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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 5
Lisa Gets Her Braces

By Vicki

After leaving Jean and Kate off at their apartment Lisa started for home. She needed to make one stop. Since she normally used tampons for her period she had no feminine pads. She stopped at a local CVS. While looking for some Kotex pads she noticed the section with incontinent products. After looking over the various pads and outright adult diapers she picked a package of pads designed for minor bladder control problems. She figured these would be better than the menstrual pads for any urine leakage she had during a spasm or at any time.

When she got home she took off her clothes except for her bra and panties. Her leg bag was three quarters full. She went into the bathroom and got the clamp and plug. She clamped the lime and removed it from the bag. She inserted the plug and then removed the small clamp. She emptied the bag and left it in the bathroom as she headed for her bedroom. She lay on the bed and removed her bra and panties. Lisa looked down at the catheter line running into her urethra. She removed it from her catheter holder and then removed that as well. She gently tugged on the tube. Of course it would not come out of her bladder because of the balloon inflated there. All of a sudden she got really aroused and massaged her clit. She thought of the upcoming day she would get to be fitted with her own HKAFOs. She headed for the bathroom to take a shower. She knew that she would have to remove the plug and reattach her collection bag or her urine would back up.

After her shower she got the larger nighttime collection bag and strapped it to her leg. After reattaching the tube to her catheter holder she clamped the line, removed the plug and reattached the line to the collection bag. As she removed the clamp a significant amount of urine ran into the bag. As she was doing this she had another spasm and noticed a trickle of urine ran down her leg. She dried this off and decided to get one of her incontinent pads and a pair of panties. She put the panties and pad on and slipped into her nightgown. That night she kept dreaming of walking in braces.

* * *

Jean and I were getting more and more into our hooks, wearing them almost every moment when we were not working. We were getting better at living as two women arm amputees. When we got home from work we would immediately get into our hooks and keep them on until we went to bed. On weekends we would be hooked from Saturday morning until we went to bed on Sunday night. Except for bathing we did everything wearing our hooks. We would help each other get dressed and do things that were difficult to do by ourselves. We did all our grocery shopping with out hooks. We had not prepared a meal using our hands in a long time. It was a big letdown to be forced to use our hands at work. We felt more normal with our hooks on.

Lisa called to tell us how she was doing with her catheter. "The first day was really tough. I kept having the spasms. I just pretended to pee and they pass. Thank god for my pad. I do drip when I have one. I can't believe I had the leg bag on at work. It is so strange never having to pee. Emptying the collection bag is a pain, but I am starting to get used to it. I can't wait for my braces. How are you guys doing with your hooks?" Lisa asked.

"Great. We are wearing them as much as we can, " I said. "It is starting to be natural. It is even like they are more natural then using our hands."

"Cool. I spent some time on the net looking over some pretender sites and also looking at pictures and videos. I am looking forward to going out in my braces. I am sure I will feel ever so handicapped," Lisa said.

Lisa finally got the call from Bill that her braces were ready. The three of us arrived at his shop right after work. Of course Jean and I had our hooks on . Bill had told Lisa to wear pantyhose. Jean and I could not put on pantyhose, but we were experimenting with stockings and garter belts. With a lot of effort we could help each other get into them and fasten the garters. Since neither of us could do anything behind us, fastening the rear garters was impossible alone. Lisa had to make a little hole in the crotch to pass her catheter tube through, Bill said pantyhose made chaffing less likely when she had her braces on. We watched as Bill had Lisa take her skirt off. He also told her to wear a skirt since getting pants on over braces was tough unless the legs were large.

Lisa sat on the examining table while Bill got her braces.

"They look so heavy," Lisa said.

"They are," Bill said. "You will get used to them."

After removing her leg bag and plugging the line Bill placed her braces between Lisa's spread legs and carefully slipped her right leg into her orthopedic shoe. They were heavy shoes and the stirrups of her braces were mounted to the shoes at the heels. He did the same with her left leg as he placed them between the uprights with the unbuckled cuffs around her legs. He carefully buckled the calf and two thigh cuffs on each leg. He made sure the hip locks were unlocked and bent up her pelvic band. It fit snugly around her lower waist and he buckled it into place.

"That's a really wide band," I said.

"It has to be to prevent her from bending at the hips," Bill replied. "You also want it to be very tight."

Bill finished by buckling a knee pad at each knee and strapping her leg bag on and attaching her catheter. Bill then helped Lisa slide her legs over the edge of the table and had her stand. As she straightened up her knee and hip locks dropped down into place and she was completely rigid.

"Can I put my skirt on?" Lisa asked.

"Not yet. I need to evaluate the fit and I need to see your braces all the way up.

"Try to move one leg in front of the other," Bill said.

Lisa tried. "I can't move my leg at the hip," Lisa said.

"That's the way it should be. You can only swing both legs. You can only bend your waist above the pelvic band and only enough to swing your legs. You are now a severely disabled young woman."

Bill got a pair of forearm crutches for Lisa and told her to use them to swing her legs ahead of her. She almost fell over. For the next hour Bill helped Lisa walk with her crutches. Jean and I watched with interest. Lisa was really handicapped now and could barely walk at all.

"God this is hard. I feel so totally crippled," Lisa said.

"You are," Bill said. "You are at the extreme end of using braces to walk. Anyone who can't do this would be in a wheelchair. By the way, You should get one to use when you don't have your braces on if you want to experience the full effect of being paralyzed. Some of my clients never walk without braces. When not wearing their braces they use their wheelchairs."

"But what about work?" I asked.

"Well some live full time as handicapped women or men and go to work that way. If you do this long enough your muscles atrophy and you would probably not be able to walk without your braces"

"I remember you said you had a client with hooks who used them at work," Jean said.

"Yes, she always has her hooks on. She loves being that way. Her hands are kind of non-functional from so many month of disuse. I am not sure she could use them even if she wanted. I know someone has to trim her nails for her. She has special hookless sockets she uses to  bathe. I made them for her. They are covered with a rubber like material that makes them function like real stumps would. I haven't seen her in quite a while, but I assume she is still using her hooks full time"

"Incredible," I said.

"I get a little turned on by that," Jean said.

"Yeah, me too, " I replied. " Can we meet her some time?"

"Sure," Bill said.

Before we left Bill had Lisa practice getting into and up from a sitting position. That required a lot of effort on Lisa's part.

"Do you want to wear your braces home?" Bill asked.

"But how can I drive?"

"Well once you get into your car you can unlock your knees and use your legs. It might be a little difficult, but you should be able to drive with care. Eventually you should get hand controls," Bill explained.

Three three of us headed for Lisa's car. Luckily there were no steps. Lisa somehow managed to get in her car by unlocking her hip locks an slumping down. She then unlocked her knee locks an used her arms to pull her legs in. Bill had explained that a real paralyzed girl could not move her legs and would have to lift her legs with her arms. Lisa wanted to practice this since she would have to do it in public.

Lisa dropped us off and started to home.

"It's the weekend tomorrow. Do you want to go to the mall to try out your braces?" I asked.

"I can't wait. I will pick you guys up at ten. You better have your hooks on," Lisa replied.

"You bet we will," Jean said. "We always wear them when we are not at work.

* * *

Lisa parked her car and  lifted her legs out. She straightened them both and locked the knee locks. She reached for her crutches and used the door to lift herself up. Her hip locks dropped into place and she was once again rigid from the waist down. She slipped her arms into the forearm crutches and locked her car door. Very slowly she headed for her apartment. It was all level except for one curb. That was a real challenge. She managed to swing one leg up and then use her crutches to get her other leg up. She sighed with relief as she continued to walk to her door.

Once inside she crutched to the full length mirror in her bedroom and took a look at herself. What she saw really pleased her. The short skirt she was wearing left little doubt that her braces ran all the way up her legs. Of course no one would immediately know that the outer bars of her braces ran all the way up to the wide pelvic band around her waist. Lisa loved the look of being so disabled.

After practicing walking and sitting she sat down to watch TV. She didn't want to take her braces off until she went to bed. She did have to make a trip to the bathroom to empty her leg bag. She noticed that it was slightly visible below her skirt. She liked that and even thought that it would be neat if people saw it and knew she had on a catheter. Finally she removed her braces and got ready for bed.

* * *

The next day Lisa arrived right on time and honked the horn. Of course it was too great an effort to get out of her car. We ran out and got in.

"I bet you are as excited as we were when he first went out in public in our hooks," I said.

"Oh God yes," Lisa replied with obvious excitement.

When we got to the mall we found a handicapped spot. Bill had given Lisa a temporary handicapped card to place on her dash. He was able to sign a form so she could mail it in to get a permanent card. This wasn't strictly legal, but Lisa really was very handicapped in her braces.

We helped her get out and lock the car. We watched as Lisa very slowly crutched to the entrance. The automatic door opened and she followed us in. Of course we were totally at ease in our hooks, but we knew Lisa would be nervous.

"How does it feel knowing people now see you as a disabled woman?" I asked.

"A big turn on," Lisa said. "I know how you guys must have felt the first time out in your hooks."

It was obvious that Lisa was using a lot of effort to swing her braced legs as she walked. She was getting slower and slower.

"I need to rest," she said.

We found a bench and watched as Lisa managed to sit down.

"You know you really should wear a little longer skirt. Your leg bag is pretty obvious," Jean said.

"Yeah, I guess so. All my skirts are kinda short. We should make that our first stop," Lisa said. "In fact I think I better empty my bag really soon."

We headed for the ladies room and Lisa went into a stall to empty her collection bag.

"How are the spasms?" I asked.

"I have only had one since we got here. You probably were unaware. I changed my pad just now. It was a little wet. I hope they stop soon. I love the catheter, but I really hate the spasms."

Jean and I touched up our makeup using our hooks and combed our hair. That was always a difficult task try to hold a brush in our hooks.

On the way out we overheard a couple of teen girls commenting on us.

"Hey Sue, can you believe those girls had no hands. They have those hook things,"

"They each have two of them. and the other girl can barely walk even with those heavy looking braces. I can't imagine being like that. I wonder what it is like to do things with hooks?"

The three of us smiled to each other.

"Don't you love the comment?" I asked. We all nodded.

Next we went to one of our favorite stores and helped Lisa find a couple of skirts that were long enough to cover her leg bag. It was fun helping her try them on. Although they were just above the knees they seemed to cover her leg bag even when she sat down. You could just see a tiny bit.

"One thing I miss is being able to cross my legs," Lisa said laughing.

We had to carry the shopping bag for Lisa since it was hard for her to hold it considering both hand were around the grips of her forearm crutches. Of course it was no problem for either one of us to hold the bag in one of our hooks.

The three of us shopped a while longer and then decided to have lunch. Of course once seated Lisa had no trouble eating as we did. By now we were really good at using our hooks. We didn't have to ask the waitress to remove the top on the ketchup bottle since Lisa was there to help. Naturally we had to use a knife to cut up our burgers since we couldn't hold them with our hooks without them falling apart.

"So how do you like being out in public while wearing your braces," Jean asked.

"I think I like if far too much," Lisa said. "It is such a thrill knowing everyone thinks I am paralyzed."

"Now you know how we feel wearing our hooks," I replied.

After we ate we roamed the mall a little longer until it was apparent that Lisa was exhausted from her efforts to walk in her braces. Jean and I had no trouble spending all our waking hours wearing our hooks. We were totally used to it. We headed back to the car and called it a day.


Next, the three of them meet Gwen, a fulltime hook user with an amazing surprise that not even Bill was aware of.

Chapter 6



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