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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 16

Blind Training at the Mall

The next morning I once again woke up in total darkness. It didn’t seem as bad as it did the day before. I found my aunt in the kitchen. I was getting around with my cane much more easily than the day before. I told her I was going to bathe and would she get my clothes since I had no way of identifying what I wanted to wear. I told her the skirt, top, and shoes I wanted. Bathing was easier. I got dressed and put on my makeup. That was easier too. I still needed help in finding the earrings I wanted and some jewelry. I was getting better at identifying things by touch.

“How do I look?” I asked my aunt.

“Lovely dear, you are the perfect blind girl.”

I had something to eat and waited for Beth. After she arrived I got my shoulder bag. I really didn’t know why I took it since I couldn’t see the contents and all I might need was my lipstick and maybe some powder. I had my wallet, but would not be able to identify the bills. I could probably figure out the coins by feel. In any case, taking my bag made me feel more normal. Beth led me to her car and I got in. After we parked at the mall I got out and extended my cane. Beth let me hold her arm to guide me.

“Even though I am guiding you, be sure to hold your cane out. You don’t have to tap, but keep it in front of you. You want to make sure people know you are blind and can’t see them. They will give you more clearance that way,” Beth instructed.

She warned me of an upcoming curb and I felt it with my cane and stepped up. She guided me into the mall. The first thing I was aware of was the sound. Since I couldn’t see anything my sense of sound was better than normal. I heard voices and other noises. I had an idea where we were, but I wasn’t sure. I was fairly confident that no one would recognize me in my dark glasses. Besides, I would be taken only as someone who resembled me since I was obviously blind. I heard a women say to what I assumed was a child with her, “Watch out Lynn. Don’t bump into the blind girl. Didn’t you see her white cane?”  We walked for a few minutes and then Beth led me to a bench where we sat down.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“It’s kind of strange and frustrating not to be able to see anything. The blackness is so overwhelming.”

“Do you like the feeling?”

“Yes. I can’t see people, but I know they are looking and see a blind girl. I do enjoy being disabled as you know. Being blind makes me feel very helpless and dependent.”

We walked around some more and went into a few stores. Beth led me to a rack of nice short skirts. She described them to me since I couldn’t see the color. I could feel them and I liked this. I found one that sounded like I would like the look if I could see.

“Do you want to try it on?” Beth asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“You need to do this by yourself. Do you know the layout of the fitting room here?", Beth asked.

I said I did and she led me to the entrance. She handed me the skirt and I used my cane to go in. The stalls were on the left and had doors. I felt around and when I found one that was open I went in. I put my bag down and took off my skirt. I removed the new skirt from the hanger and felt around for a hook. I tried it on. It had a zipper in back and so I knew which way to put it on. Of course I couldn’t look in the mirror, but I felt that it was the right length and fit well. I switched back to my own skirt and managed to clip the new skirt to the hanger. I grabbed my shoulder bag and used my cane to find my way out. I was a little startled when my cane hit what I knew was a person.

“Oh gosh I am sorry,” I said quite alarmed.

“Don’t be dear,” the woman said as soon as she saw my white cane. “I will get out of your way.”

Beth then guided me to the register. She suggested I pay with my credit card. I knew where it was in my wallet. When our turn came ,the clerk was very nice. I handed her the skirt and my credit card. She ran it through the scanner for me.

“Can you sign?” she asked.

“If you help me position the pen,” I said. n

It was one of those digital scanners and she guided my hand. I tried as best as I could to sign my name. I needed practice with that I knew. She completed the sale and put the skirt in the bag. I put my credit card away and she guided my hand to the bag. I was so excited that I was actually getting by totally blind.

“You did very well,” Beth said. “With enough practice you could probably go into a store, ask for help, and make a purchase completely on your own.” I didn’t know about that.

“Is there anything you need?”

“Yes. I am not sure I can shave my legs while blind. I thought about getting a ladies electric shaver. Can we go to a store that sells them?”

“Of course,” Beth replied.

Before we got to the appropriate store I needed to pee. Beth insisted that I do it alone. I knew the layout of the ladies room where she took me. The stalls were on the left and the sinks on the right. I felt for the door and went in. I used my cane to guide me and found an open stall door. I relieved myself and headed for the sinks. I was lucky I didn’t bump into anyone. I felt around for the soap dispenser and washed my hands. I knew where the paper towels were and felt around for the dispenser. I wiped my hands and felt for the waste receptacle. I found my way out where Beth was waiting.

“That was pretty easy. Getting around is becoming a little more natural. I hear things and that really helps. I can almost see people sometimes from the sound. Well I can’t see them, but I kind of visualize where they are.”

“If you spend enough time being blind you will eventually be totally comfortable and sort of forget what it is like to be able to see,” Beth explained.

I wanted to get to that point. I knew I would enjoy being blind much more if it was natural. I had spent so much time using my hooks that it was now completely normal having them on. This was only my second day without sight and I still had at least five more days unless I decided to extend my time as a blind girl. Beth led me to the appropriate department in a store where I could buy the ladies electric shaver. A sales person came over.

“Can I help you,” she said.

“I would like to buy a cordless ladies electric shaver,” I said before Beth said anything.

“Of course, let me show you what we have.”

I held on to Beth as the woman led us to the right place. At that point I suspected the woman was not sure how to proceed. She knew I was blind and couldn’t see the various models, but I was the one making the purchase.

“Can you describe them to me and let me feel them?” I said.

She proceeded to let me feel a number of models and described the features. I felt how they worked with the charger and finally selected the one I liked the feel of the best. I knew that eventually I would see it, but for now I could only imagine what it looked like. I paid for the shaver as I had paid for the skirt. I was proud that I was starting to function without being able to see. I knew that I would not be able to look forward to taking the patches off when I got home and being able to see. I would go to bed blind and wake up blind for at least five more days.

The last stop we made was at a watch store. Beth suggested that I buy a talking watch so I could tell the time. I had the most fun feeling and listening to the watches. The salesman was very nice and patient with me.

After I got home Beth told me she would stop by the next day and teach me the fundamentals of reading Braille. I got through the evening listening to TV and playing with my new watch. I really loved it. Finally it was time to change my patches and get ready for bed. As I slipped into bed I felt my lovely feminine body and was more aware of my breasts and vagina than when I could see them. Touch and sound were so much more enhanced as the memory of vision was fading.

Paula becomes accustomed to her blindness and starts to look forward to going to the pool with Kevin. What will that be like being blind? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 17



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