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The Sisters
by Vicki

Chapter 1

The Accident 

The accident changed our lives forever. My father and twin sister Laura were driving home when the car went out of control due to a mechanical defect. My father was killed and my sister’s arms were crushed. Both of her arms were amputated above the elbow. Our family was devastated. Laura was amazing in that she did not let her injuries get the best of her. Her recovery was painful not only for her, but for my mother and me. Nevertheless she kept an upbeat attitude and vowed not to let her new disability get the best of her.

After her two stumps were sufficiently healed she was fitted with prosthetic arms. These arms did not have artificial hands, but rather two metal hooks. I will never forget how excited she was when she first got them and started to learn how to use them. It was difficult and she couldn’t do a lot of things, but she was amazing in how quickly she became quite functional. She learned how to raise and lower her arms, lock her elbow joints, and open and close her hooks to grasp things. She learned to eat with her hooks. Of course she couldn’t bathe or dress herself, but once she was wearing her hooks she could do most of the things she wanted. She was even able to return to school. At first she was self-conscious about her hooks, but eventually she started to not care about what people thought or the pity she was subjected to now and then. Even her friends accepted her as they had before the accident. She went out with them just like a normal girl. They were helpful shopping as they helped her try things on.

During her recovery period we had a caregiver to help her with the things she could not do herself. She was very helpful and taught Laura how to apply her own makeup and develop little tricks to do things with her hooks. Before she got her prosthesis she had to be fed and helped with almost everything. Now she was quite self-sufficient except for bathing and dressing, and some other things I won’t mention. Unfortunately the insurance money was running out and we had to give up the caregiver. Eventually we hoped to get a large settlement from the auto manufacturer, but that looked like several years away. It was now up to my mother and me to help Laura. My mother returned to work and that meant that I would have to help Laura. The major needs were bathing and dressing.

The first time I had to bathe Laura and help her dress was the height of embarrassment for me. I had seen Laura naked when we were just little kids, but now she was a developing woman. She knew I was embarrassed and tried to ease my tension.

“Okay Dan I think you need to get comfortable with my body. Take my nightgown off,” she instructed. I did that revealing her full feminine curves. Laura had well developed breasts and female private parts.

“Oh man this is so embarrassing,” I stammered.

“Don’t be shy. Go ahead and touch my boobs. I also want you to become familiar with what is between my legs,” Laura said.

She lied down on the bed and spread her legs. She had me learn all about her vaginal area. I knew where her clitoris was and her urethral opening.

“I pee out of that little hole,” she explained. “Now it is time to give me a bath.

She tutored me in washing her hair and bathing her. Fortunately she did not want me to shave her legs or underarms. I would need to do that of course, but not the first day. After I dried her hair and body it was time to dress her. First I had to help her into her panties and then her bra.

“Hold my bra up so I can get my stumps through the straps and then fasten the hooks in back,” she instructed.

After her straps were in place she had me slip on her stump socks and help her get her stumps into the sockets of her prosthesis. She tested her hooks. Next I helped her into a short skirt and a sleeveless tank top. She had no issue displaying her prosthesis. She didn’t make an effort to hide it. Last I helped her into a pair of sandals. Laura could apply her makeup, but I had to help her into two pairs of earrings since her ears were double pierced. I also helped her fix her hair.

Strange Feelings 

After a couple of weeks I got used to shaving Laura’s legs and bathing her most private parts. I even learned to place a feminine pad in her panties when she got her period. It was then that I started to have some feelings about her feminine underwear and clothing. It was not like the usual male response. I started to wonder what it was like to wear girl’s clothing.

“What does it feel like wearing a bra?” I asked Laura one day as I was helping her into her underwire bra.

“Well bras aren’t really all that comfortable, but wearing a bra makes a girl feel very feminine,” Laura replied. “Do you want to find out?”

“Well uh yeah, I guess so,” I managed to say.

“We are about the same size, except I have breasts and you don’t. The band should fit. Go get one of my bras and while you are at it a pair of panties.”

“Panties?” I asked. I did as she suggested and just stood there.

“Go on and take your clothes off. You see me naked all the time. I should see you that way too.” I took off my clothes and then the worst thing happened. I got a great big old erection. It wasn’t seeing Laura naked, but rather the idea that I would be putting on a bra and panties.

“Oh my!” Laura said giggling. “If you are going to be a girl you can’t have that thing showing. Wait until you cool off. Maybe if you fold your penis back between your legs and use one of my pads in you panties it will keep it in place.”

Eventually I shrunk back down and got the pad and put it into the crotch of her panties. I pulled them on and did manage to fold back my penis. I also pushed my testicles up into my body. The pad did hold everything in place and I was amazed that with my penis folded back I did not get another erection. I also saw that I had a smooth feminine contour between my legs with a telltale outline of the menstrual pad. I put the bra on. I knew how to do that, of course, since I helped Laura with her bra.

“You look kind of funny with nothing to fill the cups.” Laura said.

We solved that with some socks used as padding. I looked in the mirror and it looked like I had real breasts.

“Well let’s not stop there my dear brother. Put on a skirt and a tank top. Some sandals as well,” Laura urged me.

I did as she requested.

“How does wearing my clothes and underwear feel?”

“Well I kind of like the feel. The bra feels strange though.”

“You get used to it. If you had longer hair and got rid of all that ugly leg hair you might actually pass for a girl with some makeup,” Laura stated.

“You really think so?”

“I know it. You have my features and are not all that masculine. We have to get ready for school so you better stop being a girl.”

Over the next couple of weeks I took a lot more interest in Laura’s clothes, especially her underwear. I started to know each and every bra and panty she owned. I even made suggestions about what skirt and top I thought she should wear. Girls certainly were lucky to be able to wear jeans, tee shirts, and the type of clothing boys wore, but also skirts and dresses. This was not to mention wearing bras and panties underneath,

“You really have a thing for girl’s clothes don’t you brother?” Laura stated more than asked.

“I guess so. You are so lucky to be a girl,” I replied.

“Do you wish you were born a girl?”

“I don’t think so, but maybe just a little,” I said.

“How would you like to spend the day as a girl?” she asked.

“Well uh maybe,” I said knowing full well that I did.

“Come on, it will be fun. There is one thing you have to do. You need to shave your legs and underarms,” Laura insisted.

After debating it for a while I decided to do it. My mother worked on Saturdays and Laura and I had the day to ourselves. We agreed that I would spend the next Saturday dressed as a girl.

What happens after Dan dresses as a girl for a day? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 2



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