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Our Hook Adventure
Chapter 4
Trip to the Mall

By Vicki

The next morning we woke up early. We were excited about the day's adventure at the mall. Before we did anything we discussed how we wanted to restrict ourselves.

"Let's take showers like normal but not get dressed. Let's see if we can get dressed using our hooks only. We can help each other," I suggested.

After we bathed and tended to personal hygiene we met in my bedroom. We had our hooks and stump socks.

"A real arm amputee would use her stumps for some things," Jean said.

"I bet I can put on my panties with my hands in a fist," I said.

"But you can't flex your wrist," Jean warned. "A real amputee would not have wrists."

My first task was to open the bureau drawer containing my panties and bras. I realized how easy it would be if I were in my hooks. I did manage to get it open and used my stumps to get a pair of panties. I put my stumps through the leg openings and stepped into them. By wiggling my stumps I was able to work the panties up.

"I can do that I think," Jean said. "One problem though. I am due for my period and I want to wear a pad just in case. I don't think I can do that with stumps. How about I put on my hooks. I can then help you put on your bra. I can't see any way you can fasten it with stumps."

After Jean got into her hooks she got a pair of panties and a Kotex pad. She didn't have any trouble pulling her panties up part way, unwrapping the pad, removing the paper strip over the adhesive and placing it in the crotch of her panties. She pulled her panty up into place and checked her pad with her right hook.

"Okay, I think I am all set just in case. I have to remember to put a couple of pads in my purse just in case I start to flow while we are at the mall."

Jean helped me select a bra. She held it while I slipped my stumps into the straps. Jean had a little trouble fastening the hooks in back. The band ends kept slipping. She finally managed to get one hook and then the other two. My bra bands usually had three hooks in back because of my cup size.

I got into my hooks and Jean slipped out of hers in order to allow me to help her into her bra. After her bra was on she got back into her hooks. We both continued to dress, helping each other where needed. We opted for nice short skirts, long sleeve tops and mid height heels.

We had not anticipated putting on our jewelry. We didn't need watches or bracelets, of course, but a chain and earrings was pretty much necessary. Neither of us could fasten a chain. We tried and tried. Maybe with practice we could do it. For now we had to go without them. We also tried regular earrings with studs. We both had two pierces in each ear. I usually kept my upper studs in over night but Jean did not. It took only a moment for her to realize that she could never put her own studs in with her hooks. I attempted the task and actually managed to do it after a few attempts. The hard part was getting the clip on the post in back of her ear.

"I think wires might be better," Jean said.

It only took us a couple of minutes to put a pair of earrings with wires on each other. I knew I could probably put my own earrings on if they had wires. We then repeated what we had done the day before to put on our makeup. It was a little faster today.

We headed for the mall. We felt a little more at ease on the bus ride. We got s few looks of course. When the bus dropped us at the mall we headed in. It was crowded and even so we knew people were staring.

"Where to?" Jean asked.

"The drug store. I need some pads and a few other things."

"Me too. Can we manage?" Jean asked.

"Hopefully," I replied.

We headed into the store an we each picked up a plastic shopping basket, the kind you carry. We had no trouble holding them with our hooks. It was fun to pick up the various items we needed with our hooks and dropping them into our basket. I grabbed a package of Kotex pads  by using both my hooks. I couldn't get a single hook around the package as it wouldn't open far enough.

We headed to the counter to pay. I went first. The clerk rang up our items and placed them in a bag. Now came the first challenge. I had to try to get money out of my wallet. Getting it out of my purse wasn't that difficult. The clerk, and older women, saw that I was having a little trouble.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"No, I can do it, I just need a little time," I replied.

"It must be so hard without hands," she said.

"Yes. I haven't had my hooks for that long and I still need more practice," I said.

"I am so sorry," she said sympathetically.

I finally did it and asked that she place the change in my wallet for me. Jean did the same thing when it was her turn.

"You might be wondering why we both have hooks. We met after our amputations in rehab," I made up. "We help each other out."

We left the store and decided to get a soft drink at the food court. We got two Cokes and had them placed on a tray. Jean carried the tray and I carried both our bags from the drug store. We sat down and somehow managed to get the wrappers of our straws and insert them into the cup lids.

"You know Kate, this is getting a little easier," Jean said.

"Yeah, I feel even more at ease now. I am starting to feel like I use hooks all the time. I even like the stares. I feel sort of special."

A few minutes later we had kind of a shock. A girl we knew spotted us. She came over and immediately saw that we had hooks.

"Jean, Kate, what happened to your hands?"

"We both had them amputated so we could use prosthetic hooks," Jean. Lisa, that was her name, looked startled.

"You can't be serious?" she asked.

"Of course not. This is part of an experiment. We wanted to find out what it would be like to need to use hooks instead of hands. You must think we are nut jobs." I said. 

"You might find this hard to believe, but I really do understand how you feel," Lisa said.

"How come?" I asked.

"Well when I was in the eighth grade there was this girl in my class. She  was paralyzed from the waist down. She wore these leg braces and used crutches. She could barely walk. We became pretty good friends. One day she showed me her braces. I had only seen them up to her knees. I was amazed when I found out her braces went all the way up to her waist. There were bars that went up past her hips to a wide band around her lower waist. There were these locks at the hips just like her knees. When she stood up and locked her knees and hips she couldn't bend at all. She kind of dragged herself along with her crutches."

"The poor girl," Jean said.

"Yes, but there was something about her braces. I used to dream what it would be like to have her braces and walk with crutches. I am embarrassed to say it, but it really turned me on. Is that what the hooks do for you?"

"Yes," Jean said. "The two of use are hooked on these things." We all laughed.

Lisa wanted to know exactly how we managed to get our hooks and how we felt using them. It appeared she had no problem with our little hobby.

"If you could get braces would you want to see what it was like to wear them?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Absolutely. Even after all these years I kind of get a rush when I see a handicapped woman, especially one wearing some kind of a brace," Lisa explained.

"We can help you get braces of your own. Anything you want," I said.

"No kidding Kate. How?" Lisa asked.

"Our prosthetist also does orthotics. I am sure he will make you whatever braces you desire," I said.

"Wow! That's cool," Lisa said.

The three of us shopped for the remainder of the afternoon. Lisa helped us try on some skirts and tops. She was amazed to see what our prosthetics looked like with our tops off.

"Your hooks are so neat," Lisa said.

The three of us went out to dinner and Lisa watched us struggle to eat with our hooks. Jean and I loved every minute. We had no desire to take our hooks off even after all the hours we had spent in them. Lisa had driven to the mall and offered to drive us home. We spent some additional time sharing a bottle of wine that Lisa had to uncork for us.

"You guys can't do everything with your hooks can you?" she asked.

"Some things are impossible at the moment," I replied.

During the week we arranged for Lisa to meet with Bill and get fitted for her braces. She drove us to his shop.

"Hi Lisa," Bill said as we entered. "Kate and Jean filled me in on your desire for braces. How extensive do want to be braced/" he asked.

Lisa explained the type of braces her childhood friend had had, Bill got a pair of braces to show Lisa.

"These are bilateral HKAFOs. They have both knee locks and hip locks attached to a pelvic band. The are waiting for a teenage girl with Spina Bifida. She is paralyzed from the waist down. The poor girl even needs a permanent catheter."

"Catheter?" Lisa asked.

"Yes. She has a Foley catheter. That is a tube inserted into her urethra that attaches to a leg bag to catch her urine. Otherwise she would need to wear a diaper," Bill explained.

"How horrible," Jean said.

"Without hip locks you would be able to walk in braces using various gaits. Without being paralyzed you could even walk without crutches, You would just be stiff legged, I suggest that if you want to feel really handicapped that you have hip locks. That way you will be forced to use a swing through gait and walking will be extremely difficult, You will be very handicapped and get the full feeling of needing leg braces," Bill went on.

"That sounds great," Lisa said. "If I do this I should go all the way. Could I have a catheter too?"

"Sure. If you planned on using your braces on a regular basis you would probably want to leave it in even when not using your braces. You would change it every two weeks. It is uncomfortable to remove and insert a new catheter frequently. You tend to be incontinent for a period after you remove the catheter and would need to use incontinent pads for a day or so. Leaving it in is a better option since you adjust to it and other than emptying the collection bag it is no problem and you hardly notice you are using one."

"Wouldn't people know?" Lisa asked.

"Not if you wore pants or longer skirts to hide the leg bag."

"Oh God this sounds far out, but I really can't wait to feel what it is like to be ultra handicapped."

Bill had Lisa remove her skirt and top just leaving her in her bra and panties. I knew she was a little embarrassed as Bill measured her and took tracings. Lisa picked out a pair of orthopedic shows to have her braces attached to.

"I can rush these and have them in a few days. Do you want me to insert a catheter so you can get used to it in the interim?" he asked.

"Uh I don't know," Lisa said.

"Go on," Jean said. "This should be interesting.

"All right," Lisa finally agreed.

Bill got a new Foley catheter and insertion tray. He placed a pad under Lisa as she lay down on the examining table. Bill slipped down her panties and swabbed her vaginal area with special antiseptic. He then lubricated the catheter and slowly inserted the tube into Lisa's urethra. Shed let out a little gasp as it passed her sphincter muscle and urine spurted out. Bill plugged the end with a special plug and then inflated the balloon that was now inside her bladder. He used a syringe filled with sterile water.

"How does that feel? he asked.

"Very strange," Lisa replied.

Bill then placed a special catheter holder around the extreme upper part of her right leg. This had a Velcro closure and a special strap to hold the end of the tube now inside Lisa's bladder. He had her stand and pull up her panties. Next her strapped a collection bag around her thigh and attached the tube after removing the plug.

"You will need to check your bag frequently and empty it."

Bill gave Lisa a plug so she could remove the bag to empty it. He also gave her an extra large collection bag to use a night.

"For a day or so you will have bladder spasms. It will feel like you have to pee really bad. Just pretend you are peeing in your pants. You won't be except for a little drip that may come out. I suggest you wear a feminine pas until the spasms stop. Once you are used to your catheter you won't need one, but most cathed girls wear one in any case just to be safe.

"Lucky I am having my period," Jean said. "I have a pad in my purse. You can use one now," she said.

The three of us finally left.

"God, I can't believe I am catheterized," Lisa said. "Even without the braces I feel handicapped. I can't wait for my braces." 

What will happen when Lisa gets her braces?
Will the three of them go full time as handicapped women?

Chapter 5



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