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The Sisters
by Vicki

Chapter 4

The Shopping Spree 

We met Beth at the mall. Our first stop was lingerie. I needed bras and panties. Shopping for bras is such a female thing. You don’t do it with guys. Bras are so uniquely feminine that it is only fun with other girls. I never felt like I was intruding into the female world as I checked out the bras on the racks. I was wearing a bra after all. I needed one to hold my forms. Eventually I hoped I would need one to hold my real breasts, or at least implants which would be inside me and not removable. I just felt so incredibly feminine as I bought three bras and panties. The most fun was trying them on in the fitting room. Laura and Beth gave their approval of each one to help make my selections. Before we left lingerie I bought two baby doll style nightgowns which included panties. Now I would at least be dressed as a girl in bed. No more boy pajamas.

In the junior department I picked out thee cute skirts, all really short, and four tops. I selected styles that would show off my breasts. I also bought some shoes. Since it was summer, sandals were the most popular style to wear. I liked my polished toenails showing. My nails were getting quite long now and I loved to polish them. I did not plan on trimming them until I needed to and then I wanted to have it done professionally.

We were taking a break and the three of us were sitting on a bench when a girl came up to us.

“Hey guys. What are you up to and who is your friend?” a girl I recognized as Lisa said.

“I am Laura’s sister Danielle,” I replied not knowing what else to say.

“You have a sister Laura? I thought you had a brother,” Lisa said.

“Well I did, but now I have a sister. My brother is transgendered and is in the process of becoming a girl,” Laura replied.

“You have to be kidding. This is Dan? No way. She is a girl. Dan doesn’t have pierced ears or boobs.”

“I just got my ears pierced and these are breast forms. My hair is not mine. It is a hairpiece,” I explained.

“But you are totally a girl. You have makeup and I see your legs are shaved, eyebrows plucked, and you have pretty long nails for a guy,” Lisa insisted.

“Yeah, I have been working for a few weeks on all these things. I am living as a girl now and I hope to become one someday.”

“You mean have surgery to give you a vagina?”

“Yes. I will probably have breast implants and electrolysis for unwanted hair,” I continued to explain.

“This is way cool. Can I hang with you guys?” Lisa asked.

“Sure,” Laura said. “We are helping Danielle shop for her female wardrobe and other stuff,” Laura said.

The four of us sat there talking and watched a few guys check out our legs and boobs. A friend of Beth’s who I didn’t know came over. He went to a different school. She introduced us. He never indicated he had any doubts that I was a girl. In fact he started to hit on me as he joined us.

“Do you have a boyfriend Danielle?” he asked.

“Not at the moment,” I replied with mounting alarm.

“Want to go to a movie some time?” he asked. His name was Phil.

“Maybe,” I said for some reason. He had to run off and left the three of us.

“He is really cute,” Lisa said. “Are you going to take him up on a date?”

“Oh God, I shouldn’t have done that. Boys don’t turn me on yet and he would find out I am a guy,” I said.

“You mean you don’t get any kind of a turn on when a guy checks out your legs and ogles your breasts?” Lisa asked.

“Well maybe a little,” I said starting to wonder if maybe I was having some of those feelings. I certainly wasn’t getting turned on by girls like I was when I was dressed as a boy. Seeing them in fitting rooms, the ladies room, and spending time as one of them was changing me. I felt like a girl now.

The three girls helped me with just about everything to get me going. I even bought a pair of very short girl’s shorts. I resisted getting jeans as I was too afraid I would feel like a guy wearing them. Ditto tee shirts. I liked the look of tank tops and low cut sleeveless tops. Of course I loved skirts and dresses. Wearing a skirt made me feel so totally feminine. Guys could wear jeans, shorts, and even tank tops in male styles, but never a skirt or a dress. I now had my own handbag which I knew would be loaded with girl stuff in the near future. Laura even had me stock up on the feminine pads I used to keep my male stuff in place. Here I was buying feminine hygiene products. The sales clerk never batted an eye. She had no reason to. She had no idea I could never have a period. I bought just about every cosmetic I would need including several different shades of lipstick and nail polish. I loved wearing makeup. It made me feel so sexy when I looked in the mirror and my made up face was framed by my long hair with bangs and my four gold studs in my ears. I didn’t think I could ever go back to being a boy.

Beth helped Laura and me carry all the bags home. I had to give Laura credit. She was a trooper holding as many bags as she could in her hooks. We spent the next hour removing tags and arranging my bras and panties in a drawer that would be designated for my underwear. We hung up the skirts and placed my new tops in another drawer. The jewelry went into a little box Laura had. I couldn’t wait for my ears to heal so I could get some nice large hoops and other earrings. My cosmetics went on the dresser temporarily. I needed a vanity and makeup mirror. Mom said she would order a vanity and next time I was out I would get a makeup mirror. I placed the pads in another drawer. The shoes went into the closet. My new very own handbag and wallet remained. I would need to carry some cosmetics with me when I went out to touch up my makeup. Being a girl was so exciting. I was so happy that I could be one full time now. All in all it was a wonderful day.

Coming Out 

I had not been in contact with any of my male friends since school let out. I knew I would have to deal with that sooner or later. I was forced into it a couple of days later when the doorbell rang. Laura answered. It was my friend John.

“Is Dan here?” he asked.

“Let me see if I can find him,” Laura said letting him in. I was in my bedroom.

“John is here. Do you want to tell him you are not here?” Laura asked.

“No. I have to confront this sooner or later,” said. I went down to the living room.

“Hi John,” I said.

“Uh Dan? Why are you dressed like a girl? God, you have boobs and long hair. Are your ears really pierced?” he stammered.

“Yes John. I have been diagnosed as being transgendered. I am now living as a girl. I may eventually become one with hormones and surgery.” There, I got it out.

“You don’t look like a guy just dressed up like a girl. In fact you are totally hot as a girl. You have super legs, and that skirt. This is for real isn’t it?” John asked.

“Yes. I won’t blame you if you can’t accept this. Just please don’t tell any of my friends just yet.”

“Well I, uh, can’t help but think of you as a girl. You are not gross or anything. If you were really a girl I would ask you on a date. I still want to be your friend. I guess this is tough for you,” John said.

“Not really. I have been spending time shopping with Laura and two of her friends. They are really helping me learn to be a girl.”

“Can I help too?” John asked.

“Sure if you don’t make fun of me or tell anyone,” I pleaded.

“I promise. I came over to see if you wanted to get some pizza. I guess you don’t want to do that now.”

“Why not? Unless you would feel uncomfortable with me looking like this,” I replied.

“You’re kidding. You are really just so sexy. If you are with me I would be the envy of other guys. Okay, will you go out for pizza?”

“Yes,” I said with a little trepidation.

I got my purse and we walked to a pizza place a few blocks away. When we got there John ordered. We sat in a booth and John wanted me to tell him how all this started. I did. When the pizza came we ate and continued to talk. After we left we sat on a bench in a little park nearby. I was shocked when John placed his hand on my thigh. I jerked a little.

“I am sorry, but even though I know you are a guy you are turning me on big time. I can’t help it. This is crazy. I am not gay,” he said.

“I know, but a lot of sexual stimulus is visual. Your brain is telling you I am a female. If you were gay I wouldn’t be attractive to you,” I said mostly theorizing.

“Well are you still attracted to girls?” he asked.

“Yes and no. When I look at girls now I get aroused because I want so much to be one of them. When guys look at my breasts and legs I get a little turned on but it is mostly because it makes me feel more feminine.”

We went back to my house and John and I went to my room. I showed him my new clothes. I was reluctant, but I even showed him my panties and bras.

“Can we try something?” John asked.

“Like what?” I asked.

“An experiment.”

He guided me over to the bed and we sat down. Once again he placed his hand on my thigh, but this time he ran it way up under my skirt and near my crotch. His other hand cupped one of my breasts.

“You feel just like a girl. Your male stuff isn’t there and your breast feels so real.”

“Well my male stuff is tucked under there and I have a feminine pad on to hold things in place. My breast forms have the weight and feel of real breasts,” I explained.

“Do you like me touching you?”

“Yeah. I do,” I replied.

The next thing I knew was John was kissing me. I wanted to pull away, but I couldn’t. I kissed him back and the two of us laid back and he fondled me while we kissed. We kept our clothes on. Something really new had been taking place in my mind. I liked being touched by a boy.

“Oh God, maybe I am gay,” John exclaimed. “I really liked that way too much.”

“You’re not gay. You are responding to my looks. I am responding to you arousing my femininity. Neither of us wants to have sex with someone of the same gender. I guess I will feel differently when and if I become physically a girl. It would be different then. I would have a vagina. Right now I don’t want to have sex with a girl while I am trying to be one.”

“We could be boyfriend and girlfriend without sex. We could hang out together that way. We could have lots of fun,” John said.

“If you are willing, I am willing,” I agreed.

John left a little while later and we agreed to get together. He would not tell anyone about me. If we met someone he would introduce me as Danielle and say I was a friend he recently met. That was sort of true. He had just met Danielle.


Danielle goes on a date and continues to become more feminine. Find out what she does in the next chapter.

Chapter 5



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