The Encounter

By Vicki


            I was sitting at the bar enjoying my drink. Al, the bartender, had made sure that a long straw was in my glass. He knew I couldn’t hold a smooth glass with my hooks and I needed to use the straw. I was a regular and Al was used to the fact that I didn’t have any hands and used a pair of prosthetic hooks.

            I was wearing a nice white lightweight turtleneck sweater with just my hooks showing below the sleeves. I was proud of my legs and liked to wear short skirts. Today I had on a light blue skirt. I was wearing stockings held up by my garter belt and matching pumps with three inch heels. I had to wear stockings so I could go to the bathroom more easily. I didn’t need to pull them down and I could just use one of my hooks to pull my panties to the side to relieve myself. I always ran my pantyhose if I used my hooks to try to pull them down. Just one of the many things I couldn’t do using my hooks.

            I knew I looked good, except for the hooks of course. Men’s eyes usually gravitated to my nylon covered legs and mid thigh skirt as I sat on the stool with my legs crossed. One look at my two hooks and they usually went the other way. As I sipped my drink I thought back on the events that had led to my current life.

            Ever since I was a little girl I had a strange interest in disabilities. For some reason I wanted to experience what is was like to have a particular disability. I wanted to know what it was like to be in a wheelchair or walk with leg braces. I actually got my wish after I graduated from college. Having my own apartment I was free to explore my fantasies.

            My first venture was to buy my own wheelchair. I really splurged and bought one that would be used by a permanently paralyzed woman, not a hospital style so common with the elderly people one sees at the mall. My sleek black Quickie clearly indicated that I was a permanent paraplegic. I got up enough courage to venture out in public and started to spend a lot of time using my wheelchair. I was finally able to experience what it would be like if I was actually paralyzed from the waist down.

            I graduated to leg braces. I really wanted HKAFOs. Those are the kind of long leg braces that go all the way up to the hips and have a pelvic band and hip locks. I had mine custom made just the way I wanted thanks to the Internet. I now had the choice of using my wheelchair or braces or a combination. I loved to crutch my way along using my braces. I liked to wear a skirt or shorts in the summer so people could see my braces. With my hips locked walking was very difficult. I liked it that way.

            I enjoyed my wheelchair and braces for quite some time and I still do at times. However, what really got my attention were arm amputees. For some reason I never fantasized about losing a leg or two. I was absolutely mesmerized by double arm amputees who used prosthetic hooks. I loved the look of two gleaming split hooks hanging below a girl’s sleeves. I wanted to experience this in the worst way. I wanted to know first hand what it would be like to have no hands and be forced to do things with hooks. The thought of opening and closing my hooks drove me crazy with desire. However, I could not find a way to obtain real prosthetic hooks designed for a pretender. I searched and searched until one day a source appeared on the internet.

            I couldn’t believe it. I could get real prosthetic hooks made to fit over my real arms with my hands curled up. The length would be a little longer than normal, but otherwise the hooks would function just like they would for a real amputee and when wearing them I would be just as handicapped. I immediately ordered a pair of hooks with the exact configuration I wanted. I had already researched what I wanted. I chose 5X hooks with articulating wrists. These hooks had a rubber lining to make grasping things easier.

            I estimated the extra length that my arms would be in the prosthesis and while I was waiting for delivery I made sure I had the right tops to conceal my arms. Fortunately one of my hobbies was sewing and I was expert at making whatever I wanted. I also knitted sweaters and I had no trouble making tops that had longer sleeves and would look natural when I was wearing my hooks. I was all set with a few good tops when my hooks arrived.

            When I opened the package and took my first look I knew the high price was well worth it. I couldn’t wait to try them on. I had ordered appropriate stump socks online and they had arrived a day earlier. I was all set. I pulled my top off and slipped on the stump socks. Next I slipped the right socket over my right arm making sure the triceps cuff, control cable and main straps were positioned correctly. I then reached around and slipped my left arm, or stump I should say now, into the left socket as if I were putting on a coat or blouse. I shrugged up to get the straps in place. My first attempts to open and close my hooks didn’t work too well. The main control cables were too long and the support straps were also a bit too long. For the next hour I adjusted the cables and straps until I felt I had the optimal positions. I could now open and close my hooks with ease. I was more excited than I had ever been in my pretending career.

            To make a long story short I pretty much spent every free moment wearing my hooks and practicing with them. I got a driving ring for the steering wheel of my car so I could go out shopping. My first trip out wearing my hooks was something I will never forget. I felt a mixture of nervousness and euphoria. I got over it as I gained experience. I was just about living full time as an armless girl except when I worked. I loved weekends because I could go from Friday night to Monday morning and never use my hands, only my hooks. I did all my grocery and clothes shopping using my hooks. I felt I was just about as competent as a real bilateral below the elbow amputee would be. I became totally comfortable in public and my hooks felt natural to me.

            I snapped back to the present. There I was drinking my drink and wondering if a guy would take notice of me and not be put off by my hooks. To my amazement a guy about my age, 28, sat down on the stool beside me. He didn’t seem to take notice of me as he ordered a scotch. I was sure he had to have noticed my legs as he approached the bar. That probably drew him to the stool next to mine. I was betting that as soon as he saw my hooks he probably wished he hadn’t chosen that stool.

            After a few more minutes had passed I wanted a cigarette. Fortunately the laws here still allowed smoking at the bar. I rummaged around my bag until I found my cigarettes and the holder I needed to use to prevent crushing them with my hooks. I carefully removed a cigarette and proceeded to insert it into the end of the holder. I was about to light the cigarette when the guy next to me held up a lighter.

            “Here let me give you a light,” he said.

            “Thanks,” I said.

            “You do very well with your hooks,” he said.

            “Lots of practice,” I replied.

            “I bet. By the way, my name is Sam.”

            “Kim,” I replied.

            “Kim. That’s a nice name. Can you really use matches? That must be pretty tough without hands.”

            “It took me a long time to get the knack of it,” I replied. “Want to see?”

            “Sure,” Sam said.

            I put my cigarette in the ashtray. I then demonstrated how I could use book matches by ripping a match out of the book and then holding the tip on the striking surface with the matchbook cover and pulling with my other hook. It took me two tries, but I lit the match. I can’t tell you how long I practiced to learn to do this. I always liked challenges and my hooks gave me plenty.

            “That is way cool,” Sam said. “Can I ask a personal question?”

            “Go right ahead,” I said.

            “How long have you needed your prosthetic hooks?”

            I lied. “About ten years now. I was in high school when I had the accident.”

            “I am sorry about that. I thought you might be congenital. I am sure it’s easier missing something you never had.”

            “Well it’s been so long now that I really forget what it was like to have hands,” I continued to fabricate. “Most guys go the other way when they see my hooks. I thought you would do the same thing.”

            “They don’t bother me at all,” Sam replied. “You have other attributes that more than make up for what’s missing. Say, would you like another drink and we can move to a table?”

            “That would be great,” I eagerly agreed.

            We moved to a table. Sam carried what was left of my drink and ordered a couple more. We chatted about the usual stuff and didn’t discuss my hooks. Finally I had to press the issue.

            “Sam, I really need to know. My hooks don’t seem to bother you and that is really unusual. You even seem to be avoiding talking about my handicap.”

            “Gosh Kim, I am a bit nervous about this and I don’t want to offend you in any way. I fear I have misled you quite a bit. The reason I sat next to you was because of your hooks. I spotted them right away. I am extremely attracted to arm amputees and especially those that are missing both arms and use hooks.”

            “You’re a devotee aren’t you?”

            “Yes. You know the term then?” Sam asked.

            “Sure. I don’t mind devs like some amputees do.”

            “Wow, am I glad to hear that. I was really nervous about encountering you,” Sam explained. I find hooks incredibly erotic.”

            “Am I turning you on?” I asked.

            “In the worst way. You have incredible legs and God but you look fantastic with your hooks. Oh, I’m really sorry I said that. I am sure you can’t imagine how anyone would find prosthetic hooks attractive.”

            “Very interesting,” I said. “Actually I don’t mind at all.

            “I know it must be difficult not having hands and I admire you for coping. You are even wearing pantyhose and I can’t imagine how you manage them with your hooks.”

            “Take a look,” I said as I reached down with my right hook and hiked up my skirt revealing the top of my stocking and the garter holding it up. “I don’t have to pull down pantyhose to relieve myself. I just pull my panties down. I put them on over my garter belt.”

            “That is so sexy. You are truly incredible,” Sam said as we continued to sip our drinks.

            “Would you still be attracted to me if I wasn’t an amputee?”  I asked Sam.

            “You bet. In case you haven’t realized it, you are a very sexy girl.”

            “Thanks Sam.”

            “Say, would you like to have dinner with me? There is a very nice restaurant right next store.”

            “Yes, but first there is something I must tell you,” I said. “Are you familiar with amputee pretenders?”

            “Yes. You aren’t going to suggest that you are not really an arm amputee are you? No way, you can’t be.”

            “Well I am. You might notice that my arms are a little longer than normal. The full sleeves of my sweater hide it a bit, but I really do have longer than normal arms,” I explained. “Does that make a difference?”

            “I just can’t believe it,” Sam said. “You are so convincing. It doesn’t matter to me. To me you are a lovely girl in hooks.”

            We finished our drinks and I grabbed my purse. We headed next door and had a wonderful dinner. Sam watched intently as I ate with my hooks. I knew he was still just as turned on as he was before I revealed my secret.

            “Do you like girls who wear leg braces?” I asked.

            “Yes, especially those who wear HKAFOs. You know, the long leg braces with hip joints and a pelvic band.”

            “What if I told you I had a pair of lovely HKAFOs?” I said.

            “You’re kidding. I suppose you have a wheelchair too,” Sam said.

            “Yup. I have HKAFOs and a Quickie wheelchair. I mostly pretend in my hooks but I do still wear my braces now and then. I pretty much wear my hooks full time except when I go to work or need to sew. I can live very well using my hooks.”

            “I would love to go out with you in your braces and of course when you are wearing your hooks. Would you want to do that? I would treat you as a princess and do whatever you wanted,” Sam said.

            “What about that dinner?” I reminded him.

            “I can’t wait. I want to watch you eat with your hooks,” Sam said.

            We did go out to dinner and Sam watched me as I skillfully used my hooks to hold my knife and fork. I knew that even though he knew I really had hands, my appearance was so convincing that it didn’t matter. It was the image that counted. To him I really was a double arm amputee.

            I was very excited at the prospect of having a male companion to pretend with. I knew that I was sexually attracted to Sam as well. This was the start of a long relationship. I did get to wear my braces. Sam loved it when I wore a short skirt and everyone could see my braces. I always had a bit of trouble getting into a chair wearing my braces and Sam loved to grab me under the arms as I released my hip and knee locks and he eased me into a chair.

            We did everything I had always wanted to do as a handicapped woman. My hooks were still our favorite and we went everywhere when I wore them. It was nice that he was there to help me with things I had a bit of trouble doing. He loved to help me shop. We went to shows, dinner a lot, and spent lots of time together in more intimate settings. Eventually we got more physically intimate and he loved it when I used my hooks to please him.

            I couldn’t have asked for anything more and our chance encounter was a dream come true. Perhaps marriage was even in the cards sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I would just enjoy our relationship and the opportunities it gave me to live my life as an armless woman using her pair of hooks. I even considered living full time that way. All I would need to do is get a new job, one where I could wear my hooks. Perhaps that fantasy would come true some day as well.