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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 11

I Tell Kevin

The next day I decided to wear my hooks again. I was getting used to them now and it seemed almost natural to be wearing them. I planned on telling Kevin and decided to wear a long sleeve top so just my two hooks were visible. After I put on my makeup I called him. He knew about Andrea and the fact that she had two hooks. I told him about Darlene.

“Wow, you mean she is our age and will need to use hooks for the rest of her life,” Kevin said.

“Yes, her arms end a few inches below her elbows. It is really amazing how she uses her hooks. In fact I was so amazed that I wanted to find out firsthand what it would be like to do everything with hooks.”

“Well I guess you can’t do that. You would have to have your hands amputated,” Kevin said.

“Not really. It is possible to have a prosthesis made that a girl with hands can curl them up and insert her arms into the sockets. Everything else is just like it would be if she had no hands,” I explained.

“Wow. So are you going to do this?”

“I already have. I am holding the phone with my right hook.”

“No way. You have to be kidding me.”

“Well come on over and see for yourself,” I teased.

“Okay, I will come over this afternoon,” Kevin said.

A few hours later the doorbell rang and I went to the door.

“It’s unlocked, come one in,” I said.

Kevin opened the door and came in. “I can’t turn the knob with my hook. It slips,” I explained holding up my right hook.

“You really do have hooks!” Kevin exclaimed. “They look so real.”

“They are real silly. They function exactly as they do for a real arm amputee. Come on into my room.”

After we got there I showed Kevin how I opened and closed my hooks and tilted them using my articulating wrists.

“God you look sexy with those hooks. They are so neat,” Kevin said. I didn’t expect this reaction.

“You think they are sexy?”

“You bet. Can I touch them?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Kevin then touched my hooks and examined them carefully.

“Can you do things like eat with them?

“Yes, but it’s not that easy. There are lots of things I can’t do. I already told you I can’t turn door knobs. I can’t wear pantyhose either.”

“But you have them on now don’t you?”

“No. Let me show you,” I said. I then used my hooks to pull my skirt down and I stepped out of it.

I am wearing a garter belt under my panties. Of course I can’t fasten my stockings with my hooks. I can do it before I put on my hooks. If I were a real amputee someone would have to do it for me,” I explained. Kevin looked over my garter belt, stockings and my panties with the telltale outline of my pad visible. I always had a pad between my legs.

“Can you take off your top and show me what’s under it?” Kevin asked.

“If you help me.”

Kevin helped me remove my top and I explained how the control cable went up to the ring at my back. Kevin took it all in along with my bra.

“I love to see you in just your bra. You have such great boobs.”

Kevin then put his arms around me and kissed me. I knew he was really turned on. He then lowered his hand and reached between my legs. He rubbed my pad. I thought I would burst.

“I can’t wait until you are a girl down there,” Kevin said.

“Do you want me to play with you with my hooks?”

“Oh please. I am so turned on right now.” Kevin removed his clothing quickly.

“I think you should put a condom on. You don’t want to make a mess,” I said.

After he put a condom over his erect penis we laid down on the bed and I used my hooks to play with his manhood. I didn’t dare actually grasping his penis with my open hook. I was certain that would be painful, but I knew the feel of my cold metal hooks would do the trick.

“Hold on a minute,” I said.

I then quickly got up and got a vibrator from my bureau. I had bought it to masturbate. I needed to do that when I couldn’t stand it sometimes. My aunt knew and told me it was fine and normal until I could have sex as a female and then whenever I needed to. Because of the hormones I could no longer get an erection and so I used the vibrator more as a female would. Kevin ran the vibrator over my pad and eventually I had an orgasm. Kevin did too at one point when my hooks had done their work. We were both spent and lay there recovering.

“God I love you Paula,” Kevin said.

He went into the bathroom to clean up and then I did the same. I pulled my panties down and found my pad was wet and had male stuff on it. I removed the pad with my hooks and used some tissues to clean myself up. I got a fresh pad out. Spraying it was hard with my hooks but I managed to get the cap off the FDS spray, hold it with one hook and use the other to depress the top. After some work I got the pad positioned in my panties and pulled them up. I used my hooks to tuck things in place.

After Kevin helped me dress we heard my aunt asking if we wanted something to eat. I said yes. A short time later we sat at the kitchen table where my aunt had put out sandwiches and soft drinks. Both drinks had straws.

“How do you eat with you hooks?” Kevin asked.

“Watch,” I said.

I first positioned my knife in my left hook and then the fork in my right. I had practiced this so many times. I then cut up my sandwich into small pieces. I released the knife, but kept my fork in my right hook. I speared the sandwich pieces and started to eat.

“Do you always need to eat with a fork?” Kevin asked.

“Only if the food is soft,” I explained.

“That’s really cool,” Kevin said. “How long do you keep your hooks on?”

“From the time I get up until I go to bed. They never come off. It’s usually around 14 hours. I have been wearing them for about a week now, but I only need to wear them one full day a week under the agreement I have with my aunt.”

After we ate I showed Kevin how I did things with my hooks. I demonstrated writing, handling money and using the telephone.

“Would you ever consider going out with me if I wore my hooks?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?  You are so sexy in those hooks you just can’t imagine. I would help you with anything you had problems doing. I love to watch you use them.”

“If one of my garters came detached you might have to refasten my stocking.”

“You really do know how to tease me with something really sexy.”

I told Kevin about my outing with Darlene and meeting Mike and the offer to double date.

“So do you want to go?

“You mean would I want to go with two hot chicks with hooks? No way,” Kevin said laughing. The double date was on.

Kevin finally had to leave and I still had hours left of the day before my hooks came off. I hardly gave it a second though since using my hooks was becoming quite natural and I hardly felt disabled with them on. I couldn’t wait for my date the following weekend. Over the following days I just couldn’t face a day without wearing my hooks. Every day was a new adventure in hooks.

One really interesting day was when my aunt told me she had an appointment for me to get my hair cut and styled. I was wearing my hooks and I presumed she would want me to take them off for the visit to the salon. Much to my surprise she didn’t.

“Remember I told you I would want you to go out with me wearing your hooks? Well this is as good a time as any,” my aunt said. I got the feeling she was hiding something from me.

We drove to the appointment. When we walked in Joan immediately noticed my hooks.

“Good heavens. What happened to Paula’s hands?” she asked.

“Nothing. She still has hands, but has to wear prosthetic hooks for at least one full day a week. She has to do everything with her hooks.”

The women were amazed and I had to demonstrate how I could open and close my hooks and pick things up.

“Does she eat with them? One woman asked.

“Of course,” my aunt replied. She has no choice. Paula is very good with her hooks and she even shops at the mall with them. Of course there are some things she can’t do, but she does most everything she wants,” my aunt explained.

I was actually quite proud that my aunt had said that. I had my hair done, which always made me feel very feminine as I sat there with my hooks in my lap.

After we left the salon my aunt took me out to lunch. I was getting so used to my hooks that I almost forgot that I was using them. I didn’t even care about the stares I got from people. Of course there were the overheard comments.

“Oh Marge, look at that poor girl. She has no hands. Can you imagine having to use those hooks for the rest of your life. She is so young and so pretty. I feel so bad for her,” one woman said to another. I really kind of liked such comments. They made me feel so special having two hooks.

The Double Date

By the end of the week I had been wearing my hooks every day for almost two weeks. I was so used to them I felt like it was normal for me not to have hands. The day of the double date finally came. I got up, shaved my legs, bathed, and got dressed. Of course I got my hooks on as soon as I could. I knew I wouldn’t mind wearing them for the next 14 hours. That was normal for me now. I spent the day enjoying being an amputee girl. I called Darlene and we talked for a long time about our date that night.

“So you are really going to wear your hooks?” Darlene asked.

“I have to. Mike thinks I am an amputee like you and that I need my hooks. Kevin says he thinks my hooks are sexy so he is all right with it. Besides, I am really good at doing things now. I have worn my hooks all day for the past two weeks,” I explained.

“Two weeks?”

“Yeah, I think you will be impressed at how good I am now,” I said.

We finally said goodbye. It was time for me to get ready. With my aunts help I changed into a nice skirt and long sleeve top. I wore my extra high heels and had my aunt change my stockings to some off black ones. I think they made my legs look really sexy. I touched up my makeup and sprayed some perfume. I could do that with my hooks quite easily.

Before I knew it the doorbell rang and Mike and Darlene were at the door. We would pick up Kevin on the way. When we arrived at his house I introduced him to Darlene and Mike. Darlene held out her right hook and Kevin shook it gently. We all piled into the car. We had previously agreed on the restaurant we would be eating at. When we got there Mike parked in the lot and we all walked in. I think the hostess was a little shocked to see two girls with no hands and only prosthetic hooks. She took us to a table and handed out menus. I felt so sexy with my hooks and my legs crossed. I was so happy to be able to wear stockings. The guys watched as Darlene and I managed our menus with our hooks.

“It’s amazing how you two do things so easily with your hooks,” Mike said.

“Not everything,” Darlene replied.

The waitress came back and asked if we wanted something to drink. We all ordered soft drinks.

“We will need straws,” Darlene said.

“Sure dear. Let me know if you need anything special.”

A short time later we ordered. When the food came Darlene and I went through the process of getting the knife and fork in the proper position in our hooks. We cut up some of our food and started to eat. I couldn’t help notice that both Kevin and Mike kept watching us use our hooks. After we finished Darlene and I needed to go to the ladies room.

“Did you notice that the guys kept watching us use our hooks,” Darlene said as we both struggled a bit to get our lipsticks positioned in our hooks.

“Yup. I think they both find our hooks sexy.”

“I never thought any guy would think my hooks are sexy,” Darlene said.

“Well trust me, they do.”

“This used to be so easy,” Darlene said as she was trying to get open her compact to apply some powder. “I just hate these things. Every morning when I get up I look at my arms where my hands should be and all I see are two stumps. I just want to cry.”

“I am really sorry,” I said sympathetically.

“You are so lucky you can take your hooks off and you have real hands.”

“Well at least you know that I know what it is like to use a pair of hooks for everything.”

We headed back to the table and ordered desert and coffee. The coffee was in a mug and I knew how to hold it with my hook. You don’t do it the obvious way. You have to open your hook and put one side through the handle and balance the mug against your hook. It’s easy if you know how. The waitress came with the check and the guys paid.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I am amazed at how you girls can do things,” the waitress said. “I can’t imagine what it must be like not having hands.”

“We are used to it. We don’t have any choice,” Darlene said.

As we left the restaurant Mike grasped Darlene’s left hook with his right hand. Mike did the same with me. Of course I couldn’t feel his hand but I liked the fact that he was holding my hook. We planned on seeing a movie and soon we were walking into the theater. The guys bought popcorn and we found our seats. Darlene and I sat side by side and the guys on the outside. During the show the guys couldn’t resist resting their hands on our nylon covered legs. That I could feel. Eating popcorn with my hook was sort of fun. I looked at Darlene’s hooks and at mine. I was just like her, a double arm amputee.

After the show we found a bench outside the theater in a little park. At that point the guys kissed us and put their arms around us. I felt so feminine and I liked the feeling of being disabled as well. I am sure some passersby took in two guys making out with two girls who each had two hooks.

Next we stopped at an ice cream shop. The guys had cones, but Darlene and I knew we couldn’t hold one with our hooks. It would be crushed. We had cups instead and ate with spoons held in our hooks.

I wanted the evening to last forever, but it was late and we had to get home. When Mike dropped me off I kissed Kevin good night and I went to my room. As I lay on the bed I was happier than ever. I knew that I liked pretending to be disabled as much as I liked being a girl. I thought about my experience with Angela wearing braces and I wanted to try that again. I even considered asking my aunt to buy me braces. If she did I was sure she would want me to wear them for one day a week just like she required me to wear my hooks. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. I did like the feeling of crutching around with my legs and hips braced all the way up to my waist. Maybe I could even get a nice wheelchair. The thought of spending a day from the time I got up until I went to bed sitting in a wheelchair was kind of intriguing. What would it be like out in public wheeling myself around or being pushed by Kevin.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I would have to put these thoughts on hold. In a matter of days I would become a girl for the rest of my life. I would no longer be a pretender.

Paula's transformation into a female is completed when she has her sex reassignment surgery. She describes what it was like and how she  enjoys her new vagina in the next chapter.

Chapter 12



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