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The Sisters
by Vicki

Chapter 3

The revelation 

After my mother got home it was soon time for dinner. That was the first time she saw my newly double pierced ears.

“Daniel, you got double pierces. I thought only girls did that.”

I don’t know why, but Laura forced a revelation I was not prepared to make. “We need to talk about this,” she said.

After dinner the three of us sat down and Laura did most of the talking. She explained how I got interested in her bras and panties and other girl’s clothing. She revealed that she let me try her things on. She went on to explain that we both thought I might be transgendered. My mother had heard the term. Laura and I then revealed that they had purchased breast forms and a wig. I think my mother was most shocked when we told her that I had my ears pierced while dressed as a girl. It took a while for all this information to sink in and my mother spent a few minutes before she spoke.

“I need to try to understand all this. If Dan is transgendered we need to seek medical advice. I am not so out of touch that I think there is a simple cure if this is true. I have seen enough shows on TV with this subject.”

“What can we do?” Laura asked.

“Well first I want to see Dan, or Danielle as you address him, dressed and acting like a girl. I want to better gauge the extent of this transformation. Why don’t you dress as a girl tomorrow Dan. I want to better understand your feelings,” my mother said.

Before I went to bed I applied alcohol to my four piercings and rotated the studs as I was instructed at the store. My studs would not come out for six weeks. Then I could wear different earrings during the day as long as they had posts and the four gold studs at night. I barely slept thinking about the morning.

After we got up and Laura was dressed and wearing her hooks I shaved my legs and bathed. I got into a nice bra and panty set of Laura’s. I wore my new skirt and a complimentary tank top that showed off my breasts. Laura made sure that my makeup was perfect, especially my eye makeup. I applied polish to my nails and finished off with some jewelry and, of course, my lovely wig. I spritzed a little perfume of Laura’s and we went to show mom. Her jaw dropped.

“Oh my. If I didn’t know you were a boy I could never tell. You look just like your sister. Do you feel like a girl or a boy just dressing up?” she asked.

Mom, I feel like I should be a girl. I feel so feminine. I want to be this way. Can I please dress like this every day? School is out and so that is no problem. I want to try living as a girl.”

“I don’t know what to say. You make such a lovely girl that I don’t know how I could say no,” she replied. “I guess we had better try this out, at least for a while.”

“Thank you. I really want to experience what it is like to be a girl. Maybe it is just some passing thing. Maybe I am not transgendered. I don’t know,” I explained.

“I need to talk to a professional to make sure I am doing the right thing,” she said. Laura and I agreed.

“Would you two like to go out to dinner tonight as my two daughters?”

We both nodded.

“Maybe you two should go to the mall with me and we can buy Dan, I mean Danielle, a nice dress and maybe some nice pumps with high heels.” My mother seemed to be really getting into this.

We did just that. Not only did I get a lovely red sleeveless dress that was mid-thigh length, but I got matching pumps with three inch heels. Laura was a big help coaching me in the fitting rooms. The dress had a back zipper and I couldn’t zip it. Laura used one of her hooks to zip it. It was a little hard for her since her hook didn’t have a lot of grip on the zipper tang. Laura had little key rings on some of the zippers on her clothes. She needed a good grip to zip up her jeans. I wasn’t sure I could walk in the heels, but I knew I wanted to try. We went to the lingerie department and I bought a matching bra and panty set with fuller coverage cups to fit my forms better. To my surprise my mother made sure I had a couple of pairs of pantyhose. The thought of my legs encased in nylon was exciting.

Later that day I took a shower, dressed in my new clothes from my bra and panties out. After I got my pantyhose on I slipped into the shoes. The feeling of the pantyhose was incredible over my shaved legs. With fresh makeup I was a beautiful girl. Laura also had on a lovely blue dress. I had to put her pantyhose on for her. She could not do that with her hooks. She would also need someone to help her in the ladies room. There was no way she could manage the pantyhose by herself.

All three of us enjoyed our dinner at the restaurant my mother picked for us. As I sat there with my pantyhose covered legs crossed I felt more than ever that I should be a girl. I felt so comfortable as a female. There were just so many things to experience in the feminine world and I knew I could do it undetected. The approving looks I got from men proved that beyond a doubt. When I looked at other girls and women I felt I was one of them. They were no longer a sexual turn on for me other than I wanted to be them. There was hardly any boy girl thing going on. Boys didn’t excite me other than when I showed off my legs and breasts. I got to do that at the mall a few times as the three of us took a break and I sat on a bench with my legs crossed. I made sure I sat straight so my breasts were as obvious as they could be. When a guy gave me that approving look I did get a little aroused. It was mostly because it made me feel more like a girl.


Doctor’s Orders 

The next day was my mother’s day off. After I got dressed in one of Laura’s skirts and tops, I put on my makeup and wig, I went to see what my mother was doing. She was on the phone. I listened in and realized she was talking to a doctor. After she hung up she told me about her conversation.

“I called our family doctor’s office and got the name of a doctor who specialized in transgendered youth. I just got off the phone with her. Luckily she has a cancellation this afternoon and can see us at two. She said that you should come dressed as a girl unless you feel uncomfortable. Are you up to seeing her?”

“Oh yes. Do I look okay like this?” I asked.

“You look quite lovely in that little skirt and top. It’s perfect.”

After we arrived we were escorted into Dr. Clark’s office. She was a woman in her late 30’s. I immediately took note of the fact that she had on a short sleeve dress with a high hemline. She was wearing pantyhose and high heels. We all sat in comfortable chairs facing each other. She crossed her legs and I did the same. She was extremely attractive.

“Before we begin I want to reveal something to you. I have personal experience with being transgendered. I was born a male. It has been many years now since I had sex reassignment surgery. I am married to a man and we have two adopted children,” Dr. Clark explained. There was no way we could have guessed this. Dr. Clark was every inch a female.

 “Not all situations work out as well as mine and so we need to be sure before any irrevocable steps are taken.”

Dr. Clark asked my mother to step out into the waiting room while she interviewed me. We spoke for 30 minutes or so. I told her about Laura and how this began. She asked me all sorts of intimate questions about how I felt towards males, females, and how I felt dressed as a girl and being accepted as one. She then had my mother come back in.

“I believe there is a good possibility your son may very well be transgendered. In order to be more certain we need to be sure this is not a passing stage. Many boys have fetishes over girl’s clothing. I don’t think that is the case with Dan,” Dr. Clark said.

“How can we find out for sure?” my mother asked.

“I would like your son to dress and live as a girl for the next two months. This should not be something he does when he gets the urge. He must be committed 24 hours a day and interact outside the house as much as possible, especially with other girls. I suggest that you pack up all his male clothing and any other specifically male things he has. Let him buy his own clothes and set up his bedroom as a girl would. He needs to be his own person. It is okay for him to borrow his sister’s clothing for a while, but he must have is own identity as a female. We call this ‘total immersion’”

“What happens after two months? School starts then,” my mother asked.

“We will continue to meet every two weeks to assess his progress as a female. If he, or she as we need to now refer to him, still feels strongly that she would like to be permanently and surgically transformed into a female we will proceed with at least a year of initial transition.”

“What about school?” I asked.

“That will be a challenge. I will arrange with your school to allow you to return as a female student. You will no doubt have some major issues with other students at first, but usually that passes and I have found that after a couple of months with everyone seeing you as a girl you will slowly be accepted as one,” Dr. Clark explained.

“What else takes place during that year?” my mother asked.

“Well we start on aggressive hormone therapy, electrolysis where needed, and sometimes steps like breast augmentation. This can be reversed and that is why we do not do reassignment surgery for at least a year.”

We thanked the doctor and went back home. I know my mother was confused to some extent, but she now had medical advice that allowing me to continue down this pass for now was the right thing to do. The one thing that Dr. Clark had said was that not taking these steps and trying to cure me of my desires could let to sever consequences including suicides that have occurred in some transgendered teens who have not been treated professionally.

After we got home we filled in Laura about our visit and the three of us cleaned out my room of all things male. I only had a few articles of female clothing including a bra and panty set, the skirt I had bought, and the dress and heels. Our mom gave us the green light to shop for whatever I needed to build a female wardrobe. That included things like cosmetics, perfume, combs and brushes, jewelry, and accessories. Laura and I planned to shop the next day. We would see if Beth would help. 

How will the shopping spree turn out? What happens when a male friend comes to Danielle's house and finds her instead of Dan? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 4



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