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The Milwaukee Brace
By Vicki

Chapter 7

Kim's Request

I had a dinner date with Dan on Friday night. After I got home I removed my brace and took a shower. After I put my bra and panties on I got back into my brace. I was so used to my brace that I didn't like not having it on even for a short period, I felt so much better with the support it gave me. Instead of being uncomfortable, my neck ring was a pleasure to me. It just felt right having it supporting my head. Dan picked me up and we headed to one of our favorite restaurants.

"So how was your shopping with Ann?" Dan asked.

"It was wonderful. She is amazing using her hooks," I said.

"Yes she is," Dan replied.

"I confessed to her that I really didn't need to wear my brace. I was really surprised that she understood. In fact she had found out on the internet that there are a lot of pretenders who like to use leg braces, wheelchairs and even had their own prosthetic hooks. I was stunned that it was possible to use hooks even though the person wasn't an amputee."

"Yes. It is possible," Dan said.

"She also told me she thought you were some kind of devotee. I wasn't surprised since you obviously like to see me wearing my Milwaukee brace."

"Yes, to be honest, I do enjoy the way you look in your brace."

"Do you like the way Ann looks wearing her hooks?" I asked sheepishly.

"Yes. I especially like girls who are double arm amputees who use hooks. Double above the elbow amputees are my favorite," Dan explained.

"Would you like it if I had hooks?"

"Of course. Do you want to?" Dan asked.

"As a matter of fact I do. Could I use two hooks and wear my brace at the same time?"

"Sure. You would have to wear your arm prosthesis under your brace. The harness needs to be tight around your shoulders. Of course you would not be able to put your brace on using hooks. Someone would have to put your brace on for you. You would not be able to remove your brace or hooks once they were on. You would also need help dressing, especially with your brace on as well," Dan explained.

"Wow. That would be a restriction. Unless someone helped me I would be stuck in both the hooks and the brace."

"Yes. No question about that."

"I guess the only kind of pretend arm prosthesis would be for a below the elbow amputee. I would really love to have elbow joints like Ann's that I would have to lock and unlock," I said. "I guess that would be impossible."

"That's not really true. Of course you can't have the kind of elbow joints that Ann has, but for below the elbow amputees who have extremely short stumps we have to use special locking hinges. Girls with really short below the elbow stumps can't raise or lower there arms without assistance from their control cables. The hinges lock and unlock just like a standard elbow joint. She has to lock her hinges to open and close her hooks."

"That is really interesting. I think I would like hooks like that," I replied eagerly."

"Okay, I will make you your very own hooks. I am sure you will be a knockout with two hooks and your Milwaukee brace. You would have to practice raising and lowering your arms using your control cables rather than your muscles. You would relax your arms and let the cables do the lifting. Once locked you would experience using your hooks just like Ann does."

For the rest of the dinner Dan revealed more of his devotee interests. While he liked women in leg braces his favorite was women with two hooks. I was thrilled that I would make him happy with my latest interest."

The next morning I met Dan at his shop to be molded. He had me remove my top and placed a plastic cape around me. He slipped tightly fitting stockinet over my arms and then wrapped the plaster bandages over my arms. I had to place my thumbs under my fingers and close my hands into tight fists. He wrapped the bandages all the way up to my armpits. While the plaster dried he explained the process.

"After I remove the casts I will make a reverse mold of your arms. I will need to build up the area by you wrists to make a taper. When I make the forearm sockets you will be able to slip your fists into the sockets since there will not be a constriction at the wrists. The upper sockets will go all the way up to your armpits. There will only be a small gap between the upper and lower sockets where the hinges connect the two halves. You will have absolutely no ability to rotate your hooks like a below the elbow amputee does. Above the elbow arm amputees have much more difficulty positioning their hooks. I am sure you have noticed how Ann has to manually rotate and tilt her hooks at the wrist. I will explain how that works when you get into your prosthesis for the first time."

I was getting really turned on at the thought of being so handicapped. I wanted to be able to know exactly how Ann feels needing her hooks to do everything. After Dan removed the casts with the cast saw I cleaned up and put my top on.

"You mentioned that I would not be able to put my brace on after I got into my hooks. I never want to be without my brace. It is part of me now. I guess I will have to find someone to help me."

"Well I could stop by and help you, but you would be stuck all day until I could get back. You would have to depend on your hooks," Dan said.

"That might add to the enjoyment though," I replied. "Of course I wouldn't be wearing my hooks to work, so the only times I could use them would be after work and on weekends."

"Well maybe we will just have to live together," Dan said. That way you could wear your hooks at all times you were not at work."

"You mean it?" I asked.

"Sure. Just the thought of seeing you with a Milwaukee brace and a pair of hooks is something I would not be able to pass up," Dan said.

The Fitting

My hooks were ready the next weekend. I met Dan at his shop. He showed me my new hooks and I thought I would orgasm on the spot. They were incredible. They looked just like Ann's hooks. Dan helped me off with my top and then my brace. I was immediately uncomfortable without the support my brace gave me. I didn't like that I could bend at my waist.

Next Dan had me make a fist while he pulled on a long stump sock on my right arm. It went all the way up to my armpit. He repeated this for my other arm. The moment I was waiting for came next. He held my prosthesis while I slipped my right arm into the upper socket and all the way down into the lower socket until it bottomed out. He positioned the harness over my shoulders as I slipped my left arm into the left sockets. He then adjusted the two cables on each side. One was the main cable that raised and lowered the arm and the other was for locking and unlocking the elbow hinges.

"Before you explain how I should do things can you put my brace back on?"

"Sure Kim," Dan said.

He helped me slip my arms between the front bar and rear bar on each side. He fastened the straps on my pelvic girdle and the knob at the back of my neck ring. It felt so good to feel my neck ring again and to have the support of my brace back. I really didn't like not having the security of my neck ring to hold my head up.

For the next hour Dan showed me how to raise and lower my arms, lock and unlock my elbows, and open and close my hooks. He also showed me how to push the little buttons on my wrist units so I could tilt my hooks in two positions in addition to straight. He had me pick up things. As I glanced in the large mirrors on the wall I loved the way I looked in my hooks and my brace. I knew at that moment that I wanted to live permanently with both hooks and my  Milwaukee brace.

Eventually Dan helped me into my long sleeved top. Fortunately the sleeves were long enough to cover my forearm sockets to wrist level. Now all that could be seen of my prosthesis were my two lovely shiny hooks.

"Let's go out to dinner," Dan said.

"Like this?" I exclaimed.

"Well you are going to be using your hooks as much as you can, I know, and the sooner you go out in public the better."

I managed to grab my purse with one of my hooks and we drove to the restaurant. I knew every eye was on me as we walked in. After we sat down Dan ordered a couple of glasses of wine. Holding the glass was my first challenge. Dan explained how I should hold the glass by the stem after I locked my arm in the proper position and then slowly bring it to my lips. I actually did it. I then put the glass down, opened my hook, and carefully pulled it away.

"You did great Kim," Dan said.

We ordered dinner and chatted about my new life in hooks. When the meal came Dan cut up my food into small pieces. He then helped me position my fork in my right hook. There is a special way to do this using the "thumb" which it the lever where the control cable connects to the hook. I speared a piece of food and brought it to my mouth. I had to kind of eat it off the side of the fork.

"We will have to work on eating," Dan said. "Using a fork and a knife at the same time is much harder, but you have to learn how to eat."

I was even able to drink my coffee using a clever technique Dan showed me. You can't just try to hold the handle the obvious way. You have to slip your hook into the handle and balance the cup with your hook.

Dan took me home. I left my car at his shop. I would get it the next day. We drank some wine and talked about my new life using my prosthetic hooks. I had been wearing my hooks for several hours by then and I was getting used to them to a small extent. Eventually Dan helped me out of my brace and removed my hooks. I then put my brace back on and said good night. Dan would be back in the morning. That night I dreamed about life without hands and needing hooks for everything.

Getting Out

The next day Dan came around nine. The first thing we did is get me back into my hooks. I would spend the next 12 hours wearing my hooks. Dan fixed some breakfast and once again I ate with my hooks. I got a little better.

"Let's go to the mall," Dan suggested.

"I guess so," I replied.

All I can say is that it was quite a day. Dan accompanied me as I shopped wearing my hooks. I was able to take hangers off the rack and hold up the clothing. I did not try anything on. I knew I couldn't do that and Dan couldn't go into the ladies fitting rooms with me. I bought a new skirt and hoped it would fit. Dan bought it for me as I knew I couldn't handle money yet. We had a snack at the food court. We spent the rest of the afternoon just walking around the stores. I was getting more comfortable in my hooks and I was less aware of the stares. I was also getting much better at relaxing my arms and raising and lowering them with my control cables rather than my arm muscles. Dan had told me to keep a little tension on the control cable by lowering my arm as I used my shoulders to raise or lower my arms. he tension keep the cable taught and made me look more authentic as an above the elbow amputee.

That night Dan got some Chinese food takeout. No chopsticks for me. I had no choice but to use a fork.

"You really like your hooks, don't you?" Dan stated more than asked.

"Oh yes. I just wish I could wear them every day. I have work tomorrow and I guess it will be back to normal. I can't ask you to come over every night to get me into my hooks."

"Well that would be solved if you moved in with me," Dan said.

Over the next couple of weeks I got to use my hooks a few times during the week when Dan came over after work. Meanwhile I contacted Ann to tell her about my new hooks.

"That's terrific," Ann  said. "I guess I can now teach you all me tricks. Would you like to spend next Saturday with me? We can go shopping. Just two armless girls."

"I would love that," I replied eagerly.

The next weekend Dan came over and got me into my hooks. Ann picked me up and we headed to the mall. It was a fantastic day. It felt so nice to be with someone who also had to do everything with her hooks. Ann was a great help. I even got the hang of handling money to pay for my purchases. Since it was just the two of us we had no one to help us  if there was something we couldn't do with our hooks. we would have to ask a stranger and we didn't want to do that except as a last resort.

"I guess you are happy you can take your hooks off when you get tired of them," Ann said as we were having a cup of coffee. I had learned to hold the paper cup by the rim with my hook.

"Well so far I like using them instead of hands. Maybe if I didn't have arms I would not be quite as enthusiastic."

"I don't have a choice and so my hooks are all I will have for the rest of my life," Ann said.

I felt a little guilty over the pleasure I got from my brace and my new hooks.

"I am sorry," I said.

"Oh don't be. Knowing someone actually enjoys using hooks is quite acceptable to me," Ann replied. "I am sure you are starting to realize that having no hands is a really significant disability. At times it will be frustrating when you realize you will never be able to do something that is trivial for someone with hands."

I knew that I would soon find out just how handicapped I was. Ann taught me a lot that day and I mulled everything over when I got home.

Permanently Hooked and Braced

Eventually I just couldn't stand not using my hooks full time. I took Dan up on his offer to move in. At least I would get a chance to use my hooks every day even if only for a few hours at night. Dan loved to take my out when I was using my hooks. Of course he loved the way I looked in my brace. He loved the way my neck ring held my head up. Now if only I could get a job where I could wear my hooks. That dream came true.

"Do you still want to live full time as an arm amputee?" Dan asked.

"You know I do," I replied.

"Well I think I have a solution to that,"

"Really? Tell me," I said.

"A guy came into my shop several months ago. He was a devotee. He had no idea I was too. It took him a lot of courage to come clean and ask me if I would help him. He wanted to have two long leg braces with a pelvic band made for his wife who wanted to try wearing braces to enhance their sex life."

"You mean HKAFOs?"

"Yes. You are getting to learn the jargon Kim. I agreed and his wife came in for measurements. She was a really attractive woman wearing a short skirt and really high stiletto heels. I couldn't help thinking what she was going to say when she saw the shoes her braces would be attached to. Well I made the braces and she came in for the fitting. To my surprise she got really turned on when I put them on her. She couldn't walk very well at first using forearm crutches since her hips were locked. The guy was really happy and I have to admit his wife looked great in those braces."

"So what happened?" I asked.

"Well he came in with his wife a couple of times after the fitting. She wanted stirrups for some different shoes that she bought. Actually the shoes were perfect for her braces. She seemed to understand what was required for the stirrups. Anyway, the guy and I got talking and he asked if I knew of any female pretenders like his wife. I hope you don't mind, but I told him about you. I showed him a picture. He said you were incredible."

"So he wants to meet me?"

"Yes and he wants to offer you a job. He owns an upscale boutique. He and his wife run it."

"Does she wear her braces at work?" I asked.

"Yup. She is full time now. No more stiletto heels. Just braces and crutches, but her husband told me she has a wheelchair she sometimes uses. She never walks normally."

"So they want me to work in his store using my hooks?"

"That's it. You can use your hooks full time. How about it?" Dan asked.

"Wow! I would love to."

I jumped at the chance and Dan arranged to meet Walter and Christine at their store. It was a really fantastic store which sold everything from makeup to lingerie. I almost fell over when Christine crutched over to meet me. I expected her to be wearing pants or a long skirt. Instead she had on a really short mid thigh length skirt. I could see all of her braces except for what was above the hem of her skirt. She was gorgeous with long blonde hair. Since her hips were locked her only option to walk was to swing her legs forward using her crutches.

"I'm Kim," I said as I held out my right hook.

"Christine," she replied grasping my hook. "Your hooks look really neat. Can you do everything that you could with hands?"

"Heavens no. I can't dress myself or bathe myself. There are a lot of things I can do, but so many I can't."

"Me too. I can't go up and down stairs and things like that. Braces really restrict my mobility," Christine explained.

Christine showed me around the store and then invited me into her office. She closed the door for privacy and then proceeded to unzip her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She pulled up her top so I could see all of her braces.

"See how my uprights go all the way up to my pelvic band. When my hips are locked I cant bend at the hips," Christine explained.

"I can't bend at my waist because of my Milwaukee brace," I replied. "I am rigid from my hips to my neck."

"Isn't that ring around your neck really uncomfortable?" Christine asked.

"Sometimes. I am used to it now. In fact I enjoy the support it gives me. I can show you my brace and prosthesis if you help me off with my skirt and top. I can't do that with my hooks."

Christine helped me off with my skirt and top and she took in my hooks and my brace.

"Oh wow, you are really equipped. I guess you enjoy being disabled just like I do," Christine said.

"I do. Do you ever walk without your braces?"

"Never. I have a wheelchair and I use it whenever I am not wearing my braces. My bathroom is handicap equipped and I use a transfer board to get on and off the toilet and into and out of the bath tub."

"I have been wearing my brace 23 hours a day for quite some time now and I plan to use my hooks full time from now on. I don't want to use my hands again. Dan has agreed to care for me. I moved in with him," I explained.

Christine helped me dress and she put her skirt back on. We spent that afternoon going over my new job. I knew I would have to practice with my hooks to be able to do the things I would need to do. I was confident that I could. It was so much fun to be spending time with another disabled women. We had very different disabilities, but I knew that we both liked to live this way. I wondered how customers reacted to Christine's braces and how they would react to my hooks and brace. I would eventually find out.

My New Life

It has been a year now that I have been using my hooks full time. I have not once used my hands. Before I go to bed Dan undresses me and removes my brace and hooks. He immediately gets me into my stump locks. Each consists of a ring made out of the material that Dan uses for sockets. The ring is about two inches wide and slips over my arm and is positioned all the way up to my armpit. Riveted to the ring is a cuff that goes around my forearm when I bend it up to my shoulder. It fits close to my wrist. It is held by a Velcro strap. When my stump locks are on my hands are free, but at my shoulders and are quite useless. I can wiggle my stumps around, but they are useless as I can't bend them together at the elbows. I can't get out of the stump locks myself. Dan puts my brace back on and puts on my nightgown. I spend the night that way.

In the morning we sometimes have breakfast when I am in my stump locks. Dan feeds me. We both enjoy that. Dan removes my brace, but not my stump locks to bathe me. He shaves my legs and underarms. He then dresses me in my bra and panties and puts my prosthesis on and, of course, my brace. I always need help dressing and Dan loves to help me. Once back in my hooks I can apply my makeup. I can do that with my hooks, but Dan needs to help me with things like earrings and necklaces.

I don't think I will ever want to be without my wonderful hooks and Milwaukee brace. Being a disabled, but very attractive women, is the way I want to be.

The End



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