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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 20

Life in the Iron Lung

I woke up at 7 AM. I knew this as there was a clock on the wall I could see using my mirror. I quickly realized I was still in my iron lung. I was sure I had peed during the night. I pushed on my diaper and it felt like it was saturated. I called for my aunt. She came in a moment later.

“How was your first night Paula?”

“I slept really well. I am surprised. I am a little nervous about the fact that I will not be able to get up.” I now realized how tough it is to lay this way continuously.

“Andrea got used to it. She loved the feeling of helplessness,” my aunt said.

For the next half hour she gave me a sponge bath, put a clean bra on me, and a fresh diaper. After having some breakfast I was all set for the day. I spent the morning watching TV. After lunch Andrea stopped by. I was eager to ask her more questions.

I had a lot of time to think about life in an iron lung. I thought of myself as a Polio girl of the 50’s. I wondered if they were always thinking about how long they would need to remain in their iron lungs. I am sure they knew that once they got out there would be wheelchairs and leg braces perhaps for the rest of their lives. I realized that I was getting really turned on by these thoughts. Since it wasn’t likely I would be having sex with Kevin in the near future I needed some relief. I thought of my vibrator and called for my aunt to bring it to me. She opened an access port and handed it to me. I unfastened my diaper to gain access to my clit. The vibrator felt wonderful and I had an exquisite orgasm. I was exhausted. After re-fastening my diaper I fell asleep.

Over the next few days I started to accept my new life. The things I used to do I could no longer do. My aunt had to shave my legs, bathe me, change my diaper and feed me. I couldn’t even touch my face. I liked wearing makeup and welcomed my aunt applying some. I got to speak to Andrea about her amazing life. She went over every detail of how she felt in the iron lung. I felt just about the same way for everything she described.

“After a week I knew I wanted to stay inside for a month at least,” Andrea said. “You will have to decide when you want to come out. Of course you can do what I did and only be out for a few hours at a time or during the day only.”

“It’s too soon for me to decide. It gets pretty boring laying here all day,” I said.

“I know dear. That is part of the experience though.”

To break the boredom Darlene and Angela came over a few times. Seeing Darlene in her hooks and Angela in her braces did make me long to experiencing those handicaps again. I still had no idea which handicap I liked the best. Of course I could do them all as a pretender. If I wanted a permanent handicap I would have to pick one or two that were compatible. I could use hooks with a power wheelchair.

One really neat thing my aunt did for me was to buy a tablet computer and a special mounting system that would attach to my iron lung and hold the computer above my head. She also got several mouth sticks and a holder. I could grab a mouth stick with my teeth and use the touch screen to surf the Internet, watch movies, and read e-books. It really helped pass the time. Having to do everything painfully slow with the mouth stick made me feel incredibly handicapped.

“You have been in your iron lung for a week now. Do you want to stay longer dear?” my aunt asked me after the first week was up.

“Oh yes. I am really comfortable now and I love being so helpless. I want to go for a full month,” I said.

“Wonderful. I know you will enjoy your time. You are a Polio girl now,” my aunt replied.

Out at Last

After a solid month on my back in my iron lung I wondered what it would feel like to be out of it and breathing without needing to be lock step with the lung. I wanted to get out for an hour or so at first and then gradually longer. I knew that I would probably start to use a wheelchair and eventually braces.

Andrea had come over to give me support. My aunt turned off the pump and slid the bed out. After loosening the collar she slid me back through the opening. She got me into the patient lift and rolled me over to the bed. After being lowered onto my back she raised the bed so I was at about a 45 degree angle. Since I only had on my bra and diaper she covered me with a sheet. She brought over some water and I held a glass for the first time in a month. I was a little shaky. My body muscles seemed to have gotten really weak. I didn’t think there was any way I could stand up, no less walk. I spent around an hour in bed talking to Andrea. For some reason sitting up made me very tired.

“I feel like I want to go back into the lung. I am having trouble breathing. Is that how you felt?” I asked Andrea.

“Oh yes. After a month having the iron lung do your breathing your muscles just get weaker and weaker. It will take time for you to get back to normal. Stay out a little longer each day. That’s what I did.”

My aunt put me back into the tank and turned on the pump. I felt instantly better. I was actually dependent on it now. For the next week I stayed out a little longer until I could go six hours.

“Tomorrow I want to sit in a wheelchair for a while.” I said.

“Okay dear,” my aunt agreed.

The next day she got me into the wheelchair, not my own chair. This one was heavier and had handles. I had not seen it before. It was obviously designed for quadriplegics. It had special arm rests and a head rest. Once I was in the chair my arms were placed in the arm rests with my hands in a special molded rests. Two Velcro straps held them in place. Two more straps help my legs to special leg rests. Another wider strap held my upper body to the back rest. This was like a seat belt, but up higher. I could not wheel myself. My aunt wheeled me into the living room. I spent a couple of hours there. Kevin came over to say hi. He was happy to see me out of the lung and in a wheelchair. That evening my aunt fed me. My arms were still weak and I wanted to experience what a Polio girl would go through after she got out of her iron lung. Shortly after dinner I was back in my lung for the next 16 hours. I couldn’t believe how secure I felt inside.

After a few days in a wheelchair I wanted to get out in public. One thing bothered me. I didn’t want to be out in a diaper. I remembered that Andrea had been catheterized at some point.

“Can you catheterize me so we can go out without me wearing a diaper?” I asked my aunt.

“Of course dear. I was going to suggest it anyway. Do you want me to do it now?”

“Oh yes,” I said eagerly.

My aunt wheeled me to the bed and used the lift to get me on it. She removed my diaper and cleaned me with a wipe. She then got the Foley insertion tray and a 10 CC 14 fr. catheter. She placed a special pad under me and then swabbed my vaginal area and urethra with special antiseptic swab in the kit. She then put on the sterile gloves and unwrapped the catheter. She opened the packet of lubricant and applied it to the entire length of the catheter. Next she inserted the tip into my urethra and slowly pushed it in. the other end was place in the tray to catch the flow after the catheter passed my sphincter muscle. I felt a little pain as the tube passed and the urine flowed out. She pushed the tube in another couple of inches. She got the syringe with the sterile water inside and inserted the tip into the valve at the end of the catheter. She pushed the plunger to slowly fill the balloon. When it was fully inflated she removed the syringe and gently tugged the catheter out until it resisted. The balloon held it inside my bladder. It would not come out until the balloon was deflated.

“You are all set my dear. All I need is to attach your leg bag.”

She attached the end of the catheter to the leg bag and the leg bag to my leg. Next came a clean pair of my panties with a pad. No more diaper. My aunt agreed that since I was getting out of the iron lung in the mornings that I could use a bed pan for my bowel movement.

“How often do you need to change my catheter?” I asked.

“Every two weeks if you want to use it continuously.”

“I do. At least for a month or so,” I replied. That night as I lay in my iron lung I was happy I had real panties on and my catheter. I didn’t like a wet diaper.

The next morning my aunt told me it was now time to have a real bath. She would do it until I regained enough strength. She used the patient lift to get me into the special bathroom and into a special chair in the bath tub. She used a hand held spray to wash me. She had removed my leg bag and plugged my catheter. I could see the tube hanging out from my vaginal area. She dried me and got me back to the bed where she dressed me in my bra, panties with pad, a pair of slacks and a nice tank top. She finished up with socks and sneakers. My leg bag was back on.

She got me into my wheelchair and rolled me to my old room where she applied makeup and jewelry. I picked out two pairs of earrings. I was not using my arms very much as I wanted to continue to be partially paralyzed in my arms.

“I want to take you out to lunch,” my aunt said. “We are meeting Andrea.”

“How will I get in the car?”

“I have a surprise for you on that.” my aunt said.

She rolled me to the door. Out front was a handicap ramp. Parked in the driveway was a large van. My aunt rolled me down the ramp to the van and used a remote control to open the side. A special lift automatically came out and lowered to street level.

“I had one like this for Andrea. It was essential when she was a quadriplegic. This one is brand new and for you.”

I didn’t know what to say. My aunt rolled me onto the ramp and again used the remote control to lift me into the van. Inside I was locked down so my wheelchair would not roll. I also had a special seat belt harness. My aunt then drove to a restaurant I had never been. Andrea met us there. Lunch was wonderful Of course I was fed. I was pretending to be paralyzed from the neck down.

“I wish there was some way I could be temporarily paralyzed,” I said.

“You can. I was,” Andrea said.

“How?” I asked.

“Well Dr. Marks can inject you in the spine with a long lasting spinal anesthesia. You will be totally paralyzed for a week. After that you regain feeling over the next week. He can give you booster shots every week for as long as you want to stay that way.”

“Oh wow. I want to do that so badly,” I replied.

“I can take you there tomorrow,” My aunt said.

I was very excited. I really enjoyed being a quad and if I really was paralyzed it would be incredible. That night in my iron lung I dreamed of the day to come.


What will it be like for Paula to actually be paralyzed from the neck down? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 21



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