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Milwaukee Brace Weekend
by Vicki

The following is a true account of a recent weekend I spent wearing my Milwaukee brace 23 hours a day. I got a taste of what it is like for a girl to be required to wear her Milwaukee brace 23/7 for years. I have heard that some girls are required to wear a brace for upwards of ten years. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. This accounting is a prequel to my more devotee oriented upcoming story.

My weekend started when I got home from work. I removed my clothes and put on a fresh pair of panties and a clean bra. I then put on a camisole made of soft material that would serve as the undershirt of my brace. I planned to sleep in my brace that night and would not take off my brace until I bathed the following morning. That would be close to 12 hours later. I would just sleep in my bra and panties.

My Milwaukee brace consists of a standard neck ring with a plastic throat mold in front and two occipital pads in back. The ring closes by means of a knurled nut that is hand tightened. When I am standing the neck ring rides fairly low and I can turn my head. When I sit it moves up to almost chin level.

 Down below I have a pelvic girdle that was molded to my body. It fastens in back with three straps. In the front is a one inch wide aluminum bar that reaches from just above my pubic area to the front of my neck ring just below the throat mold.

This anterior bar is attached to the pelvic girdle. In the back, or posterior, I have two three quarter inch aluminum bars that attach to my neck ring and run down my back all the way to the bottom of the pelvic girdle. The posterior bars are screwed to the pelvic girdle similar to the bars in front. The pelvic girdle extends from just below my breasts on top. The front is tapered to allow leg bending. The rear extends to just above the level of a chair if I were sitting.

Once I am in my brace and the straps of the pelvic girdle are tightened, and the neck ring closed in back, I can’t bend at all above my hips. I can’t bend my head forward or back except for a small degree. I am rigid from my hips to my neck. You can think of this as being forced to stand perfectly straight and look forward. If I want to look down I have to bend at the hips. Reaching for something on the ground without bending my knees is pretty much impossible.

Anyway, I got into my Milwaukee brace and made sure it was tight. A thrill ran through me with the anticipation that it wouldn’t come off until the next morning and even then only for less than an hour. It would go back on for close to 24 hours after that. I knew it would be difficult. I dressed in a skirt and tank top. The skirt had an elastic band as I needed something larger than my normal size to fit over the rigid pelvic girdle. I slipped on a pair of casual shoes.

I should point out that the first hour or two after I put my brace on are the toughest. It is very uncomfortable. The forced rigidity can be almost intolerable for a period of time. I can rotate my head to some extent, but not quite as well as I normally would. Not being able to bend my upper body is restricting.

I proceeded to get myself a glass of wine and start making my dinner. As I busied myself I became less aware of the difficulty of wearing the brace and it slowly became more comfortable. As my dinner baked in the oven I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Sitting in a Milwaukee brace is not as easy as you think. Since my back had to be completely straight only a straight back chair provides the right support. There is the additional tendency for the brace to push up. This forces the neck ring higher and is uncomfortable. I used some pillows to make sitting more comfortable.

Eating isn’t too bad except that it’s a bit hard to look down at your plate. You can’t just bend your head. If you try you hit the throat mold and that stops your head from going down. After I finished my dinner I answered some e-mail and checked a few sights on the web. I then returned to the TV to relax for the rest of the evening. By then my brace was less uncomfortable although I was still very much aware I had it on. I thought about sleeping that night and hoped I could get  to sleep. Sleeping in a Milwaukee brace is the most uncomfortable activity. Standing and walking are the easiest since your body is up straight.

Eventually I decided to go to bed. By then I wasn’t all that uncomfortable. That was until I got into bed. Almost  no position I got into was comfortable. Flat on my back was the most comfortable except that the occipital pads pressed into my head. The neck ring was really a pain since it forced me to keep my head in one position. If I turned my head the neck ring would press on my neck and hurt. I still wonder how young girls slept like this every night for years. I finally found a more comfortable position and fell asleep.

As soon as I woke up the next morning I realized I had my Milwaukee brace on. I was used to just sitting up. No way. Since I could only bend at the hips and not the waist I had to turn over and pull my legs up to use my hips to sit up. I knew that I had only an hour out of my brace to bathe before I had to put my brace back on. After taking my brace off I removed my camisole, bra, and panties. It felt so good to be unrestricted. I shaved my legs and underarms, took a shower, and did the other bathroom chores. The moment of putting my brace on was getting closer. I put on a clean bra, panties,  a pair of pantyhose, and camisole. This was it. Once I put on my brace it would stay on for the next 24 hours. After I tightened the straps and closed the neck ring I immediately felt the restriction of not being able to bend and the constant annoyance of the metal neck ring and its throat mold and occipital pads.

I decided to wear a short black skirt and a sleeveless top. The skirt I chose had an elastic waistband that allowed them to fit over my pelvic girdle. Once my skirt was on I slipped into a pair of four inch black heels. I loved the look of high heels when wearing a skirt. Finally I pulled a nice black sleeveless top over my head. The neckline was not too low so only a portion of my front bar showed. Of course my neck ring and throat mold were clearly visible. My hair pretty much hid my occipital pads and the two posterior bars. I then put on some jewelry and did my makeup.



I planned on spending the day out shopping wearing my brace. I knew people would be able to see my neck ring and throat mold and wonder what it was for. Of course it might also be noticed that I never bent at the waist and was always standing completely straight. After I got to the mall I went to the food court to get a cup of coffee. I could not rest my back on the chair as it was inclined. I had to sit up perfectly straight. After I finished I window shopped for a while and eventually bought a new bra and some panties. I always love to shop for lingerie. As I checked out the sales lady commented on my brace.

"That looks uncomfortable dear. What does that bar attach to?" she asked.

"Oh, it goes all the way down to here," I replied pointing to where it ended. "I have two more bars in back. They all are attached to a kind of girdle around my pelvis. It is molded to my body. I can't bend at the waist at all."

"How often do you have to wear it?"

"I wear it 23 hours a day. I only take it off to bathe," I explained.

I think she was a little shocked and declined to comment further. She thanked me for my purchases and I left. I bought a few other things and headed home. I enjoyed the experience and especially the fact that I knew people were aware of my brace.

When I got home I puttered around a bit and took a nap. I spent some time preparing a nice dinner and spent the evening watching TV. I had now been wearing my brace for over 24 hours except for the hour I took bathing that morning. All I did to prepare for bed was to pull my pantyhose from under my pelvic girdle. I found that I could loosen the straps and pull them off. That is what I did to get my panties down to pee. I could then push them up under the girdle and retighten the straps. My brace never came off and I got no relief from the rigidity. I managed to fall asleep more easily the second night.

The next morning I was happy for the hour out of my brace. It passed all too quickly and I was then back in my brace for another 24 hours. I dressed in jeans and a tank top. I went grocery shopping during the day. For dinner I decided to stop off at a local restaurant. Nothing eventful, but it helped pass the time. Before I knew it my second day was over.

The next morning I took my brace off and I didn't have to put it back on since I had to go to work. My weekend was over. All in all I spent over 60 hours in my Milwaukee brace and only two hours with it off. I still find it difficult how teen girls could live like this for years. The thought of being 23/7 in a Milwaukee brace was quite intriguing. Perhaps when I got a two week vacation I could wear my brace for the two weeks straight.

If you liked this accounting and are anxious to read my fictional Milwaukee brace story please send me an e-mail or post a comment on the home page.


The End



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