Diane Gets Hooked

Part Three




Life as a Real Arm Amputee


            My life now that both of my arms had been amputated below the elbow was, of course, that of a genuine arm amputee. It was no longer possible for me to use my hands, even for a moment. Although I had used my hooks almost all the time, I still cheated and did some things with my hands. This was mostly because the use of hooks for some things is very difficult or impossible.

            One of my new experiences without hands was bathing. Bathing is one of the things that isn't reasonable to do with hooks on. Now, all I had were my smoothly rounded stumps affording no way to grasp anything. I had to learn to bathe myself using my stumps. I could hold a washcloth between them pretty well and, with some difficulty, get the job done. I even learned to wash my hair with my stumps. Soap in a pump dispenser was a big help. Drying myself was easy I found. I know it would have been much harder if my amputations had both been above the elbow.

            Shaving my legs was now only possible with the aid of my hooks. I liked to shave my legs before taking a bath since I could keep my prosthesis dry. While naked I would get into my hooks. I used a small sponge to spread the shaving cream on my legs. The first time I tried shaving with my hooks I got a few nicks, but soon learned to how to do it. It now takes me a lot longer to shave my legs because it is just not that easy using hooks. I no longer have a choice, either hooks or I let Dan do it. I usually let Dan shave my underarms as its a bit messy and gets on the straps of my prosthetics.

            Another thing I used to cheat on was putting on my bra. I always like my bra on under my prosthetics. That's a bit of a problem now. Fortunately Dan is usually there to help me. I can do it myself in several steps. First I use my hooks to fasten the bra band in front of me just below my breasts. I then slip off my hooks and put my stumps through the bra straps. I can usually work the strap up over my shoulder with my stump and sometime my teeth. I can then put my hooks back on and continue to get dressed, comb my hair, and put on my makeup. At that point I am in my hooks until bedtime.

            I feel so much better wearing my hooks now that I know I really need them. All I have to do is look at my two stumps to realize that hooks are not an option, they are essential for me to function. Hard as it may seem to understand, I am much happier with my handicap. I am a special person now, one of a very small group, a bilateral arm amputee.

            I still have a small thrill when I wake up in the morning and look down at my arm stumps. I usually wear a short nightgown with no panties so that I can get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom without trying to lower my panties without hooks. Lots of other things now presented some new obstacles to me, but I always managed to figure something out. I loved my new body, especially my lovely smooth rounded stumps. So did Dan. He loved to rub and kiss them. Our sex life was better then ever. I learned to please him with my stumps as well as hooks.




            I realized how special I was one day when I was having lunch at the mall with another girl I worked with. We were both busy eating and chatting girl stuff. The girls I worked with were so used to my hooks that I think they were oblivious to them by now. The novelty of watching me eat with them was long gone. We would speak to each other like any two girls, her hands moving around expressively, and my hooks doing the same. I got used to using my hooks just like I would my hands. I didn't try to keep them hidden any longer. Women use their hands to speak much more so than men.

            Before we finished I noticed a teenage girl sit down with her mother at a nearby table. She had on a short sleeve top that revealed two below elbow amputations. She was not wearing any prosthetics. I couldn't imagine how she could function. Her mother set her food in front of her and cut it up into small pieces with a knife. She then attached a fork to the girl's right stump using a wide elastic band. The poor girl could barely get the food in her mouth with this crude arrangement. It was then that the girl's mother spotted me staring at her daughter. She looked at me angrily, I am sure she was thinking that I was rude to do this. She couldn't see my hooks as I had them in my lap below the table. I then raised my arms and pretended to point something out to my friend. The woman saw my two shiny hooks. Her jaw dropped. She now stared at me.

            This eye contact lasted for a few more minutes. She spoke to her daughter and the girl looked my way. She quickly looked away. I couldn't imagine why. I would have thought that seeing another arm amputee would have been of interest to her as there are so few of us. At this point her mother got up from the table and came over.

`           "I am so embarrassed. I want to apologize," the woman said.

            "For what?" I asked.

            "I realized that I looked rather angrily at you for staring at my daughter, and then I found out you are an amputee too. I fear that I made a mess of things with just eye contact."

            "Oh nonsense. It's something that you get used to. No need to apologize," I replied.

            "Thank you so much. I feel so awkward about all this. Would you mind if I spoke to you a moment?" the woman asked seeming desperate.

            "Of course not. Please have a seat. I am Diane and this is Nancy, who works with me."

            "I'm Maggie. My daughter is Kathy. I am really desperate. I was astonished to see another bilateral arm amputee, especially one using prosthetic hooks. I hope I haven't offended you."

            "Not at all. Maggie, how can I help you?"

            "Well, my daughter lost her hands about eight months ago. She was fitted with bilateral hooks, but refuses to use them. She says she hates how they look. She is almost totally non-functional with just her stumps. I have to do everything for her. They won't let her back into school until she learns to use her hooks. I don't know what to do. We don't have money for the really expensive myoelectric hands and the doctors tell us they would not be suitable for Kathy, and that hooks are the most effective prosthetics."

            "Yes, my hooks are very effective. I sometimes forget I am handicapped I get so used to doing things fairly easily with my hooks."

            "I know this would be a lot to ask, but would you speak to Kathy and tell her about how wonderful it would be if she would learn to use her hooks?" the woman all but pleaded.

            "I would be delighted. I have time left on my break and Nancy can say I might be a bit late."

            "You work here at the mall?" Maggie asked.

            "Yes, at Victoria's Secret."

            "That's wonderful. I don't know how to thank you."

            Nancy returned to the store and I went over to talk to Kathy. I sat down and made sure my two hooks were planted on the table right in front of her. Kathy wanted to look away.

            "Hi Kathy. My name is Diane."

            "Hi," was all she said.

            "Your mom tells me we have something in common. Gee, I wonder what that is?"

            "If it's that we don't have hands then that's stupid," she said bitterly.

            "No, that's not it," I replied. This seemed to catch Kathy's interest as she was caught off guard by the question. There was a long pause.

            "Okay, I give up," Kathy said.

            "We both have two hooks."

            "You have two hooks, I don't," Kathy blurted out with a bitter tone.

            "Well just because you aren't wearing them doesn't mean you don't have them," I said.


            "So why aren't you wearing them?"

            "They're gross," Kathy angrily replied.

            "Well, maybe a little, but they are pretty neat to do things with."

            "How would you know?" Kathy asked without thinking. It was probably the response she used on a normal person speaking to her about using hooks. I laughed, opened my purse, took out a small mirror and my lipstick. I then proceeded to apply a fresh coat.

            "Yeah, I guess I probably wouldn't."

            "I'm sorry," Kathy said as she started to cry.

            "Oh Kathy, I know it's hard, but really, using hooks lets you do just about everything you can do with hands. How about I show you? Do you like to shop for bras?"

            "I did, before my accident."

            "Well I just happen to work where there are some super bras I bet would look great on you. Want to see?"

            "Okay, sure," Kathy finally said showing some enthusiasm. "Where do you work?"

            "Victoria's Secret."

            "I love that store. The bras and panties are so sexy."

            I knew I had a chance to make some progress now that I had her interest. Kathy and I agreed that her mother would meet us in about an hour and we headed for the store. When we got there  Kathy kind of sparked up a bit.

            "What's your bra size Kathy?" I asked.

            "32B," she replied.

            "Okay, lets take a look at some bra and panty sets that I know you will love."

            I made sure I used my hooks as much as I could to show Kathy the bras. I lifted them off the racks and held them up for her inspection.

            "I presume you don't need an underwire bra."

            "No, just a regular bra," Kathy explained.

            We looked over quite a few bras and selected a few that she liked.

            "Want to try them on?" I asked.

            "I can't. I can't do much now without mom's help."

            "You could with hooks." I made sure I called them hooks and not prosthetics. I wanted to emphasize the term to let her know I had no reservations about the fact that I used hooks.

            "Yeah, well, I can't stand the idea of them at all."

            "Okay, I will help you out then."

            We headed into the fitting rooms. I helped Kathy off with her top. She told me she just turned 16. She had a very good figure.

            "I bet the guys go wild over you Kathy. Your are a beautiful girl."

            "Come on, they don't even look at me anymore. Not since I lost my hands."

            "Maybe that's because you make too big a deal of it," I offered.

            I unsnapped her bra and slipped it off her shoulders. Her petite and firm breasts were every girl's dream. I helped her into the first bra and fastened it in back.

            "You are really good with those things," Kathy said.

            "Thanks, they are really great, just like hands. I would be lost without them."

            After trying on the bras we then focused on the matching panties. I helped her out of her jeans and pulled down her existing panties. I noticed the small string exiting her vagina. She had a lovely smooth and flat crotch with just a trace of pubic hair around her vagina.

            "Got your period I see."

            "Yeah. It's gross when my mom has to change my tampon."

            "You could do it yourself with no trouble with hooks. I never have a problem, even inserting it."

            "Really? You mean you can do it?"

            "Sure, it's a snap really. Do you want me to show you? I have an emergency tampon in my purse."

            "Okay, sure. It probably needs changing anyway."

`           I got out the fresh tampon and a couple of tissues. I gently tugged on the string and the soaked tampon slipped out of Kathy's vagina. I wrapped the soiled tampon in tissues and wiped her off and then inserted the fresh tampon's applicator. I used my other hook to push it out. It was a snap.

            "There, nice and fresh for a few hours," I said.

            "Thanks. I feel better now that I know I won't spot."

            I then helped her try on the matching panties. They all fit perfectly. Kathy selected three bra and panty sets before we went out into the store. I put them on the counter waiting for her mother to get back. Meanwhile we went back out into the mall and found a bench.

            "Kathy, I know this is hard, but you need to face the fact that your hands are gone forever and you need to start to live your life. Prosthetics will let you return to a close to normal life. You see me. I don't give them a second thought anymore. Of course there are things I have trouble with, but almost everything I normally would do is not only possible, but pretty easy with my hooks. Won't you give it a try?"

            "I guess I could try Diane. Would you help me?"

            "I would love to. I would have fun teaching you all that I know."

            "Okay, I will try. Can I come back and see you?"

            "Any time you want. We can have lunch together."

            "You mean eat with hooks?"

            "Of course. I will show you all the tricks. It's not that hard if you know the tricks," I explained.

            A few minutes later Kathy's mother arrived and paid for the bras and panties. She couldn't thank me enough when she heard that Kathy would try her prosthetics out again. Kathy gave me a little kiss before she left.

            "Thanks Diane. This was a great afternoon," Kathy said. "I think maybe things will be all right."

            "Hey, before you know it those guys will be beating down your door again." They laughed and left the store. I knew Kathy would eventually make it.

            A couple of days later Kathy and her mother came into the store. I saw immediately that Kathy was wearing her prosthesis.

            "Hi Diane. See, I am just like you now. We both have hooks," Kathy said as she proudly held up her two shiny hooks for me to see. She was wearing a long sleeve sweater and looked great. "I am wearing one of the new bra and panty sets you sold me. I really love the bra. It fits so well."

            "You have a lovely figure Kathy," I said. "That bra really emphasizes your lovely breasts. Your hooks look great, much better than just stumps."

            "I even changed my tampon by myself," Kathy exclaimed with a lot of enthusiasm. "It wasn't hard at all. You were right."

            A short time later we headed for the food court. Kathy's mom insisted on buying lunch. I didn't object. I even showed Kathy how to carry a tray. She did it quite well although I could see she was nervous. Over the next hour I instructed Kathy in how to eat her meal. She insisted she didn't want any help, even with the hard stuff. She had a burger and fries. I told her she needed to cut the burger up into little pieces to eat it. I showed her how to get the knife between her hooks and resting in the notch where the thumb was. The thumb really isn't a thumb, but the little lever that attaches to the control cable. It sometimes works like a thumb for some things. She struggled to cut the burger up holding it with her other hook. Finally she was able to pick up the little pieces and get them into her mouth. She even got the wrapper off the straw with a little coaching.

            "Wow, I really did it," Kathy said with joy. "I can eat by myself again."

            "Sure you can Kathy," I replied. "Before you know it you will be doing almost everything you once did with your hands."

            After lunch the three of us went shopping. We went to the junior department. Kathy seemed overjoyed that she could pick things up. She even tried on a nice short little skirt. I had to help her with the zipper.

            "Kathy, have your mom get a whole bunch of little key rings and attach them to the zippers on all your stuff. Also have her remove the buttons and sew Velcro in place of them. That makes it easy to get skirts and pants on and off if they don't have an elastic waist band. Tops will require a lot of contortion though. You need to practice at home. It's better if you have a bed to lay them on. Trying them on in stores by yourself is hard even for me without a bed to lay them on. You can always return the ones that don't fit. Have you tried combing your hair?"

            "No. Can I do that?"

            "Sure, you just need the right comb. I see you have articulating wrists like I do. That makes it easy to reach certain places."

            "I have to pee. Can I do that myself?"

            "Sure, but I will go with you to show you."

            "Great, I have to go now."

            We went into the large handicap stall in the ladies room. I had Kathy unzip her jeans with a little help since she still had a button and no ring on the zipper.

            "Okay Kathy, use your thumbs to pull down you panties." She did it. "Now go ahead and pee. I won't look. Be sure to grab a little toilet paper and wipe like you used to." She did this. "Now use your hooks to pull your panties up." I quickly dropped my skirt and pulled down my panties to demonstrate. "Keep your hooks closed and hook the leg openings on each side and then just pull them up as high as they go." I demonstrated. "Now open your hook and grab the front like this. Keep your other hook closed and run it around the panties band to smooth them out. Finally, pull down the leg openings and back around your butt to the proper position."

            (Author's note - This is the way I do it and it works quite well. I have had lots of actual experience.)

            "Wow, I did it. Now I don't need mom to go to the bathroom. I guess she will still have to wipe me when I go the other way."

            "Na, you can do that too. Just use lots of toilet paper and flex your wrist to the full position. You need to unlock it with the little button."

            "I know. I tried that already. It's neat the way the hook just drops down and locks if I hold it right."

            "Yeah, pretty neat. So now you think hooks are neat?"

            "Well I still think they are a big turnoff, but being able to do things makes up for it."

            "Well well, that finally dawned on you?"

            "I guess so. Thanks Diane."

            "Kathy, we are very special girls. There are very few women who are double arm amputees. Remember, you are special and consider that most people will admire you for your ability to lead a normal life with such a devastating handicap."

            Kathy started to cry a little and I put my arms around her. She quickly stopped and smiled back at me.

            We left the stall and headed to the makeup mirror. I took out my large comb and showed Kathy how to hold it. I told her I would shoe her mom the kind to buy. Kathy combed her own hair for the first time since her amputations. She was so happy.

            "You look great kiddo," I said. "Just forget about those hooks. Pretend you have normal hands and go after those guys. If you forget you are using hooks, they will too. Wear short skirts and show off your breasts. That will take their attention off your hooks. Give them something sexy to look at."

            "Neat. I like short skirts. Can I wear pantyhose?"

            "Sure, but you will probably need your mom to get them on without running them. With care you can drop them enough to pee and get them back up. Just go slow and be sure to grab the panty part and not the sheer legs. Show off those nice long legs," I coached her.

            "You're the greatest Diane. I think I will be okay from now on. Maybe these hooks aren't the worst thing in the world. Maybe they are pretty neat. I bet a lot of girls will wonder what it's like to use them."

            "I am sure they will, but they won't be able to try. Before you know it you will forget you are wearing them. They sort of become part of you. Lots of people will be amazed at what you do. Show off your hooks and how you use them. Don't hide them. Make them all wish they had hooks too."

            "Diane, you are really weird, but I love you," Kathy said fondly.

            If she only knew I thought. I did feel good in helping Kathy out. My amputations were by choice, hers were not.

            We shopped some more before Kathy and her mom left. I saw Kathy quite often and she always made sure I waited on her when she came in to buy another bra or panty. As time went on she appeared like any other teenage girl. One day she even had a cute boy in tow. He was holding onto her left hook with his right hand. It was pretty obvious he had fallen for her in spite of her handicap. I thought of Dan and me, the times we did the same thing. I knew that by then Kathy hardly thought about the fact that she needed hooks instead of hands. She looked and acted totally natural and was even better than I was with her hooks. Except for her two hooks hanging out of her sleeves she was a normal vivacious teenage girl in a short skirt and tight top showing off her beautiful breasts.


A New Pretender


            A most interesting turn of events occurred starting one day when I had lunch with Nancy and her boyfriend Bob. I noticed immediately that he couldn't take his eyes off my hooks. He watched every move I made using them to eat.

            "Bob, you seem fascinated by my prosthetics. I take it you have never seen an arm amputee before."

            "No, never. I have only seen pictures," Bob said.

            "Pictures?" I asked. He seemed to get a bit nervous at this.

            "In a magazine," he finally said. I suspected there might be more.

            "Is there anything you want to know?" He paused not quite knowing what to say.

            "Well, what's it like without hands?"

            "It's not so bad since I have my hooks to do things with."

            "Do you always use them?"

            "Yes, except when I take a bath or go to bed. I get into them in the morning and don't take them off until bedtime. I can't function without them," I explained.

            "That must be tough. Can I ask a personal question?"

            "Sure," I offered.

            "Well, do you feel your hands? I mean like as if you had hands."

            "I know what you mean. It's called phantom limb sensation. The answer is sometimes. Once in a while I try to wiggle my fingers and it feels like I am. Of course I only have stumps and so there is nothing to wiggle, but yes, sometimes my brain thinks my hands are still there."

            Bob asked some more questions about using hooks for getting along. I explained how I drove my car, got dressed etc. He certainly was more interested than normal. I demonstrated a few clever things such as picking up coins and putting on lipstick.

            The next day Nancy got me in a private moment.

            "Diane, I apologize for Bob. I hope he didn't embarrass you."

            "Oh no. I was glad to explain things."

            "I thought I would die when he asked if you felt your fingers. I asked him why he had such an interest in your handicap. You know what he said?"

            "I can't imagine," I replied.

            "He said you were really sexy in your hooks. I was floored. Sexy? Can you imagine? I asked him if your hooks turned him on. You know what he said?"

            "I think I do now."

            "He said your hooks turned him on. He said he got an erection just looking at you. I was about to drop him for being really weird. I told him so."

            "Look Nancy, you might find this hard to believe, but there are guys who get really turned on by amputees. Just talk to him about it. I think he is a cute guy and I wouldn't drop him on account of this. It's not as strange as you think."

            The next day Nancy spoke to me again.

            "Diane, I had a long talk with Bob. He said he couldn't explain it, but he got really turned on by handicapped women. He said you are awesome. I asked him if he wanted me to wear hooks. I couldn't believe it when he said he would go wild if I had hooks like yours. I was so pissed off at him."

            "Don't be. If you wore hooks he would probably treat you like royalty. You would drive him wild with lust," I said.

            "You are kidding aren't you?"

            "No, not at all."

            "Well fat chance of that. I'm not amputating my arms for any guy."

            "You don't have to."

            "What on earth do you mean?" Nancy asked.

            "What if you had prosthetics like mine, except that the sockets were long enough and large enough to fit your hands if they were curled up. You wouldn't have the use of your hands and would need to do everything with hooks. Would you try them to please Bob?" I asked.

            "I would have of think about that, but of course I would have no way to get them so its a moot point."

            "No, it's not." I said.

            "What are you talking about Diane?"

            "Think it over. If you want to try wearing hooks maybe I can help."

            "You really are kidding, aren't you?"

            "No. Just think about it. I have a way."

            The next day Nancy told me that she must be crazy, but she would try using hooks.

            "Diane, I can't believe this isn't offending you. I feel so bad you are an amputee and can't imagine you would want anyone who had real hands pretending to be an amputee," Nancy said.

            "Imitation is the ultimate flattery," I replied.

            "Are you sure?"

            "Yes. Tomorrow is Saturday. Can you come over in the morning?"

            "Sure. What's up?"

            "Well you said you wanted to try hooks out. You can?"


            "Yes. You can spend the day learning to use them."

            "You are really something else Diane," Nancy said with amazement.

            "Wear a long sleeve top with the longest sleeves you have. If they reach to you fingertips that's ideal."

            "I have a light sweater with really long sleeves. I will wear it."

            Nancy arrived at about nine in the morning wearing her sweater, a short skirt and pantyhose.

            "Okay Nancy. First take off you pantyhose. They will be tough if you need to pee. Take off you sweater too. Time to get into your hooks for the day."

            She did as I said leaving her upper torso bare except for her bra. I gave her a pair of stump socks and told her to put them on after removing her watch and jewelry.

            "Okay, now for the real fun."

            I brought over my old pretender prosthesis and helped her slip into the sockets after she curled up her hands. She was the same size as me and I didn't need to adjust the straps or control cables.

            "Wow, these are heavy."

            "You get used to it. DO they feel all right?"

            "I guess so," Nancy replied.

            "I will help you on with your sweater. You would have trouble doing that yourself."

            I got her sweater on and combed her hair. Only her hooks were exposed.

            "Take a look in the mirror."

            Nancy looked into the mirror and I know she was stunned.

            "God Diane, I look just like you now. How do I use these?"

            I explained how the cable system worked and had her open and close each hook a few times.

            "The two hooks will interact of you are not careful. You have to work at opening one without inadvertently opening the other."

            Nancy got the knack after a few tries. I then had her pick up various objects using her hooks. Of course she was clumsy, but did a few things well.

            "Oh Diane, this is so hard. I now know what you go through just doing simple things. I can't imagine being like this all the time. Oops, I am sorry. How thoughtless of me."

            "It's all right. So, ready to go out?" I asked.

            "Go out! No way."

            "Sorry, you are going out with me for the rest of the day in your hooks."

            "Oh God, I can't imagine how this is going to work."

            "Wait and see."

            We needed to go to the next town to a mall that neither us was likely to be recognized. Nancy just sat there a nervous wreck. About 45 minutes later we arrived and I coaxed her out of the car. I knew she was extremely self conscious walking into the mall.

            "Hey, we will be a sight. Just think, two girls with no hands and only hooks," I said laughing.

            We went into the mall and Nancy was sort of shaking. But after a few minutes she relaxed a bit. We headed for a department store and I had her pretend to shop. I had her use her hooks as much as I could. I picked out a skirt to try on in the fitting room and had her do the same. We went into the fitting room and into a large stall. I shoed her how to change into the new skirt. She had a lot of trouble pulling the skirt up, but did it. I didn't think she could handle money yet, so I paid for my skirt and Nancy returned hers to the rack.

            Next we headed for the food court and I bought us two slices of pizza and two cokes. I knew Nancy was scared to death to try to eat. I coached her as to how to unwrap the straw. She couldn't so it so I helped her. I was wolfing down my pizza and poor Nancy was trying really hard to get some of her into her mouth without making too much of a mess. I think she was mortified at all this. To our surprise a woman came over who had been watching us.

            "You have a good teacher," she said to Nancy. "I am sure in no time you will be as good as your friend."

            "Thanks," Nancy said. "Diane's needed her hooks for ages and I just lost my arms recently. I have a lot to learn."

            "Way to go Nancy. Be up front about your lack of hands," I said after the woman left.

            I even helped Nancy go to the ladies room. I insisted she do it with her hooks. She didn't think she could and it took fifteen minutes for her to get her skirt down, panties down, and everything pulled back up.

            "It gets easier with time, but it always take longer than with hands," I said.

            We spent the rest of the day roaming around the mall. On the way back Nancy seemed pretty pleased with herself.

            "Diane, don't be offended, but this is really fun. I love the looks we get. I have one question. Why do you have these hooks? I have been wondering about that. It's a bit strange."

            "Well if I tell you a secret will you promise never to tell anyone?"

            "If you never tell anyone about what we did today."

            "Well, I was a pretender."

            "But I have seen your stumps. You really are an amputee."

            "Of course," I said laughing.

            "But how?"

            "I had my arms amputated," I said matter of fact.

            "You mean you didn't have an accident?"

            "No, I went out of the country and paid to have my arms chopped off."

            "God, why?"

            "I really like using hooks and wanted it to be a necessity and not an option."

            "I swear I will never tell. I still can't believe what you are saying, but I will have top accept it."

            After we got back I finally let Nancy out of her hooks. She had been wearing them for about eight hours and I know her hands probably hurt.

            "Well how did you like being an arm amputee?" I asked Nancy.

            "I am ashamed to say that I really liked it. I actually can't wait to try it again. I can't explain it, but knowing I can't use my hands and need to use my hooks for everything is kind of a turn on for me. I especially like it when I am having trouble doing something and someone is watching me struggle. I am wondering what is going through their mind."

            "I know what you mean. Even though this is the way I have to live I still enjoy the feeling of being handicapped. Knowing I have no choice now makes it even better. It's hooks or I am pretty helpless.

            "Can I do this again?" Nancy asked.

            "You can borrow my hooks for as long as you want," I offered.

            Nancy thanked me profusely and finally left. On Monday she couldn't wait to tell me about what she had done.

            "Diane, I am so excited. As soon as I got up and dressed I got into your hooks and practiced everything I could. I spent all day that way. I called Bob and invited him over for dinner and said I wanted to go to a movie," Nancy explained. "I had my hooks on when Bob rang the bell. I thought he would go ballistic when he saw me. I used them all through dinner. I had to have him help me though. He seemed to love every moment. Later we went to a movie. I hoped I wouldn't see anyone I knew. I didn't. We watched the movie and I even munched on popcorn using my hooks. I even started to feel like my hooks were just a normal thing and I always used them. Later we had the most fantastic sex I could ever imagine."

            "Great Nancy. Good girl. Have lots of fun as I know Bob will."

            I thought of Dan an me. I wondered if Nancy would ever have her arms amputated. I had a feeling she might just do that given enough time. I knew she loved pretending as much as I did. She was hooked on her hooks just as I was.

            Over the next few weeks I got together with Nancy and helped her learn to do more things. She said she was spending more and more time wearing her hooks and Bob insisted that she always wore them when they got together.

            Nancy did have her arms amputated about two years later. She amazed me by having her arms amputated above the elbow instead of below. She said she loved being even more disabled than I was. She could never do all the things I did, but Bob married her and was always there to help. But that's another story. My wedding was coming up and I started to focus on that great event.


To be continued.


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