The Prosthetist
Part Two

By Vicki


Amy was a little concerned about driving with only one working hook, but she managed to use her key. The actual driving wasn’t as much of a problem. She found Sam’s shop and parked in the small lot reserved for customers. After locking the car she went inside. She had entered a small office with a desk and several chairs. As she entered, a small chime rang to alert Sam there was a customer. He came out from a room at the back of the office.

“Hi Amy, I am so happy you came,” Sam said.

“Well I am a little nervous. I have never been to a real prosthetist before,” she replied.

“Ah, you got your hooks online. I think I know the source. Not bad, but not as good as custom made by a professional.”

“Well I didn’t think that any professional would sell to me,” Amy said.

“Some of us are quite understanding. So how did this all start?”

“Well I was visiting my sister in New York and we were at this restaurant. There was this very attractive woman with two hooks. She kind of turned me on. In the ladies room she asked me to fasten a rear garter. She was wearing a garter belt and stockings. That got me even more turned on for some totally unknown reason.”

“So you’re interested in the same sex?” Sam asked.

“I don’t think so. I like men, but something about a handicapped woman gets me going. I don’t understand it except that I want to be that way too.”

“You are not the only one as I am sure you know. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just accept and enjoy it. I can certainly help you with your prosthetic needs. I have some suggestions you might be interested in down the line. Let’s get your control cable fixed up,” Sam said.

“That would be great,” Amy replied

Sam led Amy into his shop area. It was filled with various prosthetic limbs and braces either completed or in the process of construction. Amy spotted a pair of above the elbow arms with their hooks attached.

“Have you ever considered what it would be like to be a double above the elbow amputee?” Sam asked,

“Oh yes, but I can’t imagine how one could pretend to be that way,” Amy replied.

“It would make things much harder. A DAE has to lock and unlock her elbows to use her hooks. She would also have no ability to rotate her forearms. She would have to rotate her hooks instead. Of course articulating wrists are a must,” Sam explained.

“I understand that from my reading. I guess I need to get out of my hooks,” Amy said.

“Actually it would be better if you kept your prosthesis on. Don’t worry, I

Work with female patients and you shouldn’t be concerned. Just think of me as your doctor,” Sam said.

Sam helped Amy out of the long sleeve top she was wearing. It was low cut and slipped over her head easily. She chose it for the larger neck opening since she had only one hook that would open and close. It was easier to get on. She knew Sam couldn’t help but look at her breasts held tightly by the attractive bra she was wearing. For the next ten minutes Sam removed her broken control cable. This was simple as the end at the hook had a small ball that was held in a slot in the thumb of her hook. There was an anchor point on the socket that could be detached by rotating 90 degrees. The cable was attached to the triceps cuff by a small bar threaded on the cable and a leather slotted strap. All Sam had to do was put a new hanger on the end of the cable. There was nothing wrong with the cable itself. Once he did this he reattached the cable to the cuff and socket, removed the old hanger and attached the strap to the new hanger. He adjusted the strap to the exact position it was as indicated by the creases in the strap where it was buckled.

“There, you should be good as new,” Sam said.

Amy opened and closed her hook and was happy with the repair. She was back to normal.

“That’s so much better. I was so frustrated not being able to open and close my hook.”

 “I bet. Can I ask you a couple of personal questions Amy?” Sam asked.

“I guess so. You already know my most closely guarded secret,” she replied. “Go ahead.”

“What is the extent of your pretending?”

“Well other than during the day when I go to work I live full time wearing my hooks. I do everything with them. I don’t sleep in them, or bathe in them, but I put on my makeup with my hooks.”

“Would you go full time if you didn’t work? Would you want to be a real amputee?”

“I don’t want to be a real amputee right now. I know that for sure. I have thought about it. This whole thing may pass eventually. Right now I would love to use my hooks full time. I just really like using them and being out in public that way,” Amy confided. “I don’t understand it, but I feel more normal this way and a lot sexier.

“You are certainly an attractive woman. Are you seeing any one?” Sam asked.

“Not for a while. I split with my last boyfriend a year ago, before all this with the hooks started.”

“In that case I would like to ask you if you would like to go out to dinner some time. I would have no problem if you wore your hooks.”

“Well I would definitely wear my hooks. I hate doing anything where I have hands. I feel so comfortable using my hooks. Yes, I guess we could have dinner. That would be interesting since I have never been out with someone since I started the hook thing,” Amy explained.

“How about tonight? I can pick you up around seven.”

“Wow that was fast. Yes, tonight would be fine.”

Amy gave Sam the directions to her house. “So how much do I owe you?” Amy asked.

“Having dinner with me is payment enough. Besides, the hanger costs me practically nothing.”

“When I called you I never expected to be going out on a date. But I can’t pass an opportunity to be out with someone when I am wearing my hooks. I think this will be a lot of fun, for me at least,” Amy said.

As Amy drove home she was getting increasingly turned on at the anticipation of being out with someone while she had her hooks on. It was different by herself at the mall or doing other shopping. She imagined that she would be just like the woman who started it all, at a restaurant wearing hooks with a male companion. The more she thought about it the more she wanted to be just like the woman. She needed a similar black dress, a garter belt and stockings. She had stopped wearing pantyhose and she didn’t have a garter belt or stockings. She took the next turn and headed for the mall. She had plenty of time before Sam was to pick her up.

Shopping for the dress was the hard part. Amy finally found a section in one store that had the kind of dress she was looking for. It had to be above the knee and low cut to show off her cleavage. It has to have long sleeves to hide all of her prosthesis except for her hooks. A sales lady spotted her and offered to help. She saw Amy’s hooks immediately. The sales lady was very helpful and found a nearly ideal dress in Amy’s size.

“Do you need help trying it on?” the sales lady asked. Amy knew it was because of her hooks. The dress also had a back sipper and Amy knew she couldn’t zip it up without some tricks she had worked out.

“If it wouldn’t be too much trouble I would really appreciate it,” Amy replied.

The two of them headed into the fitting rooms and selected a stall. Amy explained how the woman could help get Amy’s top off. As it came off the woman seemed a little startled seeing Amy’s sockets, straps, the ring at her back, and her control cables.

“Goodness, it must be uncomfortable,” the woman exclaimed.

“You get used to it and I really couldn’t function without my hooks,” Amy replied.

The sales lady then helped Amy try on the dress after helping her off with her skirt. The dress fit perfectly and fortunately the sleeves were long enough to cover all but a slight bit of her sockets.

“How will you zip this up? Can you do it yourself?” the woman asked.

“Gosh no. I can’t open or close my hooks if they are behind me. I will need some help, but that won’t be a problem,” Amy explained.

“It must be very challenging without hands,” the woman said.

“Sometimes,” Amy replied. “Not being able to feel things is probably the hardest part.”

Amy paid for the dress using her credit card. It was always a little awkward when she had to sign the slip, but she was pretty good using a pen now. After purchasing the dress Amy went to a Victoria’s Secret and purchased a garter belt and a couple of pairs of black stockings. Amy was all set and headed home.

Amy was reluctant to get out of her hooks, but she had a few things to do that required her hands. First she attached a small ring to the tang of the zipper on her new dress. She hoped it wouldn’t be too noticeable. Next she removed the shoelace from a pair of boots she had. She wanted the longest lace she could find. She then threaded the shoelace through the ring and drew the ends to equal length. She laid the dress on her bed. She then undressed, went into her bathroom and shaved her legs and took a shower. After drying off she was ready to get dressed and into her hooks. Doing her makeup would be as easy as usual, but getting into the dress still remained as a slight unknown. She was pretty certain she could do it with the scheme she had come up with.

Amy selected a matching pair of black satin panties and underwire bra. The bra was designed to show off cleavage and Amy’s D cup breasts had plenty of it. She had not worn a garter belt and stockings since she was much younger. Of course she wore pantyhose to work, but never with her hooks. She adjusted the fit of the black lace garter belt and put on the pair of black stockings. She smoothed them up and attached the six garters, two in front, two in back, and two on the side. She hoped they would hold so she would not be in the position the woman was in New York. She had chosen a belt with six garters rather than four to give her the added insurance that even if one garter came off that the other two would hold the stocking up high enough so no one would see a bare thigh. Just before getting into her hooks she inserted a pair of lovely gold hoop earrings into her lower pierces. She kept her usual gold studs in her upper pierces. She also put on a beautiful gold pendant around her neck. It would hang low between her breasts.

Amy slipped on her stump socks and hooks. The moment of truth had come. Could she get into the black dress? Amy stepped into it making sure the long lace threaded through the zipper ring was outside the dress. She put her arms through the sleeves and used her hooks to pull the front of the dress up as much as possible and over her shoulders. She went to the full length mirror and tilted her body so the lace hung more to the side and reached back to catch it with her open hook. She had managed to reach partway around while keeping her shoulder forward enough to open her hook. It took her almost ten minutes to work the laces up over her shoulder so she could pull on them in front using both hooks. With some contortion she managed to slowly pull the zipper all the way up. Removing the lace was easy, she just pulled on one end and it slipped right out of the zipper ring. Amy finished dressing by slipping into a pair of four inch black pumps. The very high heels made her legs look fantastic. One look in the mirror and she thought she would orgasm on the spot. She looked just like the woman in New York. Just her two shiny hooks gave away that she had no hands as far as anyone looking at her was concerned.

Amy knew she would be spending the evening the way she wanted to be, wearing her hooks and having dinner with a male companion. Getting the dress off wasn’t a concern at the moment. As long as she could go to the ladies room without removing the dress was all that mattered. She would not need to take her hooks off and she knew she couldn’t even in the privacy of the ladies room. It wasn’t long until Sam rang the bell and Amy let him in.

“Wow! You look fantastic,” Sam exclaimed.

“Even with these hooks,” Amy said holding up her two hooks.

“Even more so,” Sam said.


“Well yes. I need to tell you that I am kind of a devotee to some extent and I do like the look of a beautiful girl who has a pair of hooks.”

“Hmmm. That is quite unexpected,” Amy said.

Sam drove them to the restaurant and Amy was thrilled to be escorted to their table. After sitting down Amy crossed her nylon covered legs and started to feel more sexy than she ever had. She totally enjoyed looking over the menu using her hooks. They ordered a couple of glasses of wine while deciding on what they would have to eat. When the wine arrived Amy used her right hook to hold the glass without any effort. They both order steak. Amy knew this would be a challenge cutting with a knife.

“Sam, I really want to tell you that this is a big thrill for me. This is the first time I have had dinner with someone while wearing my hooks,” Amy said.

“So do you feel just as if you were a real amputee?” Sam asked.

“Totally,” Amy replied. “I know you probably can’t appreciate how anyone could actually enjoy being this way, needing to use metal hooks instead of hands, but I do love it.”

“I do understand more than you think,” Sam said.

When their meals came Amy went through the routine of placing her knife in her left hook and working it over the thumb. She then got her fork positioned in her right hook so she could cut her meat. She worked on it until she had a number of smaller pieces. With the proper tilt of her hook she had no trouble getting the food to her mouth.

“You do that very well,” Sam said.

“I practice a lot,” Amy replied.

They chatted while they ate.

“How would you like to experience being a DAE?” Sam asked. “You would be much more handicapped. I am not sure you could do some of the things you do now, but it would certainly give you a much greater challenge,” Sam said.

“But how could I do that?”

“Well I can construct a new set of arms for you. The forearm sockets would be molded to your forearms and go up to you elbows. The upper arms would be fitted to a socket also molded to you that would extend from your elbows to your armpits. Instead of the regular DAE elbow joints I would use special hinges with the same locking mechanism that DAE elbow joints have. These are sometimes used for ver short BE amputees as well. You would have no ability to rotate your forearms. You would also have to lock and unlock the elbow hinges to open and close your hooks just like a DAE.”

“I could never afford them, but God I would love to try something like that,” Amy said.

“I would make them for you for just my cost of the materials. You could use your 5X hooks, switching them between your current prosthesis and the new. If being a DAE is too difficult you could spend most of your time as you are now and just enjoy the added debility when you wanted. How does that sound?” Sam asked.

“Too good to be true,” Amy replied eagerly.

“Well let’s plan on it. I bet you would love them. I can do the molds whenever you want,” Sam said.

Amy was thrilled. This was something she never expected. When she had to use the ladies room she was happy she had on the garter belt. The one mistake she made was that her panties were under the garters. However, Amy managed to pull her panties to the side using her hook so she could pee. That worked quite well and her legs remained covered in her nylon stockings. Her garters held. As she touched up her makeup at the mirror she felt so incredibly sexy. How could having prosthetic hooks instead of hands be such a turn on? They were though. She loved being like this.

After dinner Sam drove Amy home. “Would you like to come in?” Amy asked.

“I have an early day tomorrow Amy, but thanks anyway,” Sam replied. He gave her a gentle kiss and headed back to his car.

The following week Amy went to Sam’s shop and had molds made of both her arms all the way to her armpits. She was very excited at the thought of having hooks that would make her as handicapped as a DAE.

After Sam called to tell her that her new prosthesis was ready she took the first opportunity to go to Sam’s shop for her fitting. She was very excited when she got there. Sam led her in to the shop area. When Sam showed her the new prosthesis she knew immediately that she would love it. After removing her top and old prosthesis Amy just sat there wearing her stump socks while Sam removed her two 5X hooks and screwed them into the articulating wrists of her new prosthesis. He attached the two control cables.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I can’t wait to get them on!” Amy said with obvious excitement.

She tool in the long forearm sockets, full upper arm sockets, and the hinges connecting the two. She knew she would be quite rigid with no ability to rotate her forearm as she could before. She quickly slipped into the hooks as Sam held them. They fit very tightly both above and below.

“Incredible! These are so cool,” Amy said.

Sam adjusted the cables and explained the technique to lock and unlock the elbows.

“Remember, you have to lock your elbows to use your hooks. That will make things much harder,” Sam said. You will probably find that you can no longer do some of the things you used to e able to do, or at least with far greater difficulty. Getting dressed is going to be a major challenge.”

“I know, but I think I will like being this way. I will probably e much more aware I have hooks. I got so used to my hooks that I sometimes forget I have them on until I need to do something,” Amy said.

Amy experimented with locking and unlocking her elbows, raising and lowering her arms by using the control cable. She really didn’t have to do it that way, but she wanted to concentrate on doing it that way to appear more natural as a DAE. She could only rotate her hooks a little by moving her elbows away from her body. She would have to rotate her hooks at the wrist unit. That proved to be much harder than she thought it would be. Thank God she still had articulating wrists. Tilting was now even more important. The sockets felt so different since they covered essentially her entire arms.

“I love them,” Amy said. “I can’t wait to go out like this. They look so good that maybe I could even get away wearing a sleeveless top.”

“I think you could,” Sam said. “Even though your arms are a little longer than normal you can keep your elbows locked at a slight angle and you will appear more normal. I doubt anyone will be able to tell. I tapered your socket and that improves the look. A sleeveless top would be easier to get into as well.”

Sam made sure everything was adjusted perfectly before Amy left for home. She hoped she could drive. She carried her old hooks out to the car. It took some time but Amy finally got the car running and cautiously drove home. That evening she began to experience life as a DAE. She was becoming so turned on that finally she gave in and used her hooks to touch herself down below enough to relieve the tension. After a few days practice she felt she was ready to go out.

Amy entered the mall for the first time using her new hooks and wearing a sleeveless top. Everyone could see the full extent of her prosthetics. She noticed far more stares than usual. She kept her arms locked at about a 15 degree angle. It felt so nice with her arms locked like that. Things were more difficult now, but the added effort made it more exciting, especially in public. Handling money was far more difficult and it was thrilling knowing a sales person was watching her every move as she very slowly manipulated her arms to position her hooks. Everything took more time now.

Sam called a few days later and asked Amy how she was doing. She told him all about her experiences with her new DAE hooks. He asked if she wanted to have dinner. Of course she did and they got together that night. Amy loved showing off her hooks but wore long sleeves for dinner that night.

“Am I the only pretender you know?” Amy asked at one point.

“Actually no. There is Samantha. She wears long leg braces attached to a pelvic band. She uses forearm crutches and with her hips locked she can only walk with a bit of a struggle.”

“I would love to meet her,” Amy said.

“I will give her a call and let you know what she says.

Sam and Amy finished there dinner and Amy returned home. Amy liked Sam, but there wasn’t really an attraction in a sexual way. It was more professional. Amy wondered why Sam supported her so much. She thought it must be that he was a devotee.

A day later Sam called to tell Amy that Samantha would love to meet her. She planned on shopping at the mall on Saturday and said they could meet there at around 11 AM. Amy agreed. After the call Amy started to wonder what it would be like to meet another pretender, another female. Amy wondered what it would be like wearing heavy long leg braces and hobbling around on crutches. She would find out when they met.


End of part two.