Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 4

My Life as a Girl Begins

The next morning I woke up and immediately realized that something was different. Of course it was the feeling of my breasts and the sleep bra of my nightie. My hands went down and I felt my pad and knew that I was sort of a girl and had been that way all night.

I got up and went into the bathroom to pee. Even though I didn’t have to, I sat on the toilet like a girl. I removed my nightgown and panties. I disposed of my pad in the wastebasket. It was kind of damp. Before I went to bed my aunt had told me to shave my legs and the other areas I had shaved the day before. I did that even more carefully than the day before. I didn’t mind as much since I liked being smooth. I took a scented bath. After I dried myself I looked in the full length mirror. I had a girl’s body except in one respect. I saw my polished toenails, long polished fingernails, my four gold studs, and my breasts. With my girl’s hairstyle I looked like a girl even without makeup. The only problem was what hung between my legs. I wondered what I would look like with a vagina and a perfectly smooth contour between my legs. The idea didn’t seem that bad.

I put on my pink robe. When I went into the bedroom I found a new set of clothing on the bed. There was a clean bra, panties, pantyhose and a skirt and top. I got a fresh pad and put on my panties. As I put on my bra I actually felt good about it. I now liked the way my bra supported and enhanced my breasts. I got through the day before wearing a bra and I knew it wouldn’t be bad at all. I even liked the feeling of the bra band and the underwire cups lifting my breasts up. The constant reminder I had breasts that my bra provided made me feel quite feminine. I carefully put on my pantyhose. I really liked the feel the pantyhose gave my shaved legs.  I still had a little trouble with the pantyhose, but managed. I took a look in the mirror and even without makeup I looked like a girl. I twisted my four gold studs. I put my skirt, top and a pair of hells on. I wondered how I could live this way every day. I was still not sure I wanted to be a girl. I felt I looked pretty good though. Feeling feminine wasn’t so bad. I knew that guys had no idea how it feels for girls to wear bras and pantyhose.

My aunt spent an hour teaching me how to put on my makeup. A second set of the makeup she had purchased was in one of the drawers of my vanity. She had also purchased a makeup mirror. It was strange to be putting on the foundation, powder and blush. I did a pretty good job with the lip liner and lipstick. The hardest part was doing my eyes. I knew girls did this every day, but it was so much work putting on the eye liner, eyebrow pencil, shadow and mascara. After I was finished I did have to say that the makeup made me look a lot more attractive. My aunt showed me how to brush my hair and put on some jewelry. I was a girl for the day.

I spent the morning sitting on my bed reading some magazines aimed at teenage girls. My aunt had bought them for me. I don’t know why, but I got interested. As I looked over the ads for makeup, lingerie and clothing I started to wonder how I would look in them. There were ads for bathing suits. I knew that I would have a lot of trouble passing in a revealing bikini. I knew that the fact that I wouldn’t be able to adequate conceal my privates would be a giveaway in spite of how feminine my face was. My breasts were adequate for a bikini top though. When I was looking at an ad for bras I was considering asking my aunt to buy me that brand and style. I immediately realized that something different was happening to me. As a boy I would ogle a bra ad and get turned on. Now I was viewing it as a girl would and considering getting one to actually wear. I knew I would be in a bra from now on and I guess I had started to regard bras as essential underwear. If my aunt’s plans were carried out I would become physically female and I would live the rest of my life as a woman. I would always be wearing a bra and have shaved legs and underarms. I felt a kind of femininity start to take hold of me.

Over the next couple of week I just kind of stayed in my room or watched TV except when my aunt took me out shopping or to eat. I did not dare contact any of my friends and when they called my aunt told them I was staying with my cousin for the summer. Every day it got a little easier. I really started to like my skirts and tops and especially having breasts and wearing a bra. I was getting used to the bra and barely knew I had one on. I guess girls got used to their bras in the same way. When I walked in my high heels it made me feel really sexy. There was always that feeling of my nylon covered legs rubbing together.

Each time I went out it got easier. I now realized that I did not have anything to worry about. I would not be suspected of being a boy. On one outing I did not wear pantyhose. I had bare legs. I wore the firm control brief to keep things in place. I wore nice open toed sandals with four inch heels. I loved the way my polished toenails were exposed. Shopping for girl’s things was starting to be very enjoyable. Another thing that I started to like was to sit in the mall with my legs crossed and watch the boys check me out. I knew they couldn’t help being turned on. I even got used to the women’s fitting rooms and going into the ladies room. I liked touching up my makeup. When in public I enjoyed being as feminine as I could. I guess I liked to show off my femininity, especially to boys. I was starting to look at them differently. That applied to girls as well. Girls were more to check out for their clothing, makeup, and the way the acted. Boys, on the other hand, got me pretty aroused. It brought my femininity to the surface.

I started to spend a lot of my spare time reading the magazines and even a couple of romance novels. I identified with the female characters. I was starting to get obsessed with my feminine appearance. Even the painful task of plucking my eyebrows was something I liked to do. I experimented with my makeup much to my aunt’s delight. I now loved to shop for new makeup in different colors. My nails were growing out and it wouldn’t be long before my nails were all mine and the tips were trimmed off.

On My Own at the Mall

My aunt let me go shopping at the mall by myself. She gave me a credit card and said I could buy whatever I wanted. The only requirements were that my skirts had to be no longer than mid-thigh, my tops sleeveless, and my shoes were to have heels at least four inches long. I loved shopping for girl’s clothing by myself. I liked being with other girls. It made me feel that I was just like them. I started to chat with them. My aunt had bought me some CDs that were aimed at teaching transsexuals how to speak as females. I worked on my voice a lot in private and none of the girls I spoke to seemed to find my voice strange. I especially liked the lingerie department where I could spend as much time as I wanted looking at bras and panties. I couldn’t imagine not wearing a bra now. I loved showing off my breasts. The only thing I did not like about my new body was the thing between my legs. I really didn’t want a penis any longer. I wanted to have a totally smooth crotch. I knew that was the only thing left that prevented me from being a girl in every way. I bought some nice jewelry and added to my collection of makeup. I had quite a few different shades of nail polish and loved the way my fingernails looked.

An Interesting Incident in the Ladies Room

I loved everything feminine now. I had all sorts of girls stuff in my purse. I also liked to try different perfumes and I always smelled nice. I chatted with other girls in ladies room as I touched up my makeup. One really interesting exchange took place when a girl my age tried to get a pad out of the dispenser. It was empty.

“Damn, I need a pad,” she said to herself.

“I have a spare,” I said as I took out one of my Kotex pads and gave it to her.

“Oh thank you so much. Periods are so damn annoying,” she replied.

“Tell me about it,” I said laughing. What would she say if she knew I wore a pad 24 hours a day every day and I never had or would have a period?

She went into the stall and changed her pad. After she came out she introduced herself as Cathy. She was alone and she asked if I wanted to shop with her. I said I would and we spent several hours shopping and commenting about boys. I had to make a few things up, but the incredibly feminine experience of being with her as another girl was wonderful. We even helped each other try on some bras. She had larger breasts than I did, but my breasts were large enough so she never suspected I wasn’t a girl. Even the sight of her bare breasts didn’t arouse me like it would a boy. After all, I had breasts too and I was wearing a bra.

We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to get together at the mall again. I knew I would like to shop with her again and get more insight into how girls acted with each other without the presence of boys. After being with a girl in intimate settings I knew that I could pass for a girl under all but a situation where I was totally naked.

New Earrings

It was finally time for me to be able to wear regular earrings. My aunt let me go by myself to buy them. I was so excited. I selected several pairs of hoops in various sizes, some new studs with larger balls than my starter studs, and numerous styles with ear wires. After I got home I removed my four studs and tried on the earrings I had purchased. I loved the way I looked. My favorite combination was a pair of hoops in each ear. I used a really large size in my lower pierces and a smaller size in my upper pierces. I still needed to have something in my pierces 24 hours a day and after I got new earrings I still put my four studs back in at night. Eventually I could go without my studs at night, but I wanted to wait several months for my four holes to heal totally.

After the weeks I had spent living full time as a girl I knew I wanted to be a girl forever and be completely female. I wanted a vagina more than anything in the world. I told my aunt that I now wanted to become a girl in every way and as soon as possible. She was delighted and suggested I get my breast implants as the next step along with permanent laser electrolysis for any facial hair I had. I wouldn’t need to use any depilatory creams as I had done for the little fuzz on my face.

My doctor had increased my female hormones to the pre-op transsexual dose and this would speed up the feminization of my body. I couldn’t wait to get implants that would increase my breasts to a D cup. The boys would go nuts looking at my boobs. Being a girl was so much more exciting than being a boy. My aunt said she would make arrangements for the breast implants I now wanted so badly.

Chapter 5



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