The Dream

By Vicki


Bill spent the evening checking into the various amputee devotee groups he was a member of and checking out the latest pictures and videos of amputee women. He especially liked quadruple amputees. His dream girl was a girl with both legs amputated at the hip and both arms just below the shoulders. This was because he liked the look of a girl who needed two prosthetic hooks. A quad amputee sitting in a wheelchair that she controlled with one of her hooks sent him into an erotic state that topped all the others. He wondered if he would ever see such a woman in real life. He knew if he did that he would love to marry and care for her.


He finally decided that it was time to hit the sack as he had some things to do early the next day. It was the weekend and he had some shopping to do at the mall. He hoped he might get a sighting of a beautiful girl missing a limb or two. He quickly fell asleep and dreamed of his desires.


The next morning he woke up with the smell of coffee brewing. He was about to get out of bed when he realized that something was terribly wrong. As he tried to push himself up he immediately realized that he had no arms. He looked down and was further startled to see that he was dressed in a woman’s nightgown. What was even more startling was the fact that he had large feminine breasts. A further glance down at the covers over his body revealed that it looked like he had no legs. He was frightened. What was happening? Was he still dreaming?


Bill tried to get up but it was now apparent that he couldn’t do much. His leg stumps must be very short as he could not maneuver at all. He just sat there in a state of shock. A minute or so later a man came into the room.


“Hi sleepy head. Did you sleep well?”


He was looking at himself. The man who entered looked just like him.




“Yes,” the man replied.


“Uh, nothing,” Bill replied.


“Come on lazy, let’s get you bathed and dressed. I promised I would take you to the mall today.”


Bill just sat there and didn’t quite know what to do or say. A moment later the man, who looked like himself, wheeled over a conventional wheelchair. He then folded down the covers and lifted Bill into the wheelchair. Bill could now see that he was wearing a very short nightgown and a pair of matching panties. His full breasts bounced around as the man lifted him. He could now see that his legs were completely missing, no stumps at all. His legs were apparently missing at the hips. He also noticed that his arm stumps were very short and tapered. From his knowledge of amputees he was certain that the amputations were congenital. There was no sign of sutures or any indication that the limbs had been removed.


The man wheeled him into the bathroom where he started a bath. A few minutes later he pulled off Bill’s panties and removed the nightgown. He lifted Bill into the warm water and at the same time gave him a kiss. The water felt good. The man then applied shampoo and washed his hair. His hair was long blonde. He was now aware of his body contours, especially what was between his legs. He had no penis and a beautiful vagina nestled in blonde pubic hair. The man touched him down there and played with his clitoris. Bill immediately felt aroused. What indeed was happening. He was very clearly a limbless woman in all respects.


After his bath was completed the man placed him on a towel that was placed over the wheelchair. He then dried Bill off. He proceeded to get a hair dryer and used it to dry Bill’s, or whatever his name was now, hair.


“God I love you Cheryl. You are my limbless goddess,” he said.


Bill then knew that his name was not Bill at all, but Cheryl. He also realized that the man’s name was Bill, since he used it and it didn’t generate a negative response. What was very strange was that the man looked and acted like him. Realization that he was no longer Bill had finally registered. He was a she, and her name was Cheryl. Not only that, she was limbless. Bill wheeled Cheryl to the mirror and Cheryl saw her face for the first time. She was incredibly beautiful. She had luscious long blonde hair and a face that would grace the covers of beauty magazines. She saw her tiny little arm stumps hanging below her shoulders. She knew she was completely helpless and couldn’t do anything for herself. At least not without a prosthesis.


“White or black?” Bill asked.


“Huh?” Cheryl replied.


“You panties and bra silly.”


“Oh, white.”


“You seem a little spaced out today honey. Everything okay?”


“Sure. I guess I am not awake yet.”


Bill then proceeded to get a matching bra and panty set from the bureau. He carefully slipped up the panties around Cheryl’s waist and fastened the bra around her breasts, carefully making sure her breasts were positioned in the cups correctly.


“I need a tampon,” Cheryl said without knowing why. Apparently she had subconscious memories of her life as a woman.


“Oh, yeah. I lost track. Your period is coming isn’t it?”


Bill got a tampon, dropped Cheryl’s panties and skillfully inserted the tampon into her vagina. He made sure the string was hanging out to allow removal. He then pulled up her panties and made sure they were perfectly in place. Cheryl couldn’t help but to feel aroused at this intimate act. Although she didn’t recall anything about being a woman, she felt all this was very natural. She liked the look of the smooth panties and the fact that she had no leg stumps. She had a smooth line from her hips to her vagina and she had a perfectly smooth crotch.


“Do you want to wear your hooks today, or let me do all the work?”


“I guess I should get into my hooks,” Cheryl replied automatically.


Bill then slipped a tight fitting sleeveless tank top over Cheryl’s head. Cheryl knew this was to prevent chaffing of her prosthesis. Bill then went over to the other side of the room where he got Cheryl’s prosthetic hooks. They were standard body powered above the elbow hooks. He slipped two stump socks over Cheryl’s stumps and then let Cheryl slip her stumps into the sockets. Once again she seemed to automatically know how to use them.


Slacks or a skirt? Short or long sleeves?” Bill asked. Cheryl didn’t immediately know what to say.


“You pick,” she finally said.


It’s hot today so short sleeves would be appropriate. Of course It doesn’t matter much to you, but I like the look of your prosthesis as you know. How about shorts?” Cheryl nodded agreement.


Bill slipped a nice short sleeve blue top over her shoulders, and then pulled up a pair of khaki shorts. The shorts were very short, but covered Cheryl quite well since she had no leg stumps. The empty legs just fell closed at the ends.


“Do you need help with your makeup?”


“I can manage,” Cheryl replied.


Bill wheeled her over to the vanity mirror where her cosmetics were laid out. Even though she couldn’t remember doing this before she was able to apply some light makeup including lipstick, blush, eye liner, and mascara. It was slow going as Cheryl had to constantly use one control cable to lock and unlock her elbow joints to raise and lower her arms. She locked the elbows and then the control cables opened and closed her hooks. She was shocked at how good she was at this difficult task.


“I am always amazed at how you do that so well. I guess if I had also been born without arms or legs I would be good too.”


This confirmed her suspicions that she was a congenital quadruple amputee. Apparently she had been that was all her life. She wondered how young she was when she first was fitted with hooks. Strangely Bill answered her question.


“You looked so cute in your pictures when you were around three. Even then you could use your hooks really well,” Bill said.


“Let me put your earring on. How about these,” he said holding up a pair of small hoops. Cheryl knew she could never put earrings through her pierced ears and fasten them with her hooks. Maybe if she was a below the elbow amputee she could, but she couldn’t do it the way she was.


Cheryl had no memory of what her life was like before today. She couldn’t imagine having been born like this, without arms or legs, never having walked or felt anything with hands. But somehow she knew she felt comfortable being the way she was. Bill wheeled her into the kitchen for breakfast.


 “Want me to feed you or do you want to do it the hard way?” Bill asked.


Cheryl thought about it and decided that she should try eating. “I’ll do it Bill,” she replied.


Using her hooks to eat seemed natural to Cheryl. She knew instinctively how to pick up her fork and eat the bacon and eggs Bill had prepared. She even knew the trick of holding her cup of coffee. Deep down inside she knew she had been doing this for a long long time. Locking and unlocking her elbows, opening and closing her hooks, and lifting things to her mouth was second nature.


After breakfast Bill wheeled Cheryl into the living room where she noticed a power wheelchair with a special knob control. Bill lifted her into her power chair and she immediately placed her right hook on the controls and started to maneuver her chair around the room. She noticed a handbag on the table and wheeled over to it. She picked it up and placed it beside her on the seat of her chair.


Bill led the way, holding the door, and Cheryl followed Bill to their van. The van had a wheelchair lift and Cheryl maneuvered her chair onto the platform. Bill then raised it and she entered the van. After Bill secured the lift he got in and fastened the safety straps to Cheryl’s wheelchair. They then drove to the local mall. Bill repeated the process in reverse and Cheryl was out of the van. She followed Bill into the mall. She felt a little funny knowing people would see her arm prosthetics fully exposed, not to mention the fact that she had absolutely no legs at all. A number of people stared at her, but most just ignored her. She knew that she had done this many times and that being so devastatingly handicapped was something she had accepted long ago. She did feel a bit resentful seeing other women walking and using their hands so easily. She knew that even simple things would always be difficult for her. They headed for a department store. Cheryl seemed to know the layout of the store even though she couldn’t recall being there before.


“Lingerie?” Bill asked. “You had your eye on some bras the other day and you said they are on sale today.”


“Oh, that’s right Cheryl said.”


They went into the intimate apparel department. Cheryl somehow went straight to the selection of bras that were on sale. Without thinking she reached out with her right hook and selected a couple of 34 C bras. The size just felt right even though she didn’t know her size. For that matter she couldn’t ever recall wearing a bra before today.  She held them up and looked them over. She started to get slightly aroused over the underwear. She realized she loved very feminine undergarments, especially bras. Being limbless she needed to satisfy her feminine instincts by catering to the parts of her body that were exceptionally beautiful. She knew her figure was superb and that her breasts were very erotic to her. She knew she had never felt them except with her small stumps. She had never placed a hand over them and felt them in their entirety. She remembered the feeling of Bill cupping her breasts with his hands and wondered how they would feel if she had hands.


She placed four bras in different colors in her lap and used the controls on her chair to go to the register. She knew that she would be the one paying for them. An older woman was at the register. She placed the bras on the counter.


“Well hi Cheryl” the woman said obviously knowing her. “How is my best bra customer today?”


“Fine,” Cheryl replied.


“Will you be using your charge today dear?”


“Yes,” Cheryl said without knowing if she could actually do it.


She grasped her handbag and used her hooks to open it. She noticed a wallet inside and got it out. She opened it with her hooks and saw the credit card. She took it out and handed it to the clerk. She locked and unlocked her elbow without even thinking as she raised her arm, locking it and opening her hook so the clerk could take the card. After the woman ran it through the machine she handed a pen to Cheryl. It took Cheryl a few tries to get the pen into position. She then signed the slip in amazingly good penmanship.


“You are so amazing dear. I just don’t know how you do things so well without arms,” the clerk said. “You are an inspiration. We take so many things for granted until we see someone like you.”


“Thank you” Cheryl said not knowing what else to say.


The clerk handed her the bag and she placed it by her side. Cheryl suddenly felt the urge to pee. She didn’t know what to do.


“I have to pee Bill,” she said hoping he would lead her.


“Cheryl needs to use the ladies room. Can we use the private employee rest room?” Bill asked.


“Of course. I know you need to help her. Let me get the key. Marge can take over my register.”


The clerk led them to the locked employee’s rest room. It was meant for only a single person. Cheryl wheeled in. There was a handicapped stall and Bill held the door. He then removed her shorts and panties and then lifted Cheryl onto the toilet. Without any legs at all she had to sit way back or she felt she might actually slip in. Bill held her while she peed. He then wiped her. She knew she could do it herself, but apparently Bill always did this.


“Is your tampon okay?”


“Better change it. I have one in my purse.”


Bill pulled out the tampon by the string and the slightly red plug dropped into the toilet.


“I guess your period has started Cheryl,” Bill said as he unwrapped a new tampon and handed it to Cheryl.


Cheryl knew she was supposed to insert it now that she had her hooks on. She grasped it just right and inserted it into her vagina and pulled out the applicator and placed it into the special receptacle provided for tampon applicators and soiled pads. Bill then put her back in her chair and put on her panties and shorts.


“Hey, remember that you wanted to get some makeup. They have a company rep doing the makeup selection you said.”


“Oh, that’s right, the Lancome counter.”


They headed to the counter. A young and very attractive girl was standing there waiting for a customer. She did a double take when she saw Cheryl in her wheelchair and wearing her prosthetic hooks.


“Can I help you?” she asked.


“Can you help me with a foundation, powder, and some blush?” Cheryl asked.


“Sure, I think I know what shade would be best for you. Can you get your wheelchair over here near the mirror?”


Cheryl maneuvered her chair into position. The sales girl then took out the makeup and started to apply it to Cheryl’s face. She did this expertly with her hands.


“Can I ask you a personal question?” the girl asked.


“Sure,” Cheryl said.


“Can you put your own makeup on? I mean how can you do it with those … what do you call them?”


“Prosthetic hooks. Just hooks is fine. That’s what they are. I can’t do it as easily as you do, but I use a cosmetic sponge and I can do it. Of course I can’t do it as fast as you can.”


“That’s amazing. I can’t imagine what I would do if I needed those hooks.”


“If I had any choice between arms or legs, I would want arms. Of course I don’t have either and so I know which is more debilitating.”


“Gosh I am sorry. I Shouldn’t have said anything, but I have never seen anyone who had no arms or legs. How long have you been that way?”


“I was born this way,” Cheryl said. The clerk finally stopped her inquiries.


Cheryl decided to buy the makeup and the sales girl couldn’t stop staring at how Cheryl did things with her hooks. Somehow Cheryl started to realize that she liked her body the way it was. Never having been any other way she never knew what arms or legs were like. She even felt that her handicap kind of excited her a little. She was different and had a funny desire to show off. She was special in a strange way.


Although Cheryl was doing things automatically she really didn’t yet recall her past life. She didn’t feel like she was a man any more. In fact, she really didn’t  know what it would be like not to have breasts and vagina, just like she didn’t know what arms and legs were like.


Bill and Cheryl stopped at a nice restaurant on the way home and had some lunch. Cheryl found that once again she could eat very well without thinking about it. After another trip to the restroom they headed back home. This time Bill asked the waitress to make sure there was no one in the ladies room and he went in with Cheryl while the waitress guarded the door. He thanked her on the way out and gave her an extra large tip.


It was late afternoon when they got back home. Bill got a couple of glasses of wine. He lifted Cheryl out of her wheelchair and onto the couch. They drank their wine and chatted about the highlights of the day. Cheryl had no trouble holding her glass of wine with her hook.


“Did you see that one girl, the teen? I thought she would walk right into the wall she was staring at me so hard,” Cheryl said.


“Yeah, and that woman with the gushing pity bit. ‘Oh that poor girl, she has no limbs at all. I can’t imagine not being able to walk, but having those hook things is horrible. I feel so bad for her.’ What a thing to say.”


“Thank God you like me the way I am,” Cheryl said.


“You know I love you, especially because you are limbless. Your hooks always turn me on so damn much.”


“Okay big boy, slow down. I know you are getting hot. You’ll get your chance to enjoy my hooks soon enough.”


Cheryl’s memory was starting to come back. She knew Bill was an amputee devotee just as she thought she was when she felt she was Bill. She knew Bill got really turned on just watching her use her hooks. The harder it was for her to do something the more turned on he got. She also knew he loved her limbless body.


A few minutes later Bill carried Cheryl into the bedroom and onto the bed. Cheryl instinctively knew what to do. She used her hooks to undress her husband. She pulled his briefs down and saw his enormous erection. She touched his engorged penis with her hooks and stroked it. He went wild. He pulled her top off and then her shorts and panties. She kicked off her shoes and was laying there in just her tank top and bra.


“You have incredible breasts honey. I love that you like sexy bras but you know the hooks come off first, much as I like they way you use them on me. But those tits want release from their confinement.”


Cheryl shrugged out of her prosthesis and bill removed her stump socks. Cheryl was now the limbless beauty she knew Bill loved. She tried to hug him with her tiny little stumps but it was no use. She was at his mercy. They kissed each other and Bill kissed every part of Cheryl’s gorgeous limbless body. Finally he inserted his penis into her very wet vagina and they had fantastic sex.


At the moment of orgasm Cheryl’s past came flooding back to her. She remembered everything about her 26 years of being limbless and using hooks. She remembered adjusting to life as someone who would always need help for so many basic things. She remembered the difficult time growing up and learning to accept the constant stares and pity she always received. She remembered meeting Bill quite by accident and how he fell all over himself when he got the courage to ask her out on a date.


Cheryl remembered the moment Bill admitted he was a devotee and the fact that she was limbless was what made her even more beautiful to him. She remembered accepting that her hooks turned him on and that he loved to watch her use them. She remembered the day she realized that she liked being limbless. She knew she would never understand why she felt that way, but she did.


The final realization came to her that she had awakened from a dream that morning. It was a powerful dream in which she had fantasized about being Bill, her husband and lover. She knew that she was really a beautiful quadruple amputee with a loving husband. She knew that she was able to use her prosthetic hooks so well because she had used bilateral hooks since she was an infant. She knew they were natural to her, part of her body to some extent and that she had grown to not only accept them, but to love them. She knew that she was a kind of devotee. She was a devotee of her own physical being, that of a completely limbless, beautiful and voluptuous female.


Cheryl knew she was at that moment a very happy person and wouldn’t want to live her life any other way.