The Prosthetist
Part Three

By Vicki

Samantha woke early. It would be a busy day. She slid into her wheelchair that was right at the side of her bed. She then headed to her bathroom. Samantha would meet Amy for the first time today. She got out of her nightgown and took out her Venus razor and feminine shaving cream. Getting into the bathtub was made easier by the special equipment of her handicap equipped bathroom. Once in the tub she carefully shaved her legs and removed every bit of stubble from her genital area. She liked to be smooth down there. She toyed with the two small gold rings that pierced her labia. As she applied shaving cream to her underarms she admired her beautiful C cup breasts. When she was finished she took a long hot bath   and washed her shoulder length blond hair. After toweling off and getting back into her wheelchair Samantha brushed her teeth and blow dried her hair. She headed for the bedroom. She took out a pair of light blue panties and a matching bra. Her bra was an underwire push up with lace trim. Unlike some women she loved the feeling of wearing a bra, so feminine. She slipped her arms through the bra straps and reached around her back to fasten the hooks. She adjusted her breasts in the cups for the perfect fit.

Before she pulled up her panties she placed a long Kotex maxi pad in the crotch. Her pantyhose came next. She liked beige Lycra control top pantyhose. Samantha always needed to wear pantyhose because of her braces. The pantyhose prevented chafing. She slid out of her wheelchair and back onto her bed.

Her two long leg braces were attached to a wide pelvic band. In addition to the locks at the knees there was a lock at each hip joint. The stirrups of the braces were mounted to sturdy, but feminine shoes. To make walking even more difficult her ankle joints had limited motion. Samantha sat on her bed between her braces. She carefully placed each foot into her shoes while lowering her legs between the uprights of the braces. In order to do this she used her hands to lift her leg to the proper position and guide her foot. Being paralyzed essentially from the waist down she could not move her legs. She carefully buckled the calf and thigh cuffs and then buckled both knee pads. The final step was to raise the pelvic band and buckle it around her waist.

Samantha slid her locked legs over the side of her bed after making sure that both drop locks at each knee were in the locked position. Her two forearm crutches were propped against the side. She used them to raise herself up until both hip locks fell into place. She crutched over to her closet. With her hips locked she could not move one leg in front of the other, but rather had to swing her legs using her abdominal muscles and bending her waist above the pelvic band. This was extremely difficult and demanding, but she liked being very handicapped. She chose a short blue skirt and a lighter color sleeveless top. She returned to her bed and sat on the edge. This required unlocking her hip locks, kind of falling back, and finally unlocking her knees. She pulled the skirt on and then slipped her top over her head. Once again she got into a standing position and crutched to her full length mirror. Her skirt just barely covered her lower thigh bands. Her knee pads were fully visible.  When she sat down her skirt always hiked up to reveal her lower thigh bands and if she wasn’t careful some of her upper thigh bands. Of course she liked to show off her braces.

Makeup, nails, and hair came next. Samantha crutched to her vanity. Getting seated was always a challenge. She was expert at doing her makeup including eye liner, shadow and mascara. Her neatly plucked eyebrows were enhanced with a brow pencil. She now had beautiful very thin brow lines. Light red lipstick and blush finished the look. She then selected a nice pair of earrings and fastened them through the pierces in each ear after she removed the small gold studs she wore at night. She selected a nice gold chain to place around her neck. Samantha combed her long blond hair and felt that she looked fantastic.

Samantha applied a matching red polish to all ten nails and let it dry. Several rings, a watch and a gold bracelet finished her jewelry. She got up and crutched to the full length mirror once again. She looked down at her braced legs. Her skirt was mid thigh and she could just see the very bottom of each lower thigh band. That was the skirt length she liked the best. She loved the look of her rigidly braced legs and knew she got a lot of attention as she crutched in public. She liked to show off her braces and her short skirts did the job quite well. Too bad no one could see her hip locks and pelvic band.

Samantha got her handbag and headed for her car. She had hand controls and could drive without the use of her legs. After arriving at the mall she got out, locked her car and crutched to the mall entrance. They had a handicap power door so she was able to crutch in with now problems. Of course she got plenty of stares, not so much that she was handicapped, but because her short skirt revealed the heavy braces that enclosed her legs. She wondered how many guys got turned on by her braced legs and short skirt.

Amy had agreed to meet Samantha in front of a CVS store at 11 AM. She had no idea what to expect. She knew Samantha would be easy to spot because she would be using a pair of crutches. She didn’t know if she would see her braces. She might be wearing jeans or something to cover them. Amy no longer gave a second thought to the fact that she had hooks. They were part of her normal appearance now.

Samantha was even easier to spot than Amy originally thought. She could indeed see Samantha’s braces since she was wearing a short enough skirt to expose plenty of her braced legs. She was standing there using her crutches. She was a beautiful blond with shoulder length hair. Amy went up to her to introduce herself.

“You must be Samantha. I’m Amy,” Amy said holding out her right hook.

“Well I am so happy to meet you Amy. I guess it is pretty easy to spot each other,” Samantha replied with a slight laugh as she grasped Amy’s hook. “Would you like to get a cup of coffee at the food court?”

“Sure,” Amy said.

The two girls made their way to the food court. Amy watched as Samantha swung her legs ahead of her and slowly walked using her crutches.

“Do you always have to swing both legs ahead or can you move one at a time?” Amy asked.

“My braces run all the way up to a pelvic band. I have hip locks so I can’t use my hips. Both of my legs are locked into a parallel position. It makes walking in braces much more difficult,” Samantha explained. “Sam told me he recently made you a special prosthesis that makes you as limited as a double above the elbow amputee, much more restricted.”

“Yes, and I love being even more handicapped with my hooks,” Amy replied. “I can still do almost everything I did with my DBE hooks but things are harder and I am slower. The time to put on my makeup has doubled.”

“I can understand. The more handicapped we are the more we enjoy it,” Samantha said.

The two girls finally arrived at the food court and found a table. “Now we need to figure out how to buy the coffee and get it to the table,” Amy said.

“Can you carry coffee cups?” Samantha asked.

“Yes, by the rim with my hook over the edge. I can only carry one at a time since I balance the cup with my other hook.”

“I get them to put the lidded cups in a paper bag. I can carry that while I crutch,” Samantha said.

“Let me do the honors today,” Amy said. “Can I help you get seated?

“Yes. It helps if someone helps me get the chair closer to the table,” Samantha explained.

Amy watched as Samantha got seated. She had to unlock her hips and kind of fall into the seat. She could then unlock her knees. Amy helped push her closer to the table. She placed her crutches on the floor next to the chair. Amy noticed that her skirt had rode up to reveal one of her upper thigh bands. Samantha pulled on the skirt to get it back in place. Amy headed out to get the coffees and returned a few minutes later with the first.

“I forgot to ask how you like your coffee,” Amy said.

“Just some half and half, no sugar,” Samantha said.

After Amy got back to the table and sat down she had a chance to study Samantha. She was really quite attractive. She had blond hair quite similar to Amy’s real hair under her dark wig. Her eyebrows were plucked to a very thin line and skillfully enhanced with an eyebrow pencil. Her eye makeup was flawless with liner, shadow, and mascara. Her foundation and blush enhanced her complexion. Her lipstick and nail polish were a matching shade of red. Samantha was wearing a sleeveless top that was low cut. She had lovely breasts and exposed ample cleavage. Her jewelry included a pair of long gold teardrop shaped earrings with ear wires inserted through her pierced ears.

“So how long have you been a brace pretender?” Amy asked.

“I started about five years ago and I live in braces full time except when I go to work,” Samantha said.

“I started wearing hooks only a few months ago. I too live full time in my hooks except at work. I just love living like this. Is it a sexual thing for you like it is for me?” Amy asked.

“God yes,” Samantha exclaimed. What else could it be? When I know people are watching me struggle to walk and can see my braced legs I get really turned on.”

“Are you married or have a boyfriend?” Amy asked.

“No, I m not married and I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I am somewhat confused about my sexual orientation. I get turned on when I see other handicapped women.”

“Am I turning you on?” Amy asked.

“Absolutely, I love watching you use your hooks,” Samantha replied.

“I love the look of your braces as well. There is something about watching you crutch. It’s very exciting,” Amy said.

“Maybe we should change the subject for the moment before we both get a little too excited. Let’s finish and do some girl shopping,” Samantha suggested.

“If you had the opportunity would you have your arms amputated and live as a DAE for real?” Samantha asked.

“I really haven’t thought about it, but maybe. I love having hooks. How about you?”

“Yes. I would like to be permanently paralyzed from the waist down as long as I still had normal sexual response. I love wearing my braces,” Samantha explained.

After they finished they decided to roam around the mall. They were quite a sight, two beautiful but devastatingly handicapped women. They had a lot of fun as they checked out some new bras.

“The only thing I don’t like about my hooks is that I can’t feel the cups. I used to like to feel the thickness of the lining of the cups,” Amy said holding up a lovely underwire bra.

“The lining is really thin and soft foam, just enough to hide your nipples under a really sheer top,” Samantha replied. They both laughed.

Amy bought the bra and Samantha watched as Amy used her hooks to pay. “You do that so easily,” Samantha commented.

“Lot’s of practice,” Amy joked.

After spending the rest of the day together Samantha and Amy decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. They continued to chat about how much they loved their respective handicaps. Samantha admitted that she couldn’t get enough of watching Amy use her hooks to eat.

Over the next several weeks Amy and Samantha became good friends. They did everything they could think of together. Of course eating out was one of their favorites as was going to a local club. They found that there were some devotees around and they enjoyed flirting with them, but nothing more.

It was becoming more and more apparent that their relationship was becoming something other than just two pretenders having fun. They each knew that they turned each other on in a big way. It was one night at Amy’s home that things came to a head. After a few glasses of wine Samantha kissed Amy and Amy reciprocated. An initial kiss led to a more passionate encounter. Amy had her hooks wrapped around Samantha and they were in a deep embrace.

“I think we need to let this go where it will,” Amy said as she pointed to the bedroom with her right hook.

“Yes, I guess so,” Samantha said as she started to lock her braces. A couple of minutes later they were on Amy’s bed.

Amy used her hooks to undress Samantha. She helped her off with her top only to reveal her breasts held in place by a lovely bra. Amy guessed they were C cup, slightly smaller than hers. Next came Samantha’s skirt. It took a little wiggling by Samantha to allow Amy to pull the skirt down as Samantha lay on the bed. Amy finally got a look at the extent of Samantha’s bracing. Both outer uprights continued on up her legs to her hip locks and then to the pelvic band. Samantha started to unbuckle everything and Amy helped with the other leg. Finally Samantha slipped the braces off and placed them beside the bed. She still had on her bra, pantyhose and panties underneath.

Samantha undressed Amy down to her panties and bra, leaving her hooks on. Next Amy asked Samantha to remove her pantyhose. Amy was afraid she would run them. The two girls kissed each other passionately for several minutes. Amy then unhooked Samantha’s bra and removed it. She touched her breasts gently with her hooks.

“I wish I could feel them,” Amy exclaimed.

“I can’t get your bra off because of your hooks,” Samantha said.

“I can take them off.”

“Not yet. I want you to use them on me down below,” Samantha instructed.

Instead of her bra Samantha slid down Amy’s panties and touched her. Amy followed by pulling down Samantha’s panties.

“You have labial piercings!” Amy exclaimed as she saw the two gold rings piercing Samantha’s labia and noticed that she was perfectly smooth without a trace of pubic hair.

“Please play with my rings with you hooks before I just can’t stand it anymore,” Samantha pleaded.

Amy used her cold hook to touch Samantha’s clit and then pulled gently on the two rings.

“Incredible! That is so incredible!” Samantha exclaimed in pure joy.

“Oh God, I just remembered. You can get my bra off so I can keep my hooks on. I just don’t want to take them off. I want to remain an amputee. My bra has little hooks on the straps in back so you can cross the straps if you want. Just unhook the straps and the band,” Amy explained.

Once Amy’s bra was off Samantha could work on Amy’s breasts with her tongue and fingers. Amy continued to use her hooks on Samantha as well as her tongue. Amy tugged on Samantha’s two rings carefully by slipping the tip her hook through the two rings. The two girls made passionate love for a long time until they finally reached a mutual climax. Amy never removed her hooks. Although Samantha had removed her braces this did not make her less handicapped as she lay on the bed and did not walk. She also made sure never to move her legs. She pretended that they were permanently paralyzed. If Amy took off her hooks the illusion would be broken. Even though Samantha did not have her braces on Amy could imagine she still had paralyzed legs. After the two girlas lay there for a while they helped each other get dressed. Samantha got back into her braces. Amy had never removed her hooks. Of course she felt so normal with them on. They headed for the living room and had more wine.

“God I think I am in love with you Amy,” Samantha said.

“Me too Samantha.”

“Call me Sam,” Samantha said.

“Just like our prosthetist,” Amy said laughing.

“More than just like,” Sam said.

“What do you mean? Are you related?” Amy asked pressing the issue.

“I don’t know exactly how to explain this so I will just have to say it. Sam and I are one in the same,” Samantha exclaimed.

“But Sam’s a guy and you are a girl. I know that for sure. No way to hide what’s between your legs after what we did. There is no penis down there.”

“I had sex reassignment surgery a year ago. I have to pretend to be Sam only when I work,” Samantha explained.

“But Sam looks like a guy. He has a mustache and thick eyebrows. Yours are plucked to a fine line. You have full breasts. You are totally feminine. No one would ever know you were not born female.”

“Clever theatrical makeup. I wear a compression sports bra and a little padding to hide my breasts. I revert to my old male voice and speech patterns and not the feminine voice I have worked on for several years,” Sam revealed.

“You fooled me completely. Are you going to continue this flip flop?”

“Well that’s something I wanted to discuss with you. I knew I would eventually reveal my secret, but just not so soon. I never expected we would become so intimate so quickly. I fell for you the moment I first spotted you in the mall,” Sam said.

“I never thought you would turn me on quite so much either. I though I was straight, but I guess the other urges are too strong to ignore.”

“I am planning on running my business as Samantha. I am ready to announce that I am turning the business over to my twin sister who is also a prosthetist and othotist.”

“That’s great,” Amy said.

“Would you come and work for me as my office manager?” Sam asked. “You would wear your hooks of course.”

“Really? I could truly live full time without ever using my real hands again. I am not sure I could do it. I think I would need help with some things unless I cheated,” Amy said.

“It would not be a problem if we lived together. We could help each other live the way we want. I am pretty sure that we are starting to fall in love. Who knows, maybe we can eventually have surgery to actually be the way we want to be,” Sam said.

“Okay,” Amy said. “Let’s do it.”

After the two girls had talked for several hours more Samantha returned home Amy was alone with her thoughts. She could not quite accept how fast things had moved. She did know that she had fallen for Samantha in a big way. Just thinking of her braced legs and short skirt, knowing that underneath she had a shaved pubic area, lovely vagina, and two wonderful gold rings to play with, almost sent her into an orgasm. Could this be the start of an ideal life? Perhaps someday she would truly be just like the woman in the restaurant that had started it all.

Over the next several weeks Sam and Amy implemented their plan. Amy quit her job, Samantha replaced Sam at the shop, and Amy moved in with Samantha. She now wore her hooks full time, every day, all day, except when she slept. Sam never walked again without either her wheelchair around the house or braces when out. On rare occasions she went out in her chair and Amy pushed her. Once in a while she liked to show off her lovely legs without braces.

Amy now ran the office and dealt with customers. She felt that appearing to be a double arm amputee made some patients feel more at ease knowing that the staff appreciated their loss of limbs or requiring braces or other orthotic aids.

Sam and Amy were deeply in love and their sex lives were incredible. You might think that all would remain perfect, but not quite. About a year later both girls started to get somewhat frustrated at their necessity to pretend their individual handicaps. Sam really wanted to be paralyzed and Amy hated her long arms and curled up hands. She wanted small above the elbow stumps.

After considerable effort they managed to find a clinic overseas that would perform elective surgery of any kind. It would not come cheap, but both girls felt it would worth it to have the bodies they each desired so much.

After their surgeries they were placed in the same room to recover. Amy was ecstatic when she awoke to see her two heavily bandaged stumps only a few inches long below her shoulders. The pain came, but rapidly diminished a few days later. She would have to wait for her stumps to heal and shrink before Sam could fit her for the hooks she would need for the rest of her life.

Sam’s surgery was also a success. The skillful surgeon had managed to completely paralyze both of her legs. In order to preserve feeling in her genital area she could not be completely paralyzed up to her waist. However, she was given enough paralysis at her hips to require the use of her hip locks and pelvic band.

When Amy and Sam got back home they were extremely happy. Amy didn’t seem to mind that she would be fairly helpless for a number of weeks. Sam fed and bathed her. Sam would need to bath Amy even when she got her hooks. She knew she would enjoy shaving Amy’s lovely legs and now smooth pubic area with her two new labia rings.

The day finally came for Amy to start wearing her new pair of above the elbow hooks. As she slipped her small stumps into the sockets she got highly aroused. With only stumps her prosthesis felt wonderful as she opened and closed her hooks and raised and lowered her forearms. Perfect. She knew that she had made the right decision to have her amputations. Well, she couldn’t reverse her decision now even if she wanted. She was armless for the rest of her life. Sam’s surgery could never be reversed either. She would be permanently paralyzed for the rest f her life too. They were linked by their desires and the attraction each of their handicaps had for the other. Amy loved the look of Sam’s braces but she did not want to be paralyzed. Similarly, Sam loved Amy’s hooks but would rather be paralyzed than be an arm amputee.

The end.