Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 3

The Ear Piercing

After we left the salon my aunt drove to the mall.

“You have to get used to being a girl in public, Paula, and this is the time to start.”

I felt very conspicuous as we walked into the mall. I felt every eye was on me and that everyone was laughing that I was a boy dressed up as a girl. It wasn’t true though. No one really looked twice.

“Time to get your ears pierced dear,” my aunt said as she led me into a jewelry store.

I was not looking forward to this as a clerk came over.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“Oh yes. My niece wants to get her ears pierced. She would like two pierces in each ear.”

“Wonderful. Come right over here,” she instructed as she led me to a high chair. I felt very exposed sitting up a bit high. I crossed my legs and hoped no one would see up my skirt since it was so short. I was very aware of my smooth legs and pantyhose.

The woman then came over with an ear piercing gun and two pairs of starter studs. First she cleaned both of my ear lobes with antiseptic. She then used a marker to place a small dot on each ear for my lower pierces. When my aunt agreed that the positions were perfect she proceeded to pierce my left ear leaving a small gold stud. She did the same to my right ear. She showed me in the mirror. I saw my first two studs. These were permanent. Even if some time in the future I was able to remove my earrings I would have four telltale holes. Anyone who looked closely would know I had once worn four earrings.

 She then marked both my ear lobes for the upper piercings. She then went back to the left ear to make a second pierce. She finished up with the right ear. I now had two pairs of gold stud earrings. I was marked as a girl now. Some guys had one or even two pierced ears, but hardly any had two pairs. With my plucked eyebrows, earrings, and hairstyle I doubted that even if I dressed in boys clothes and had no makeup on that I could pass as a boy. I knew the studs were in permanently until my pierces healed and I could wear regular earrings. The woman explained how I should care for my new pierces, rotating the studs periodically and treating them with antiseptic. I knew my aunt would require me to always wear two pairs of earrings.

Shopping as a Girl

My aunt then took me into the junior department of a department store. I tagged along as she looked over the racks of skirts and tops. A sales lady came over.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“No thank you, we are just looking,” my aunt replied.

“Well if you need help just ask. By the way, you have a very lovely daughter,” she said. I was sort of stunned that she fully regarded me as a girl.

“Oh this is such a cute skirt,” my aunt said as she held it up in front of me. Of course it was very short. It was even shorter than the skirt I had on. She also found a couple of sleeveless tops.

I had never been in a women’s fitting room, but I had no choice as my aunt forced me to try on several skirts and tops. I saw a number of other girls my age, and even one in her bra and panties since her stall didn’t have the curtain drawn all the way. I thought that a guy would go nuts if he could see what I saw. I was so nervous that I got no pleasure out of my peek. After all, I was wearing a bra and panties too. I was trying on girl’s clothing just like she was. I went into a vacant stall and closed the curtain so no one could see in. I removed my skirt and top. I could see myself in the full length mirror. I saw my smoothly shaved legs covered by the pantyhose. I could see the outline of my panties underneath and even the pad I was wearing showing through slightly. On top I was well aware of my bra and full breasts. I tried on the clothing and to my amazement everything fit perfectly. Apparently I had a perfect size 7 figure. I could see the size on the tags.

As I looked in the mirror at the tops I tried on I saw that my bra did a good job of enhancing my figure and my boobs were nice looking especially with the lower cut tops. I suspected that guys would be turned on by them. I had a feeling that my nipples were becoming erect under my bra. I reached up under my top and touched them under my bra. They were incredibly sensitive and kind of a turn on. What was happening to me? I went back out to meet my aunt.

“How was that honey?” she asked.

“Okay I guess. I felt really nervous in the girls fitting room though.”

“You are a lovely girl now and have nothing to worry about,” my aunt said. “Did everything fit?”

“Yes, perfectly,” I replied.

The Ladies Room

Right after my aunt paid for my new clothing I realized that I had to pee real bad. I told my aunt I had to go to the men’s room.

“You can’t go into the men’s room. You are a girl.” Of course she was right. I would certainly look out of place.

She led me to the women’s room. I couldn’t believe this. We went in and none of the women or girls there paid any attention to me.

“Paula, when you pee remember to sit down. Whatever you do don’t do it like you did when you were a boy,” my aunt whispered to me. “In your purse you will find a Kotex pad and your feminine deodorant spray. Remove your pad and roll it up in some toilet paper and put it in the special receptacle you will find. Don’t try to flush it. Spray yourself and the new pad and put it into the crotch of your panties. Fix yourself up like I instructed you. From now on you will need to change your pad every four to six hours even at home. Always have a new pad or two in your purse. You probably will notice that your pad gets damp and putting on a fresh pad will make you feel more feminine.”

I went into the stall and pulled my pantyhose and panties down. I peed first and then removed my pad which was quite damp and disposed of it like my aunt had instructed. I sprayed myself and the fresh pad and got it into place. I pulled up my panties and tucked things into place. Finally I managed to get my pantyhose back up and pulled my skirt back down. The fresh pad did feel better. I walked out of the stall and washed my hands.

“Touch up your lipstick dear,” my aunt said.

I was forced to stand at the mirror along with the other women and girls and try not to make a mess of applying a fresh coat of lipstick. My aunt also told me to put on a little more powder and blush. I had a complete set of cosmetics in my purse that Joan had provided at the salon.

“You look lovely Paula,” my aunt said.

As we were walking through the mall a couple of guys spotted me. I overheard them talking.

“Look at the tits on her,” One guy said.

“Incredible. Her legs are great in her short skirt. I would love to get into her pants,” the other said.

I knew then that I passed as a girl perfectly and in fact was regarded as quite attractive to boys. Instead of feeling humiliated I somehow enjoyed the compliments. Maybe I did look pretty good as a female. The thought that I was turning guys on wasn’t unpleasant.

The Lingerie Department

Our final stop was the most embarrassing. We went to the lingerie department and my aunt had me try on some bras. She bought two for me as well as matching panties. She had me try the bras on but said that I could just pull the panties over the pantyhose and panties I was wearing just to check the fit. I saw that the bras were B cup just as the bra I was wearing. They were the underwire style. I knew that a D cup was pretty big and my aunt said that I would have implants to bring me to that size. I would need new bras then.

We made one final purchase. It was a firm control brief. My aunt explained that unless I wore control top pantyhose to hold my privates in place that I might bulge a little too much. If I wanted to go bare legged I would need some extra support. When I tried on the firm control brief I removed my pantyhose. It certainly did keep everything in place. My shaved legs felt different without the pantyhose. I removed the brief and put my pantyhose and skirt back on. After we left the lingerie department, much to my relief, she led the way to a restaurant to have a bite to eat.

The Restaurant

“Paula, remember that when you sit down you must keep your legs tightly together. Cross your legs after you sit down,” my aunt reminded me. She didn’t have to as I was no acutely aware of my short skirt.

We went in and got a table. I was careful to keep my legs together. As a boy I was always seeing if I could get a peek if a girl sat down and wasn’t careful. Now the roles were reversed and I didn’t want any boys seeing under my skirt. The waitress called me miss and I felt that she did not suspect I was a boy. I was hungry and was happy to eat something. It was strange to be sitting in a restaurant in public with my pantyhose covered legs, high heels and my legs crossed. I was so hungry that I almost forgot that I was dressed as a girl.

After we got home I was tired and went into my room. I laid down on the bed and drifted off to sleep. When I awoke I quickly realized that I was still dressed as a girl. I knew my aunt would not let me change clothing to boy’s clothing ever again. Of course I didn’t have any so it didn’t matter. That night I watched TV and eventually wanted to go to bed. My aunt had me remove my makeup with makeup remover pads for my eyes and special cream for my face. I washed my face.

“Don’t forget to twist your four studs,” my aunt reminded me. I was told to twist them several times a day until they were healed. I also put some alcohol on them.

My aunt brought me a baby doll nightgown to wear to bed that she had previously purchased. It was very short and had a built in underwire bra and matching panties. She left the room as I removed my shoes, pantyhose, panties and bra. I put on the panties that went with the nightie. I put on a fresh Kotex pad and tucked my privates. My aunt insisted that I would always have a feminine contour between my legs even when I slept. My aunt told me that I had to get used to sleeping with breasts and the built in bra would allow me to experience what it would be like when I had larger breasts after my implants. What was I in for? The nightgown fit very well and the bra part did hold my breasts up.

I crawled into bed. My hands reached up and I played with my four studs. I twisted them a few times. My hands ran down between my legs and I felt my pad. I was starting to get aroused. I knew I could never have an erection with my penis tucked back. I rubbed the pad and eventually felt somewhat satisfied. I knew girls played with themselves down there and I wondered exactly what they did. Arousal for females must be a lot different from boys. They didn’t have a penis to masturbate with. I soon fell asleep.

Chapter 4



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