Back in Braces
Chapter 2

By Vicki


Brian Hill had a thing for handicapped girls. He remembered the two girls from last year. Both of them were missing their arms below the elbow. They were seniors and he was just a freshman so he never got up the courage to meet them. Both of them used two hooks. He loved to watch them use their hooks to do things. The look of their two shiny hooks really turned him on. He especially liked to watch them eat. They were expert in holding a knife and fork. He wasn't in any of their classes and he wished he could have seen them write with their hooks. They seemed completely comfortable in not having hands.

He pretty much knew of every handicapped girl on the campus. He never had the courage to speak to any of them. He really wanted to talk to the girl who was a double above the knee amputee. She was in one of his classes and he always got a thrill as she wheeled her wheelchair in and out of the classroom. She was really beautiful. She had really short stumps and one time he even got to see them when she wore shorts. They were so smooth and rounded.

Brian's interest in handicapped girls started back as long as he could remember. He had seen pictures from the polio era. When he first started to use the internet he searched for pictures and videos. He now had a large collection on his computer. He would spend hours looking over them.

He especially liked pictures of young girls who had polio. He liked the ones where they wore short and full dresses with their two long leg braces showing. He always wondered if they would need their braces for the rest of their lives. He wondered what it was like to have your legs braced rigid from feet to crotch or even higher if hip locks were involved.

What really drove him crazy were girls in iron lungs with just their heads sticking out of the large tank. He couldn't imagine having to spend months or even years that way without ever leaving their iron lungs. He knew that eventually many would be able to breathe and would end up in a wheelchair or getting their braces. It must have been hard to face the rest of their lives being handicapped. He liked the look of the metal uprights and various bands around their legs and the orthopedic shoes that their braces were attached to. While some used regular crutches he liked forearm crutches the best. They looked so nice that way.

He had a few videos of girls walking in their braces as they swung their legs ahead of them only to repeat this over and over as they walked. To him a girl in braces was truly a thing of beauty. Even if they wore a longer skirt or dress he knew that their braces ran all the way up to their crotches or hips. He had even seen pictures of more extensively braced girls whose leg braces were attached to back braces that ended at their armpits. Wow, now that was being braced. Brian knew that he would like to try braces if he had the chance, but he knew that he was a male and it wouldn't be the same as being a handicapped girl. He wanted people to see the braces.

It wasn't long after the start of the semester that he spotted a new girl. She was the first girl he had seen who wore leg braces. Of course he had seen lots of pictures on the internet but never anyone who wore braces in person.

He spotted her crutching her way back to her dorm. He followed her discretely. She had on a short skirt that let him get an occasional glimpse of the lower bands around her thighs. She had a cuff around each thigh and knee pads on both knees. She used a pair of forearm crutches just the way he liked it. She had a lot of trouble walking and he noticed that she had to bend at the waist and use a swing through type of walking. He was pretty sure that her braces went all the way up to her waist and she that she probably had a heavy band around her pelvis and locks on each hip. She was incredible and so beautiful. She was what he was always looking for. Was it possible she had had polio? He knew that was unlikely but imagined she had spent time in an iron lung.

One day he happened to see her in the cafeteria. Someone had carried her tray to a table. He watched as she got seated. She had so much trouble with the locks. After her hips were unlocked she finally got seated and he watched as she unlocked each knee and pulled her braced legs in. He almost had an orgasm as he sat at a nearby table. A moment later the girl without legs rolled up to the table and they both started to eat.

Brian would do anything to be able to see all of this girls braces. He imagined how the two bars went up to her crotch and the outer bars continued up to the hip locks and then were attached to the pelvic band. He didn't think she had anything like a back brace or corset above her waist since she had on a sleeveless top that was tight and revealed her incredibly beautiful breasts. He dreamed of her every night and fantasized about having sex with her.

This went on for a few weeks until one day she was alone in the cafeteria. He got up the courage and carried his tray over to her table.

"Hi, I'm Brian. Do you mind if I join you? You look a little lonely.

"No. My name is Karen. Guys don't usually pay any attention to me," I said.

"I can't imagine why," Brian said.

"Well I have this little problem in case you haven't noticed," I said.

"You mean your braces?"

"Well yeah," I replied.

"So? Just because you have a handicap doesn't mean guys aren't interested in you," Brian said.

"Don't you find my braces a turn off?"

"Not for me," Brian replied.

"You are the first boy I have ever met that has felt that way."

We talked for a while about school and finished our food. I really wondered if it was possible a guy could really be interested in my in spite of my damn braces.

"I have to go to class and it takes me a while to walk there," I said hoping that I would be able to see Brian again.

"I don't have class now. Would you mind if I carried your pack for you?"

"If you want," I said.

Brian reached for my crutches and held them while I went through the process of locking my knee locks and getting into a standing position.

"That looks hard," Brian said. "It can't be easy getting around with your legs locked.

"My hips are locked too when I stand up. I can only bend from my waist. I kind of drag my legs," I explained as Brian handed me my crutches and I started to walk.

"Have you needed braces for a long time?" Brian asked.

"Actually no. I wore braces without hip locks for a year two years ago and then I didn't need them for a year. Now I am back in them along with my hip locks. It has only been a few months since I started wearing braces again. I am probably stuck with them permanently now," I explained.

"I am really sorry," Brian said.

"Well I will have to get used to it. My roommate, she has no legs, suggested I use a wheelchair like she does. I do have a wheelchair I use once in a while and in my room, but I don't want to stop walking even if it is hard. I feel less handicapped when I can walk."

We reached my class and I figured that would be the last time I would see Brian. He was probably just curious about my handicap. I was surprised.

"Would you like to go to a movie some time?" Brian asked.


"Sure. How about tomorrow night?" Brian asked.

Of course I said yes and we arranged a time to meet at my room. For the rest of the day I was on cloud nine. A boy was actually interested in me in spite of my horrible braces.

Brian couldn't believe his luck. He was actually going on a date with the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Of course this was partially due to the fantastic braces she wore. He went over their encounter in his mind. He got a good look at her braces. They were as perfect as he could imagine. He remembered how she struggled to walk and how her legs strained in her thigh cuffs.

One of the things that excited him was when she had to get up over a curb. It wasn't a high curb, but for Karen it was a major challenge. She had to kind of swing one of her braced legs up and over sideways and then use her crutches to pull herself up. There was no doubt in his mind that she was severely handicapped in her braces. He wondered if she could get up stairs. He strongly doubted it, not with hip locks.

He couldn't wait for their date. He would get to see her braced legs for hours. He fantasized what it would be like if they were alone and she removed her skirt and he could see her braces all the way up to her waist. He longed to see all of her thigh cuffs and the pelvic band he knew she wore. He wanted to run his hands over her braces and kiss her passionately.

To be continued