Vicki Hooks
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The Transformation
by Vicki

Chapter 10

My First Full Day in Hooks

After I got up the next morning I went through my daily routine. I shaved my legs and bathed. Next I put on one of my new garter belts and carefully pulled up each nylon stocking. I stood up and attached the six garters and made sure the straps were adjusted to the proper length. I then got a pair of panties, sprayed my privates and a fresh pad and placed the pad in my panties. I pulled them up over my garter belt. I put on my bra and completed my outfit with a nice skirt and a pair of my heels. I did not put on a top since I would need to put my hooks on first. I applied my makeup and put on my jewelry including two pairs of earrings. I carefully placed my four gold studs in my jewelry box. It was time for my hooks. I got my aunt to help me put on my stump socks, hooks, and a sleeveless top. I knew my hooks would be on until I went to bed. I thought I knew how Darlene must feel when she put her hooks on for the day.

My aunt had prepared a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice for my breakfast. She helped me get my spoon in the right position to grasp with my hook. I couldn’t hold the glass of juice, of course, but a straw allowed me to drink it. After I finished I went to my room to contemplate the day ahead. Andrea arrived a short time later.

“How do your hooks feel Paula?” she asked.

“Okay, but I hope I can get through the day.”

We had school work to do and one of the first things Andrea taught me was how to hold a pen and write with my right hook. My writing was very bad, but she said it would improve with practice. Doing even simple things with hooks was hard. We took a break a little later and Andrea taught me how to do more things with my hooks.

“When you do something think about the correct position you will need for your hooks. You can rotate and tilt them.”

She had me pick up all sorts of things around the house. When it came time for lunch she even had me try to make a sandwich.

“Preparing food is difficult since your hooks will crush things. You can use utensils to help. Spear things with a fork,” she instructed me.

I was able to hold a plate and even grasp a glass by the rim if I was careful to balance the glass with my other hook so it would not slip.

Before Andrea left she gave me a list of things to practice. She had me write it down using my hook to hold the pen. After she left I worked on some of the things on the list. One important task was to manage my shoulder bag and the things in it. I practiced putting it over my head and getting it into place at my side. I also practiced opening and closing my wallet and taking out money. I worked for a long time on trying to manage the bills. I was really starting to realize just how difficult it was without hands. I had no idea how to manage coins. I tried getting my lipstick out of my bag and touching up my lips. I tilted my hook and managed to get the top off and twisted the tube to get the lipstick out. I carefully applied the lipstick. After I got the lipstick back in the tube and the top on I put it back in my bag. I was pretty tired by then. I spent some time reading magazines in my room. Turning the pages was tricky with my hooks.

I got through dinner okay and felt a little better with the fork. I vowed to try to manage a knife at some point in the future. I spent the evening watching TV. It had been many hours wearing my hooks and they started to feel more a part of me. Finally it was time for bed. My aunt helped me take off my top and hooks. My hands hurt as I tried to open them after so many hours confined inside the sockets of my hooks. I removed my makeup, took out my earrings and inserted my fours gold sleeper studs and dressed for bed. I was very tired and fell asleep quickly.

After I woke up the next day I debated wearing my hooks again and I decided I would try another full day in hooks. I decided I would try putting on my makeup using my hooks. After I was dressed and wearing my hooks again I began to put on my makeup. The first problem was that I could not put on my foundation. I couldn’t manage the cream with my hooks. I asked my aunt if she had any ideas. She suggested I use a cosmetic sponge. She had some that she used once in a while. That did the trick except for getting the top off the bottle. I had to get her to help since my hook kept slipping. I later found out from Andrea that she had her husband wrap the bottle and top with adhesive tape to get a better grip for her hooks. My aunt helped me with the things I couldn’t get open. It took me a really long time, but I eventually did a reasonable job. Doing my eyes was the hardest part.

After breakfast I decided to call Darlene and tell her about my new hooks. I managed to hold the phone and dial her number. She just couldn’t believe that I had got my own hooks.

“You mean you have two hooks and not just one?”

“Yes, I have two hooks just like you and so I am just as disabled as you are. My hooks are just like yours including the articulating wrists.”

“That’s incredible. Are you able to do things with them?”

I am slowly getting better. I can hold a fork to eat and I even put on my makeup,” I explained.

“How does it feel to be like me?”

“I guess I know what you have to put up with. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I kind of like pretending to be disabled.”

“You wouldn’t if it was for real,” Darlene replied.

“Yes, I know, but I hope you aren’t too offended.”

“I won’t be if you go out shopping with me wearing your hooks. I would feel more comfortable if I was with another girl who had hooks like I did. It might be fun if I was able to watch you struggle a little using your hooks.” We both laughed.

We chatted for a long time about life without hands and how using hooks was a challenge. We agreed to go shopping together as soon as we could and I vowed to spend the entire day with Darlene wearing my hooks.

My second full day in hooks was a lot easier than the first, and certainly more fun as my hooks were starting to become more natural to me. As I did some things using my hooks I hardly gave it a thought. Opening and closing my hooks was automatic. One thing I was concerned about if I went out with Darlene was wearing a sleeveless top. I wanted to cover my prosthesis such that only my hooks showed below the sleeves. I asked my aunt if I could wear long sleeves and she agreed to allow me to wear long sleeves only when I went out in my hooks. That afternoon she went out and bought me a couple of long sleeve tops in my size.

Darlene and I agreed to go out to the mall on Saturday. I decided that I would spend the rest of the week wearing my hooks every day. I would not be spending a day without hooks until after Darlene and I went out. During Andrea’s sessions she took some time to help me with some other things I was having trouble with. I was very excited about my upcoming outing with Darlene as two double arm amputees who used hooks.


Shopping with Darlene

On the day Darlene and I arranged to shop together at the mall with me using my new hooks I got up in eager anticipation. I got ready as usual, putting on a short skirt, a pair of my high heel sandals and no pantyhose. Instead I wore my garter belt and stockings. There would be no way I could manage pantyhose with my hooks if I needed to pee. I did not put on a top, but otherwise got completely ready. I then put on my stump socks and hooks. I asked my aunt to help me into a long sleeve top. Of course it was low cut to show off my breasts. My aunt had allowed me to wear long sleeves to more discretely cover my prosthesis so that only my hooks were visible. I then realized that I would have to wear my hooks for the entire day. I was very excited about knowing I could not take them off and would be just as handicapped as Darlene.

“You look lovely Paula,” my aunt said.

I was surprised she said that considering the fact that I had two hooks in place of my hands. We headed for the car and I was dropped off at Darlene’s house. I rang the bell and Darlene opened the door and I went in.

“Of Paula, your hooks are just like mine. I am so anxious to hear how you feel now that you are just like me.”

We went to her room and I showed Darlene that I had articulating wrists just like she did.

“I feel so disabled,” I said.

“Tell me about it. You haven’t even begun to learn how hard it is with hooks.”

“Is your mother okay with this?” I asked.

“Actually she is. She thinks it will help me to be with someone who understands how I feel.”

We chatted for the next few minutes and I showed Darlene that I could pick up things to some extent. I was very nervous about having to be in public and having no way to use my hands. My hooks were on for the day. I knew we would get lots of stares and pity from some who couldn’t imagine being without hands and using hooks.

“You probably shouldn’t have worn pantyhose. I don’t think you will be able to get them down and back up if you pee. I tried it and my hooks poked holes in the pantyhose,” Darlene said.

“Actually I am not wearing pantyhose. Andrea helped me buy a garter belt and stockings. I pull up my panties over the garter belt and I don’t have to remove the stockings or the garter belt to pee,” I explained as I pulled up my skirt so Darlene could see my garter belt under my panties.

“Do you have a pad on? I can see it through your panties. You can’t have a period can you?”

“Of course not. Remember I am still a boy. My aunt makes me wear a pad all the time to help conceal my male parts. She also thinks it helps to make me feel more feminine,” I explained.

“Neat. Does it?”

“Oh yes,” I replied.

Darlene’s mother came in. “Are you girls ready?”

“I guess so,” Darlene said.

We headed for the car and I got in. I couldn’t fasten my seat belt. My aunt helped me before. Now Darlene’s mother helped me. I watched as Darlene struggled to fasten her belt and finally her mother did it for her.

“I am getting better, but this is really hard,” Darlene said. “It used to be so easy when I had hands.”

After we parked at the mall we got out and Darlene’s mother told us she would meet us at the entrance at 4 PM. It was now only 10 AM. We had six hours to shop as as arm amputees. Of course only one of us was really an amputee. We walked to the entrance and both of us had a little difficulty opening the door.

“We should have pushed the handicap button,” I said.

“Good idea for next time,” Darlene replied.

As we walked along I could detect the stares. We headed for the junior department to look over the latest clothing. Both of us used our hooks to pick things off the racks. At first I found it hard, but it got easier the more I used my hooks. We didn’t buy anything, but we thought maybe we would come back later in the day and try things on. We needed to feel more comfortable. The more I used my hooks the less I thought about it. Doing things with my hooks was starting to become more natural.

“Do you want to get a soft drink?” Darlene asked.

“Sure, but how will we carry them?” I said.

“With a tray silly,” Darlene said laughing.

We headed to the food court and went to a vendor station. We ordered two large diet Cokes and requested a tray. Darlene used her hook to get straws.

“I better carry the tray. I think I have a bit more practice than you Paula.”

Darlene managed to get her wallet out of her shoulder bag and used her hooks to take out the money. When the clerk tried to hand her the change she realized that Darlene couldn’t possibly take the coins in her hook.

“Oh gee, I have never served someone without hands. What should I do?” the embarrassed clerk asked.

“I only started using my hooks a few weeks ago and I am not real good at doing things. Can you put the change in my wallet for me?”

“Oh sure. It must be really tough not having hands,” she said as she put the money in Darlene’s wallet.

After Darlene put her wallet back in her handbag she very carefully carried the try to a table. She then grasped one cup with her hooks without opening them and lifted it from the tray to put in front of me. She did the same with her drink. We both then used our hooks to get the straw out of the wrapper.

“Everything is so hard with these damn hooks,” Darlene said as we both struggled. Finally we got the straws into the lid of the drink. For some reason we both started laughing.

“I am so happy I am with someone who appreciates what life’s like with hooks,” she said.

We sipped our drinks and watched as people went by and stared at our hooks. Eventually we started to feel less self conscious. We checked out the guys sitting around us and walking by. I was feeling more like I did when out without hooks.

“I have to pee,” Darlene said.

“So do I. I hope I can do it okay with my hooks. I did it at home, but never out.”

“We have no choice. You can’t take your hooks off and even if I did I have no hands.”

We headed for the ladies room and we each went into a stall. With a lot of difficulty I managed to get my panties down and relieved myself. Getting them back up and into place, especially with my pad was even harder. I didn’t try to change my pad. I finally managed and went out to meet Darlene.

“Wow that was hard,” I said.

“It gets a little easier, but it will always be harder than with hands.”

The most fun I had was in the lingerie department. Darlene and I looked over the bras and panties. They didn’t have any garter belts that had six straps like mine. I told Darlene that she needed six straps to be more secure. If one strap came undone she would not be able to refasten it with her hooks. She said she would have her mother go to the specialty shop Andrea took me too. One thing I soon found out is that I could not feel anything with my hooks. I wanted to feel the fabric of the bra cups. That was just another thing you lose when you have no hands. Darlene really wanted to buy a bra she liked.

“Can you help me try it on?” she asked.

“Do you think I can?”

“Let’s try.”

We went into the fitting rooms and found a large one. I helped Darlene get her top over her head. Next she shrugged off her hooks. She left on her stump socks. I used my hooks to unsnap her bra band and remove her bra. She had lovely C cup breasts. She wasn;t embarrassed even though I was still a boy since she knew I had my own large breasts and wore a bra full time like she did. I helped her slip on the new bra and fasten the band in back. It took me a few tries since the band kept slipping in my hooks. It fit perfectly. After I helped her back into her bra and top we went back out and Darlene paid. The clerk was very understanding and I know Darlene felt comfortable even though it was so hard managing money.

As we were walking through the mall a boy came up to us.

“Darlene?” he asked.

“Oh hi Mike.”

“I heard about your accident and you never came back to school. I have been wanting to call you, but I was afraid.”

“I have these now,” Darlene said holding up her hooks.

“Gosh I am so sorry, but otherwise you look great,” Mike said.

“Mike, this is Paula. Mike and I used to go out before my accident.”

I held out my right hook an d he grasped it gently.

“You have hooks too.”

“Yes,” I said without further explanation.

“Hey, do you guys want to get something to eat?”

“I guess so, if you won’t feel uncomfortable with us,” Darlene replied.

“Are you kidding? You two are really hot.”

The three of us went to the food court and we got some burgers and fries. Mike insisted on paying for us and carried th tray to a table.

“Can you two eat okay with your hooks?” he asked.

“It would really help if you would put ketchup on the burgers and fries and cut the burgers up into little pieces. We need to use a fork,” Darlene said. Both of us had some trouble with the tiny plastic forks, but we managed to eat okay.

“It’s kind of neat the way you guys can open and close your hooks,” Mike said.

“Yeah, real neat,” Darlene said sarcastically.

“I am sorry,” Mike said. “It must be really hard without hands.”

“You can’t possibly imagine,” Darlene said.

“Do you have a boyfriend Paula/” Mike asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Would you guys like to go out to eat and see a movie next weekend?” Mike asked.

“I would love to,” Darlene said eagerly.

“I will have to check with my boyfriend,” I said.

“I will call Darlene later this week to confirm,” Mike said. We all agreed.

We finished eating and chatted some more before Mike said he had to get going.

“Hope to see you guys next weekend,” he said as he left the table.

“Oh Paula, I just can’t believe a guy is interested in me. I thought having hooks would be the end of dating forever,” Darlene said.

“Well it doesn’t look that way,” I said.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping. Both of us bought clothing. I even tried on a skirt. It had an elastic waist band and I could manage it with my hooks. We met Darlene’s mother and she dropped me off at home.

I would still be wearing my hooks for another four or five hours before I could take them off. I didn’t mind in the least. They were no longer uncomfortable and doing things with them was becoming totally natural. The only thing I thought about for the rest of the day was how I would explain to Kevin about my hooks and what it would be like on a double date with Darlene and Mike. I knew I would love being out wearing my hooks. Of course I never forgot how fantastic it was to be living as a girl. 

How will Kevin react to Paula's hooks? Will the two hooked girls have fun with their date?

Find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 11



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