The Adventures of Roberta and Lori
The Fetish Club

Roberta and Lori were introduced in my story "The Vacation." If you didn't read it I will tell you a little about Roberta and Lori. Roberta was born Robert and is married to Lori. Robert becomes Roberta after sex reassignment surgery and is now a totally feminine and beautiful woman in all respects. Both Roberta and Lori undergo voluntary amputation of both arms well above the elbow. They both use two prosthetic hooks that they totally enjoy.

"How would you like to go to the fetish club tonight?" Lori asked Roberta.

"Sure. We always have fun there," Roberta replied.

"Deal, let's get ready."

Having to do everything with their two prosthetic hooks always made things a lot harder for both girls. They each had conventional split hooks with articulating wrists. They could open and close their hooks by moving their shoulders which pulled on a control cable. There was a little button on each of their wrists that allowed them to tilt their hooks into two positions. They operated their elbow joints with a second cable that locked and unlocked the joints. If their elbows were unlocked they could raise and lower their arms using the same control cable that opened and closed their hooks. All this was now automatic for the two girls who were totally proficient with their hooks.

Lori and Roberta helped each other remove the sleeveless tops they were wearing. They each had incredible breasts and looked great in their bras. Lori was wearing a skirt and Roberta had on a pair of jeans. It took them a little time to get these garments off. As their clothing came off the fact that they were each wearing a confining chastity belt became evident. This fact was further revealed as they removed their panties.

Removing their bras came next. Since their bras were underneath their prosthesis they each, in turn, slipped out of their hooks so the other could unsnap the bra band and slip the straps over the other's shoulders. Now naked except for their chastity belts they headed for the bathroom. Since they had their arms amputated they had developed clever ways to help each other. This was evident in their bathroom activities. They bathed each other using their feet. It was quite easy to use a cloth held in the feet of one girl to scrub the other.

They bathed in their chastity belts. The only time either Lori or Roberta removed their chastity belts was when they agreed to have sex. They each held the key to the other's belt. Of course they would go to the club wearing their belts along with the thigh bands they would later add. After all, they were going to a fetish club.

After they dried each other they got dressed. The first step was to put on clean bras. It was easy for one of them to help the other. Neither girl could put on their own bra. For that matter neither could dress themselves except in very easy clothing. Since they knew that they would most likely be showing off their chastity belts that evening they decided not to wear panties. Once their bras were on they could keep their hooks on. Just before they slipped into their hooks for the evening they put on a stump sock over each of their two stumps. They each loved the look of their naked stumps  that were so soft and perfectly smooth and rounded.

To add to their appearance they took turns putting on each others thigh bands. These metal bands attached to the waist band of their chastity belts by chains that were locked in place. They decided to link their bands with a small chain rather than a locking bar since they didn't want to be as restricted walking and wanted to be able to cross their legs. After everything was locked into place they decided to leave their keys in a safe place. They would not be able to remove their belts or thigh bands once they left the house. If they became aroused, which they would, they would not be able to get any relief. The shields of their chastity belts prevented them from touching themselves. The thigh bands kept their legs together making it impossible to even slip one of their hooks under the shield, not that doing that was of much success.

Next they put on boots that ran all the way up to their knees. The boots had five inch stiletto heels. They looked really sexy.  If one of their friends with hands had been there to help them they would have put on thigh high stockings. It was virtually impossible for them to put on stockings with their hooks and it took a lot of work for them to help each other using their feet. They didn't want to make the effort this night.

"I think our black dresses with the long sleeves would look good," Roberta said.

"You bet," Lori replied.

They helped each other into their dresses. Their dresses were mid thigh length and the hem was at the level of their thigh bands and really not covering them completely. Their long sleeves covered their prosthetics except for their hooks showing below the sleeves. Their dresses were cut very low in front revealing a lot of the generous cleavage each girl had. They each helped the other zip the zipper that ran up the back. Small rings had been attached to the tang of the zippers to make it easier to zip using their hooks. Of course they could never zip themselves up. In fact even women with normal hands have a lot of trouble with long back zippers on their dresses.

The two girls finished up by helping each other with some jewelry and doing their makeup. They were each expert using their hooks to apply makeup and comb their hair. When they were finished they looked each other over and gave each other a kiss,

"God we look hot," Lori said.

"Thanks goodness I have my chastity belt on or my hook would be bringing me to climax," Roberta replied.

"I know. We can't help it. We are sexy babes, that's for sure. And these make us that much hotter," Lori said holding up her two hooks.

Lori and Roberta grabbed their purses and headed out the door. It was warm out and they didn't need coats. Both girls could drive with the aid of a driving ring on their steering wheels. Lori did the driving to the club. After parking they went in to the busy and noisy club.

They found an empty table and sat down. Their dresses rode up and revealed their thigh bands. They knew they would fit in since many in the club would suspect that they had on chastity belts. There were the usual fetish crowd. All sorts of fetishes were represented ranging from tattoos, strict bondage, cross dressers, to more bizarre fetishes such as adult diapers. Of course there were several girls being led around by chains attached to collars. Some were gagged and one girl was in an arm binder. They knew that she probably would spend the evening with her arms bound behind her. There was a lock at the top and they were willing to bet that the key was at home. Not even her date would be able to release her arms.

 "I wonder how bad her arms hurt when she finally gets out of that arm binder?" Lori asked.

"Ouch!" Roberta replied.

A few minutes later the cocktail waitress came over to ask what they wanted to drink. They both ordered wine. They knew they could hold a wine glass by the stem with their hooks.

"Hey, those hooks are really neat," the waitress said. "I can't imagine using them. Can you open and close them?"

"Of course," Roberta replied as she demonstrated.

"Way cool," the waitress said. It was clear that she had no idea that both girls really were amputees. She thought it was a fetish.

There was loud music playing and quite a few people dancing. The club catered to both straight and gay couples. Lori and Roberta knew that they would probably only be able to dance to slow music as the chains between their legs didn't allow for a lot of movement.

Their drinks came very quickly and the waitress watched as Lori got the money out of her purse to pay. She was expert at doing this now

"That's so cool," the waitress said as she took the money and her tip. "you guys are so good it's almost like you do it all the time." The girls just smiled. Of course they did need their hooks all the time.

The girls sipped their wine as they watched the incredible array of people surrounding them. Two guys were staring at them from a nearby table. It wasn't long before they came over.

"Do you mind if we join you and buy you another round of drinks? I'm Jim and this fine fellow is John," one of them said.

"Sure, I'm Roberta and this is Lori."

"We couldn't help but notice that you guys have bands around your legs. They wouldn't be connected to chastity belts would they?" John asked smiling.

Maybe," Lori teased.

"I guess we will never know," Jim said.

"Why not?" Lori asked.

"You mean you would show us?" Jim said.

At that point Lori reached down and used her hooks to hike up her dress so the guys could see her chastity belt, especially the crotch shield protecting her vagina.

"I hope you have the keys," John said.

"Sure, at home. We are locked in them until we get home so you guys can stop dreaming about our CB's coming off," Roberta said.

Of course the two guys were looking at both girl's hooks as well.

"Those hooks look so real," Jim said. What a really cool fetish.

Both Lori and Robert smiled. These guys actually thought they were pretenders just like the waitress.

"Can you open and close them?" Jim asked.

Both girls demonstrated.

"That is so cool," John said. "How often do you wear them?"

"All the time except when we are in bed," Roberta said.

"Come on, that's crazy. Why would you do that?"

"We have to," Lori replied.

"What do you mean?" John asked.

"We don't have arms," Lori stated.

"For real?" Jim asked.

"For real," Roberta said.

"No way," both guys said at the same time.

Roberta then used her right hook to pull up the sleeve of her dress revealing her prosthesis all the way up to above her elbow.

"So where is my arm?" she asked the guys. "Does my elbow joint look like a real elbow?"

"Oh God, you really are an amputee. Both arms and both of you?"

"Yes, it's not a fetish," Lori replied. "We use our hooks because we have no other choice. We just have small stumps that end about two inches below our shoulders.

"We're sorry," John said. "We thought it was a pretend thing. This is a fetish club and there are some men and women who come in here wearing things like leg braces. There is even a girl who has opaque contact lenses and pretends to be blind. She has a white cane and everything. She can't see a damn thing with the contacts in. She puts them in just outside and comes in blind. The guys help her out and get all turned on."

The two guys bought another round of drinks and didn't seem put out by the fact that both girls really were armless.

"Would you be offended if I told you that those hooks are incredibly sexy?" Jim asked.

"Not at all. In fact we don't mind being armless. We both like having hooks." Roberta said.

"No kidding? It can't be easy," Jim said.

"You got that right," Lori said.

"So what about the chastity belts?" John asked.

"We both wear them 24 hours a day except when we have sex. We don't wear the thigh bands except on special occasions," Roberta explained.

"That's so cool. Do you have boyfriends?" John asked.

"No. we are married. To each other," Lori said.

"You're lesbians?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that since we are both females."

"Are you really married?" John asked.

"Yes. Legal and all."

"So I guess we guys don't have a chance?" Jim asked with a sigh.

"I'm afraid not," Roberta said. "We can be friends and we won't mind having a little fun if you want."

"Can you show us your chastity belts again?" John asked.

Lori pulled up her dress as high as she could revealing everything including her waist band.

"Our vaginas are protected by this shield," she said as she used her hook to point to the shield with the holes in it that allowed her to pee. "The crotch strap has a slot that our labia fit through and then the shield is on top. We can't touch ourselves at all and of course we can't masturbate. When we get turned on there is nothing we can do but suffer."

"Can we touch down there?" Jim asked.

"Sure," Roberta said as the two guys felt all around the crotch shields of the two girls.

"Wow, they really do prevent anyone from stimulating you," he said.

"That they do. Our thigh bands prevent us from spreading our legs. We can get our hooks a little under the shields if we can spread our legs, but even then we can't really get to our clits. Sometimes it's very frustrating but we love it," Lori explained.

"What are the holes for?" John asked.

"So we can pee," Lori explained. "We pee through the holes."

"Cool," Jim said. "You must go crazy at times."

"That's part of the fun of wearing a chastity belt," Roberta said. "We are at each others mercy to get relief. I think my belt turns me on more than I would be without it."

They had another round of drinks and the guys wanted to dance. They both got really turned on when they held Lori and Roberta's hooks.

"Too bad you two are lesbians. We would love to get those chastity belts off. And God those hooks are so cool," John said.

Roberta reached down with her hooks and stroked John's now very erect penis knowing it would drive him crazy. It did.

Lori and Roberta spent the evening amusing the two guys and both girls were getting quite turned on, not by the guys, but by each other. Jim and John seemed to love watching the girls use their hooks.

After returning home neither Lori or Roberta could wait to get their chastity belts off. They got the keys and first removed their thigh bands. Next they unlocked the waist bands of each others belts and removed them. Their throbbing clits were waiting for each others hooks. They removed their dresses and headed for the bedroom where they used their hooks on each other. Their dildos did the rest of the work as they had fabulous sex.

Reluctantly they both got back into their chastity belts and put on their nighties. After removing their hooks they slid into bed and kissed each other. They touched each other with their tiny stumps and fell asleep.

Lori and Roberta had a wonderful life as armless and hooked women. They were very much in love. The fetish club became a regular haunt and it wasn't long that the regulars knew they were actually real arm amputees and their hooks were for real. It was amazing how sexy their hooks were to some guys and even some women.

The End