The Adventures of Roberta and Lori
The Bikinis

Roberta and Lori were introduced in my story "The Vacation." If you didn't read it I will tell you a little about Roberta and Lori. Roberta was born Robert and is married to Lori. Robert becomes Roberta after sex reassignment surgery and is now a totally feminine and beautiful woman in all respects. Both Roberta and Lori undergo voluntary amputation of both arms well above the elbow. They both use two prosthetic hooks that they totally enjoy.

Roberta and Lori decided to buy some new bikinis. Roberta had never worn a bikini, but now that she was a woman and had real breasts and a totally feminine form she could wear one without revealing that she was once a male. Her beautiful vagina would allow her to wear the skimpiest bikini. The girls had to go shopping without their ever present chastity belts for obvious reasons.

They each wore tank tops that exposed their prosthesis. They liked to be seen that way as they both enjoyed the reactions when seen in public as truly armless women. They each wore a very short skirt and sandals that showed off their nicely polished toenails. Not having fingernails they each loved to have nice polished toes. Of course they loved showing off their dexterity in using their hooks.

They arrived at the mall and got the usual stares as they walked around. Before shopping they went to a coffee shop and each had a cup of coffee. It wasn't an effort since they were served by an obliging waitress and could each hold the steaming mugs of coffee by inserting their hooks in the handles of the mugs in a special way. They had to grasp the handles with their hooks pointing down so the mugs wouldn't tip. They balanced the mugs using the thumbs of their hooks. This was the small lever arm that connected to their control cable.

"So are you excited about getting your first bikini Roberta?" Lori asked.

"God yes. Now that I have a smooth crotch with no ugly male stuff I can't wait to see how I look," Roberta replied.

"I bet," Lori said.

They finished up and headed for one of the large department stores. Of course all eyes fell on the two armless girls as they went into the bathing suit area.

"Can I help you?" a young sales associate asked. She immediately took in both girl's extensive prosthetics and the two hooks they used.

"We are looking for some new bikinis," Lori explained.

"Okay. They are right over here in this section," the girl said as she led them to the area. "Will you need help because of those?" she asked referring to the obvious hooks each was required to use.

"Probably not. We can help each other pretty well," Roberta said.

"It must be difficult," the girl said.

"Not as hard as you think," Lori replied. "Our hooks are not as good as hands, but we can do most things with them."

"Okay, but just let me know if you need help."

Both girls looked through the racks of bikinis.

"How skimpy do you think we should go?" Roberta asked.

"The skimpier the better. Let's show our stuff. We both have great bods."

They each selected several suits to try on and carried them to the fitting rooms with their hooks. Once in private they undressed each other completely. This required each girl to slip off her hooks while the other undid her bra.

"You go first," Lori said.

"Okay how about the black one?" It was a lovely high rise style with a low cut bra top.

Lori helped Roberta step into the bottom and pull it up. She then helped Roberta into the bra top and fastened the band.

"God this looks great. I just love the way the bottom fits so smooth. At least everyone will know what I now have down there."

Roberta continued to look in the mirror and admired how great she looked as a woman now. Not the slightest hint of her male past was evident. She was as well shaped as any woman. The several years of hormones and completely feminized her body not to mention the full breasts her implants provided. Lori was, of course, all natural.

"How do I look without my hooks?"

"Fantastic, but helpless. Your stumps are so sexy though," Lori said.

"I do feel naked without my hooks. Helpless too," Roberta replied.

Lori and Roberta switched roles and Lori tried on her bikinis. When they were through they each selected three lovely suits. After getting dressed they headed out to the register.

"Great choices. I bet they look great on you guys," the sales girl said. "Cash or charge?"

"Charge," Lori said.

Roberta and Lori opened their purses and got out their credit cards. The girl ran them through.

"Can you sign okay?" she asked wondering about their hooks.

"Of course," Lori said

The sales girl handed a pen to Lori and she grasped it in her right hook arranging it properly. She carefully signed. Roberta did the same.

"You guys do that so easily. I can't believe you can use your hooks like that," she said a little embarrassed.

"We can do pretty much everything we need to do as long as we have our hooks on," Roberta said.

"I can't imagine what it must be like to have to do everything with hooks," she said.

"You get used to it and don't even think about it eventually," Roberta said.

The girl placed the new bikinis in plastic bags and put the receipt in as well and handed the bags to Roberta and Lori.

The girls shopped for some other things including some sun screen and makeup. They also purchased some beach bags. Finally they headed home.

"I can't wait to wear one of my new suits in public. Let's go down to the pool tomorrow," Lori said.

The girls lived in an apartment complex that had a large outdoor pool and club house.

"Hey, we don't have our CB's on, remember?" Lori said.

"If we each promise not to touch ourselves down there maybe we can go without them for just one time."

They agreed. Of course mutual sex was fine which they engaged in later that evening, but touching themselves was something they agreed never to do.

The next day they got up, shaved each others legs and bikini lines very carefully. They could do this to each other using their hooks but neither could shave or bathe themselves without the others help, of course.

They got dressed in their bikinis, put on their makeup and had some breakfast.

"God I am turned on," Roberta said.

"Remember, no CB's so don't even think about reaching down there."

Finally they filled their beach bags with all the girl stuff they would need. They remembered to take along some cosmetic sponges to apply the sun screen. They walked down to the pool. Of course it was hard for people not to look as the two women walked into the pool area in their chosen bikinis. Their prosthetics were in full view. There was no doubt in anyone's mind as to where their arms ended. It was clear that their arms ended a little below their shoulders.

They found a pair of loungers and arranged their stuff. They then took turns applying the sun screen with the cosmetic sponges. When they were done they each slipped out of their hooks and pulled their stump socks off with their mouths. They were now totally armless and fantastic looking in their bikinis.

Neither wanted to get too much sun, but they enjoyed lying there, armless, in the sun. After a while they got very hot and decided to go in the pool. They went to the shallow end and managed to get in the pool. With no arms they couldn't hold on to anything. They had never tried to swim with no arms and they cautiously ventured into deeper water.

"Try to swim. You can always stand up," Roberta said.

Lori carefully pushed off the bottom of the pool and kicked her feet. She kicked hard and managed to swim a little. She instinctively moved her stumps as if she had arms. Of course this did little to help her swim. Roberta did the same.

"Hey, we can actually swim without our arms," Lori exclaimed.

"Do we have a choice?" Roberta said laughing.

After playing around a little while longer they returned to their loungers. They used their feet to dry each other off with the towels they had brought. They helped each other on with their stump socks and hooks. They then went into the club house and bought a couple of diet Cokes.

"Can you open them and put straws in?" Lori asked the guy working the counter.

"Sure. Anything for you two lovelies. I guess it's a little hard with those hooks," he said.

"Yeah, well we can do it, but it's a pain," Roberta said.

They carried their Cokes over to a table and sat down to drink them. They noticed a few guys looking at them

"Is it our hooks or our bods?" Roberta asked.

"Has to be both," Lori said.

"I guess so. This is so much fun. I just can't believe I am finally showing off in a bikini," Roberta said.

"Well you have a body to die for."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

Roberta and Lori returned to the pool area and took in some more sun before they headed back to their apartment. They finally got out of their bathing suits and put on their chastity belts. They each knew that the temptation to pleasure themselves would be too great without the protection of their belts. Sex would come later after they had dinner.

After dressing they headed out to one of their favorite restaurants. They always liked to eat with their hooks in public. They enjoyed being watched. Both of them always enjoyed using their hooks to eat.

Later that night they removed their chastity belts and had wonderful sex. Exhausted they got back into their belts for the night.

This was the first of many outings in their bikinis. In addition to going to the pool they also went to the beach. They had to be little careful with the sand. Sand and hooks don't work well together.

Lori and Roberta never regretted having their arms amputated. Neither could imagine life without their two hooks. They knew that they would wear their bikinis as often as they could since it showed off their generous assets and also gave them the opportunity to show off their tiny, perfectly rounded and smooth stumps. Being armless was the way they always wanted to be. Of course they had no choice in the matter, did they?

The End