The Vacation

By Vicki


Part Five – The Big Surprise


            As time passed Lori brought up the subject of whether or not I would have my arms amputated. We talked quite a bit but never made any plans. Although I had undergone a major transformation I guess I was not ready to face up to such a major decision. Of course I was living full time using my hooks and was completely comfortable using them.

            One day Lori asked me to come with her to visit a friend from college who was seriously ill.

            “She is in a private clinic about 50 miles from here in a town called Bakerville. I really feel I need to visit her. I heard that she may not have long to live. We were pretty good friends in school, but I haven’t seen her in quite a few years,” Lori explained.

            I agreed to go with her for a day out. It took us about 1 ˝ hours to get there as the clinic was in a pretty remote area. It was located in a large estate type setting.

            “I think it might be better if I saw her alone. They only want one person at a time.  You can relax in the lounge,” Lori said.

            We headed into the quite luxurious lounge and Lori went to get some coffee for me. My hooks usually made fixing coffee a little difficult as I had trouble opening the little creamers that usually were provided. We had spotted a coffee and snack station as we entered that was provided for patient family members.

            After Lori brought me my coffee she left me to visit her friend. I grasped the paper coffee cup by the rim using my right hook and took a sip. I picked up a fashion magazine from a table and used my hooks to page trough it. I always loved to check out the latest fashions and imagine how I might look in them. My rather good figure allowed me to wear almost any style, even overtly sexy ones.

            After I finished my coffee I started to feel quite drowsy. I put the magazine down and decided to take a brief nap. The lounge was deserted and quiet. I drifted off very quickly.

            When I awoke I immediately sensed that something was wrong. I was not in the lounge. I was in a hospital room and in a bed. For some reason my arms hurt. I wondered if I still had my hooks on. The first thought that crossed my mind was that I had a heart attack or something when I was in the lounge.

            “It’s about time you woke up,” a familiar voice said.

            I looked around to locate the voice that I knew was Lori’s. To my amazement Lori was in a bed right next to me.

            “Lori, what the heck happened? Why are we in the hospital?” I asked with some alarm.

            “Oh honey, I have a really big surprise for you,” Lori said. “I never came here to visit a friend. This visit was for the both of us. I don’t quite know how to tell you so I guess I will just say it. Your arms have been amputated two inches below your shoulders.”

            “My arms?” I stammered.

            “Both are gone. Your coffee was drugged and the staff got you to the OR. I arranged everything. I was already being prepped for my surgery while you were drinking your coffee. All this was prearranged.”

            “What do you mean by your surgery? What kind of surgery?” I managed to ask.

            “My arms were amputated at the same level as yours, two inches below my shoulders. Both of us are armless now and we both will need hooks for the rest of our lives. We are identical armless women now,” Lori revealed to my amazement.

            “But I had no idea you wanted hooks.”

            “I never told you but I got so turned on by your life using your hooks that I realized I wanted to be that way too. I knew I this is what I wanted when you were in the hospital after your sex change. I wore your hooks every day. Sue and Lynn even took me shopping and out to dinner. I loved it. I knew then that I had to be that way permanently,” Lori explained.

            “But why didn’t you tell me about all this?”

            “Well you seemed so reluctant to have the amputations. I wanted my desires to be a nice surprise for you as well,” Lori replied.

            “But we never discussed above the elbow amputations. I thought we always wanted me to be a DBE.”

            “At first, but the more I looked at stuff on the net the more I was convinced that being more handicapped was more desirable. I just loved the concept of having prosthetic elbows.”

            This was for real and there was no going back. Both of us would never have arms again. I wondered what our life would be like after we both had hooks. A moment later a nurse came in.

            “How are you girls doing?” she asked. “I have some pain killers for you to take.”

            She gave each of us a couple of pills and held a glass of water with a straw so we could wash the pills down.

            “Can I see my stumps?” I asked the nurse.

            “Sure. They are heavily bandaged but you can judge where the amputations were performed.”

            I knew she knew we had elective amputations and that’s why she wasn’t treating us as she would with someone who had involuntary amputations. She pulled the covers down enough for me to see that I had very short stumps. My arms were really gone.

            Lori and I stayed in the clinic for several days. Of course we had to be fed and totally cared for as neither of us could do anything at this point. I wondered how we would get home. After we were dressed and ready to go, my question was answered as Su and Lynn came in.

            “I can’t believe you guys did it. You really had your arms amputated,” Sue said.

            Of course it was pretty obvious as we were both wearing sleeveless tops. Lori had thoughtfully packed clothing for both of us. Our bandaged short stumps were very much in evidence. Both girls had come so one of them could drive Lori’s car back. I knew it would be wuite a while before either of us was driving again.

            We were both still feeling quite a bit of pain, but not as bad as the first few days. I had been able to see my stumps during the times that the bandages were changed. It wouldn’t be long until all we would need would be elastic bandages to take down the swelling in preparation for being fitted for the sockets of our new prosthesis.

            Sue and Lynn agreed to take turns caring for us. We were quite helpless. The first thing we did when we got home was to have Sue and Lynn get us into our chastity belts. We knew that we would soon be getting turned on and we both knew we would do just about anything to get relief if we didn’t have our belts on. I am sure we could have found things like the corners of tables to rub our clits on. With our chastity belts we would both have to wait for the times when we could satisfy each other. I know Sue was quite embarrassed as she guided our labia into the belt’s shield and pulled it up into place and locked it.

            “You need to make sure our labia are completely inside our shields,” Lori said. “If they are not then we will be very uncomfortable. With the proper fit we can’t feel anything down there.”

            “You guys really like these things don’t you?”

            “Now we do. I don’t think I would ever want to be without my chastity belt on. I want my vagina protected at all times,” I explained. It is for Lori and her only,” I said.

            Our daily routines would begin when one of the girls would remove our nightgowns and take off our chastity belts. Of course we couldn’t touch ourselves as we no longer had arms. Our legs and under stumps would be shaved and we would be bathed. Right after one of us was bathed our chastity belt was promptly put on. Not even a moment of freedom was granted.

            The girls would dress us, apply our makeup, and comb our hair. If we wore skirts or dresses we usually wore garter belts and stockings. That made it easier for us to get help pulling down our panties so we could pee through the holes in our shields. We both always wore a fresh Kotex pad as there was always a little dripping from the shield after we used the bathroom.

            We liked to wear sleeveless tops so we could see each others bandaged stumps except when we went out in public. Unfortunately that always aroused us and made us more aware of the protection our chastity belts afforded. When we went out we wore short sleeves that were long enough to cover our stumps or long sleeves with the sleeves pinned up.

            Sue and Lynn were wonderful. They took us out shopping and even to restaurants. Of course we needed to be fed like babies, but we kind of enjoyed it. We knew it wouldn’t be long before we would be eating with our new hooks. We couldn’t wait to get fitted. We got lots of stares of course. There would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that we really had no arms. The girls helped us try on clothes. We even got nice pedicures. Both of now had only our toenails to wear nail polish.

            We did try to do things with our feet at times. We didn’t spend as lot of time on this as we knew we would have our hooks sooner or later. We even tried eating with our feet, but it was really hard to get our feet near up high enough. I am sure that if we were bilateral shoulder disarticulates we would use or feet since prosthetics for DSD’s were not that useful.

            I still needed to dilate periodically. One of the girls would remove my panties and chastity belt. I would lie on the bed as she inserted the stent. All I could do was squeeze a little during the period of insertion. The girls always made sure my clit was never touched. I knew that even the slightest touch would send me through the roof.

            Before bed we were finally given the opportunity to get sexual relief. We were both undressed and our chastity belts removed. We could do anything we wanted as long as we didn’t need help. We wanted privacy. Lori and I learned how to use our feet to touch each other’s private parts. Of course oral sex was part of our sex play as well as using our favorite dildos. We found we could lubricate then and insert them in each other using our feet. Sex was unimaginable and I knew even better since we couldn’t masturbate during the day. Our chastity belts were only removed when we both agreed. The two girls held both our keys.

            The sutures on our stumps were finally removed and our stumps were healed enough for us to just have them wrapped in elastic bandages. Bathing was now easier as we didn’t need to have our bandages protected by waterproof covers. We both loved to look at each other naked except for our chastity belts with our stumps unwrapped. We both had lovely and smooth short stumps. We both loved our body images. Sometimes before we would get dressed we would play around on the bed teasing each other as we used our feet to play with each others chastity belts. Not getting any relief made us even more turned on.

            Finally our stumps were healed enough to be cast for our prosthetics.

            Our first visit to the prosthetist was quite an experience. He spent a long time explaining that our only real option was to use hooks. Of course he had no idea how much practice I already had. I am sure he wondered how it was that both of us lost our arms at the same time and at the same level, but he never asked us personal questions.

            “I know you are both probably not looking forward to the idea of having hooks, but they are the most functional,” he said to us.

            “I just can’t really get used to the idea of having them. They look so horrible,” I said pretending to feel that way.

            “I know dear. They do take some getting used to. However, once you start to use them you will find that they will allow you to do many things. I don’t want you to think that they will ever be a replacement for your arms and hands, but you will be able to get by. Of course you will need someone to help you with some of the things you can’t do.”

            “Will we be able to eat and get dressed?” I asked already knowing the answer.

            “You will be able to eat with your hooks, but you will definitely need help getting dressed and for things like bathing.”

            “I guess we won’t be able to shave our legs,” I said attempting to make a joke.

            “Not that, but you will be able to put on your makeup with a lot of practice. You can even drive eventually,” he explained.

            The prosthetist then showed ua what our prosthesis would look like. Of course it would have articulating wrists. There would be a second control cable on each arm to lock and unlock the elbow joints. I had to pretend to be revolted by the look of the hooks at the end of each arm. Lori did the same.

            “The hooks look so horrible,” Lori said. “I just don’t know how I will get used to them and especially when people see me that way.” She started to cry.

            “Don’t cry Lori. Everything will turn out okay,” I said. The two of us were enjoying our little charade.

            Well we got our stumps cast for the sockets of our new hooks. Our hooks would be ready in about a week. Lori and I left extremely happy. Sue was waiting to drive us home.

            “I love the new prosthesis,” I said.

            “The elbow joints look really cool,” Lori said. “I just hope we won’t be too handicapped.”

            “Just wait. I bet we will be able to do almost as much as I did with my pretend hooks. In any case it will feel so much better to be a real amputee. I can’t wait to find out how it feels to have my stumps inside the sockets,” I said.

            We couldn’t wait to get our new hooks. The week finally went by and we returned to the prosthetist. A nurse helped us remove our tops. We both had on long sleeve sweaters. We felt a little strange in just our bras. The prosthetist unwrapped our stumps and slipped stump socks on each of our stumps. The moment had finally arrived. We would be wearing our hooks in a few minutes.

            Lori was fitted first. She was instructed to slip her right stump into the socket. The prosthetist then got her harness in position so Lori could slip her left stump into the left socket. After she did this the prosthetist adjusted the straps on the harness.

            “You will have to have several adjustments. As you start using your hooks you will probably want me to make some fine adjustments to the cable lengths,” he explained.

            I was fitted next. I can’t explain the thrill I experienced as I slipped my stumps into the sockets. After my hooks were on I felt complete once again. We were then instructed in how to lock and unlock our elbows and raiswe and lower our forearms. Finally the prosthetist explained how we could open and close our hooks if our elbows were locked. He further explained about the buttons that would allow us to tilt our hooks.

            “You will need lots of training. We have a wonderful program run by a woman who is herself a bilateral arm amputee. It won’t be long and you will be able to start to do some of the things you could do when you had arms.”

            The two of us just couldn’t wait to be on our own. We knew we would learn quickly since we both had some experience. The elbow joints were new, of course, and we would both have to practice locking and unlocking them. Finally the nurse helped us back into our sweaters. It was a nice feeling seeing ourselves in the mirror with just our hooks showing. We knew that underneath the sleeves we had no arms and  our full prosthetics.

            Lynn had volunteered to drive us to the prosthetist and was waiting outside in the waiting room for us.

            “How do we look?” Lori asked.

            “Like two armless girls with hooks,” she said laughing a little. “How do your new hooks feel?”

            “Just fantastic,” I replied. Of course she knew we both were riding on cloud nine having our real and permanent prosthetics.

            After we got home Lori and I practiced with our hooks for hours. It wasn;t long and we started to get used to the added complexity of manipulating our elbow joints. I was so happy that I would never be a pretender again. I would never have to worry about something suspecting that I was anything other than what I appeared, an armless woman.

            My first trip out with my new hooks was to have dinner with Lynn and Sue. We met Sue at restaurant. Lynn had driven us. I decided to show off my new hooks. I had always worn long sleeves so that I would not give away that I was a pretender. Now I had nothing to fear. I wore a short sleeve top that covered my upper arms but exposed my two elbow joints and prosthetic forearms. No one would have any doubts that I was anything but a real amputee. Lori wore long sleeves.

            “How does it feel to be out with your new hooks?,” Sue asked. “How do they feel?”

            “Great. I love them. I am more handicapped now, but I think they are wonderful. I can show them off too,” I replied.

            “I guess you are. Everyone can see what you have now,” Sue said.

            We went in and got our usually waitress.

            “I haven’t seen you in quite a while, the waitress said. “I don’t think I have ever seen you in anything but long sleeves,” she said to me.

            “Well I have been recovering. For medical reasons I had to have my arms re-amputated above the elbows. I am just getting used to having elbow joints. I am not as good with my hooks as I was,” I explained.

            “Oh God I am so sorry. This must be really hard on you,” the waitress said.

            “It’s not so bad. Just a little more work to do locking and unlocking my elbows now. Hooks are hooks and I don’t feel all that different.”

            It was then that she noticed that Lori also had hooks.

            “What happened? You have hooks too?” she asked. She was completely shocked.

            “I had an accident. It’s hard to believe, but I lost my arms too. I never imagined that I would ever need hooks like Roberta, but I do now,” Lori said.

            “I am just so sorry. I can’t believe this could have happened to you,” the waitress said.

            “It’s not that bad,” Lori said. “Life goes on.”          

            “You two are truly amazing. Let me know if there is anything special I can do for you,”

            We ordered and I did pretty well eating. I couldn’t use a knife yet. I needed some practice for that. It was a lot harder to do things since I had no rotation of my forearms now. I had to lock my elbow in the right position and make sure my hook was tilted just right. I actually enjoyed being more handicapped. I really did love using my hooks. I knew I had made the right decision to have me arms amputated. Not being a pretender was much more comfortable. I got through the meal pretty well. Lori wan’t quite as practiced as I was and she needed quite a bit of help from the other girls.

            “You guys look so great,” Lynn said. I never thought an armless girl could look so sexy,” Sue said. “I bet being a girl in all respects isn’t too bad either,” she said to me.

            “I love my body now,” I replied. I never had any idea how wonderful it is to be a female until I became one. So when are you guys going to have your arms amputated?” I asked jokingly.

            “Next week,” Lynn said. “Got to have those hooks. Hands are so gross.” We all laughed. I knew they probably couldn’t understand how anyone would want to have a pair of hooks instead of hands. I knew at that point that this is the way I always wanted to be.

            After a few months I felt I was fully adjusted to my new hooks. I rarely wore long sleeves any more. I even liked to wear tank tops to show off my breasts. I got more stares, of course, but I liked it when people were able to see that I had no arms except for my small stumps.

            Lori and I had probably the best sex life one could ever have. We liked having sex as two girls and the fact that I was armless made it even more intense. Lori loved my stumps as much as she loved my hooks. Of course my lovely breasts and vagina didn’t hurt. I loved everything about being a female and I couldn’t imagine ever living as a male. I loved my bras and panties, skirts, pantyhose and heels. I loved to wear makeup and look as feminine as I could.

            Lori also loved being armless and using her hooks. We loved to shop. We both could drive again and the two of us were quite independent. We still needed help with some things but we could help each other. We learned to be completely independent. We could even shave each others legs. We always seemed to figure out a way to do things without help. Life as an armless and hooked woman was, for us, just perfect.

Note – Roberta and Lori will be featured in a new series, “The Adventures of Roberta and Lori.” You can follow their adventures in upcoming short stories.

The End