Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 8

A Day in Braces with Angela

Angela and I had been speaking frequently on the phone and she really wanted me to come over and spend a day with her.

“You can wear my old braces and I can teach you how to walk and manage them,” she said.

I really did want to try wearing braces for more than a few minutes as I had done when I first met her.

“Okay, how about this Saturday?” I asked.

“That is perfect. I know we will have fun together.”

On Saturday my aunt dropped me off at Angela’s around ten in the morning. Angela was wearing her braces, a short skirt and a tank top. She led me into her room.

“Do you want to get into your braces now?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied eagerly.

I took off my shoes and skirt. I had on pantyhose. I knew Angela wore pantyhose under her braces and I left mine on.

“Before I put on the braces can I try wearing one of your incontinence pads?”

“Of course. You can find then in the closet in the bathroom.”

I went into the bathroom and found a large package of the pads. I took one out and unwrapped it. I noticed that it was much larger and thicker than my feminine pad. I lowered my pantyhose and panties. After I removed my pad and disposed of it I sprayed the incontinence pad with my FDS spray and took the backing off the adhesive strip. I carefully placed it in the crotch of my panties and got everything into position and pulled up my pantyhose. It was very bulky. I returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Angela had my braces ready. Once again she instructed me on how to put the braces on and fasten all the straps on the cuffs and raise the pelvic band around my waist and fasten the wide belt in front. Angel helped me get my skirt back on. I then managed to get my braced legs over the side of the bed so I was ready to stand.

“I have a spare pair of crutches you can use. They are just a slightly different model than the ones I normally use.”

After Angela got the forearm crutches I used them to stand up and made sure my knee and hip locks were in place.

“Let’s walk around the house,” Angela said.

“What will your mother say?”

“Oh she knows you want to try using braces and she thinks it should be fun for you to try.”

We spent the next two hours with me walking around the house. Angela instructed me in how to sit down and stand back up. I had no idea it would be so difficult. I was constantly aware I had heavy braces on. I didn’t know how Angela could strand being braced all day.

“Braces are not real comfortable,” I said.

“Tell me about it. That’s why I use my wheelchair a lot at home. I really don’t need to walk at home. I do like to walk when I am out. I feel a lot less disabled than I do in my wheelchair. At least I see things from a standing position and I can reach things easier than in a sitting position.”

Around noon Angela’s mother came in.

“I have to go to Walmart, Would you two like to come?”

“Can Paula keep her braces on?”

“If she wants.”

We agreed to go and a few minutes later we headed for the car. I had a lot of trouble getting in and Angela’s mother helped. She had a lot of experience helping Angela. A few minutes later we pulled into the parking lot and parked in a handicapped spot.

“My mom has a sticker because of me,” Angela said.

After managing to get out of the car Angela and I crutched to the entrance. Her mother held the door for us. We spent about an hour in the store. Angela and I checked out some of the clothing while her mother shopped for what she needed. As I crutched around I stopped in front of a mirror and looked at my braced legs. I could see most of my braces. Only the upper thigh band was not visible and of course the bars that ran all the way up to my pelvic band and hip locks. I certainly looked like a severely disabled girl. As I continued to follow Angela around I started to enjoy being handicapped and the knowledge that everyone regarded me that way. The feeling of being held rigid from my ankles to my waist was kind of a turn on.

We all met up to go to the checkout. Angela had selected a new top. We went through the checkout line and Angela’s mother paid. I was starting to get used to being a handicapped young girl. Of course no boys were staring at my legs as they usually did. We headed back to the car.

“Would you like to stop at McDonalds?” Angela’s mother asked.

We both agreed and headed for the restaurant. Once again I went through the routine of getting out of the car. Once inside Angela’s mother had to help me get into a sitting position. It was very difficult because of the hip locks. Angela’s mother got our order and we had lunch.

Once we got back to Angela’s house the two of use went back into her bedroom. I had to pee really badly and headed for the bathroom. What a challenge it was to get my pantyhose and panties down and get on the toilet. When I was finished I changed my pad with another of Angela’s incontinence pads and went back into the bedroom.

“So how do you like being a crip like me?” Angela asked laughing.

“It’s really tough getting around with braces. I realize that now, but I kind of liked being regarded as a disabled girl.”

“That’s a little weird,” Angela said. Hey, do you want to try my wheelchair?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Angela brought her wheelchair over and locked the wheels so I could sit down. I kept my braces on. For the rest of the afternoon I wheeled around. Getting around in the wheelchair was a lot easier than walking in braces.

It was finally time for me to go home and I had to take Angela’s braces off. Her mother drove me home. Before I left I promised Angela that I would spend some more time with her in braces.





On one of Andrea’s school sessions with me she told me about a new student she had just taken on.

“Her name is Darlene. She recently had both of her arms amputated below the elbow after a car accident. She just started wearing her hooks about three weeks ago. She is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she no longer has hands and will need to use hooks for the rest of her life,” she explained.

“That must be really hard. I wish I could help her,” I replied.

“Maybe you can. Would you like to meet her? I need to visit her mother tomorrow. I can pick you up if you want to come along.”

“Sure. I would like to meet her. I am used to your hooks and so she won’t be a shock to me.”

We continued the class and Andrea said she would stop by around ten the next day.

The next day Andrea picked me up and we drove to Darlene’s house. She answered the door bell and opened the door. She was absolutely beautiful. She had on a short skirt and sandals with medium height heels. She was not wearing pantyhose. She had on a long sleeve top that covered her arms so that only her two hooks were visible. She seemed very nervous.

“You must be Paula,” she said as we went in.

“Why don’t you two get acquainted while I speak to your mother dear,” Andrea said.

“Sure. Would you like to come to my room Paula?”

I nodded as she led the way.

“You are one of the few people outside my family and the medical people who have seen me since I got my hooks.”

She started to sob.

“It’s okay. I have obviously seen hooks before since Andrea uses them,” I said.

“It’s just that I am having a hard time facing the reality that I don’t have hands anymore. I hate these things,” she said holding up her hooks. “I can’t do so many things and they look so horrible.”

“Andrea does really well and I am sure you will too,” I said trying to make her feel better.

“You just can’t imagine what it’s like. I can’t feel things and everything is so difficult. I can barely eat or care for myself. I need help getting dressed and everything,” Darlene went on still sobbing. “The worst thing was getting my hooks. I went to the prosthetist to have my stumps molded and was shown a pair of hooks just like the ones I would get. For some reason I thought I was getting something that looked like hands. I started to cry and my mother had to take me home. I was too upset to have the molds made. I went back the next day to have it done.”

“Gosh I am sorry. That must have been nothing like what I went through when I was forced to live as a girl the first time,” I said.

“I will never forget how I felt when I first slipped my stumps into the sockets of my new prosthesis and was shown how to open and close my hooks. I know I need them to do even basic things, but I just hate to look at them. Boys will never want to be with me.”

“You don’t know that. You are really beautiful and I am sure the fact that you have hooks instead of hands won’t matter to some boys.”

“I guess. So I was told you are really a boy. You sure don’t look like one. You have real breasts. I can tell by your cleavage.”

“I am a girl in almost every way except that I don’t have a vagina yet. I am due for surgery soon and I will then be totally female.”

“Did you want to become a girl?” Darlene asked.

“Not at first. My aunt, who I live with since my parents died, forced me to take hormones, have my hair cut like a girl’s, my eyebrows plucked and have my ears pierced. She forced me to shave my legs, wear skirts and pantyhose and high heels. She made me wear makeup and live as a girl full time.”

“That’s horrible. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you, being a boy and having to

live like a girl.”

“I didn’t like it at first. I eventually started to like being a girl. By the time I had my breast implants, I am a D cup now, I started to love being female. Now I just can’t wait for my final conversion. I never want to be a boy again,” I explained. “I love having breasts, having smooth legs and wearing short skirts. I love wearing makeup and trying to be as feminine as I can.”

“One thing I will never have is nice long polished nails like you have,” Darlene said sadly.

A moment later Andrea came in and said it was time to leave.

“Maybe we could go out shopping some time?” Darlene asked. “I am really shy about going out with my hooks.”

“That sounds like fun,” I said. “Let’s keep in touch by phone. I can get your number from Andrea and she can give you mine.”

I left with Andrea and she dropped me off at home. For the rest of the day I couldn’t get Darlene out of my mind. There was something kind of sexy about her hooks. I kept wondering what it would be like to have hooks. I know I liked trying Angela’s braces and I wished there was some way I could do the same with hooks. I imagined walking around the mall with Darlene and both of us showing off our hooks.

Does Paula get to try wearing hooks? Does she go out with Darlene in hooks as she fantasized? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 9



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