wanted an underwire in 34C.

            “Do you want to try it on?” Meg asked.

            “God no. It would take me forever because of these,” she said holding up her hooks.

            “Gee I am sorry, it must be tough,” Meg said sympathetically. “I know what it’s like being handicapped.”

            “A little different from your handicap,” she replied. “I think you have the better deal,” she said.

            “Sometimes I wonder how many people realize they are so lucky not being like us.”

            “Yes, but we just need to deal with it,” she said.

            “If it doesn’t fit you can bring it right back to me and I can exchange it for a different size or style,” Meg said.

            “That’s great,” lori said as she got ready to pay. Meg watched as the girl opened her purse and got out her wallet. Meg was amazed at how the girl used her two hooks to get the bills out.

            “You make that look so easy,” Meg said.

            “Now it is. You can’t imagine how many hours I had to practice to do even simple things with these things,” Lori said holding up her two prosthetic hooks. “I still have trouble with so many things everyone else takes for granted. You must know what I mean. You must have a lot of trouble with things too.”

            “Yeah, but I am sure they are not as troublesome as the problems you must have,” Meg said.

            “I guess so. Hey, thanks for helping me. My hooks didn’t seem to bother you like they do most people. Guess we are kindred souls and that’s why.”

            Meg waved goodbye and watched the girl carry her bag with her hook. Meg was still quite sexually aroused even though she didn’t normally feel attracted to other women. However, she did get turned on by other handicapped women to some extent. This girl was really something else though. The thought of having hooks kept running through her mind. She wondered how hard it was for Lori to deal with the fact that she would never have hands again and always need her prosthetic hooks. Meg was certain Lori was a bilateral below the elbow amputee and not above the elbow.

            Lori walked out into the mall and sat down at a bench. She put the bag with her new bra down and placed her hooks in her lap. She looked down at her prosthetics and got the usual rush she always felt when others saw her perceived amputated hands. She felt a bit guilty about deceiving the sales girl who thought she really didn’t have arms or hands. Lori loved to pretend. She couldn’t get enough of it. She remembered the first day she went out with her new hooks, the thrill she felt, and the feeling of being so handicapped. Of course she was now about as functional as a real amputee with her hooks. Hours and hours of being out and practicing had given her great skill.

            Lori’s mind wandered back to the visit to the prosthetist to be fitted with her new hooks. It had taken her a lot of courage and effort to find someone willing to make her a prosthesis. She finally found someone who turned out to have a devotee streak and was definitely interested in the money. When she entered the shop she was overwhelmed with excitement. After she removed her sweater, the prosthetist fitted her with stump socks that went all the way up to her armpits. Her hands were held in tight balls. The stump socks had small enclosed ends that helped keep her hands balled up. Lori was then helped into the sockets of her new hooks and the harness placed over her shoulders. She almost collapsed from the incredible turn on she felt.

            A few minutes later the straps were adjusted on both the support straps and the straps attached to her control cables. She could then open and close her hooks for the first time. She had to remain wearing just her bra for a little while longer for some final minor adjustments to the cables and anchor points. Finally the prosthetist felt her hooks were perfectly adjusted and Lori was helped into her sweater. She looked in the mirror and was amazed at how fantastic she looked with just her two hooks showing below her sweater.

            For the next half hour she practiced doing a few things, like picking up small objects, holding a glass, and other relatively simple things. She knew she would need a lot of practice to do the things she wanted. Finally it was time for her to leave. The prosthetist told Lori to come back in a week and get some additional fine adjustments after she had spent some time in her hooks.

            Lori has previously had a mobility products dealer equip her steering wheel with a driving ring, ostensible for her sister. She had practiced just using her finger and she felt she could drive home safely wearing her new hooks. The prosthetist made sure she got in her car and was able to start the engine before she drove away. Once Lori pulled out of the lot she knew she would be totally reliant on her hooks. She would not be able to just slip them off, not with a tight sweater over them. For a moment she worried that she would not be able to get back in her apartment. She had thought about this and made sure she had wrapped the door knob in adhesive tape to offer a non-slip surface. She hoped she could use her key and get in without incident.

            Luckily Lori had a relatively private outside entrance to her apartment and felt she would not be noticed entering. She parked her car and mustered the courage to walk to the door of her apartment. It took her over five minutes to use her hooks to get the key in the lock and turn it. She was relieved when she finally got it. This, of course, was only the first of many situations she thought she would never manage to get out of.

            After settling down Lori decided to try to make herself something to eat. It was through this effort that she realized how devastatingly handicapped she was with only hooks. After a half hour she managed to make herself a sandwich. She tried eating it with her hooks, but they mangled the sandwich and she resorted to trying to eat with a knife and fork. She struggled to manage to hold a fork and use her knife. She knew that she would require hours of practice to be able to do this easily. Of course now she ate very well with her hooks and ate just about every meal using her hooks. She spent very little time without her hooks on. She spent the rest of the evening watching television and snacking. Finally she needed to get out of her hooks and go to bed. That turned out to be a real chore. She needed to get her long sleeve sweater off. After an exhausting effort she managed to get her sweater off and slip out of her hooks. Dressing would be something she would have to work on as well as having her clothing modified with snaps and putting little rings on all her zippers. Buttons were completely out. She knew that once she got dressed she would not be able to easily get her hooks off. That added to her excitement knowing that once out in public she would be very handicapped, just as a real arm amputee would.

            Lori liked to watch herself in the mirror where she could see her two marvelous hooks just showing below her sleeves. She was so happy that these hooks were all hers and that she could show them off in public as much as she wanted. She knew she wanted to wear them as often as she could. She wanted people to see her using her hooks instead of hands. She wanted them to see how difficult it was for her to do the things they did so easily.

            Lori came back to the present and thought of the sales girl’s heavily braced legs. She remembered seeing how the bands and straps at her calf and thighs held her legs tightly. She could see the lower thigh band under her short skirt. She knew the inner metal uprights ended just below her crotch and she suspected that the outer uprights didn’t stop at crotch level. She imagined they went up to locks at her hips and then attached to a pelvic band. She remembered that the girl didn’t appear to be able to bend her hips at all. Lori imagined what it would be like wearing braces and using crutches. Of course she had her own major handicap because of her hooks, but that was very different. She could walk perfectly.

            A few minutes later Lori realized she needed to pee. Going to the bathroom was always a struggle with her hooks. She picked up her bag and headed to the ladies room. Once in the stall she pulled down her skirt with the thumbs of her hooks. These were the two levers that her control cables attached to with little balls that fit into a recessed notch. Lori loved to wear pantyhose, but normal pantyhose were impossible to get down and up with her hooks without running them. This problem was solved by wearing a garter belt and stockings. She wore her garter belt under her panties so she could get them down without detaching her stockings which she absolutely couldn’t do with her hooks. She knew guys thought garter belts were sexy and she knew they got a glimpse of her stocking tops and garters once in a while. That was if they were able to take their eyes off her hooks. She relieved herself, grabbed a piece of toilet paper to wipe herself, and then struggled a lot to pull up her panties. This was always a little difficult. She pushed the little button on each wrist to let her hooks drop to the 60 degree position. This let her get closer to her body to work the panties up. Once that was done she pulled up her skirt which had an elastic waistband. She flushed the toilet with her hook. Going to the ladies room always took a long time.

            She went out into the ladies room proper, rinsed her hooks at the sink,  and went to the makeup mirror which had a counter underneath. There was another woman beside her. She opened her purse and got out her hairbrush. The women next to her noticed Lori’s twin hooks and Lori heard a slight gasp from the woman. Lori knew seeing her two hooks was a shock to most people. She once again tilted her articulating wrists to 60 degrees and positioned the brush in her right hook using her left. She combed her hair. After that, she took out her lipstick and touched up her lips. She was very good at this and it only took a moment. She knew the other woman was watching her reflection in the mirror. She stayed there a little longer than Lori knew she needed. Lori always loved these types of reactions.

            “You do that so well,” the woman next to her said. “You are quite amazing.”

            “Thanks, it’s second nature to me now, but it took a lot of practice,” Lori replied.

            “It must be very hard for you, but you look like you are managing,” the woman said.

            “Yes, it’s no picnic, but I am used to it now and have accepted that I will always be like this.” Lori sensed the pity the woman must have felt for her.

            Lori then left the mall and headed to her car. She dug for her keys in her bag and managed to unlock the door. This was always a slight challenge. She got in and started the engine. Lori used her driving ring on her steering wheel that allowed her to drive quite easily with her hooks. She was expert tt that now. There was no way she could get out of her hooks in public. She would have to wiggle out of her sweater and sit there in her bra while she shrugged out of her sockets. She was anxious to get home. She had been wearing her hooks since the early morning and her hands were starting to cramp a little. Although she had gone as long as 16 hours in hooks, after about eight she needed a break.

            When Lori got home she was about to get out of her hooks when she thought of Meg. With that thought she got more and more aroused. She decided that she really didn’t want to remove her hooks after all. She wanted to feel as handicapped as she really was when she had no choice but to use her hooks. She opened her refrigerator and rummaged around for something to eat. She decided a sandwich was the easiest. She could manage that with her hooks. She noticed that she did not have an open bottle of Diet Coke. Unless she had previously removed the cap she couldn’t get enough force from her hook closure to open the bottle. She had solved that problem a while back and grabbed the pair of vice grip pliers she kept in her kitchen. She picked up the bottle with her hook and carried it and the pliers to a chair. She positioned the bottle between her legs and grabbed the pliers using both her hooks. She then used them to loosen the cap. She could then twist it off with one of her hooks. She then got a mug with a handle and poured a glass full. She could use her hook to hold the mug by positioning it just right.

            Making something to eat was easier. She enjoyed the effort required to do this simple thing that was so easy with hands and more difficult with her hooks. She carried her meal and her drink to her living room and turned on the TV using the remote. Her left hook grasped the remote and she punched the buttons with her right hook. She watched the news and ate her meal at the same time thinking about Meg and her braces.

            Meg also got home and decided to stay in her braces for the evening. She was quite tired and decided to use her wheelchair. She sometimes used her wheelchair in public both with and without her braces, but she spent more time in it at home after work. Sometimes she liked to take off her braces and slide into her chair and not walk again until the next day.

Both Meg and Lori couldn’t forget the day’s events. They both were reluctant to remove the appliances that made them so very handicapped. Finally they gave in. Lori removed her hooks and Meg got out of her braces and they each went to bed dreaming about each other. Neither suspected that they were both pretenders. Each one had a desire to experience the other’s handicap. Lori dreamed of being in long leg braces and Meg dreamed about spending time using hooks. Each wondered if they would meet again. Of course Lori knew she could go to the same store and probably find Meg unless she was working a different shift. Meg hoped that she would see Lori again some time.

            The next day Lori couldn’t resist the temptation to seek out Meg again. She returned to the mall under the pretext of buying some panties to match her bras. Meg was there and eager to help. This time Lori decided to try on the panties. Once again she was wearing her garter belt and stockings and so she could get in and out of her panties with no trouble using her hooks. Before she went into the fitting room Meg surprised her.

“Would you like me to help you out?” she asked. Normally Lori would never accept help, but in this case she decided that it might be fun.

“That would be great. You sure you don’t mind?” she asked.

“Oh no, that’s what I am here for.” The two girls headed into the fitting room and found vacant stall.

“Just tell me what to do?” Meg asked.

“I guess just pull my skirt down and then help with the panties,” Lori said.

Meg pulled down Lori’s skirt and she stepped out of it. Meg instantly saw Lori’s garter belt. Lori saw the puzzled look on Meg’s face.

“It’s not to be sexy, that’s for sure. I can’t get pantyhose on or off without running them. This way I can get my panties off to pee without touching the nylons.”

“How do you get them on initially?” Meg asked.

“Well I can’t do that myself, someone has to help me,” Lori said without further explanation.

Next Meg pulled down Lori’s panties exposing her femininity. Meg quickly pulled up the new panties as Meg stepped into them while holding them with her hooks. Meg was not normally aroused by another female, but this time she was. The panties fit very well and Lori looked incredibly sexy in them. After switching back to Lori’s own panties Meg felt that her legs would have given way under her had it not been for her braces. She was really turned on. This had never happened to her before, except once in a while seeing pictures of handicapped women. She always felt that was primarily because of their handicap. Now she wasn’t so sure. Of course Lori was devastatingly handicapped, but she was also a beautiful woman as well.

They left the fitting room and Lori paid for the panties. She once again noticed that Meg couldn’t resist staring at her hooks as she undertook the laborious task of getting her money out. Was it possible that Meg was turned on too?

            “Thanks Meg, Lori said. “Wow, it’s lunch time. I guess the food court is my next stop.”

            “Me too, I go on lunch break in five minutes,” Meg said.

            “Hey, want to join me?” Lori asked.

            “Sure,” Meg said. “Let me tell Ann I am leaving now.”

            The two girls headed for the food court. Lori watched Meg walk in her braces. She was slow and it seemed like it took her a lot of effort to swing her legs along as she walked. Lori noticed that Meg’s legs strained against the cuffs of her braces as she walked. She knew Meg couldn’t bend at all from the ankles to her hips. They headed for a McDonalds to order. Of course they each got the usual stares and occasionally overhear some comments like, “those poor girls. How awful to be so handicapped.”

            “Lori, how do you manage to carry things? I have trouble since I need my hands for my crutches.”

            “I can carry a tray pretty easily,” Lori replied.

            “Well I have them bag things and I can hold the bag at the same time as a grab my crutch handle.”

            “Let me carry your food on the tray as well,” Lori offered.

            “Thanks, that’s great. I never thought another handicapped person would be helping me of all people.” They both laughed at that.

            When they got to a free table Lori watched Meg as she sat down. This was obviously difficult for her. She had to unlock her hips while holding on to the table and chair. She kind of plopped down with her legs out straight. She then unlocked her knee locks and pulled her legs in using her hands. Lori was quite turned on by seeing Meg struggle in this way. It reminded her of her own struggles doing things with her hooks. The two girls talked for a while about life with their handicaps.

            Meg watched Lori as she tried several times to unwrap her straw. Finally she got it and inserted it into the coke. Meg saw that Lori had a lot of difficulty doing some things and little trouble with others. She watched as Lori removed a knife and fork from her purse and used the utensils to eat her burger and fries.

            “I can’t eat soft things with my hooks,” Lori stated. “I always need a knife and fork or I do a real job on the food.” Both girls laughed.

            “I wonder how many people are watching us?” Meg asked.

            “Well those guys certainly are,” Lori replied. They both looked at a table of four young guys ogling them.

            “So are they turned on or turned off?”

            “I would say turned on,” Lori said. “I can usually tell.”

            “Guess we are special in our own ways,” Lori said. “People can’t seem to resist staring at us. I guess they wonder what it’s like being handicapped.”

            “I know quite a few do. Have you ever heard of devotees?” Meg asked.

            “I think so,” Lori replied knowing full well she knew about the devotee community being a part of it to some extent.

“I have even heard that there are some people who pretend to be handicapped to experience what it’s like,” Meg said. “Some even want to be amputees or paraplegics. At that comment she noticed an unusual reaction from Lori. She seemed to get a bit nervous.

            “That’s interesting. Suppose you met someone like that. Would that really get you upset?” Lori asked.

            “I would sort of consider it flattering, strange as it may seem,” Meg said. This too got a strange reaction from Lori.

            “Suppose I told you that I really had hands?” Lori asked.

            Meg laughed. “Well you obviously don’t. Those hooks are the real thing and how could you have hands and hooks at the same time? On the other hand, wearing braces wouldn’t be difficult to fake, would it?”

            “Well Meg, I hope you can deal with this, but I really don’t need these hooks.”

            “You what? You have to be putting me on. No way.”

            “Actually my hands are curled up inside the sockets that my hooks are mounted on. My arms look just a little bit longer. No one notices. See.” Lori said as she slid up her sleeve so Meg could see the somewhat larger socket her hook and wrist unit were mounted on. Lori’s hook was screwed into a special wrist that had a tilt mechanism. Meg had seen Lori use it to position her hooks better for doing some things.

            “Oh God, you aren’t kidding. That’s awesome!” Meg exclaimed.

            “Sorry, you probably think I am horrible.”

            “Not unless you think the same of me,” Meg replied.

            “What are you saying Meg?”

            “Me too. I don’t need these braces.”

            “Wow! I just can’t believe this. You mean you are a pretender too? But you work that way. You mean you do it full time?”

            “Yes, for over a year now. I am never in public without my braces on. No one knows’” Meg explained. “How about you? Do you always wear your hooks?”

            “Well only for the past month. I just moved her from LA. I am still looking for work. My idea was to try wearing hooks full time. I haven’t been out without them since I got here. I even rented my apartment this way. No one knows I don’t really need my hooks.”

            “So you want to go full time too? Fantastic. I still can’t believe this. I can’t believe we ran into each other like this and that we are both full time pretenders. What’s next?” Meg said.

            “God I don’t know. I do know I love having to wear my hooks. Since I don’t ever dare go out without them, I pretty much have to continue. Sometimes it gets a little tough. Once in a while I really would like to be able to use my hands in public.”

            “I know what you mean. Last summer we had a pool party for the department. I wanted so much to be able to swim. The girls bought me a bathing suit and insisted I wear it. I had to go in my wheelchair since I couldn’t see wearing a bikini with braces. Anyway, I spent most of the day in my chair sitting in the sun. The guys even lifted me onto a blanket to make me feel more normal and one even carried me into the water. Can you believe that?”

            “Well there is this guy in my apartment I see in the laundry room once in a while. I think he gets turned on by my hooks. He always finds an excuse to help me. His eyes never leave my hooks. He wants to date me. He’s kind of cute and I might take him up on it. Although you can fake not walking, I have to worry about a guy wanting me to take off my prosthesis to see my stumps. I worry about that when it comes to dating.” Lori said.

            “I see your point. Hey, want to do something tonight?” Meg asked.

            “How about you come over to my place and we can cook dinner and hang out?” Lori suggested.

            “Sure, can I bring anything?”

            “Well actually I need to get some groceries. We could go together.”

            “Great, tell me where you live?” Meg asked.

            After Lori gave Meg her address Meg went back to work and Lori went home. She had some laundry to do and that pretty much killed the afternoon. Meg arrived about 5:30 PM and the two girls headed for the grocery store in Lori’s car. Meg was amazed at how Lori drove with her driving ring.

            They went into the busy supermarket and Lori got a carriage. Meg crutched along. Lori was able to pick up most things, but she was happy to have Meg to pick up the heavy bottles. Meg helped unload the shopping cart at the checkout. Once again Lori went through the slow process of getting out her money.

            “Hi Lori, the checker said. “Hooked a cute guy yet?” she said immediately realizing how that sounded. “Gosh I’m sorry Lori. Bad choice of words.”

            “Oh come on Mary, you know me well enough. I have hooks. Big deal. They’re just my hands, that’s all,” Lori said trying to make the girl feel better.

            “I know, but I know how difficult it is for you sometimes even though you always do so well with things.”

            “Mary, this is Meg, a new friend of mine. In case you haven’t noticed, Meg is a soul mate.”

            “Hi Meg, I am Mary and any friend of Lori’s is a friend of mine,” Mary said scanning Meg’s two long leg braces and crutches.

            They both left the store loading the groceries in the trunk. Mary had made sure not to overfill the plastic bags and fortunately they each had handles. Meg couldn’t carry bags very well, but Lori easily used her hooks.

            “I have so much trouble with groceries. I can just carry one bag at a time and crutching is hard if the bag is heavy. Sometimes I get help from a neighbor,” Meg explained.

            The two girls got the groceries into Lori’s apartment and unpacked them. Meg leaned one of her crutches against the counter to free a hand and helped unpack. With her hips locked she always had a problem standing without holding on to something and one crutch was fine as long as she didn’t have to walk. Meg helped Lori with the bulky items that she had problems holding with her hooks. Lori was quite amazing using her hooks to get the dinner going. There were some things she admitted she couldn’t do, such as getting the top off a jar of spaghetti sauce. She could get out a pot, fill it with water, open the box of spaghetti and get it all on the burner. Lori also prepared a salad. Meg helped out with the bottle of dressing.

            While things were cooking, Lori took out two wine glasses. She could hold one quite easily with her right hook as it had a long stem. Meg uncorked the wine as she knew Lori probably couldn’t do that herself without a lot of effort if she was even able to do it. Lori had to carry the wine to the table since it was easier for Meg to use both of her crutches. She could walk a little with only one crutch, but it was hard.

            “God, just look at the two of us,” Lori said. “Two girls who want to be disabled struggling to do simple things.”

            “Yeah, but it is something we like,” Meg replied. “So who cares. “If we like being like this then we should enjoy it.”

            The two girls eventually ate dinner and drank more wine. Meg watched Lori as she tried and tried to eat her spaghetti without making a mess. She knew it was hard for Lori to use a fork, and a knife was even harder.

              After dinner they went into the living room and listened to some music and drank some more wine. Both girls talked about their pretending and each got more and more aroused.

            “You know Lori, you kinda turn me on with your hooks,” Meg said.

            “You too,” Lori replied.

            A little while later Meg put her arm around Lori and kissed her. Lori didn’t reject the overture, but kissed Meg back. Things got heated up and the two girls realized that they were quite sexually aroused. Eventually they couldn’t stand it and it was obvious they would need to go further.

            Meg followed Lori into the bedroom, unlocked her hip locks and sat on the bed. She then lifted her legs with her arms and swung them up onto the bed.

            “Ok Lori, you be the guy and undress me,” Meg said.

            Lori pulled down Meg’s short skirt and slipped her sleeveless top over her head. This wasn’t hard using her hooks since it wasn’t like undressing herself in hooks. Much easier. Lori finally saw Meg’s braces all the way up to her pelvic band.

            “Wow, they are so heavy looking, and they really do go way way up there,” Lori exclaimed.

            “Sure do. My hip locks and pelvic band are what really debilitates me. Without the hip locks things are so much easier.”

            Lori looked at Meg in just her bra and matching panties. They were light blue. She knew she was turned on.

            “Go ahead, remove them if you can,” Meg teased.

            “If I can? Just you wait.”

            Lori proceeded to painstakingly unbuckle every buckle starting with Megs calf cuffs, then knee pads, two thigh cuffs and finally the heavy pelvic band. She had trouble with that. After struggling a bit Meg finally helped. Meg lifted her legs out of her braces and pushed them to the side of the bed.

            “I think you braces are just fantastic Meg.”

            “Ditto your hooks Lori,” Meg said.

            Lori gently pulled down Meg’s panties exposing her now quite wet vagina. Meg unhitched her bra and pulled it off.

            “Ok, Now I want to see those prosthetics,” Meg said as she sat up and started to undress Lori. After she had her sweater off she could see Lori’s full prosthesis.

            “Wow, awesome!” Meg exclaimed. Meg was about to unhook Lori’s bra and then realized it wouldn’t come off without Lori removing her hooks.

            “Just pull it up over the top of my tits,” Lori said.

Meg did this and removed Lori’s skirt and panties. She left Lori’s nylons and garter belt on as she pulled Lori onto the bed.

            “Hey, I still have my hooks on you silly girl!” Lori exclaimed.

            “I know, better than stumps in the right places don’t you think?”

            “Hmmmm,” Lori said as they started to kiss passionately.

            They each kissed each others full breasts, Meg pushing Lori’s bra out of the way to reach her erect nipples. They each worked their way down lower and lower. Lori finally used her hook to touch Meg’s clit.

            “Oh God that’s fantastic. The cool metal is driving me nuts,” Meg cried out as Lori used her hooks in a most unique way to please Meg and push her over the edge.

            Meg buried her head in Lori’s crotch and used her tongue in quite an expert manner to drive Lori into orgasm. Both girls kissed each other for a long time before they were too tired to continue.

            “Can I get out of these hooks now Meg?” Lori asked.

            “Please don’t Lori. Don’t spoil the image. I never want to see your hands. I want to always imagine you just have stumps. I will never ever walk without my braces. Let’s preserve our handicaps to each other.”

            “That’s a great idea. Guess you like my hooks even better than you would my hands.”

            “Oh, you can never imagine.” Meg said.

            Eventually Meg got back into her braces. However, each girl continued to wear just her bra and panties. Meg had removed Lori’s stockings and garter belt. They spent the rest of the evening drinking and occasionally kissing while watching one of Lori’s adult videos. It was of four lesbians having fun.

            “Too bad they don’t have hooks and braces,” Meg joked. The two girls laughed.

            Meg and Lori became lovers and each enjoyed the other’s handicap. They spent most of their free time together and did lots of things during their free time. Meg always enjoyed watching Lori struggle to do things with her hooks and Lori liked to watch Meg swing her legs and walk with her crutches, always noting how hard Meg had to work to walk.

            A few weeks later a girl in Meg’s department quit her job and an opening became available. Meg suggested that Lori apply. Her boss had no problem with handicapped girls as long as they could do the work. Lori started to work full time with Meg in the lingerie department. Lori enjoyed waiting on customers. She got very good at handling money and showing her customers the latest bras and panties. Of course she knew they always stared at her hooks. She loved the experience.

            Lori lived just about full time wearing her hooks. She avoided ever using her real hands. Her typical day was spent wearing her hooks for almost sixteen hours. About the only exception was when she bathed. She still did that with her hands, but as soon as she got out of the shower she got into her hooks. She always dressed and put on her makeup with her hooks. She shopped 100 percent of the time using her hooks. Of course, she always cooked as and did her housework wearing her hooks.

            Meg eventually moved in with Lori and was then able to help her with things such as putting on her stockings or pantyhose and inserting her earrings in her pierced ears. Lori now wore pantyhose more often. Meg was usually around to help her in the ladies room. They would go in the handicap stall where Meg would lower Lori’s pantyhose and panties while Lori relieved herself. She would then pull up her panties and pantyhose and adjust her skirt. Meg also helped Lori comb her hair and put it in a ponytail which Lori absolutely couldn’t do with her hooks. Meg even offered to bathe Lori and shave her legs so Lori would never have to use her hands even for a moment.

Meg also vowed never to walk without her braces. She used her wheelchair when she didn’t have her braces on. Months later both girls felt they probably would have difficulty reverting to their previous able bodied states. Meg knew her legs probably wouldn’t hold her up since her muscles were starting to atrophy in some places. Lori even had trouble opening her hands since they were curled up for so many hours. She even inserted them into special sockets she had made so without her hooks she was forced not to use her hands. A couple of times she tried to open her fingers and found that it was painful. She was now really almost totally handicapped for real. Neither girl felt they would ever go back to living as they had before they opted for being handicapped full time. Meg and Lori were very much in love and felt they had wonderful lives living every moment with their handicaps.