The Vacation

By Vicki


Part Four – My New Vagina

            At the one year mark I was eligible for sex reassignment surgery. By this time I knew I wanted it more than anything. We contracted with one of the best surgeons. My only regret was that I had to go for short periods without my hooks. I avoided using my hands as much as possible but we couldn’t let the doctors know about my other intentions. The hormones had done a wonderful job of feminizing my body. I had a small waist and fuller hips. With my lovely breasts I was almost a complete woman. The day of my surgery finally arrived. The surgery went well. I woke up in recovery experiencing quite a bit of pain. I had to have a Foley catheter for a couple of days and then it was removed. Urinating as a woman the first time was painful but an enjoyable experience. Of course I would always have to sit on the toilet, not by choice, but by necessity. When I got the first look at my new vagina I was thrilled. I couldn’t believe I was finally a woman in all respects.

            After five days I was released and Lori took me home. I immediately got back into my hooks. I had really missed them. It felt wonderful to open and close my hooks again. One of the important tasks a new post operative transsexual must perform is vaginal dilation. I was provided a set of vaginal stents of increasing diameter. These were about ten inches long. I had to insert the stent into my new vagina four to six times a day for 30 to 40 minutes to ensure that my vagina would remain large enough for sexual activity. Lori helped me at first and then I was able to do this with my hooks. I would take off my panties and lay on the bed. I would insert my stent to approximately six inches, the depth of my new vagina and leave it there for the required period. It was a little messy to lubricate it and then clean up. I would be doing this for the rest of my life, but less frequently after a couple of months.

            One thing I found somewhat amusing was that I had to use my Kotex pads for real. For the first couple of weeks I had a lot of seepage of blood and serum along with other stuff. I had to change my pad frequently. Eventually the flow lessened and I only wore my pads for just in case situations. Of course I would never have a real period, but at least I knew what it was like to some extent when I changed a soiled pad. I was used to doing this with my hooks.


            Eventually I was healed enough to explore sex with Lori. Sex was now strictly girl girl. I have to admit that dildos were a wonderful invention. I didn’t want sex with a male but I enjoyed being penetrated. I had an incredibly sensitive clitoris and I just loved my feminine body. When Lori was not around I could arouse myself using one of my hooks on my clitoris.


            Lori’s friends Lynn and Sue were really excited after my surgery and recovery. Lori invited them over. They wanted to see the result. With some embarrassment I removed my panties revealing my new feminine plumbing.


            “Fantastic,” Lynn exclaimed. “I can’t tell she wasn’t born that way. Is your clitoris sensitive like ours?”


            “God yes,” I said. “If I just touch it with my hook I go wild. When I get turned on I think I feel just like you guys do. I am so happy my male thing is gone. Now I can get turned on and not worry about a penis getting hard. Women certainly have much neater anatomy. The thing I like is that I can get aroused anywhere at any time and never have to worry about a bulge in my pants,” I said as I looked down at the smooth contour between my legs.


            “I heard that post ops have to dilate,” Sue said. “How do you do that? Can you show us?” Sue asked.


            Reluctantly I got one of my stents and demonstrated how I inserted it.


            “It goes in so far,” Lynn exclaimed.


            “My vagina is 6 1/2 inches deep now,” I said.


            “Wow, that’s way cool,” Sue said. “Bet you would love to parade around in a bikini to show off your new body.”


            “Well I can’t do that and wear my hooks. They aren’t convincing unless I have on a long sleeve top,” I explained.


            “I guess that would be true,” Lynn replied. “Is it true you are thinking about having your arms amputated? I can’t imagine that, but I guess it is the next step since you like your hooks so much,” Sue asked.


            “I am considering it,” I said. “Lori wants it done. I think I could manage with hooks for the rest of my life.”


            Several months later I was completely healed and enjoying my new vagina. Being totally female now was quite wonderful. I loved trying on panties since I loved the way they looked on me with my completely smooth crotch. I had incredible sensation and I was almost always a little aroused.


            One day a large box arrived in the mail for Lori. I wondered what it was. I would soon find out. Lori was very excited when she found out it had arrived.


            “What’s in the box?” I asked.


            “Something I think you will love and hate,” Lori said.




            “I think you like your new vagina a little too much. I know you play with your clit with your hooks every chance you get,” she said.


            “I seem to be turned on a lot,” I said.


            “Well I just want to make sure you are turned on for me so I have a little surprise for you,” Lori said.


            Lori opened the box and unpacked it. Inside was a strange looking contraption. After I got a better look at it I finally realized what it was. It was a chastity belt. I had seen pictures of women wearing them on the internet. There was a metal waist band with some sort of locking device where it joined in front. Hanging from the back of the waist band was a rubber coated heavy cable  attached to some sort of metal shield. Everything was rubber lined so as not to hurt when it was worn.


            “My God Lori. Is this what I think it is?” I exclaimed.


            “Yes lover, a real chastity belt. Now I will have complete control over when you can satisfy yourself. No more playing with your clit with your hooks,” Lori said with a satisfied look. “I want to put it on you right away.”


            Lori helped me take off my skirt and then my panties. I was standing there with my new vagina fully exposed. I couldn’t help it, but I was getting really turned on. Lori then had me step into the waist band. She pulled it around my waist. There were three studs on one side and holes to match on the other. The stud in the center was larger than the other two on each side. This was to keep the belt perfectly aligned. Lori pulled until one side was placed over the three studs. It was incredibly tight and I knew it wouldn’t move up or down as it fit my waist perfectly.


            “God that’s tight!” I exclaimed.


            “I hope so,” Lori said. “We don’t want it to slip at all so your shield fits very tightly.”


            Next Lori pulled the metal shield held by the cable up through my crotch. The cable fit tightly between my cheeks. There was a long slit where the shield would cover my vagina. Lori worked the shield such that my labia were inserted into the slit. She then pulled tightly and positioned the wider part of the metal shield up over my pubic area. She pulled and pulled until the top of the shield fit over the studs. With the studs holding the shield it couldn’t move. It was held perfectly in line with the belt.


            “It’s so tight Lori,” I said.


            “It has to be or you would be able to get something under the shield and touch your clit.”


            My labia were through the slit, but my clit was covered by the shield. I reached down with my hook and touched the shield. I knew I could not get my hook into my vagina as the slit was too narrow.


            “This is your secondary shield. With it in place you can’t touch any part of your vagina. The holes allow you to pee,” Lori explained as she pointed to the metal piece that covered my vaginal lips that had been inserted through the slit.


            “Okay now use your hooks to try to satisfy yourself,” Lori teased.


            I touched the shield with my hooks and I found that I couldn’t feel anything. My vagina was completely secure. There was no way I could get even the slightest bit of relief. I felt nothing as the steel of the shield completely protected me.


            The final step was when Lori slipped the lock onto the large center stud. It had a pick proof lock. She locked it in place.


            “How long will I have to wear this?” I asked.


            “Permanently unless you have to dilate or we have sex.”


            “You mean I will have to sleep with it on?”


            “Twenty four hours a day my love. You will never be able to masturbate again. I will have complete control over your sexual appetite.”


            I looked at the tightly fitting belt and the shield between my legs. My new vagina was no Lori’s sole property and I was at her mercy for any and all sexual gratification.


            Lori helped me back into my panties. I sat down. When I did this I could feel the chastity belt pushing in on me. I was completely confined with no hope of relieving the mounting sexual tension I was feeling. Lori then told me she was going out for a few hours shopping. I would be alone and unable to do anything about the belt.


            After I couple of hours I had to pee. I pulled down my panties and sat on the toilet. My pee ran out of the secondary shield through the many holes. I wiped myself but continued to drip. I knew that some urine was trapped. Fortunately I still had a Kotex pad in my panties and after pulling them up I knew the pad would catch any dripping and protect my skirt. I was quite miserable and very turned on. I got used to the belt but not the fact that I could no longer use my hooks to satisfy myself. I tried and tried and I couldn’t get even the slightest bit of relief. I got my massager and turned it on. I could feel the vibrations very slightly penetrating through the metal shield but it was not very satisfying. I finally gave up.


            When Lori got home another two hours later I was hoping she would remove my chastity belt as It was time for me to dilate. She did this and then insisted that I not do anything except insert my stent. She would not let me touch myself. I got some relief as the Lucite stent entered my sensitive vagina, but not what I wanted. Lori placed me back in my chastity belt and I was once again prevented from any self stimulation. And so it went. The only relief I had was when we had sex together. That was wonderful. Of course my vaginal lips were once again inserted through the slit in the primary shield for the night.


            After a month I became used to wearing my chastity belt full time. I knew Lori would never let me go without it and I finally accepted that I would never be able to use my hooks the way I used to. In some respects wearing my belt made me feel secure. I knew that I was protected and that my sexual needs were only to be satisfied by the wonderful dildos Lori used during our sex play. I could now only imagine satisfying myself. I could sometimes have a sort of mental orgasm as I sat around and touched my secondary shield with my hooks. No feeling ever penetrated of course. I did enjoy the feeling of having my chastity belt on when we went out. I never could quite ignore it. Sensing its presence always turned me on even more.


            Naturally Lori had to show off my chastity belt to Sue and Lynn.


            “So you really can’t feel anything through it?” Sue asked.


            “Nothing,” I said.


            “God that must be frustrating,” she replied. “I can’t imagine having to wear it full time. I would go nuts if I couldn’t masturbate. How can you stand it?”


            “I can’t,” I said. “I can’t do anything about it though. Lori has the key and she has complete control over when I am able to get relief.”


            “You poor girl. Hooks for hands and now you are deprived of even touching your sex spot,” Sue said. “I don’t think I could live like that. Maybe the hooks would be okay, but not the chastity belt. That’s way over the line for me.”


            My life went on and I became totally enslaved by my hooks and confining chastity belt. When we went out I was always aware that I not only had to use my hooks for everything, but underneath my clothing I was trapped in a metal prison. I started to feel more and more submissive to Lori. She was controlling almost every facet of my life. The chastity belt was psychologically devastating, even more so than my need for my hooks. I was Lori’s sex slave.


            I decided to get even. I ordered an identical chastity belt in Lori’s size. When it arrived I surprised Lori.


            “You want me to wear a chastity belt like yours?” she asked with amazement. “You are the sub, not me.”


            “Well I think it would be kind of neat if we could both control each others ability to satisfy their sexual needs.”


            Lori was not happy about the idea, but since I had done so much to please her she agreed. After all, I used two hooks full time and I became physically a woman for her. She put on the chastity belt and locked it. She handed the key to me. She knew I would keep her key and she would keep mine. She was now my sex slave as I was hers. All she needed now were two hooks like mine and we would be a matching pair.

Part Five