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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 14

I Get My Own Wheelchair

Before we left to purchase my new wheelchair my aunt made sure I understood the obligation I would have using it.

 “What I would require is that you spend a total of one day a week confined to your wheelchair. This would be in addition to the day you spend in braces. You can use your wheelchair with or without your braces on. However, the total time in each must add up to one full day in your chair and one full day in your braces. If you use your chair with your braces on you can count the time either with braces or with your wheelchair, but not both. For example, you can spend one full day in braces and one full day in your chair. Alternatively you could spend part of each day in braces and part in your wheelchair. I would also require that on both your brace and wheelchair days that you never walk normally from the time you get up until you go to bed. I would expect that you transfer to your chair from bed and transfer into and out of the bathtub. That time would count as wheelchair time. After you put on your braces you can start to count that time as brace time. The total for each must be 14 or more hours per day”

“I understand,” I replied.

“I hope you realize that you are now up to three days a week as a disabled girl. That still leaves you with four days able bodied unless you opt for another handicap.”

I couldn’t think of another handicap at the moment. I had the feeling I would want one sooner or later. Of course I agreed and my aunt made some calls to find the best medical supply store for me. She wanted one that catered to paraplegics as opposed to say the elderly.

“You can’t very well go in walking perfectly and want a wheelchair,” she said. “You will have to wear your braces.”

Of course she was right. After I got into my braces we drove to the store. I crutched in. My hips were locked and so I was quite convincing. I really couldn’t walk at all without my crutches. My hip locks made all the difference. If I held up my hip locks I could walk with my knees locked without crutches, but I never did that. A salesman came up to us immediately.

“My daughter Paula would like to buy a new wheelchair. As you can see she gets around with braces, but she doesn’t like to wear them all the time. She is totally paralyzed from the waist down. Her braces go all the way up to her waist. She has hip locks as well as knee locks. She doesn’t like her current chair. She wants a lighter one and one that is more suitable for an active person.”

“I understand. Let me show some Quickie chairs that girls her age like,” he offered.

For the next hour I checked out all the models he suggested. He helped me get into the chair as it was hard getting in a seated position with my braces locked. I noticed he took in my breasts and the fact that I had on a short skirt. Maybe he expected me to wear pants, I don’t know. His eyes seemed to be waiting to get a peek at my panties which I am sure he did since I couldn’t be super discrete getting into a seated position with the braces. Hip locks make it so much harder.

“I would suggest that you try out the chair you like best without wearing your braces.” he said. “You can take them off in our private fitting room.”

I wheeled to the fitting room and my aunt helped me get out of my braces. She carried them as I wheeled back into the showroom.

“How does that feel sweetheart?” he asked.

“I really do like this model. It is really easy to maneuver and glides so well.”

It was an ultra-light rigid model It had a low back and no push handles. That would mean that I would always have to push myself. I liked that idea and I knew that most paraplegics liked to always wheel themselves. The front had a rigid footplate. There were no clumsy swing out footplates like hospital style wheelchairs had. My legs were pretty much down straight to the footplate.

“If you don’t want to get back into your braces you can use your new chair to go to your car. Do you have a transfer board at home?”

“Of course, but I think we should get another one here,” my aunt said.

 “How long has Paula been a paraplegic?” he asked.

“It’s been about two years now. She has accepted that she will be paralyzed for the rest of her life. She tries to be as normal as possible. She loves her short skirts and she doesn’t seem to care that everyone can see almost all the way up her braces.”

“Well good for her. She is really a beautiful girl. I am sure she can show off her legs much more easily without braces if she is in her chair,” he said as my aunt finished paying.

“There is a one year warranty and we will make any adjustments without charge. Come in any time,” he said.

I wheeled out to the car and my aunt carried my braces. I just loved my new chair. It came with a wonderful seat cushion that the salesman had explained was gel filled for comfort and to help avoid body sores. I had never transferred to a car before, but I did okay. My aunt put my wheelchair in the back seat. Being a rigid model it didn’t fold, but it did fit on the seat. After we arrived home I transferred back into my chair and my aunt helped get me over the one step up to the door. She carried my braces into the house.

I sat in my chair for the rest of the day getting used to wheeling around the house. I practiced transferring to the toilet as well. After dinner I sat in my chair and watched TV. Finally it was time for bed. I got undressed while sitting in my chair and removed my makeup. I put on my nightie and transferred into bed. I planned on trying out my chair for the entire following day and I knew I had to invite Kevin over at some point. Maybe he would want to go to the mall with me. I knew I would have fun wheeling around and knowing that everyone who saw me would know I was a paraplegic.

My First Day in My Wheelchair

Before I went to bed I positioned my chair right next to my bed. I had vowed that I would not walk at all and that included bathing and dressing. I slid my legs over the side opf the bed and made sure my chair was locked. I used my arms to slide over into the seat. I unlocked the wheels and wheeled to the bathroom. The first thing I had to do was get out of my night clothes. Getting my nightie and bra off was easy. Getting my panties down was harder. I had to rock from side to side and pull them down. I then reached down and got my feet out of them. I put everything in the hamper. I got my razor and shaving cream and place it where I could reach it on the tub. I then positioned my chair next to the tub, locked the wheels and then used my arms to slide onto the rub rim. I had watched as many videos on the internet as I could find that gave instruction on how to transition to and from a wheelchair. I noticed that many paraplegics did not use a transfer board for some things. I slowly slid into the tub. After running the water I shaved my legs. I used my arms to position my legs. I could lift one leg up onto the tub wall to shave the bottom of my leg. I finished bathing and let the water out. I had placed a towel close enough to reach and I dried myself in the tub. I reversed the procedure and got back into my chair. I then wheeled to the toilet and slid on to the seat. After I relieved myself I got back into my chair. I draped a towel over me to be a little modest and wheeled to my bedroom.

I managed to get all the clothing I would need and placed them on the bed. I also got a fresh panty liner and my spray. I transitioned onto the bed. I wiggled around to get my panties on after spraying and putting on my panty liner. Next came my bra. I decided not to where pantyhose and had chosen jeans. Getting them on required a lot of wiggling as I pretended I could not move my legs unless I did so using my arms. I put on some white socks and my sneakers. I finished up with a low cut tank top.

After I got back into my chair I did my makeup, put on some earrings and jewelry and combed my hair. I wheeled into the kitchen and found my aunt preparing some breakfast.

“You look very nice in your chair dear,” my aunt said. “You might find it a bit difficult after sitting for a few hours. If you want you can slide onto the couch or your bed to take a break.”

I ate breakfast and decided to read some magazines. After a couple of hours I started to realize how hard it was going to be to stay in a seated position all day. I decided to call Angela and tell her about my new chair.

“That’s so cool,” Angela said. “I’m in my chair too. Say, do you want to come over. I can’t wait to see your chair.”

I asked my aunt if she would drive me and she agreed. A little while later I was at Angela’s house.

“You got a really great model,” Angela said.

“How come you are not in your braces?” I asked.

“They are a pain around the house. It’s so much easier using my chair. Can you do transfers okay?”

“Well not really. I am not sure I do them correctly.”

“You mean like I do since I am really paralyzed.”

“Yes. I may not be convincing,” I explained.

“Well let’s try some,” Angela offered.

For the next couple of hours I practiced all sorts of transfers. I went from my chair to a couch and back, from my chair to the bed, and onto the toilet. Angela showed me how to do transfers without a transfer board like she did.

“Girls like us are more athletic and we can do a lot without the need for a transfer board. It just takes more upper body strength.”

I was starting to feel like I was really a paraplegic. I tried to relax my legs and not use any leg muscles. The more I practiced the easier it got not to cheat. Angela’s mom came into the room.

“I have to do some grocery shopping. There is a Walmart right next store and you girls can shop there if you want. Do you want to come?”

We quickly agreed and followed Angels’s mother to the car. She had a small SUV and there was room for both of our wheelchairs. We transferred in and she got our wheelchairs in the SUV. When we arrived at the stores she parked in a handicap spot. Of course she had a special plate because of Angela.

I was so excited to be out in public as a paralyzed girl. I followed Angela to the curb cut and we headed for the Walmart as Angela’s mother went into the grocery store.

“I will look for you girls when I am finished with the groceries,” she said.

We entered the store using the automatic doors. I know we got some stares and I liked the attention. We wheeled around the store looking over the clothing. In the shoe department we tried on some really high platform heels.

“Good thing we won’t have to walk in these,” Angela said laughing. “I wonder if I could if I wasn’t paralyzed. Can you walk in shoes like this?”

“Yes,” I said happy that Angela whispered her question.

We put the shoes back and continued looking around. I just ooved the feeling of not walking and needing my wheelchair. Of course Angela wasn’t pretending like I was. She really couldn’t walk without her braces. A little while later we spotted Angela’s mother and followed her out.

“There is a McDonalds next door. Do you want to grab a bite to eat?” she asked.

We both said we did ant the three of us went next door. We moved some chairs out of the way so we could get our chairs up to the table. Angela’s mother took our orders and got the food. Being out with Angela with both of us in wheelchairs was as much fun as it was when we were out in braces.

“So Paula, how do you like your chair?” Angela asked.

“I really like it. I don’t mind having to stay in it while we are out in public. I like feeling like I am paralyzed like you are,” I replied.

“You are something else,” Angela said. “I really like being out with someone else who is in a wheelchair even if she doesn’t need it.” We both laughed.

Angela’s mother dropped me off at home after we left the McDonalds.

“Did you enjoy your day in your new wheelchair?” my aunt asked.

“Oh yes. I like pretending to be paralyzed. I wish there was a way for me to be able to actually know what it would be like not to have any feeling in my legs.”

“Well at least you can enjoy being confined to you chair from the time you get up until you go to bed,” my aunt replied. Of course she was right.

After dinner that night I wheeled into the living room and transferred to the couch and watched TV. My chair was right there if I needed to go to the bathroom. I did not intend to walk at all. I wanted to make sure I experienced what it is like to be paralyzed on a permanent basis, at least for a day or so. It was finally time for bed and after changing into my nightie I transferred into bed. I went through my daily task of inserting my dilator into my vagina. I extended the time to 30 minutes as I enjoyed the feeling of it filling me. I thought about the day and how much I liked my disabilities as well as being a real girl. I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up I knew I just had to spend another day without walking. After I was dressed and sitting in my chair I decided to call Kevin and see if he wanted to come over and see me in my new wheelchair. Of course he was excited about that and came over a little while later.

At the Mall with Kevin

“You look really cool,” he said after coming in. You look just like the paraplegic girls I have seen. Your wheelchair doesn’t look anything like the ones you see old people use at the mall.”

“I have an ultra-light rigid model.”

“There are no handles to push you with,” he said. “It has a really low back.”

“This chair is designed for a young paraplegic who always gets around herself. It is very easy to push and maneuver. I don’t ever plan on being pushed by anyone. As you can also see, there are no armrests. That’s the way most paras like their chairs. I have read that they want their chairs to be almost a part of their bodies.”

“That’s really cool. Show me how you can maneuver.”

I demonstrated that I could get around very easily. I also showed Kevin how I could transfer onto my bed. When I did that he sat next to me and kissed me. Of course he couldn’t resist fondling my breasts.

“You look great in those jeans, Have you been out yet in public?”

“Yes, I was out with Angela. I really can’t wait to go back out in public. It’s kind of boring sitting around the house.”

“Maybe your aunt can drive us to the mall.”

“Let me ask her,” I said eagerly.

She agreed and a few minutes later we headed for the car. I slid into the passenger’s seat and my aunt put my chair in the back. It didn’t fold, but it was so light and small that it fit into the back seat easily. The footrest did not take up the space that the big medical style chairs did, and the low back made the chair very compact.

When we got to the mall I was anxious to get into my chair. My aunt dropped us off at the entrance. I had to do all the pushing. I was so proud to be a sexy paraplegic. We found the curb cut so I could wheel to the door. I pushed the handicap button and the door opened automatically I wheeled in. I know I got stares as I always did when appearing disabled. I loved wheeling through the mall. I headed to the lingerie department I one store. Kevin liked to watch me look over the bras and panties. Just for the heck of it I found a bra I liked and wheeled into the fitting room to try it on. I liked it and wanted to buy it. I wheeled back out and to the register. Since a regular shoulder bag was out of the question I had a small pouch that I had around my waist to hold my wallet and cosmetics. I paid with my credit card. Kevin carried my new bra for me.

My next stop was the ladies room. It was fun to use the handicap stall which had the room for my chair. I got on the toilet and then went through the somewhat hard job of getting my jeans and panties down. Getting them back up was equally difficult, but I did it. I left the stall and washed my hands. I then went to the makeup mirror and touched up my makeup. I felt so feminine and especially sexy as a paraplegic. Kevin was waiting for me.

An incredible thing happened next. As I was wheeling along I spotted a girl my age in an almost identical wheelchair. She was alone. I wanted to avoid her, but when she spotted me she wheeled over.

“Hi, my name is Lynn. I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t see many girls like me.”

“I’m Paula and this is my boyfriend Kevin.”

“Hi Lynn, we were just about to get something to eat, Do you want to join us,” Kevin said before I could say anything.

“Oh sure, I would love to,” Lynn replied.

I was very nervous that I would not know what to say if Lynn probed me about my paralysis. We went to the food court and found a table. Kevin moved the chairs out of the way for Lynn and I to get our chairs next to the table.

“I have been in a chair for the last ten years after my spinal cord injury. I am a para from the waist down,” Lynn said.

“It’s only been a few months for me,” I replied. “I’m gone from the waist down too.”

We decided on some burgers and stuff and Kevin offered to get the food. After he was gone I was even more nervous that Lynn would ask more questions.

“I think it’s really neat you have a boyfriend. Can I ask you a really personal question?”

“I guess so.” I replied.

“Do you have feeling down there?” Lynn asked obviously referring to my genitals.

“I have a little. Not like it used to be,” I lied.

“You are lucky. I don’t feel anything. I like boys, but I wish I could feel something. Everything is mental with me. I was a para before puberty and so I never had any sexual feeling. It must be hard losing that.”

“Well I lost most of what I had. I used to get so turned on. Now I just get a little buzz. Maybe its mental just remembering what it was like,” I said really going way out there.

After we finished Lynn said she had to meet her mother at one of the stores and we said goodbye. Just before we parted she gave me her phone number and said to call sometime. I thought it might be fun for Angela and I to get together with her. Three girls in wheelchairs woud be really neat.

It was finally time to meet my aunt.

“I just love the way you look in your wheelchair,” Kevin said. “Of course I like you with your hooks too.”

“How about when I am able bodied?”

“Of course, but your handicaps make you look so sexy.”

I knew at that point that Kevin was what I found out was a devotee, a person who liked to see disabled females. I suppose there were women who liked to see disabled men. I was certainly not one of them. I wanted to be the one who was disabled and I certainly wanted to be a girl.

That night I slipped into bed and thought about how much I enjoyed my two full days without walking. I was tempted to go for another day, but I had promised Darlene I would get together with her. I would be spending the next day wearing my hooks. I knew I would have fun as I always di wearing my hooks from the time I got up until I went to bed.

What will be Paula's next disability? Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 15



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