The Vacation

By Vicki


Part Three – Transformation

            I lived every moment as an armless woman for the next month. I had become more and more feminine and I was almost completely at ease using my hooks. I hardly missed my real hands. Of course there were some things I still had trouble with, but I liked that too. There was something quite unique about needing hooks. I no longer had any reservations about appearing in public. I did just about everything a normal woman would do. Perhaps I should say an armless woman.

            One of my first really independent experiences was one day when Lori and I were shopping together. Lori told me to go into the drug store and pick up some things while she went to buy shoes. She gave me a list. This was the first time I had been totally on my own in a store. I went in and got a basket. I picked up the items she wanted including some tampons for her and some Kotex pads for me. I had no problem picking up the items with my hooks and placing them in the basket I held with my hook. I tried to act as natural as I could as I mingled with the other patrons who obviously saw me using my hooks. I liked the fact that they were seeing me using my hooks. It was a new adventure for me to be totally on my own without Lori to help me if I had a problem. I was worried about checking out. I went up to the counter and stood in line. When I reached the front of the line I placed the basket in front of the clerk. She rang up each item and placed them in a bag. Meanwhile I got my wallet out of my bag. I used my hook to take out the bills. When the total was rung up I used my hooks to get the proper amount. I handed the bills to the clerk. As she was making the change I used my hooks to open the change compartment of my wallet and held it out. The clerk placed the change inside. I asked her to slip the bills in the wallet for me. I closed the wallet and placed it back in my handbag. She handed me the bag with my items and slipped it inside my open hook.

            “Thank you so much,” I said to her.

            “No problem. I am amazed at how you can do things without hands. I guess your hooks are a real necessity,” she said.

            “I would be lost without them. They may not look very nice, but they are functional,” I said.

            “Well thanks for shopping here and good luck,” she said as I was about to leave.

            This experience had given me quite a bit of confidence. I was fairly certain I could be on my own. I still felt a little nervous knowing that I couldn’t take my hooks off and I needed to always look and act like a female. There was always the possibility I would get myself in a position where I needed help. Generally I found people were very accommodating.

            “How did you make out?” Lori asked.

            “Really well, I didn’t get stuck with anything and the clerk was very nice. I wasn’t even embarrassed about the tampons and pads. If I had bought them as a guy I would have been really embarrassed. Being a woman makes it easy to buy feminine items without anyone batting an eyelash.”

            “Bet they did bat some eyelashes over those hooks,” Lori said joking.


            A couple of days later a small package arrived. Lori unpacked it and showed it to me.

            “This is a driving ring for your car. If I can figure out how to install it you will be able to drive with our hooks and go out on your own,” Lori said.

            We both read the instructions and I coached Lori trough the installation. All it required was a small wrench that was provided. I knew I couldn’t help because of my hooks. There were some things that were just too hard or impossible. I realized that real double arm amps had to face the reality that there were some things they could never do without help.

            We went for a test drive around the block. It was fairly easy. Even turning was pretty simple. The hardest parts were shifting and using the key. Lori helped me until I felt that I could do everything on my own including locking and unlocking the door.

            The next day Lori sent me out to do some grocery shopping entirely on my own. This little adventure turned out to be a bit more challenging than my experience in the drug store. Handling some of the items on the shopping list was not easy, especially jars. I had to learn very quickly. I Gave up on a few items and just waited until another shopper came by and then I asked for help. I never had a problem. Everyone seemed willing to take the second or two to pick up the item and put it in my shopping cart. I knew that most people put themselves in my position and wondered what they would do if they had two hooks instead of their hands.

            The grocery shopping adventure gave me lots of newfound confidence. Over the next couple of weeks I went out shopping on my own. I bought myself some additional bras and panties. It felt so nice to be able to do this by myself as a woman. I had the most fun buying shoes. I was getting more and more used to higher heels and I didn’t hesitate to buy shoes with three inch heels. I loved the look of my smooth pantyhose covered legs and how it felt to slip my feet into lovely pumps.

            One pleasant event was after about a month being a full time woman arm amputee. Lori told me my pierces were healed enough to change earrings. She took out my lower gold studs and replaced them with a pair of lovely long earrings with ear wires. She then replaced my upper pierces with two small gold hoops. When I looked in the mirror I was so pleased. I was really enjoying being able to wear attractive earring instead of the simple gold studs I had been using since my ears were pierced the month before. I still had to switch to the studs at night to continue the healing and make sure I had large enough holes. Ear wires were smaller and Lori didn’t want to take any chances that my holes would become too small for studs. All this made me feel incredibly feminine.

            My wardrobe of feminine clothing was increasing daily. Lori bought me just about everything imaginable. I even had a long sleeve cocktail dress to wear on special occasions. She had me buy matching four inch pumps. I was wearing high heels so frequently that I could now walk easily in them. On many days we just hung out in jeans and sweatshirts. I liked dressing casual as well. I didn’t always need to wear a short skirt to feel feminine. I knew I looked totally a woman now.

            One of the strange things was happening towards the end of my six weeks. My breasts were starting to enlarge and they felt really sensitive under my breast forms. I also started to feel that my body was becoming somewhat feminized. I though it was because I was constantly dressing and acting like a woman. I asked Lori.

            “It’s not because you are dressing and acting like a female honey. I have been giving you strong doses of female hormones in your orange juice each morning. Your breasts are growing because you are truly becoming more feminine. Have you noticed you don’t seem to have any urge for an erection? I know you can’t because of the gaff you wear 24 hours a day,” Lori explained.

            “That’s why I feel like this. Why are you doing this?” I asked.

            “Well I really like you as a woman. I would really like you to physically be a woman.”

            “You’re serious aren’t you?” I asked.

            “Yes. I guess I am more of a lesbian than I thought,” Lori admitted.

            “What about my hooks?”

            “I love you being armless. There is something about your hooks that drives me completely wild. Seeing you with them is an incredible turn on to me.”

            I was completely shocked by Lori’s revelations. This was not just a bondage oriented vacation for either of us.

            “I can’t keep taking hormones and growing breasts. Having pierced ears is bad enough, but I have to go back to my male life and work,” I said.

            “Why? You know we have plenty of money that I inherited. You don’t really have to work. You could be a real woman if you wanted. You could even become a real double arm amputee.”

            “I don’t think the amputee part is possible. I guess I could have a sex change though,” I said.

            “Well you are wrong about the amputee part. I know where you can have elective amputations done,” Lori said quite seriously now.

            “This is getting to be too much to take in. You want me to have a sex change and get my arms amputated so I can wear two hooks permanently.”

            “Well wouldn’t you like that?’ Lori asked.

            “I have enjoyed these six weeks. I would probably enjoy staying this way a little longer, but having sex reassignment surgery and having my arms amputated. I don’t know.”

            We talked about this for hours and finally decided on a course of action. I would take two steps towards my transformation. I would have laser hair removal followed by some electrolysis. I would also have breast implants. The implants could be removed if I decided to go back to being a male. Of course I would continue to wear my hooks and live as an amputee. I quit my job for “health reasons” which was not that far from the truth.

            We arranged for my breast implants the next day. I had to forego wearing my hooks when we went to see the doctor. It was quite obvious that I was transgendered and living as a woman so getting implants was quite natural for women in my position. I got D cup implants. The surgery was not bad and the recovery period not that long. After my new breasts were healed I started to enjoy the feeling of having real breasts. I loved the sensation of their weight as I walked and they bounced. The fact that they were there 24 hours a day with or without wearing a bra was an incredibly feminine feeling. Lori loved to suck on my new breasts during our sex play. The hormones continued to feminize me. I was now under a doctor’s care and the dosage was increased to the maximum. I was also placed on testosterone inhibiting medication. My body rapidly feminized. Fat was redistributed to my hips. This combined with a good diet gave me an incredibly feminine figure.

            After six months my hair had grown out enough to be styled in a short cut, I was so excited when Lynn gave me my first cut and style. I no longer had to worry about wearing a wig and the inconvenience that went with it. I could no longer ever pass as a male. My smooth face, natural breasts and feminine hair could not be concealed. The only way someone could possible discover I was a male was if they could see what was between my legs. Lori threw out all my male clothing.

            To celebrate the fact that I now had my own hair and was almost a total woman we decided to go to a very fancy restaurant. It was wonderful when Lori helped me into a lovely pair of black lace panties and a matching demi cup bra. It was designed to show off my cleavage. Next came a pair of off black pantyhose. After my hooks were back on Lori helped me slip into a fantastic long sleeve black dress. The dress was very short and very low cut in front. Absolutely no one have any doubt that my breasts were real. No cross dresser’s illusion could ever mach the real thing. I had lovely four inch black pumps to match. Lori fastened a lovely gold chain around my neck with a small cubic zirconium diamond pendant. I had real diamond studs in my two upper pierces and lovely long gold earrings with ear wires in my two lower pierces. These were a gift from Lori.

            I did my makeup myself using my hooks. I was expert now. I loved my thin eyebrows that were kept that with Lori’s help. I had not been able to figure out a way to pluck my eyebrows using my hooks. I finished up by applying a really nice perfume. As I looked in the full length mirror at my image with my two hooks, incredible breasts, narrow waist, full hips, and fantastic legs I knew this was the way I would always want to be. I knew I wanted to become a woman in all respects but I was not yet convinced I would ever actually become an amputee. I loved my hooks, but I just didn’t know if I wanted it to be permanent.

            When we went into the restaurant I knew heads were turning. I suspected that it wasn’t entirely because of my hooks. I was an extremely attractive woman. I knew that my long legs, short skirt, and very obvious full breasts were something no male could resist and I knew that some females would feel the same way. After all, Lori did. I knew there were lots of amputee devotees out there and I wondered if there was one in the restaurant. If so I bet he had all to do to control himself in my presence.

            I was expert with my hooks now and eating was no longer much of a challenge. As I sat there with my legs crossed feeling my femininity, smelling my perfume, and glancing down at the chasm between my breasts I wondered how anyone who was a woman could ever want to become a man.

            Later that evening Lori and I had the most incredible sex. By now I felt I was experiencing sex as close to the way a woman would. Of course we always did things the way two women would. There was no way I could have sex as a man any longer. Things down there just didn’t work that way anymore. I knew we had to start to consider the next step which would forever remove the last vestige of being a male.

Part 4