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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 7
Lisa's New Life

By Vicki

As soon as Lisa arrived home from work she removed her shoes and skirt. She then removed her leg bag so she could put on her braces. She could hardly wait each day after work to get in them. She loved the weekends since she could remain braced for two straight days. She got her braces and slipped her feet into the orthopedic shoes, buckled all the straps on her legs, and finally folded up her pelvic band and fastened it. After putting her leg bag back on she then put her skirt on and got up. She crutched around her apartment to get the things she needed for dinner. It was difficult carrying things and walking using her forearm crutches. This thrilled her.

She spent the evening watching TV and enjoying the feel of her heavy braces. Of course she could not cross her legs as she sat. She did have to empty her leg bag periodically. It was time to change her catheter and she planned on doing that right before bed.

She got everything ready. This included placing a towel on her bed, getting a new catheter and insertion tray. She reluctantly removed her braces and propped them at the side of her bed. She once again removed her leg bag and plugged her catheter. She threaded the end back through the opening in her pantyhose, removed them as well as her panties. She noticed that her incontinence pad was slightly wet and she was happy she always used one to absorb any urine from leaks during the less frequent bladder spasms she still had. She planned on switching to a regular feminine pad in the near future since they were less bulky.

She opened the insertion tray and removed the thin pad and placed it under her. The pad was made such that it would absorb leakage but it would not soak through, There was a waterproof coating on one side. After emptying the tray she placed the end of the catheter tube into the tray and used a scissors to cut the end off. This released the sterile water that inflated the balloon inside her bladder. The water and some urine ran into the tray. Once  deflated she gently pulled the catheter out of her urethra. She felt a slight stinging sensation. Bill had warned her not to try to pee normally after removing her catheter. After having a catheter inserted for a couple of weeks it would be painful. He said to insert her new catheter as soon as possible. She hoped she wouldn't have a spasm until it was inserted.

The first thing she did was to remove the three  antiseptic swabs from the foil packet they were in. She used these to swab her entire vaginal area to make sure there was no bacteria. The next step was to put on a pair of sterile latex gloves. She unpacked the new catheter and used lubricant from another foil packet to coat the entire length of the catheter. She was a bit nervous about the next step. She spread her legs a bit wider and explored for the tiny opening of her urethra. It was just above her vaginal opening and below her clit. After inserting the tip of the catheter she gently pushed it deeper and deeper. She let the free end hang in the tray. Eventually she could feel the end pass through her sphincter muscle and into her bladder. As it passed through some urine came out the end. She continued to push the catheter further into her bladder.

With one hand holding on to the catheter to prevent it from coming back out she used her other hand to remove the rubber cap from the full syringe of sterile water. She then inserted the syringe into the special valve at the end of the catheter that was right next to the opening. She pushed the plunger all the way in and thus inflated the balloon inside of her bladder. She removed the syringe and gently pulled the catheter as far out as it would go. The balloon prevented removing it. She felt a sigh of relief at having done this. Some urine dripped from the end of the tube into the tray. She plugged the end, removed her gloves and cleaned herself up with some paper towels. She used a tissue to clean her vaginal area.

Next Lisa got the panties that went with her nightgown and pulled them on. She removed the backing from a feminine  incontinence pad and placed it in the crotch as she pulled them up.  After all this she got her nighttime collection bag and strapped it on her leg. She attached her catheter line after removing the plug. She felt so much better knowing that she had a brand new catheter inside her. It would not be removed for the next two weeks. By now she had almost forgotten what it was like to pee normally. She loved knowing she had a catheter inserted inside her and especially when wearing her braces.

After removing her bra she slipped on her nightgown. She left all the stuff on the floor next to her braces to clean up in the morning. She did not want to walk and so she slipped under the covers and rapidly fell asleep dreaming of being out in her braces.

The next morning she awoke and checked her leg bag. It was almost full. She hated to have to get up and walk without her braces, but it was another work day and she had no choice. Once again she thought of the advantages she would have if she had a wheelchair. She could avoid walking if she did not have her braces on. From a Friday night until Monday morning she could maintain the illusion of being paralyzed from the waist down. She imagined slipping into the bath tub from her wheelchair using her hands only. She knew she just had to get the perfect wheelchair.


Lisa had asked us if we would go with her to buy a new wheelchair and so we arranged to go together. The three of us went to the medical supply store to look at wheelchairs for Lisa. Of course she was obviously handicapped as she struggled to walk around the store in her braces. Jean and I felt less handicapped with our hooks. A woman came up to us.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"I am looking for a new wheelchair," Lisa said.

"Joe is our wheelchair specialist. Let me see where he is."

As she led the way she couldn't help but look at our hooks.

"Oh my. I have never seen anyone who needed two hooks and here are two of you. It must be really difficult. I met a woman who had only one hook and she did almost everything with her remaining hand. Doing things with only hooks must be quite a challenge," she said.

"Yes. Having no hands forces us to use our hooks for everything. However, we can do most of the important things like eating," I explained.

"Can I ask how long you have needed hooks?"

Well I have had my hooks since I was a teenager. It took me a long time to learn to use them. Everything was so difficult at first. Now I am so used to them that things come naturally. Of course I need help with some things," I replied making things up as I went. :Kate was born without her lower arms so she has never known what it is like to have hands."

"It was easier  for me. I got my hooks when I was an infant and have never known anything else," Kate said also making it all up.

"We are lucky we have elbows. If my arms had been amputated above the elbows I would be much more handicapped," I said thinking for a moment how neat that would be. I wanted to know what it was like for Gwen to have to lock and unlock her elbow joints before opening and closing her hooks.

"Well you two seem to be quite well adjusted," the woman said.

"We are," Kate replied.

We found the salesman and Lisa explained that she wanted to replace her old wheelchair.

"From the way you walk I take it you are paralyzed from the waist down," he said.

"Yes. My braces have hip locks," Lisa said. "Even though it is a struggle to walk I wear my braces almost all the time. I use my wheelchair primarily at home. Once in a while I don't wear my braces when I go out though. Of course I use my wheelchair in those cases."

The salesmen showed her a number of nice models designed for a para like Lisa, Lisa had said that her old chair had seen better days. It was amazing to watch Lisa as she tried out a number of chairs. It was quite an operation for her to get seated. We knew she had practiced a lot. She was becoming expert at unlocking her hips and knees as she sort of fell into the chair with her hips unlocked. She then unlocked her knees and lifted her legs up using her arms to place them on the foot plates of the wheelchair. We knew that she had made a number of visits to Bill for lessons in the proper technique such that she would not giveaway the fact that she was not paralyzed.

All three of us were now spending as much time as we could as handicapped women. Lisa  was about to purchase her very own and very expensive model. She decided on a top of the line Quickie. It was very light weight and so she could manage it easily if she wanted to take it along with her. She did plan on trying it out at the mall with and without her braces.

"I am sure you will love this chair," Joe said. "I know how important your chair is."

The salesman loaded her chair into the trunk of her car which was now equipped with hand controls that Bill had installed.

"I can't wait to use this," Lisa said. "It is such a cool model. With the renovations I plan to my bathroom I will be able to function at home without ever walking."

"We are pretty much doing that too. We only use our hands for things that we absolutely have to do. If you lived with us you could even help us do those things," I said.

"If only we didn't have to work as able bodied women. The three of us could be handicapped full time," Jean said.

"Maybe we will if we start looking," I replied.

When we got to Lisa's place we helped her with the chair. Of course it wasn't too easy for us with our hooks. When we got inside Lisa couldn't wait to try her chair. She decided to take her braces off and spend the evening using her chair. We watched her take her braces off and get her leg bag into place.

"Isn't it strange not to ever have to pee?" I asked.

"I love it. I don't miss it at all. Catheters are wonderful," Lisa said as she slipped off her bed and into her new wheelchair just using her arms.

She wheeled around to get the feeling of her chair. We could see she was loving it. Later on we decided to go out to dinner. Lisa left her braces off and transferred to her car. Since we needed the back seat we put her chair in the trunk. Our hooks certainly didn't make that easy. It took both of us some effort.

Lisa appeared in seventh heaven in the restaurant. We all went to the ladies room and Lisa emptied her leg bag while we peed normally of course. We touched up our makeup using our hooks. Jean and I loved doing this especially if another woman was watching us.

We had a fantastic day to say the least. Lisa looked so good sitting in her wheelchair. To anyone seeing her they would have no doubt that she was in her wheelchair because she could not walk. It was obvious that whatever her handicap it was permanent. The three of us loved being disabled. Now if only we didn't have to go to work as able bodied women.

Next, the three girls get an incredible opportunity.

Chapter 8




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