Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 12

My Surgery

“I spoke to your doctor and he says that you can have your sex reassignment surgery whenever you want,” my aunt told me the next day.

“How soon can I have the surgery?” I asked.

“I have an appointment later today. If he gives the go-ahead you will have the surgery tomorrow.”

I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen, and so soon. Later that day my aunt took me to the doctor who would be performing my surgery and he gave me a last examination.

“Her body has become totally feminized as a result of the hormones and I know Paula has successfully been living as a young woman for some time now. I feel comfortable going ahead with her surgery. I can set this up for tomorrow if you agree. Paula, you do understand that this surgery is permanent. Unlike your breast implants, which can be removed, once you have a vagina you will be a female for the rest of your life,” he said.

“I understand and I can’t wait,” I replied.

“Wonderful. Be at the hospital at 7 AM tomorrow.”

I was in a daze for the rest of the day. I would have to stop using my hooks although I knew I would start again after I recovered. My aunt would not require me to use my hooks until I felt ready again.

On the day of the surgery my aunt drove me to the hospital. It was very early in the morning. I was asked to remove all my clothing including my bra and get into a hospital gown. A nurse then came in and shaved very carefully over the area of my surgery. I had shaved there earlier, but she touched things up to make sure there was no stubble at all. A short while later I was placed on a gurney with just a sheet over me. I was given an injection of a powerful tranquilizer. I was rapidly drifting off into some sort of dream state. I don’t remember much about what came next. I know I was put under general anesthesia. I had been told the surgery would last about three hours.

Later in the day I woke up in the recovery room. I was very groggy. The nurses kept checking my blood pressure and other things. I was finally wheeled into my room. I had on a hospital gown again. They must have put me into it while I was still under. I was helped into the bed. I couldn’t see anything below and I couldn’t feel anything. I did notice that there was a tube coming from between my legs. I was told it was a urinary catheter and would be removed in a day or so. I was given some fluids and told to try to sleep. Later I was fed a small amount of food. I don’t even remember what it was I was so out of it.

The next morning the doctor came in and lowered the sheet and pulled my gown up. I looked down as best as I could and saw that I was bandaged completely. I was starting to feel some pain. I was being given some strong pain killers and they made me feel rather spacey. I had something to eat for breakfast and later I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t need to pee since I had the catheter, but I had to go the other way. It was a struggle to get to the toilet, but the nurse helped me walk.

“The surgery was a complete success,” she said. “You are physically a female now.” I was so happy I started to cry.

The next day the Foley catheter was removed. I was happy since I kept having these spasms. They were like I had to pee really badly. The nurse told me to just relax and pretend I was peeing. Of course I couldn’t really pee, but it helped. The pain was bad and all I wanted to do was sleep. On the fourth day the doctor came in and removed the bandages and packing in my vagina. The nurse held a mirror so I could see my new vagina for the first time. It was raw and red, but there was no trace of my former male anatomy. I had a smooth contour and I could see my vaginal opening. I was just so happy. I could also see where my urethral opening was above my vagina. I would no longer be able to pee standing up. I hadn’t done that in months anyway.

On the fifth day I was ready to be released. One thing I would need to do was to dilate my new vagina. This process involved the insertion of long cylindrical dilators of varying diameters into my new vagina and keeping them in for 15 to 30 minutes. I needed to start with a small diameter and work up to the largest. The nurse coached me through it the first time explaining the lubrication procedure. With my legs spread I slowly inserted the dilator. I kept pushing it in. I couldn’t believe how far in it went before I was told to stop. I would have to dilate at least three or four times a day for the next couple of months and then two and eventually one time each day. That would be in six months. After a year I was told I would be able to dilate less frequently unless I had problems with the largest size dilator.

I was able to dress in sweat pants and a long sleeve top. It felt good to be wearing my bra again. One thing I had to do out of necessity now was to wear a feminine pad. I would need to change it at least six times a day since there would be a discharge. I would need pads for several weeks at least. I was wheeled to the car and my aunt drove me home. I would need to spend at least a week resting.

Gradually the pain lessened. I got used to the dilation routine. This did not turn me on as you might expect since I had yet to get any sexual response down there. This was expected. Kevin came to visit me several times. I showed him my new vagina and he nearly flipped.

“Oh Paula, it’s fantastic. You must be so happy,” he said.

“You will too in six weeks or so. That’s when I can have intercourse,” I told Kevin.

I pretty much dressed very casually while I was recovering. I didn’t wear pantyhose or heels. My aunt let me wear the sweat pants if I wanted. I just wore slippers most of the time. Every morning when I bathed I loved to look at my new vagina. I was a girl now, totally female in every respect.

After a week I felt much better and I wanted to go out. My aunt invited Kevin to go out with us for lunch. I dressed up in a short skirt, pantyhose, heels and a sleeveless top as I usually did. When I got out in public I was so excited knowing that I was all girl now. I used to be very discrete in the ladies room to make sure my true sex was never revealed by a prying eye. Now I didn’t have to worry. I had a vagina just like all women did.

After two weeks the remaining labial sutures were removed and my doctor said I was doing extremely well. He made sure I was dilating and I told him I had no trouble with the largest size dilator. I also mentioned that I was rapidly gaining sexual feeling. It was so incredible to have those feelings without worrying about any kind of erection. If I was sexually aroused nothing would give it away even under the skimpiest bikini bottom. I had no bulges of any kind between my legs. I just loved the way I looked down there. I still had to wear a pad, but I only had to change it a couple of times a day. I knew that in a week or so I would only need a panty liner and eventually nothing. My aunt said that now that I was a female I would not have to wear pads unless I wanted to. I thought that maybe I would try a tampon even though I would never have a period. That might be sort of fun and make me feel like I did have a period, Maybe I could do it on a monthly basis. I now had a place to insert the tampon.

 My aunt said I could use them during the day, but that it would be better to use an overnight pad when I went to bed. I went to the drugstore and looked over the choices in the feminine products aisle. I felt right at home there since I was completely female now. I decided to buy two large boxes of Tampax super size tampons.

“That time of the month again dear?” the sales lady asked.

“Yes it is,” I replied. I felt so feminine buying such personal feminine products.

When I got home I rushed into the bathroom and pulled down my pantyhose and panties. I disposed of my pad and opened the box of tampons. I had researched how to use them on the internet. I unwrapped one and inserted the applicator deep into my vagina. I then pushed the applicator forcing the tampon out and into my vagina. After removing the applicator all I could see was the string used to remove the tampon. I pulled up my panties and was so pleased to see that I had a totally smooth and feminine contour. There was no bulge from a pad. I pulled up my pantyhose and let my skirt drop. I rushed to tell my aunt.

“I love having a tampon inserted. I don’t even feel it,” I said excitedly.

“Paula, remember to change your tampon every six hours.”

“Of course,” I eagerly agreed. I knew I would enjoy the procedure. I was excited that I would have to do it in the ladies room when I went out.

“I love having a vagina. It makes me feel so feminine,” I said.

“Well you are a very beautiful and feminine girl Paula,” my aunt said as a compliment.

That night I removed my tampon and flushed it down the toilet. I placed a fresh pad in the panties of my nightie. I became immediately aware of the bulk of the pad. I liked wearing pads, but somehow using tampons now made me feel even more feminine since I knew that boys were not able to use them. Being a girl was so exciting. I still got a thrill as I looked at my bare and full breasts. I always wore a sleep bra since I felt more comfortable with some minimal support for my breasts. I fell asleep as happy as I could remember being.

The next morning after I dilated and bathed I couldn’t wait to insert my first tampon of the day. I got the same thrill I had the day before. I spent extra time on my makeup. Boys had no idea what they were missing. There were so many things girls did that made them feel so feminine. Makeup was one of them.

I Get to Wear What I Want

One day my aunt gave me some good news.

“Paula, You are now totally feminized. I know you can never go back to being a boy and that you would never want to appear as one. From now on you can wear whatever you want. You don’t have to wear skirts or dresses or pantyhose. You can buy any girl’s clothes you want including jeans and pants. You can wear long sleeve tops and even sweatshirts. You will look like a girl no matter what you wear. Your body is so feminine and you can never hide your beautiful breasts. I can’t imagine you would ever want to wear boy’s underwear. Have fun and wear what you want,” my aunt said.

I was very excited. I asked her to drop me at the mall. The first thing I did was to remove my pantyhose. My legs were smoothly shaved and I knew I looked good with bare legs. A lot of girls didn’t wear pantyhose except for special occasions. I wore a nice skirt and high heel sandals. I loved the look of my polished toenails showing at the front of my sandals. When I got to the mall the first thing I wanted to buy was a pair of jeans. I wanted these not to look like a boy, but to look like all the other girls who wore jeans. I knew I would look good, especially if I wore high heel sandals with jeans. I tried on several pairs. I finally found a pair that was so tight I could barely fit in them. I had great hips and loved the fact that being tight my smooth crotch was evident. Since I was using a tampon there was not even the slightest bulge between my legs. Everyone would know I was female down there. If I was still a boy I knew that with such tight jeans I would have a bulge. No one would doubt that I had a vagina between my legs.

My next stop was to buy a bikini. I could wear one now both above and below. A sales lady helped me select a shamelessly skimpy one. The top barely covered what needed to be covered of my breasts and the bottom showed off my feminine curves. As I looked at my crotch I loved the fact that it was so smooth. I was all girl and the bikini bottom certainly left no doubt. I was very happy I shaved everything. The last thing I wanted was any stubble at my bikini line. I looked fabulous and couldn’t wait to show off at a pool or the beach.

When I got home I removed the tags and tried everything on. I was so happy. I looked in the mirror and thought I was the sexiest girl I could imagine. Of course I loved my skirts and dresses, but for casual wear jeans were great. I knew that wearing pants would not make me look less feminine. In fact I thought they made me look even more feminine since they revealed my figure so well. Over the next few weeks I bought all sorts of new tops. I bought tee shirts with short sleeves to wear with my jeans and other feminine pants.

I even got some running shorts, sports bras and sneakers. I liked to take jogs around the neighborhood wearing a sports bra and shorts. I got whistles from guys who saw me. With my real breasts I looked really great in my sports bras.

My recovery was complete and I wanted to start using my hooks again. The first time I wore them after my surgery I got a thrill similar to the first time I put hooks on. I felt even more feminine in hooks. It was wonderful to be doing things with my hooks again. I had forgotten the feeling of eating with hooks. The task of placing the fork and knife in the proper position was something I loved to do.  It was second nature to me now. What was the most fun was using my hooks to insert my dilator. Of course it was a lot harder than using my hands.

I remembered that before my surgery I was thinking about asking Angela if I could try her braces again. I had spoken to her over the phone and she knew I was a girl now. Of course she was excited about seeing me again and going out as two girls in leg braces. The idea of getting my own braces ran through my head once again. Would my aunt go along with that? She seemed to have some agenda I was unaware of. She was certainly eager to let me get my hooks and obviously liked me wearing them. I would soon find out.

Does Paula get her own HKAFOs? Does she get a wheelchair too? Does she explore yet other disabilities? Find out in the chapters to come.



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