Vicki Hooks
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The Sisters
by Vicki

Chapter 5

My First Date

John called me the next day and asked if we could go out to dinner and a movie on Saturday night. Of course I said yes. What would I wear? I wanted to impress him. I could wear the red dress or a skirt and top. I decided to get a new dress and shoes. Laura offered to go with me, but I felt it was time I was on my own. I walked to the mall and sought out the perfect dress. I found it. It was sort of the classic little black dress. It was mid-thigh with a low cut bodice. It was sleeveless but with moderate straps that would cover my bra straps. It was funny, I know guys love to catch a glimpse of a girl’s bra straps, but now I wanted to look perfect. I was totally comfortable on my own as  a girl. I knew no one would have any doubts I was all girl. What they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them.

I got a perfect pair of shoes. Black platform pumps with a five inch heel. The one inch platform made the actual heel fell like a four inch heel, but look like it was five. I got two pairs of off black pantyhose. I knew the black stockings would make my legs look really sexy. My final stop was to get a bottle of black nail polish. I was on cloud nine as I walked home. I knew I would look and feel totally feminine and sexy.

That Saturday afternoon I took a long bath in scented bath oil. I shaved my legs and underarms. I wanted perfectly smooth legs. I had the feeling that John’s hand might wind up on my nylon covered thigh and I wanted him to enjoy the feeling. I also removed my red polish with nail polish remover. I made sure I didn’t have any trace of a beard. I was fortunate in that I had a pair of black panties and a black underwire bra. I got into them and fixed myself up between my legs. I had a smooth appearance. My maleness was well hidden. There would be no bulge under my relatively tight fitting dress. I pulled on my off black pantyhose and loved the sexy look. Before I put on my makeup I applied two coats of the black nail polish to my nails. I thought it was so sexy.

I spent a lot of time on my makeup. I applied a little more eyeliner and mascara than normal. I wished I could at least replace my lower studs with some nice hoop earrings, but I would have to wait a bit longer for that. I put my wig on and combed it perfectly. After adding some jewelry I put on my dress and heels. I looked in the full length mirror and a gorgeous girl reflected back at me. Finally I sprayed some perfume on my wrists and neck. I was all set. The doorbell rang a few minutes later and I let John in.

“Wow! You are a complete knockout. Don’t you feel a little weird wearing girl’s clothes and makeup?” John asked.

Girls don’t feel weird wearing girl’s clothes and I feel I am every bit a girl now. Wearing girl’s clothes is natural. Why would I not wear them? I love being a girl. I never want to be a boy again.”

“Well you sure look great in that dress,” John said. “And you smell so good too.”

John had recently gotten his driver’s license and so he had his family car. He ran around and opened the passenger door for me. I made sure I got in in a ladylike manner by sitting sideways and swinging my tightly closed legs inside. I always had to remember that I was wearing a dress. No peeks at my panties by the guys. I was quite pleased that I could walk in the heels quite well. John held my hand as we walked into the Italian restaurant. I did notice a few heads turned and I knew they were fixed on my nylon covered legs and my ample chest. I carefully sat down and crossed my legs. I loved the feeling of my nylon covered thighs rubbing together. I liked the fact that I had on a sleeveless dress exposing my bare arms and shaved underarms if I raised my arm. The black nail polish was a good choice to compliment my black dress and I loved having long nails. I wondered if all girls felt so sexy dressed like I was. Being female in public was so wonderful.

After we ordered I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I wanted to make sure my makeup was perfect. I applied a little more lipstick and a few other touchups. I felt totally at ease in the ladies room as another woman touched up her makeup next to me. I knew there was no way she would ever suspect I was anything but another female. There was no doubt that I was able to pass perfectly as a girl unless I was naked. I returned to the table and our meals arrived a bit later. John made sure that he always called me Danielle and nothing in our conversation could be overheard that would lead to anyone suspecting I was a male. I loved every minute of being a girl in public with a handsome boy. I saw other women at nearby tables and some were wearing short skirts or dresses and the fact that I was too made me feel so feminine. I looked at men in their drab male clothing and knew that females were so lucky. Wearing skirts, dresses, pantyhose and heels a pleasure that men could never experience. The feeling of my bra band and the weight of my breasts was very arousing. I was cinstantly reminded of my femininity. After we finished eating we headed back to the car. John put his arm around me and before I got in he kissed me.

“I hope you don’t mind, but you are turning me on so much,” he said.

“No, you make me feel like any girl would,” I replied.

We drove to the theater and John bought the tickets. We found seats and a few minutes later the movie started. After the lights went down John put his arm around me. It wasn’t long and his hand was on my leg just above the knee. Little by little it got higher and higher on my thigh. Eventually he reached my crotch and gently pushed on my pad. My male stuff was well concealed and he was pushing up above. I couldn’t believe the intense arousal I felt. It wasn’t at all like I had felt as a boy. I knew this was more the way girls must feel. At that moment I wished I had a vagina more than anything. I imagined having sex with John, girl sex. I would have to wait for that.

“Your nylon covered legs felt so incredible. I have never felt a girl’s legs when she was wearing pantyhose,” John said on the way home.

“Well I like wearing them, but when I touch them I don’t feel that excited. I do like walking in them when my thighs rub together and also when I cross my legs. If you want to touch them some more I will let you when we get to my room,” I said.

When we got to my house we headed to my room. I told John he could unzip my dress. After he did I stepped out of it. There I was in my heels, pantyhose covered legs with my panties showing underneath, and of course my black bra.

“Wow!” was all John could say.

We went to the bed and I let John run his hand all over my legs. I knew he was about to burst. Before I knew it he had his clothes off.

“John we can’t have sex. I am still a boy,” I exclaimed.

“Well let’s try something,” he said as he miraculously produced a condom and put in on over his erect penis.

What we wound up doing worked for both of us. He managed to get his penis between my legs and I squeezed. He was kissing me as well. I knew he exploded into the condom and I had an orgasm as well. We were both spent. After a few minutes we each went into the bathroom. I removed my pantyhose and panties. I had to replace my feminine pad of course. I put my pantyhose, shoes, and dress back on. We both agreed that this was a perfect end to the evening. John kissed me goodnight and we both knew that this was the start of something. I knew we both still had lingering thoughts about being gay, but I thought this was something else. I turned John on because I looked and acted like a girl, not a boy. I was reacting to a boy as any girl would. 


Danielle continues to become more feminized during the summer before she returns to school as a girl. Find out what she does in the next chapter.




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